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There are 6 special battles in the Hades Cup.

The first one is you battle Yuffie. She's fairly easy, but she heals herself and she 
sends out a huge ninja thrower thingie, and it spins all around the platform. Also 
her minor attacks and her quick movements give her some advantage. But you get 
something special for Goofy if you win this battle: the Genji Shield.

Next battle is against another Behemoth. Just jump on it's back, watch it's special 
attacks like the bolts of lightning, the jumps and leaps it does, and the dark 
spheres it brings from the air to the ground. Attack it's horn on it's back and 
you've won. For winning this battle you get your blizzard spell upgraded.

The third special boss is Cerberus. You have a better advantage against it, because 
you can jump higher and you can glide. There are 4 things you have to look out for. 
One, it shoots out fire meteors at your teammates, so you should lock on, on one of 
the side heads. Two, it sends a black hole in the front of it's faces, and little 
dark fountain like stuff comes from the ground, so jump on it's back to evade this 
attack without running around. Third, it's heads bite your teammates, so stay to the 
side and attack when the heads are still, otherwise you will get hurt. And last, it 
rises from the ground only using it's hind legs to stand up. Once it falls to the 
ground, an earthquake covers the stage, but you can dodge this bu jumping or getting 
on it's back once it's down. Just follow this rule and you'll win. For winning this 
battle, Your thunder spell is upgraded.

The fourth battle is against my 2 favorite character: Cloud and Leon. Now these guys 
are like the recent battles you've battled against them. Go after Leon first. He has 
some moves like sword sweep, fire shot, and he powers up his gun-sword into a giant 
chrystal like sword. Once he's finished, go after Cloud. Cloud is the same in the 
Herc. Cup. He gaurds with his sword, he swings it around, he attacks like a speeding 
bullet and goes to another spot, and if he wants to, he jumps up and decends onto 
the ground on one of your teammates or you. There's 2 more things I have to say 
about Cloud. First, he says things before each attack, and second, he glides and 
he's invincible. For winning against these cool warriors you get the Lionheart 

The next battle is against the lord of the Underworld himself, Hades! He has a lot 
of attacks. First, he attacks you with his deathgun, second, his hands sends out 
inferno, to dodge this attack, just run the way the flames are going or use dodge 
roll, third, once his head is red, he has 2 new attacks, first, he has a meteor gun, 
which you can send back at him by casting aeroga or hitting it, and second he has 
inferno swipe. He also has another attack when his head is blue, he has flames from 
his hands and he floats, you can stop him by attacking him. Use this strategy to 
win. For winning against him your gravity spell is upgraded, and you get Ansem's 
Report 8.

The last battle in the game is the evil rocks combined, Rock Titan. At the 
beginning, use aeroga on yourself, lock onto one leg, and start attacking. It might 
start stomping so jump away when it does. When it falls, climb up it's legs and 
attack it's heads. Both heads try to swipe you off but you can dodge this by 
attacking the other head because both heads don't attack at once, also think of 
using Rag. or Ars Ancr. on the heads and feet. When it knocks you off just complete 
the process until you've won. For winning this battle, you beat the Hades Cup and 
you get the ability, Trinity Limit.

[Note: Once you beat the Hades Cup there's a pot outside on the right of the bars. 
Examine the pot to get an Orichalcum.

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