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                         Table of Contents

                         1. Level Walkthroughs

                         1.1- Level 1- The Pillar of Autumn
                         1.2- Level 2- Halo
                         1.3- Level 3- Truth and Reconciliation
                         1.4- Level 4- Silent Cartographer
                         1.5- Level 5- Assault on the Control Room
                         1.6- Level 6- 343 Guilty Spark
                         1.7- Level 7- The Library
                         1.8- Level 8- Two Betrayals
                         1.9- Level 9- Keyes
                         1.10- Level 10- The Maw

                         2. Vehicles

                         2.1- M 12 LRV
                         2.2- M808B Scorpion MBT
                         2.3- Ghost
                         2.4- Banshee
                         2.5- Wraith
                         2.6- Covenant Dropship

                         3. Weapons

                         3.1- M9 HE-DP (Frag) Granade
                         3.2- M6D Pistol
                         3.3- MA5B Assault Rifle
                         3.4- M90 Shotgun
                         3.5- S2 AM Sniper Rifle
                         3.6- M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher
                         3.7- M41 LAAG
                         3.8- Plasma Rifle
                         3.9- Plasma Pistol
                         3.10- Needler
                         3.11- Stationary Gun(Shade)
                         3.12- Plasma Grenade

                         4. Enemies

                         4.1- Grunts
                         4.2- Orange Grunts
                         4.3- Red Grunts
                         4.4- Black Grunts
                         4.5- Jackals
                         4.6- Blue Shield Jackals
                         4.7- Orange Shield Jackals
                         4.8- Elites
                         4.9- Blue Elite
                         4.10- Red Elite
                         4.11- Invisible Elite
                         4.12- Black Elites
                         4.13- Gold Elite
                         4.14- Hunters
                         4.15- Flood Infection Form
                         4.16- Flood Combat Form
                         4.17- Flood Carrier Form
                         4.18- Sentenals

                         5. Other
                         5.1- Updates
                         5.2- Contact Information
                         5.3- Submitting Hints
                         5.4- Introduction to hints



[1.1]--|The Pillar of Autumn}

 [Mission Overview]

 Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship.

This level is the first you will have to do, so it's incredibly easy. Don't worry, 
Bungie saved the harder stuff for later.

At the beginning of the level, you will get to watch a pointless, yet interesting 
cinematic. If you press the A button, you will be able to skip this and get to the 
good stuff. Trust me, it's a very long cinematic.


>> Complete Training Diagnostic

Ok, now that you've been through the everlasting cinema, let's get started. First, 
they have to bring your health mionitors online. While they do that, you are 
supposed to look around the room using the right thumbstick. He informs you that 
there is no freezerburn, he gives you a new job. You have to press X to get out of 
the cryo tube and then he gives you something else to do. His newest order is to 
have you walk around the room to make sure you're not stiff. Then, walk over to the 
red square and step into the square. They want to check your targeting sensors. Your 
job is to lock onto the flashing lights(they don't move) and once you're done,a man 
will ask you to do it again, except he inverted your pitch. This time, you move the 
thumbstick the opposite direction. He will ask you after you're done if you want to 
leave the pitch inverted or default. my suggestion is to leave it inverted because 
it is easier to learn. then, you will be asked to follow the technician over to the 
yellow square and step inside. Now, they will be testing your shield. Once they have 
given you full health, they will make sure your shield has automatic recharge. Press 
A and your shield will disable. Then, your shield will be recharged fully and you 
are done the testing. Your last order is to go to the Captain's Bridge. It sounds 
like it needs to be done fast. You will see that a man in the glass on the landing 
above you gets attacked by an Elite that busts through the door. You have to go now.

>> Find Captain Keyes on the Bridge

Follow the technician through the door, but stop once you see pipes to your left. 
That is because the crew member is about to get the blast of a lifetime and will 
die. Jump using the A button to get over the pipes and then make a right. Go through 
the hall to a door that has a green light on it. Keep going down the hall and make a 
left until you see a door about halfway closed. Crouch by clicking the left 
thumbstick and you will go under it. Some of the crew is fighting the Covenant, but 
you can't help since you don't have a gun. take a right and wait for Marines to seal 
the door. On the left you should notice a door that leads to the bridge. On the 
ground, an arrow will be pointing and it says "Bridge". Go through that room and 
watch out for the Elite up ahead. The Marines, after killing the Elite will tell you 
to go to the bridge pronto. You will need to take a left, and you will end up where 
some of the crew is fighting off some more Covenant. Make your way over to the 
Marine at the door. He will lead you and will protect you from enemy fire. If you 
follow him until he stops, you will be near the bridge. Take a final right and you 
are at your destination, the Bridge. Take either the right or left path all the way 
until you get to Captain Keyes. He tells you bad news, that they are abandoning the 
Pillar of Autumn because the Covenant forces are too strong. he then gives you the 
job of getting Cortana, the anvanced AI, off of the ship and keeping her safe.

