Gym Leader Pokemon - Guide for Pokemon Ruby

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Rustboro City's Roxanne:
   Geodude   Lv.14
   Nosepass  Lv.15

Dewford Town's Brawly:
   Machop    Lv.17
   Makuhita  Lv.18

Mauville City's Watson:
   Magnemite Lv.22
   Voltorb   Lv.20
   Magneton  Lv.23

Lavaridge Town's Flannery:
   Slugma    Lv.26
   Slugma    Lv.26
   Torcoal   Lv.28

Petalburg City's Norman:
   Slaking   Lv.28
   Vigoroth  Lv.30
   Slaking   Lv.31

Fortree City's Winona:
   Swellow   Lv.31
   Pelipper  Lv.30
   Skarmory  Lv.32
   Altaria   Lv.33

Mossdeep City's Tate & Liza:
   Lunatune  Lv.42
   Solrock   Lv.42

Sootopolis City's Wallace:
   Luvdisk   Lv.40
   Whiscash  Lv.42
   Sealeo    Lv.40
   Seaking   Lv.42
   Milotic   Lv.43

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