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This is Game Trickster here with a another walkthrough,
if you don't have the Crystal Guide Book, then look here
for the most info you can get!

Rival: Steal Discovery

Chikorita Lv 5 (chose Totodile)
Cyndaquil Lv 5 (chose Chikorita)
Totodile Lv 5 (chose Cyndaquil)

Falkner: For Zephyr Badge

Pidgey Lv 7 (Fire or Electric)
Pidgeotto Lv 9 (Fire or Electric)

Bugsy: For Hive Badge

Metapod Lv 14 (Fire, Flying, or Rock)
Kakuna Lv 14 (Fire, Flying, or Rock)
Scyther Lv 14 (Fire, Rock, or Electric)

Rival: Azalea Town Exit Assault

Gastly Lv 12 (Ground or Psychic)
Zubat Lv 14 (Electric or Rock)
Bayleef Lv 16 (Fire or Flying)
Croconaw Lv 16 (Electric or Grass)
Quilava Lv 16 (Water or Rock)

Whitney: For Plain Badge

Clefairy Lv 18 (Fighting)
Miltank Lv 20(Fighting)

Rival: Find Entei,Suicune,& Raikou Assault

Haunter Lv 20 (Ground or Psychic)
Magnemite Lv 18 (Ground or Fire)
Zubat Lv 20 (Electric or Rock)
Bayleef Lv 22 (Fire or Flying)
Croconaw Lv 22 (Electric or Grass)
Quilava Lv 22 (Water or Rock)

Morty: For Fog Badge

Gastly Lv 21 (Ground or Psychic)
Haunter Lv 21 (Ground or Psychic)
Gengar Lv 25(Ground or Psychic)
Haunter Lv 23 (Ground or Psychic)

Chuck: For Storm Badge

Primate Lv 27 (Flying or Psychic
Poliwrath Lv 30 (Electric, Flying, Grass, or Psychic)

Jasmine: For Mineral Badge

Magnemite Lv 30 (Fire or Ground)
Magnemite Lv 30 (Fire or Ground)
Steelix Lv 35 (Fire, Ground, or Water)

Pryce: For Glacier Badge

Seel Lv 27 (Electric)
Dewgong Lv 29 (Electric)
Piloswine Lv 31 (Fire or Grass)

Rival: Team Rocket's Basement Assault

Golbat Lv 30 (Electric,Ice,or Rock)
Magnemite Lv 28 (Ground or Fire)
Haunter Lv 30 (Ground,Rock,or Psychic)
Sneasel Lv 32 (Fire or Rock)
Feraligatr Lv 32 (Electric or Grass)
Meganium Lv 32 (Fire,Flying,or Ice)
Quilava Lv 32 (Ground,Rock,or Water)

Wise Trio Assault: The Legend of Ho-oh & Suicune

No.1: Advance To Round No.2

Noctowl Lv 32 (Electric or Rock)
Flareon Lv 32 (Ground,Rock,or Water)

No.2: Advance To Round No.3

Noctowl Lv 32 (Electric or Rock)
Vaporeon Lv 32 (Electric or Grass)

No.3 Enter To the Tin Tower

Noctowl Lv 32 (Electric or Rock)
Jolteon Lv 32 (Ground,Rock, or Steel)

Legendary Encounter: Suicune Lv 40

I recommend you use a Electric or Grass Type that Knows Thunder
Wave or Sleep Powder, and use Great,Fast,or Ultra Balls on it.

Clair: Final Battle for permission to enter Dragon's Den

Dragonair Lv 37 (Dragon or Ice)
Dragonair Lv 37 (Dragon or Ice)
Dragonair Lv 37 (Dragon or Ice)
Kingdra Lv 40 (Dragon,Electric,or Grass)

Dragon Master: The Test

Answer five questions correctly to force Clair to give you the
Rising Badge.

