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This is my guide to pretty much all of the big battles besides battling 
Professor Birch's kid. This guide will help you to know which Pokemon are 
recommended for the battle. Good luck.

GYM #1: Roxanne (Rustboro City)
Geodude Lv. 12- Type: Rock and Ground
Geodude Lv. 12- Type: Rock and Ground
Nosepass Lv. 15- Type: Rock
Recommended Type: Water or Grass
Recommended Level: Lv. 15+
The first gym leader of the game can be a huge pain if you chose Torchic as 
your starter. Fire moves aren't very effective against Rock-type and Rock-type 
moves are Super Effective against fire Pokemon. If you chose Mudkip make sure 
he atleast knows Water Gun and Treecko atleast knows Absorb.
Reward: Stone Badge (raises attack power and allows you to use HM01 Cut) and 
TM39 Rock Tomb

GYM #2: Brawly (Dewford Town)
Machop Lv. 16- Type: Fighting
Makuhita Lv. 19- Type: Fighting
Meditite Lv. 19- Type: Fighting and Psychic
Recommended Type: Flying
Recommended Level: Lv. 20+
Brawly is a pretty good leader, but using Torchic's (which should be a 
Combusken) Peck is very effective against the strong Meditite, but once again 
Mudkip (hence should be a Marshtomp) and a Water-type move is also wise.
Reward: Knuckle Badge (Pokemon to Lv. 30 will obey you and allows you to use 
HM05 Flash) and TM08 Bulk Up

GYM #3: Wattson (Mauville City)
Electrike Lv. 20- Type: Electric
Voltorb Lv. 20- Type: Electric and Steel
Magneton Lv. 22- Type: Electric and Steel
Manectric Lv. 24- Type: Electric
Recommended Type: Ground, Fighting, or Fire
Recommended Level: Lv. 25+
Wattson is a very good leader and was a thorn in my side even with a Fire-type. 
He is always using the 100% accurate Thunderbolt or Shock Wave. Using Marshtomp 
is very risky because although Mud Shot is very wise to use on all of his 
Electric-type, one hit by a Thunderbolt could possibly make Marshtomp faint 
easily. Be careful . . . 
Reward: Dynamo Badge (Increases Pokemon's speed and allows you to use HM06 Rock 
Smash) and TM34 Shock Wave

GYM #4: Flannery (Lavaridge Town)
Slugma Lv. 24- Type: Fire
Numel Lv. 24- Type: Fire
Camerupt Lv. 26- Type: Fire and Ground
Torkoal Lv. 29- Type: Fire
Recommended Type: Water, Ground, or Rock
Recommended Level: 30+
Flannery is a spring breeze if you have a Marshtomp. If you have a Grovyle, 
well lets just say you NEED a Water-type. A Water-type move is the absolute 
best to use on her
Reward: Heat Badge (Pokemon up to Lv. 50 will obey you and allows you to use 
HM04 Strength) and TM50 Overheat

GYM #5: Norman (Petalburg City)
Spinda Lv. 27- Type: Normal
Vigoroth Lv. 27- Type: Normal
Linoone Lv. 29- Type: Normal
Slaking Lv. 31- Type: Normal
Recommended Type: Fighting
Recommended Level: Lv. 35+
Your Daddy is very tough to beat especially when he keeps using Slaking's 
Facade. That move is strong on all types. If I do recommend a Pokemon, I would 
recommend a Breloom that knows Sky Uppercut. This is the best move to use on 
all these Pokemon. Breloom learns it at Lv. 36. Mach Punch and Counter are good 
against them as well if using a Breloom.
Reward: Balance Badge (Increases Pokemon's defense and allows you to use HM03 
Surf) and TM42 Facade

