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Hello! This is my first FAQ thingie, so don't blame me if it's bad!


I-Marrying Gustafa + more
II- Gustafa, the baby + more
III- Your kids a kid! Gustafa + more
IIII- Teenager kid- Gustafa dosen't change 
Updated when I get further!

Ii- Marrying Gustafa

     It's simple to get Gustafa to love you. Give him many Dancing Desserts
(any dessert), human statues, dairy, flowers, or records. (To get desserts, either 
cook a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, or do that Z cheat code in the 3rd controller.) Visit 
him every day, and when he's playing the guitar say "I like it." If you say "good 
guitar playing" he might get a tiiny unhappy. Say "no" and he'll be sad.

Iii- Getting Blue Feather
    Without the blue feather, you can't propose to Gustafa. Visit the sprites house 
in late Spring or early summer. Then they give you the feather. Then, REALLY act  
nice around Gustafa, get an event or two, and say good job with the guitar and 
probably marry you. Good luck- if you can't get Gustafa, get Rock!

II-Gustafa and your kid

       Note: If you don't have a horse, Takakura'll probably get you one. If not, 
TOO BAD! Anyway, you're kid will be adorable and wear a cute yellow/brown hat. No 
one will change. My baby liked art, but if ya try, he can like many other things, 
but it's easiest with art/music. He usually played with all toys, besides the 
He goes to sleep at nine PM, and wakes up at 6AM. He'll love being piked up and 
snuggled. OVER 200 TIMES I DID! Note: If you couldn't get Gustafa and got 
Rock/Marlin, Rocks child likes being thrown high. Marlins likes everything. Gustafa 
asks you about the future, say no! I know, it's waky, but do it! He'll ask about 
gitar playing, say the nisest answer and he'll love you mor. Beware- you're kid 
out at the least expected time. Gustafa'll get a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle mad if he's not 
home for bed in time. Note: My kid was only happy and funny when he was little so 

IIi-A new animal!
Are u tired of only raising your dog? If so, you'll love Chapter 2! Befriend 
Sometime, she gives you a black cat. I don't really like mine- it hates my dog. If 
you hate your dog, SHAME! DON'T GO ANY FURTHER!

IIii- "Mommy, can I have a bath?"
     How does this work? How I did it was very... unusual. It should only work with 
Gustafas BABY. Go upstairs EXACTLY after you're baby, and he'll ask you. Note: The 
bottom says a few days later... but no time passes. You're kid gets scribbles and 
walks in front of the dishes.

III-The kids a kid!
       Congratulations, you just got through 2 spankin chaptrs wih Gustafa and 
you're child. Too bad bad he's a kid now-mine was quiet and gentle. He is very cute 
and has a small room, which you're person made. Well, I must say, no one changes 
this time...but next... Note: If you chose Rock or Marlin, the kidd'l still be cute.
The 1st time you go in your kids room, he has an item in there. Mine was a box- 
still has it ^____^ he says "Mom, I found a box on the beach and a treasure map is 
probably inside!" I'm selfish, DUH, and when he said "I'm opening it whem I'm an 
adult." I didn't care and said "open it now!" I paid the price- my kid was REALLY 
mad at me. O well- thats over.

IIIi- Gustafa, you're mate

       Well, nothing changes with Gustafa, stil a kind, gentle guy. BUT NOW, he 
visits his yurt sometimes, and if its raining, the kid'll go out too- so if ya 
wanna be Home Alone- do that! Gustafa also changes with the seasons ^_^... cool.


       Start to befriend Cody, cause' in Chapter 4, theres lots of stuff to do. Get 
a portrait from him, then visit daily. In Chapter 4, when he and the turtle are at 
the swamp, use your fishing pole- and you'll drown! Luckily, Cody'll let you up and 
tell you something nice 'bout the turtle. Suprise wahat happens next.
Hopefully in all chapters, you got those stone tablets.
If any of you're animalsied, look after them. Not: Certain animals cant die- dog, 
horse, cat, etc.

IIIiii-Funny Van
   Walk into the inn on a Van day with Van inside. When- i dunno!

IIII-Sad,sad, tennager

   You're kid is now a teeager- and, most people are old. All you have is tinted 
hair- it was an accident! exuse is great! Note: Rock/Marlin get old and ugly 
(MARLIN especially), but Gustafa didn't change. WOW. Walk in you're house- 7:05-
7:25, Spring Day 1. Gustafa and the "teen" will be arguing.  gets mad 
and goes to leave. U blok im. Choose comfert him. Note: I hae bad spelling, heeeee.
You're kid otherwie, will be depressed...

Till I get farther- BYE!

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