                     -=[AI Constructs and Cyborgs First]=-

Captain Keyes gives you a pistol, but there is no ammo in it. You have to find the 
ammo along the way.

>>Get off the Pillar of Autumn

You are supposed to exit the bridge the way you came there, then you go towards the 
main entrance to the bridge. You will find some ammo for the pistol, and you will 
find 3 Grunts! These will be your first encounters in the game of Halo. Take them 
out with a nice piece of lead. and take the first right. It will be room full of 
tables and Marines fighting Covenant Elites. You will pick up the MA5B Assault Rifle 
as you enter the room. Take all of the enemies out and go to the right hallways. 
They both lead to the same place. Teach the Grunts in that hallway a lesson and 
proceed to the door marked "Airlock". Go on to the hall and continue until you see 
Marines fighting an Elite. Help them out to make quicker work of the Elite. Once you 
start on your journey again, a rumble will start and marines will yell out like 
schoolgirls. Take a right while following them. You will see more Marines and one of 
them says "About time you showed up!" They will be next to a door, but don't folllow 
them because some Covenant will blast there way through, killing anyone near the 
door. Take out the Covenant and make a right where the Covenant broke through and 
you will fing 2 overshields to give you more health. Go back and follow the Marines. 
Take a right when you see a door that has the word "Stairs" on the ground below it. 
Once you go through the hallway, you have two choices of how you want to deal with 
the Covenant.

(A)Take the next right and eliminate the Covenant forces alone.
(B)Go straight and find the Marines so you can have help while fighting.

The battle will go quicker if you are alone, but you will have no one to protect 
you. After the Covenant is eliminated in the area, go to where the Marines were 
firing. Go straight across from that area and you'll find a first aid kit next to 
the door you will enter. On the floor, there is a red arrow labeled "Airlock". Go 
forward and help the Marines fight the Covies. Assuming that the marines are still 
alive, follow them into the door straight ahead of you. Take a right turn where you 
will continue battling the Covenant. When you see flaming barrels, you should duck 
under the halfway open door nearby. Beat up on the Covenant and make your way to the 
door on the left holding a first aid kit. You will also notice that there is a 
greenarrow on the ground that says "Stairs". You are going to be walking through a 
hallway, then the stairs should come into view. This area is tough because the 
Covenant are on the higher levels at first then the lower levels where you were 
first standing. Take out the Covenant on the top floor, then don't worry about the 
ones on the bottom floor. Go through the door that is on the opposite side of where 
the stairs take you on the top floor. Go in and take a right, where you will meet up 
with some enemies. Using the barricade as shelter is safe, because it can give you 
time to recharge your shield if it runs low or completely out. After you destroy the 
enemies, make your path down the hall, taking out all enemies. You should notice a 
big blue shield, so use it if you need to. Continue to the left, taking out the 
Grunts and Elites. Take them out without getting too close to an alive Elite, 
because they can do some serious damage with a melee attack. Move on and you should 
hear a message that tells everyone to abandon the Pillar of Autumn ship. Continuing 
down the hall, you can see that life pods are already launching. Too bad you're not 
in one yet. The Covenant are destroying some of the life pods, so hurry it up. if 
you need one, to the right of the window is a first aid kit. Then, make your way to 
the left and you should see that the life pods already launched. Cortana tells you 
that you need to use maintainence area to reach an area with more life pods. Follow 
the Nav Point to the maintainence way and go through. Turn your flashlight on, 
because it is impossible to see without one. Take the hidden left path and follow it 
until Cortana activates a motion tracker. You'll notice that there are three pathe, 
but only the right path is safe to exit. Exit the maintainence area, and you will be 
in an empty room that looks like it is a dead end. If you look at the door that's 
open just a crack, go up to it and melee it open(B button). Take a left and get 
ready for a battle. Down the hall, there are two doors on the left. You can take 
either of them, because they lead to the same area. The most important thing is to 
kill EVERY enemy. After the battle, take a right through the door with a first aid 
kit next to the door. Through the next area, you will see the place that the people 
unfroze you and below, a couple of Elites will be near the cryo tube. Cortana will 
say that they were trying to catch you napping. Keep going straight, but be careful 
because there will be explosions in the upcoming area. You will, once again, have to 
go through a maintainence way. This maintainence way is to the right of where the 
explosion was at. Turn your flashlight on, and be aware that there are Grunts in 
this tunnel. Kill the one on the right, then turn right agian and kill the other 
one. Do not go that way, instead, turn around and go straight. Take another right 
and then take one of the four doors which ll lead to the same place. Any door is ok, 
but I suggest the one on the far right. Avoid the door with the first aid kit next 
to it, because it leads to a circle. Go towards whwere the Coveant was at and take 
either the right or the left path. The next area is on the left side, so you should 
take the left path. Continue as you kill the Covenant(again). Take a left and see 
more Airlocks. There is a barricade, and you will find your first grenades! 
Fragmenation greandes are now available, so use the left trigger to throw them. 
Scatter out the lead as you take down the enemies. There is a maintainence tunnel. 
Don't bother going in it because you can just jump over the barricades and save 
time. As you see a cinema involving you picking up a Marine and getting him in the 
Life Pod, you are off the Pillar of Autumn!




