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 Halo 3  Skulls

Okay this is a list of where to get the skulls. i do not know the name of all 
the skulls. but I know where they are. By collecting skulls you may also get 
the harybusa spartan armor. Skulls only appear on normal-legendary. You can see 
your skulls hitting X at the campaign lobby. To activate press A. Skulls can be 
found on two Player. You get a ten gamer point achievement for each skull 
found. In all 120 points. The IWHBD skull does not have an achievement. You 
must also start from the beginning of each level for the skull to save.

1) Level   serria 117                          medium
After you face the first brute attack at the river/stream jump down onto a 
cliff all the way to the right. The skull is at the end of the cliff.

2) level   serria 117         iron               medium

Once you reach where the brutes are keeping johnson kill every enemy before 
freeing johnson (you don't need to do this, but it makes it easier). Go back up 
the steps and jump onto the pipping. Run on it until you can jump up to the 
next level. run on the concrete until you reach a bend. The skull willbe right 

3) level   crow's nest        black eye    easy

at the very beginning run to the top of the stairs and jump on top of the 
railing then onto the grey pipping. to your right is a large red pipe jump on 
there. the skull is at the end.

4) level   crow's nest        Grunt Birthday Party      medium

In the middle of the level, when in you are in the pipping with all the drones 
drop down into the big pipe but as you do run foward so you run back to where 
you just where. You will be underneath the grates now. run foward. the skull is 
all the way foward.

5) level   Tavso highway                    medium

After you take out the first shield generator you get onto the highway.jump 
onto the pipping and jump down onto the support beams. If done right you won't 
even lose your shields. Then continue on the support beams. The skull is on a 
cliff to your left.

You should now have the Harybusa Chest

6) level  the storm              hard

After you get outside of the first building the skull is on top of a round 
building. You will want a bubble shield because if you kill the wraith, the 
skull disappears. Go to the round building and use the bubble shield. the use a 
grenade jump to hop on top of the building. the skull is right there.

7) level  flood gate          fog         medium

At the very beginning, there is a flood that jumps across the roof top
when the marine yells "there over there" look up. the flood will be jumping 
across. shoot it and the skull will fall.

8) level   the Ark             famine       hard

 After you destroy the two choppers go to the second big forerunner platform. 
destroy both ghosts and hop up on the rocks and then on to the platform. run 
all the way to the end spire and grenade jump onto it. at the end is the skull.
(Have lots of plasmas ready).

9) level   the ark            cowbell          medium

After you destroy the first scarab. run into the concrete hut where the grav 
lifts are. take one and if need be take a carbine too. continue on until you 
reach the second downward hallway. The one right after the room with a brute 
and a bunch of sleeping grunts. Run down the hallway and get the checkpoint 
then run 1/2 way back up the first slope. then aim down the slope, toward the 
wall a bit and release the grav lift. jump on and if down right it will take 
you to the highest floor. the skulls is right there.

You should now have the Harybusa Shoulders

10) level   the covenant        Thunderstorm    easy 

After you shut down the first tower get in the hornet and fly to the first 
tower. drop down on the low rising platform and follow the ramp up to the top. 
At the end of the platform is the skull.  

11) level  Cortana             tilt               medium

In the large circular room with all the flood there is a skull. (the one where 
cortana mentions she likes games.) Kill all the flood, and jump onto the 
mushroom things.continue this until it leads you to a bridge that leads to a 
platform. In the middle of it is a pile of bones and blood. The skull is there.

12)  level   halo               Mythic             super easy

At the beginning hug the right wall.eventually you will come to a cave. turn 
right into it and the skull is at the end.

13) level  the covenant         IWHBD              easy

(You have to wait until you have every other skull before you get this one or 
it will be for nothing.) After you kill truth kill all the flood. then you must 
jump through each of the rings in this order: 4654534.  The rings will then 
glow and the skull is at the beginning of the holographic walkway leading to 
truths corpse.

You will now have th Harybusa Helmet.

Chest - 5 skulls
Shoulders - 9 skulls
Helmet - 13 skulls

Skulls can be collected in any order as long as the IWHBD skull is last. They 
do not have to be activated during gameplay. Each skull has a different efect. 
You do not have to complete each level with the found skull.

Effect of skulls

Iron - When you die you start back at the beggining of the mission.

Black Eye - When shields are depleted bash your enemies for sheild recharge

Tough luck - Your foe always throws a grenade before its death

Catch - Your foes have more grenades to throw and to pick up

Fog - The radar is taken away

Famine - All picked up guns have half ammo

Thunderstorm - All enemies are the highest rank

Tilt - Enemies are immune to certain bullet types

Mythic - enemies have twice as much health

Blind - Your HUD is gone and you cant see what weapon you have

Cowbell - Explosive force increase

Grunt Birthday Party - Grunt head shot = instant kill

IWHBD - unlocks bonus dialogue

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