Rival: Victory Road Assault

Sneasel Lv 34 (Fire or Rock)
Magneton Lv 34 (Fire or Ground)
Haunter Lv 35 (Ground or Psychic)
Golbat Lv 36 (Electric,Ice,or Rock)
Kadabra Lv 36 (Dark or Fire)
Feraligatr Lv 38 (Electric or grass)
Meganium Lv 38 (Fire,Flying,or Ice)
Typhlosion Lv 38 (Ground,Rock,or Water)

Rival: Indigo Plateau Assault on Monday/Wednesday

Levels are unknown higher than level 40, but has a new PoKe'MoN.

Elite Four Will: Advance to Elite Four Koga

Xatu Lv 40 (Dark,Electric,or Ice)
Exeggutor Lv 41 (Fire,Flying,or Ice)
Slowbro Lv 41 (Dark,Electric,Or Grass)
Jynx Lv 41 (Dark,Fire,or Rock)
Xatu Lv 42 (Dark,Electric,or Ice)

Elite Four Koga: Advance to Elite Four Bruno

Ariados Lv 40 (Fire,Flying,or Rock
Forretress Lv 43 (Fire)
Muk Lv 42 (Ground,Psychic,or Rock)
Venomoth Lv 41 (Fire,Flying,or Psychic)
Crobat Lv 44 (Electric,Ice,or Rock)

Elite Four Bruno: Advance to Elite Four Karen

Hitmontop Lv 42 (Flying or Psychic)
Hitmonlee Lv 42 (Flying or Psychic)
Hitmonchan Lv 42 (Flying or Psychic)
Onix Lv 44 (Grass or Water)
Machamp Lv 46 (Flying or Psychic)

Elite Four Karen: Advance to Champion Lance

Umbreon Lv 42 (Fighting)
Vileplume Lv 42 (Fire,Ice,or Psychic)
Gengar Lv 45 (Ground or Psychic)
Murkrow Lv 44 (Electric,Ice,or Rock)
Houndoom Lv 47 (Ground,Rock,or Water)

Champion Lance: Final Battle of Part I

Gyarados Lv 44 (Electric)
Dragonite Lv 47 (Dragon or Ice)
Aerodactyl Lv 46 (Electric or Ice)
Dragonite Lv 47 (Dragon or Ice)
Charizard Lv 46 (Electric,Rock,or Water)
Dragonite Lv 50 (Dragon or Ice)

Legendary Encounter: Ho-oh Lv 60 at Tin Tower,After you catch Entei,
Suicune,Raikou, & Defeat the Elite Four!

I recommend you use a Electric or Ice type that can freeze and
paralyze Ho-oh and use the Master Ball. GOOD LUCK AGAIN!

Part II(The Beggining of Kanto)

Lt. Surge: For Thunder Badge
Use Ground PoKe'MoN

Sabrina: For Marsh Badge
Use Dark,Psychic,Ice,Rock,& Electric PoKe'MoN

Misty: For Cascade Badge
Use Electric & Grass PoKe'MoN

Erika: For Rainbow Badge
Use Fire,Flying,& Ice PoKe'MoN

Janine: For Soul Badge
Use Psychic,Ground,& Fire PoKe'MoN

Brock: For Boulder Badge
Use Water & Grass PoKe'MoN

Rival: Mt. Moon Assault

Levels are unknown and higher tgan Lv 40

Legendary Encounter: Lugia Lv 60 at Whirl Islands, After you obtain 
Silver Wing from Old Man From Pewter City.

Do the same thing you did on Suicune & Ho-oh, and use Ultra Balls.
GOOD LUCK for catching all the legendary PoKe'MoN in the game!

Blaine: For Volcano Badge
Use Ground,Rock,& Water PoKe'MoN

Blue: For Earth Badge
Use Dark,Electric,Water,Ground,& Fire PoKe'MoN

Red: Final Battle of PoKe'Mon Crystal & Champion of Johto & Kanto

Levels are higher than Lv 50. Use a Lv 50+ Dark,Electric,Ground,
Fighting,Water,& Fire PoKe'MoN!

CONGRATULATIONS if you beat PoKe'MoN Crystal! Since you beat part of
the game, you still have to catch more PoKe'MoN. If not, Go to the
Celadon Mansion & if you have a GAMEBOY PRINTER, you can print out a
diploma that you beat the game!

                   THE END (or not?)

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