 [Mission Overview]

 Seek out surviving Marines and help them fight the Covenant.

 You escaped the Pillar of Autumn, and the pilot of the Life Pod notices a ring 
shaped surface. You will notice that the ring is Halo. The pilot attempts to land on 
the surface of it. He crash lands, killing all of the passengers.

                            -=[Flawless Cowboy]=-

As you know, you crash landed on a ring world alled Halo. You are the only survivor 
from your lifeboat. You are given thes orders:

>>Evade the Covenant patrols searching for you
>>Head for higher grounds
>>Search for other lifeboats

If you go out of the lifeboat, you should collect ammo and grenades. You learned 
that there are Covenant Dropships inbound. Cortana jabbers out that you should hide 
in hills for immediate evasion. Don't listen to that. Instead, go to the bridge on 
the left and cross it to get to the other side. You should notice that there are 
flying vehicles up ahead that are shooting at you. They are Banshees, and they can 
shoot a paraplyzing gun or a Fuel Rod gun. Take one of the two out and the other 
will run away cowardly. Go ahead and you will notice that there is not any action up 
ahead. Then, go up until you see a gap in the area. Some Covenant forces will be up 
ahead, but if you use the scope on the pistol, you should be able to kill them 
easier. They are only a couple of Elites and alot of Grunts. Go through the gap in 
the area up ahead and you will be on lower land. Now, you should go to the left and 
see a strucure, a Covenant Dropship, and some Marines. The Marines are happy to see 
you. Here are you new orders:

>>Stay with the survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship to arrive

 Use the scope on the Pistol and take out the closest group of Covenant to you. 
Then, you should notice stairs that lead up to the top of the structure. Go get 
ammo, grenades, and a first aid kit. Then, look for a dropship and kill the Covenant 
aboard it using the scope. Soon, you will be introduced to the shielded Covenant 
warriors, the Jackals. They are weak, but they can easily block your shots with a 
plasma shield. Mop up the rest of the Covenant and be ready for the evac dropship to 
arrive. Also, be aware that there are hiding Covenant, so your motion tracker comes 
in handy. The evac dropship will come in and drop off a Warthog jeep. So nice of 
them! It comes packaged with a gunner included, but you'll have to get one of the 
Marines who helped you fight be in the passenger seat. If you can't find it, just 
use the Nav point to find it and jump into the driver seat. The only bad thing about 
it is that it has shaky controls. If you need to, just test drive it to learn about 
the controls.. Then, go to the steep drop if you can find it, there is a Nav Point 
that locates it. Go down the hill and to the right. Go inside a cave that appears to 
have no enemies. Soon, you will come to a drop ahead, so keep a steady speed if you 
want your men to live. Clear it and go to an area that is full of Covenant life. 
Kill all of the Covenant by either running them over, getting out and shooting with 
the gunner, or giving the gunner a good lock on the baddies and having him kill 
them. No matter what way you choose, make sure all Covenant is dead. Then, go to an 
area on the right side that has an upward path. Turn left and there will be an 
extremely tough Elite. Kill him and go forward. Activate the Light Bridge by going 
up to the controls and pressing X. Once you activated it, go back to the Warthog and 
get in. Drive over the bridge ang out of the cave. You will learn that alot more 
crew made it off the Pillar of Autumn than predicted. You've reached the end of the 

                            -=[Reunion Tour]=-

First, start up the hill as you notice a steep cliff to your left. There are enemies 
on the cliff, but that's not inportant. They won't attack you now, so you are safe  
Just drive up to the area at the top of the hill.

(NOTE: This section of the level Halo is in no specific order. You can save the 
survivors in any order you wish, but the order I wrote it in is the order they 
appear. If this is hard for you to do, find another way to win.)