GYM #6: Winona (Fortree City)
Swablu Lv. 29- Type: Flying and Normal
Tropius Lv. 29- Type: Grass and Flying
Pelipper Lv. 30- Type: Water and Flying
Skarmory Lv. 31- Type: Steel and Flying
Altaria Lv. 33- Type: Dragon and Flying
Recommended Type: Electric, Ice, Rock, and Fire
Recommended Level: Lv. 35+
Winona and her Flying-type are tough because they use Aerial Ace a lot and it 
always strikes first. You need to always have an electric type when battling 
her. I'd use Thunderbolt because its 100% accurate
Reward: Feather Badge (Pokemon up to Lv. 70 will obey you and you can use HM02 
Fly) and TM40 Aerial Ace

GYM #7: Liza and Tate (Mossdeep City)
Xatu Lv. 41- Type: Psychic and Flying
Claydol Lv. 41- Type: Psychic and Ground
Lunatone Lv. 42- Type: Rock and Psychic
Solrock Lv. 42- Type: Rock and Psychic
Recommended Type: Water and Dark
Recommended Level: Lv. 47+
This is without a doubt the hardest and most annoying gym battle in the whole 
game. This battle is a 2 on 2 battle and the Solrock and Lunatone combo is very 
hard. You need to use a very good Water-type move on them. That's about all I 
can say. You are almost on your own here.
Reward: Mind Badge (Increases Pokemon's accuracy and allows you to use HM08 
Dive) and TM04 Calm Mind

GYM #8: Juan (Sootopolis City)
Luvdisc Lv. 41- Type: Water
Whiscash Lv. 41- Type: Water and Ground
Sealeo Lv. 43- Type: Water and Ice
Crawdaunt Lv. 43- Type: Water and Dark
Kingdra Lv. 46- Type: Water and Dragon
Recommended Type: Electric and Grass
Recommended Level: 50+
This is a tough battle if you have a Blaziken. Sceptile is a very good choice, 
but a very strong Electric-type is the best to use. Crawdaunt and Kingdra are 
the tougher of these Pokemon and will have you battling hard.
Reward: Rain Badge (All Pokemon will obey you and you can use HM07 Waterfall) 
and TM03 Water Pulse

BATTLE #1: Sidney
Mightyena Lv. 46- Type: Dark
Shiftry Lv. 48- Type: Grass and Dark
Cacturne Lv. 46- Type: Grass and Dark
Crawdaunt Lv. 48- Type: Water and Dark
Absol Lv. 49- Tpye: Dark
Recommended Type: Fighting, Ice, Electric, or Fire
Recommended Level: 70+
Blaziken at about Lv. 70 will blow through this battle. Sky Uppercut is very 
useful against all Dark-types and a Fire-type move is very effective against 
those Grass-types.

BATTLE #2: Phoebe
Dusclops Lv. 49- Type: Ghost
Banette Lv. 49- Type: Ghost
Banette Lv. 49- Type: Ghost
Sableye Lv. 50- Type: Ghost and Dark
Dusclops Lv. 51- Type: Ghost
Recommended Type: Ghost or Dark
Recommended Level: 70+
This is one of the toughest battles yet. Atleast one Dusclops will use Curse on 
you. Don't be fooled by him/her cutting its HP in half. Don't forget that all 
Normal-type and Fighting-type moves don't effect Ghost-type

BATTLE #3: Glacia
Glalie Lv. 50- Type: Ice
Sealeo Lv. 50- Type: Ice and Water
Sealeo Lv. 52- Type: Ice and Water
Glalie Lv. 52- Type: Ice
Walrein Lv. 53- Type: Ice and Water
Recommended Type: Electric, Fire, Fighting, Rock, or Grass
Recommended Level: 70+
This battle can be tough and be careful using that Fire-type. One Ice Beam 
could KO you. I highly recommend an Electric-type. 

