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1. The beginning 
All the usual things involved in a pokemon go save a guy in the woods pick a 
pokemon, doesn't
matter which one they are all good 4 now.
2.Battle your rival
Walk up through the grass and up through the first , continue going up and battle 
your rival. I
highly recommend atlest 2 pokemon 4 this battle just in case something goes horribly
wrong.Head back to the Prof.
3. Petalburg
After beating all the pathetic trainers head to the gym and talk to ur dad. follow 
wally and
eventually leave and off u go to the next town.
4. Gym
After u go through the woods and beat that aqua guys pokemon head to the gym.
Defeat the ppl ahead of the leader.
This match should be no problem for anyone. If u do have trouble catch a slakoth 
and trade 4 a
makuhita he should make short work of the leaders pokemon.
5. Helping out
Just walk into the cave beat the pitiful aqua member and talk to the guy in the 
huge building in
He will give u a pokenav and a letter.
6. Dewford bound
Go back through the forest and go to the house by the water get the guy to take u 
to dewford. go
into the cave and catch abra then evolve into kadabra and battle rally hes so easy 
with confusion.
7. Slateport
Your on ur way! All u need to do is talk to the guy in the building with boats 
around it and beat
the baddies in the museum north of that. After just go through all the ppl on the 
route both left
and right and continue on to face ur rival. After beating her continue on to 

8. Mauville
The outskirts of this town is the best place to train. Face all the ppl to the left 
of the town and
about 4 ppl will give u their numbers. They want to battle all the time and when ur 
waiting just
go into the grass and train every 15 minutes or so check to c if they want to 
Now that uve trained the electric gym should be a sinch especially if u have a high 
9.Road to fall arbor
Pretty easy take out the trainers nad move on tere will be a house after u pass the 
guy by a tree
which will give u secretpower. Stop to rest. Defeat all the ppl near the ash 
falling route and
make it to the town.
10. Fall arbor
Talk to lanette in front of the pc. Got to her house on the next route. Go into the 
mountain and
talk to cosmo afetr the cutscene. Go back to mauville.
11. Magmas plan
Go back the same way to fall arbor but instead of going in the pass go to the right 
and into the
thing. Defeat magma and go back down to where yuo got off the ride instead of going 
in there
should be an open way and should lead you down to lavaridge.
12. Gym again
Defeat the leader with extreme ease and get the go-goggles.
13.Optional things
Go into the sandstorm and go into the mirage tower(if its showing). Grab which one 
u like they r
both useless now. Talk to the mauville leader if hes out and do his little power 
crisis and get
Pokemon u should have now:
Last evolve form of starting
Zangoose or Seviper(trade with ruby on zangoose hghly recommended its an awesome 
Gardevoir( if u caught ralts in the beginning)
Swellow ( for flying purposes later on)
14. Defeat dad 
After all this its time ot beat ur old man.
This should be a difficult battle if u didn’t follow all my training exercises.
Only pokemon to be aware of is slaking.(DO NOT POISON, PARALYZE OR BURN, FACADE
After get surf and continue on.
15. Surf time
U can do what u want, if u want to get to dewford to train go ahead an surf on the 
way to
slateport board the ship and have fun.
16. On to the weird town
Ppl live in trees but be4 u get there..........
Head through the weather institute after u surf to the right of mauville and head 
up. Beat all the
WANT) fire blast, powder snow, thunderbolt and weather ball r my recommendations
Beat ur rival and head into town. 
Go to the right of the town and across the bridge steven will give u the scope. Go 
back by the
gym and battle kecleon beat the gym leader easily and walk on to safari zone.
18. Safari zone
could be a stop might not be i don’t care just catch a pikachu it is in the grass 
of which u first
walk in.
19. Scale the mountain.
Go south of the safari zone and head up the mountain catch a vulpix along the way 
and talk to
the ppl at the top then head back down in to the city and into the cave east of the 
20. Mgma hideout
easily take the team but don’t forget the masterball its in a pile of 4 balls 2 r 
21.Mossdeep away
This is the toughest gym battle of them all unless u have dark pokemon.
Beat the doubles match and continue on do all the stupid magma aqua stuff head to 
the gym
where u need to dive down beat the leader after settling the legendaries. 

And voila the gyms r done u should have atleast 75 pokemon by now

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