Go to the other side of the river and to the nearby lifeboat. Get the Sniper Rifle 
and snipe the Jackals that you saw on the cliff. Get them all killed, and then get 
into the Warthog. Then, drive over to where the Jackals you sniped were. Go into the 
tunnel that has the blue flashing lights outside it. Once you're there, get out of 
the Warthog and start sniping close eneies. If they see you, get back into the 
Warthog and let the gunner take them down. Once they are all done with, go to a 
structure that has an Elite on the landing above it. It is far into the area, but 
once you find it, go to the side of it. There is a path tat leads inside, so go 
inside and meet the first group of missing survivors. Beat up on the Covenant, then 
wait for an evac dropship. If you need a gunner or a passenger for the Warthog, make 
sure you get one here. Now that you found one group of survivors, here are your 

>>Search for the two remaining groups of human survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship

Remember the area you took to get here? That path is to the left side of where you 
are. Don't go there, instead go to the right area to exit. To get here, go to the 
right side against the wall and follow it. Once you leave the area,  you will be in 
a field near a river. Go to the right and cross the river. You will see more lights, 
so go there. Follow this path and you will see a big cliff. At the structure, you 
can see a plasma orb shooting out and into the sky. Not important, but I wrote that 
for some reason. Soon, you will learn that there are Marines hiding in the hills 
above that structure. They are to the right, so go over, but don't run them over. 
There are wounded there, so there is ammo also. If you still have the Sniper, there 
is a dead Marine that dropped one supported by a rock. Kill the Covenant that make 
there way to the hill, so once they are done with, an evac dropship comes and picks 
up the survivors. Once again, take advantage of the Marines being around and get 
more backup on the Warthog if you need another man or two. There is also a crashed 
lifeboat, so load up on grenades, ammo, and if you need one, get a fist aid kit. Now 
that you found another group of survivors, here are your orders:

>>Search for the last group of human survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship

There is a path to the right of the area, which is opposite where you entered from. 
Once on this path, continue towards a new path. As you make your way to the new 
path, there will be a group of Covenant. Cortana will tell you that the Covenant has 
discovered the Pillar of Autumn's crash site and has secured it. Concentrate on 
finding the final lifeoat to get out of this level. After you exit the path, turn 
right and head across the river. Go up to the blue lights and through another path. 
Soon, you will see a rock area and after that, more Covenants. A good way to take 
them out is to use the scope on the Sniper Rifle(if you have it) and just snipe them 
all. Go into the rocks and meet your last Marines. Then, go out and zoom in on the 
area near the cliff. Enemies will come from a dropship, so kill them and get ready 
for Covenant right near you. Back up and kill your enemies around that area. Then, a 
final dropship will leave Covenant in the area that you first sniped the Covenant, 
which is near the cliff. This time, the enemies will start attacking by running 
towards you and the Marines. Take them down and the Evac dropship will appear. 
Cortana has located Captain Keyes. He's being held hostage on a Covenant ship. Once 
the dropship appears, jump aboard on go to your next site.



[1.3]--|Truth and Reconciliation}

 [Mission Overview]
 Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes.

The Covenant have captured Captan Keyes and are holding them aboard a Covenant 
Battle Cruiser, the Truth and Reconciliation. Using a Sniper Rifle and MA5B Assault 
Rifle, you have to force your way aboard the ship and rescue the captain. 
Additionally, your Sniper Rifle is equipped with night vision, which you can access 
using the flashlight button(white button).


                            -=[Truth and Reconciliation]=-

>>Board the Covenant Battle Cruiser

After the introduction, turn a little to the right and you should notice a lighted 
area, which is where you are supposed to go. You mission now is to use the Sniper 
Rifle and take out as many of the Covenant as convertly possible. Use night vision 
on the Sniper and Cortana will tell you to stay to the  right side. Go up that 
little hill, but do not go too far or the enemies will see you and you will have to 
take them out the hard way. By the way, if you use any sniping position, most will 
work, but I've found that you can kill more, if not all enemies in the area this 
way. When you see a U-shaped rock, that is the best sniping area. In this area, 
there are a few Gruts, a few Jackals, and one or two Elites. If you notice to the 
far side of you right, there is a strange machine that has a grunt in it. It is a 
Stationary Gun, or Shade that can fire quickly and shoots plasma. It is very 
powerful and can't be blown up, but all you need to do is kill the Grunt in it. Kill 
him and you should see another Shade gun to the far left wall of the canyon. If he 
doesn't see you, that is good. Kill him and all surrounding Covenant. Once they are 
done with, music should start playing, so use your Sniper to zoom in on the area in 
between the Shades and some Covenant will run out. Try to kill some of them, but if 
you can't, the Marines will be in this area now. Take the Covenant troops out of 
proceed to the area a little bit to the right of the left sides Shade gun. There 
will be an opening, but watch out. Don't go to the left, because the drop can easily 
kill you. As you continue along on your quest, additional Covenant have been spotted 
up ahead. Start taking them out and watch out for the Shade gun on the canyon top  
dead ahead. There are some places for cover around here, so use them if you need to. 
Move on and you will find a Health Pack, Frag Grenades, and some Assault Rifle ammo, 
all of which should come in handy. Go along the left path as your enemies are gone. 
You will soon make your way to an area where the Covenant will attack! There will be 
Covenant everywhere around you, so share some lead and then concentrate on the 
Covenant on the top of the slope. Move forward and you should likely notice that the 
path slims a little bit. Cortana tells you that there are Covenant forces up ahead. 
The path to the left should help you sneak up around them.