BATTLE #4: Drake
Shelgon Lv. 52- Type: Dragon
Flygon Lv. 53- Type: Ground and Dragon
Kingdra Lv. 53- Type: Water and Dragon
Altaria Lv. 54- Type: Dragon and Flying
Salamence Lv. 55- Type: Dragon and Flying
Recommended Type: Ice and Electric
Recommended Level: Lv. 70+
Drake is the toughest Elite Four battle. You must have and Ice-type. You can 
also have an Electric-type for those Flying-type Pokemon

Tentacreul Lv. 55- Type: Water and Poison
Gyarados Lv. 56- Type: Water and Flying
Whiscash Lv. 56- Type: Water and Ground
Ludicolo Lv. 56- Type: Water and Grass
Wailord Lv. 57- Tpye: Water
Milotic Lv. 58- Tpye: Water
Recommended Type: Electric and Grass
Recommended Level: Lv. 70+
As you might have guessed, this is the hardest battle yet. You really need a 
strong Electric-type to conquer those Water-type. Even though Gyarados can't 
learn a single Flying-type move, he is a Flying-type, so that makes Electric-
type move very effective against him

Steven is the Elite Four leader in Ruby and Sapphire. Steven is the best 
trainer in Hoenn and is sitting in Meteor Falls. If you think you are ready to 
experience his wrath, find him and battle this beast.
Metagross Lv. 58- Type: Steel and Psychic
Claydol Lv. 75- Type: Ground and Psychic
Cradily Lv. 76- Type: Rock and Grass
Armaldo Lv. 76- Type: Rock and Bug
Aggron Lv. 76- Type: Steel and Rock
Skarmory Lv. 77- Type: Steel and Flying
Recommended Type: Fire, Electic, Water and Fighting
Recommended Level: 80+
Don't be fooled by that Lv. 58 Metagross. This guy has very good moves and 
don't be caught off gaurd. Use Fire-type a lot against the Steel Pokemon and 
use Water-type against the Ground-type. You should beat him with a very good 
Fire- and Water-type.

These leaders all have three Pokemon. Their Level is always the same as your 
highest Leveled Pokemon. You must defeat a certain amount of trainers to get to 

BATTLE FACTORY: Factory Head Noland
Random each time
Recommended Type: n/a
You must come into this battle hoping that you have three strong and basic type 
Pokemon. It's basically luck.

BATTLE DOME: Dome Ace Tucker
Swampert- Type: Water and Ground
Salamence- Type: Dragon and Flying
Charizard- Type: Fire and Flying
Recommended Type: Electric
Electric-type moves are very effective against the Swampert and the two Flying-

BATTLE PIKE: Pike Queen Lucy
Seviper- Type: Poison
Milotic- Type: Water
Shuckle- Type: Bug and Rock
Recommended Type: Electric and Poison
Don't be fooled by how easy Seviper and Milotic are. Shuckle. He is hard to 
beat. He will basically use Rest every time he gets hurt. He will eventually 
run out of PP for that move, so thats your chance

BATTLE ARENA: Arena Tycoon Greta
Heracross- Type: Bug and Fighting
Umbreon- Type: Dark
Shedinja- Type: Bug and Ghost
Recommended Type: Fire, Bug, and Flying
Fire-type is a quick way to defeat the Heracross and Shedinja. You need to use 
a Bug-type on that Umbreon.

BATTLE PALACE: Palace Maven Spenser
Crobat- Type: Poison and Flying
Slaking- Type: Normal
Lapras- Type: Ice
Recommended Type: Electric and Fighting
Electric-types will quickly KO Crobat and Lapras. You will need to use that 
Fighting-type against Slaking.

BATTLE PYRAMID: Pyramid King Brandon
Regirock- Type: Rock
Regice- Type: Ice
Registeel- Type: Steel
Recommended Type: Steel and Fire
Fire-type should take care of Regice and Registeel. Using a Steel-type is good 
to use against Regirock.

BATTLE TOWER: Salon Maiden Anabel
Alakazam- Type: Psychic
Entei- Type: Fire
Snorlax- Type: Normal
Recommended Type: Bug, Water, and Fighting
You will need one Pokemon for each opposite type if you want to beat Anabel. 
She is the toughest battle, so good luck!

I hope this helps. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to e-
mail me.

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