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THE REBELS:  rebel soldier; he has a regular machine gun. he holds 200 rounds
every clip has 50 rounds he has 4 thermal detonators and 2 concussion grenades
he does well in 1 on 1 combat
rebel marksmen she has a sniper rifle it shoots 2 laser bolts at a time it takes
2 chest shots to kill but 1 head shot to kill she has 2 thermal detonators and a
little auto-turret you plant it and leave it shoots others itself
bothan spy;he has stealth and a incinerator gun which if you pull the trigger it
will fire no matter what unless you change to stealth has health and ammo packs
that you drop and it has health and ammo.
rebel engineer; he has a shotgun it does well close but not far away he has a
welder thing that brings health to turrets
rebel vanguard has rocket launcher and a blaster pistol he also mines and grenades
wookies my favorite they have a bowcaster and a grenade launcher the bowcaster
can charge to shoot 6 bolts at a time and has a time bomb
well thats it hope you liked this faq.

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