(Note: Go whichever way you like, but this guide tells you the most common, most 
easy way of doing this.)

As I said, the path to the left is recommended. Go slowly as you share some Sniper 
ammo with the Covenant. The path curves to the right and now you should be on the 
far left of the area. Cortana will tell the Marines to take the middle area, so they 
do. You should notice that near the three trees, there is a triangle with a circle 
in it, which is an Active Invisibility. Go get the Invisibility, so you can fight 
with an advantage over the Covenant, but make sure you kill all enemies so you don't 
regret it later. Also notice the three Shades here. One near the path you entered, 
one in the upper right corner, and one near where the Marines entered. Go under the 
rock path and you should notice an Elite right near you, a Shade gun on the hill 
right near you, another Shade past that, and another on the opposite side of you. 
Keep killing the enemies(especially the Shades) if you want some back-up in this 
major battle. There is a purple beam in the middle of the area. That, my friend, is 
your ticket in the Truth and Reconciliation. It is a gravity lift that carries 
troops and supplies. Soon, a Marine yells "That can't be all of 'em!" Don't you wish 
he never said that. Soon, a group of Covenant will appear from the gravity lift, so 
take them out fast. After them, a Covenant Dropship. Take them out like you would 
any Covenant goons. Soon, another couple pairs of Covenant drop from the ship, you 
are safe. Yeah, for 10 seconds. The music will change to a dramatic pace and you 
will be introduced to the bulky, incredibly strong Hunters. These ones have Fuel Rod 
guns and are practically indestructable from the front. My way of killing them is to 
let them charge at you, strafe before they can hit you, and pop a shot into their 
orange section. Once they are done, back-up Marines will comeand you will have a 
healthy set of them. Go up to the gravity lift and, if you need some, there is an 
area near the gravity lift containing a fallen Marine who dropped ammo and a health 
pack. Go to the grav lift and prepare to go into the  Battle Cruiser!


                         -=[Into the Belly of the Beast]=-

>>Find the ship's brig and rescue Captain Keyes

You will be transferred into a room that apparently has no Covenant defenses. You 
wish! Among the Jackals, Grunts, and Elites, there will be an Elite with an Active 
Invisibility on wielding a deadly Plasma Sword. This can kill you in one swipe, but 
you can see him because the Plasma Sword is visible. Kill him and more enemies will 
come in. There will be alot of enemies around, so grenades are recommended whenever 
you can use them. Among the barriers around the room, ther is an Active Invisibility 
pick-up, so you can fight with advantage. Once all of the enemies in the room are 
done, a large door opens holding a couple of Jackals. Advance down the small slope 
and you should see a door at the bottom and to the right. The door is locked, and 
the Marines have you go to open. Return to the room and go to the two doors on the 
right. Pick either one and go through. Go on while taking out the Covenant in the 
hall. Follow the path to the right and you will have to take out the Elite. This 
will lead to a dead end with a few Grunts. Take them out because they will sneak up 
on you later and cause trouble. Continue on and take a right until you reach a door. 
Be prepared, because Grunts and some other Covenant sneak up on you. Now, go through 
the door and you will be on a ledge overlooking a lower floor. There is a Nav point 
at a door on the lower floor, which is the door you have to open. To save alot of 
time, kill all of the enemies on the ledge you're on and jump down to the lower 
level. Ignore the enemies and open the door to let the Marines in. It will save you 
tons of time and you will be happy you did. Let out your marines and let them hel 
pyou out with the hordes of Covenant that come into the room. Take them out, which 
should take a while. Eventually, they will all die and you can follow the Nav Point 
to the next area. Once you've gotten to the new area, take a left. Then, go around 
the right while taking out the Covenant with your Marines. Go through the door and 
you will be in a shuttle bay area.

Unfortunately, this area is extremely tough. The Covenant come for a while and are 
on the floor above you. They are tough because you can't get a good angle on them 
and they move out of the way of your fire. Constant fire and movement is the key, so 
keep doing those while taking out the Covenant. There is a little area full of 
supplies in between barriers, so get the stuff you need. Once you're done in this 
area, go to another area on the other side for a similar battle. In front of a 
barrier, there is an overshield, so get it soon. Soon, multiple Covenant waves burst 
out and attack from everywhere. Cortana is now attempting to open a door. Too bad a 
pair of Hunters appears before the door opens. Kill them and Cortana will open the 
door finally. Go through after you get a health pack(if you need it). Follow the 
path up and around, and kill the enemies as you come in contact with them. There are 
Elites, and some have Invisibility on. They don't have Plasma Sword, so you will not 
be able to see them. They have Plasma Rifles, so kill them in whatever way you can. 
The path will soon lead to the middle of a shuttle bay. On the right, there is a 
switch on a platform. Hit it to open the doors, and reinforcements come in. That is, 
if you need them. More Covenant should appear from the door you entered. Give them 
lead from whatever gun you have and take them all out. Go on to the door on the left 
side and follow it. This will take you to the third level of the shuttle bay. When 
you're going up to the third floor, you will meet many enemies, although they are 
all visible. Assuming you found and fought your way to the third floor, follow the 
ledge and go to the right. You will have to fight more Covenant. Happy Day! Once you 
are done with these Covenant, go on and take a right at the end of the path. Go 
through the door like you usually do any other time. There will be three paths to 
choose from. The one on the left takes you to Ammo and a Health Pack. The center 
path and right one both lead to large control room. In this area, there is, among 
many Grunts and Elites, an Elite with a Plasma Sword. He is not invisible, but that 
wouldn't matter. Kill him and all of the other Covenant in the area and your Marines 
will go up to the area holding the dead Elite that had the Plasma Sword. As you go 
down the halls, you will meet up with several Jackals and Grunts. There is another 
fork in the path, but it only goes room left or right. 

The first door that leads up takes you into a holding cell. There are no enemies in 
the area, so it's not a challenge. At the back of the room, there is a switch to 
open the holding cells. On the cell to the far right on your way out, there is ammo 
and a Health Pack. Go out once you have everything you needed and keep going 
straight. Continue along the path of enemies until you reach an area similar to the 
last holding cell with an Elite outside it. Kill him and go inside. This holding 
cell has some Marines and Captain Keyes stored in the prison cells. There are alot 
of enemies in this area, including an Elite with a Plasma Sword and two Invisible 
Elites. Kill them all and go to the switch, which is placed where the one in the 
other room was. Open the prison cells and prepare for cinema. Captain Keyes said 
that the Covenant believes Halo is a weapon with vast, unimaginable powers. They are 
scouting troops for a Control Room, so you are told to go and beat the Covenant to 
the Control Room. Captain Keyes picks up a Needler and now you're back in action!


                         -=[Shut Up and Get Behind Me... Sir]=-

>>Return to Shuttle Bay for Extraction

The number one room for this mission is to keep the Captain alive. If he gets 
killed, you failed the mission. As soon as the cutscene is over, go back to the door 
you came in and be ready for two Invisible Elites. If you need Ammo or a Health 
Pack, the far left cell on your way out has them in it. Go through the tunnel the 
way you got here, which is from the Control Room, and fight off the waves of 
Covenant around. You've finally made it to the Control Room, but you notice two 
Invisible Elites with Plasma Swords. Take them out before the Marines enter the room 
with any gun. Be careful that the Marines don't get there and have the Elites 
charge. That is one big way to get the Captain killed. Once they are done with, 
Cortana radios for a dropship to pick them up, but Echo419 is currently being 
attacked by Covenant, so you better find your own ride. Soon, a door will open and 
Covenant, mostly Grunts, will come in to rain on your parade. Take them out and 
advance through the door on the opposite side of where you were. A Nav Point will 
ppear if you an't find it, so go through. Go through the tunnel until you get to the 
top floor of the shuttle bay. Then, kill all of the Covenant and walk up to the 
stand. It says "Press X to realease the Dropship" Press X and board the Dropship. 
Get on board and Keyes will drive it out. Cortana warns the Captain about Hunters 
shooting with their Fuel Rod Guns at the Dropship, but it's industructable remember? 
You have beaten the mission.



[5.4]--|The Silent Cartographer}

[Mission Overview]

Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo.


You and two teams of Marines are dropped off on the shore of a beach. Your duty is 
to search for a map room that is on this island. You notice before you are dropped 
off a structure with Covenant in front of it. You have a Assault Rifle and Pistol as 
your guns.


                               -=[The Silent Cartographer]=-

>>Clear the landing beach of hostiles

As you get off of the ship, make your way towards the Covenant forces and kill them 
with the Assault Rifle and use your grenades whenever possible. Once the ones in the 
area in front of the structure are dead, go towards the opening closest to the cliff 
and some Jackals and Elites should come out. Once they are done with, advance 
through the opening to a wider area. Foehammer will drop off a Warthog for you. The 
Marines will hop in and if you can't find it, a Nav Point. Jump in and drive around 
the island.

(NOTE: If you don't go the direction I wrote, you will not have to regret it. In 
fact, there are alot of ways to go around the island. The one I wrote is the one I 
found the easiest, and fastest.)

>>Find the entrance to the map room

Don't waste your time doing this. You're supposed to go counter-clockwise until you 
go up a slope that leads to a structure. You're supposed to go into it, but the 
Covenant have locked the door that takes you to the map room.

>>Find the main facility security override

Once you get into the Warthog, go back the way you got onto the island and travel 
that way. There is a cliff around the next turn, but no Covenant there. Go on and 
you should be at an area that has alot of Jackals behind a fallen log. There is a 
fallen Marine near an overturned Warthog. In that area is plenty of ammo and two 
Health Packs. Cortana will say, "It looks like there's a path into the interior of 
the island". At the overturned Warthog, if you look into the center of the island, 
there should be an opening with Covenant troops near it. Go up there in the Warthog 
and kill the troops as you go. One funny way to get into the island is to back up 
and ram the Warthog in between the cliff and the left side of the tree until it 
eventually rams through. Either way, gothrough and have your guner or self kill the 
enemies in this area. Once they are done, you should notice two very big red dots on 
the motion tracker, which represent Hunters. To the left side are ammo and two 
Health Packs. Below that is the structure and, of course, the Hunters. Hopefully, 
your Pistol is ready because it only takes a shot or two in the back to finish them 
off. Kill both and when you did, go to the left a bit until you see a path. It is 
not hard to get lost in this area, because it is closed by rock walls. Be careful 
though. Jackals in this area will usually take charged shots, which are powerful 
enough to take down your shield in one shot. On the right side of the area(when you 
enter), there is a structure and a downward slope. Kill the enemies and go down 
there. Be careful not to fall off, because you won't get back up without going 
through the center of the island again. Go to the right and you should see the 
entrance of the structure which holds the security override system. There are Grunts 
outside, so take them out with ease. Go to the left side of the structure without 
entering it. You should notice three overshields. Go into the structure and you 
should notice barriers throughout the room. Go around them and go on either side. 
Soon, two Hunters will emerge from opposite sides right in front of you. Strafe 
while avoiding them and give them a pistol shot in the back. Kill them and move 
through the area where they came from. Go shut off the sucurity system and a cinema 
will appear. It will have a gold Elite with a Plasma Sword run out of the room that 
got locked earlier(if you tried to get into the entrance). It cannot be shut down 
now, so don't worry about that.


                              -=[It's Quiet]=-

After the cinema, go back the way you came in the structure and there will be two 
Elites using Invisibility and wielding Plasma Rifles. They will be in the room that 
Hunters were at. Kill these tricky Elites and exit the structure. Get the overshield 
near the exit and go on.

>>Find the Silent Cartographer

If you go down to the beach, it saves time, but I recommend going back, fighting the 
Jackals that are dropped off near the first structure you saw. Kill them and go back 
to the Warthog holding the two Marines. Get in and go to the Structure that the 
locked door was in. This time, there will be Hunters outside of the structures, so 
kill them first by running them over or getting the Gunner a good shooting position. 
Before you go there, you might consider getting a Rocket Launcher near the crashed 
Pelican ship. If you're at the structure, go inside once all Covenant are eliminated 
and go through the door that locked previously. Go to the right and trigger a 



You just saw a view of the drop, and wow is it deep! OK back to the game. Go to the 
area on the opposite side of where you were. Turn left and you will see an Elite 
with his back to you, and he's doing something that involves the barriers. Kill him 
with a melee. Go up the bridge and kill the Grunts around there. Jump off into the 
big room and kill the Covenant around there. On the left side of the large room, a 
door is located, so go into it and go down the ramp. The ramp leads you down to the 
next lower level. There are several Jackals and two Hunters to the left side of the 
hall .To the right is a cliff edge, and behind a barrier is ammo and two Health 
packs. Go get one health pack and some amo if you need anything, then go to the left 
and defeat the Jackals. The Hunters will soon appear, so if you have the Rocket 
Launcher you can kill them easily. Once all enemies are done, go to the left side to 
see a cliff. Apparently, there is a big fall. Yeah right! Go to the right side and 
start walking. You will notice that it is a ramp that goes down a level. Halfway 
down the ramp, there is a platform you can jump on. It looks like it is a shortcut, 
but it might take some health away. I recommend going down the ramp as usual, 
though. Soon, you will hear a Pelican pilot telling a group of Marines about a group 
of Covenant. The Marines, after talking to Cortana, agree to hold off the Covenant 
while you find the Map Room. How nice of them! Continue through the hall and go into 
the large room. You have some options of how to get where you want to go. One option 
is to take the ramp on the left side of the room. It takes you down one level. Or 
you can jump off to the main floor to continue around the corner and take the 
following ramp. I recommend jumping off because if you do, you will be able to go 
through the door that leads to a lower level. The floor that you jumped to has the 
door, which you need to go through. Go through the door and down the path, where you 
see an Active Invisibility. If you want to go to the floor below, just jump down. 
Follow this hall down to a large room. There are Covenant here, so take them down. 
Once they are done, there are a couple of options to reach the next area.

(A)The far right of the large room leads you to a ramp. That will allow you to sneak 
up on two Elites, so use the melee attack for an instant kill. One room past this is 
the Map Room. 

(B)On the left side from the large room, go down the ramp and you will be on the 
outside of the structure. Find the Overshield and pick it up. It is located next to 
the barrier on the path. Follow the path to the right and you are at the Map Room.

Activate the Cartographer with the X button. You see a certain shrine appear. You 
have good information, but you can't get hold of Captain Keyes. You contacted the 
pilot of the dropship, so it's time to move out.

>>Return to the surface for extraction

The good news for this is that you are almost finished this level. The bad news is 
that it is very hard to find your way back and you have to face the golden Elite 
with a Plasma Sword. If you took the path here that had the Active Invisibility, you 
had to jump and you cannot get back up there. Leave from the Map Room so you can go 
up one floor and beat the large room where you had the Active Invisibility on and 
were killing the Covenant. There is only one ramp in this room, so take it up to a 
higher floor. The music will dramatically change, but no Hunters will appear. Good 
thing, too! They are just regular Covenant, so take them out the old fashion way. I 
suggest a little fun with a grenade. Plus, it's easier than wasting bullets and 
having less for the Gold Elite. Continue on to the next area, which was an already 
visited room and fight the Covenant forces. Once they all die, there is a ramp near 
the middle of the room that you will go up. Once you are at the top, you soon 
realize that this is the room that had the Hunters in it. This time, noHunters, but 
there are plenty of Grunts, Jackals, and Elites. Go to where you entered originally 
and go up on the ramp on the other side of the door. There are several enemies here, 
so kill them and remember to get any Plasma weapon. Find the exit on the other side 
of the room after killing the Covenant in that room. Be careful when in that 
hallway, because the Elite is around the corner. If you get too close and he hits 
you with the Plasma Sword, you will die. Either throw a grenade off the wall and 
hope it ricochets to where he's standing. Another option is to shoot a Plasma weapon 
while backing up so he doesn't hit you with the Plasma Sword. Either way, kill him 
and make a right to exit the entire structure. Go up the hall, but when you get up 
to the top, three Invisible Elites will be waiting! Kill them and go to the 
dropship. Press the action button to board the Pelican. You are then taken 
underground where you can reach the Control Room. Unfortunately, you have no troops 
with you right now.



[1.5]--|Assault on the Control Room}

[Mission Overview]
Defend the Control Room against wave after wave of Covenant troops.

The dropship releases you deep inside the island, where you will start your journey. 
You have no Marine support, and you won't for a while. You'd better get used to the 
solo- heroic scenario. I'd also like to mention that there are several times where 
Grunts are sleeping and Elites have their backs to you. Use that as an advantage and 
melee your unsuspecting victims. It saves health and ammo, which are both precious 
in the game.


                       -=[I Would Have Been Your Daddy]=-

>>Reach the transition to the second chasm

Once you exit the Dropship, some Elites and Grunts will burst out the door on the 
right. Also beware that on the left is a cliff that leads to your death, so hold 
your ground while fighting and don't fall off. There are many ways of taking out the 
Covenant, such as using the shields as cover, using regular battle tactics, and 
hopping in a Shade gun and blasting away. Once they are all done, go through the 
door that the Covenant came out of. You will notice before entering that there is an 
arrow pointing at the door. This is helpful for if you get lost in a certain room. 
Enter and follow the hall, noticing that every turn is arrowed. Once you exit the 
hall, you will soon meet a Grunt. Anything you do will finish him off, but make sure 
he's done with. Next, there is a door that leads to a room full of Covenant troops. 
It is a circular room that has a big room in the middle and an outter path with lots 
of walls for cover. Once the forces have been eliminated, go through the door on the 
other side of the room. If you can't find the door, use the arrows that point to it 
as a reference. Follow the hallway and you will come to another door. It will open, 
and you will see snow! It's a wonderland, but your playing a war game, not a 
snowball fight game. You should notice a few sleeping Grunts around and a Dropship 
going past overhead. You have these options:

(A)Someone on the Dropship will start talking. If you choose to listen to the 
message and not worry about anything else, the Grunts will wake up and start 
shooting at you. This is risky and takes away your health easier.

(B)After going through the door, look at the Grunts and start bashing them with the 
butt of you gun. Doing this is safer and you can kill them all without wasting ammo.

Once the Dropship lands, the Covenant will be alerted. If you look on the right or 
left side of the bridge, you will see a ramp that leads to a lower level. There are 
more Covenant down there, too. Take out the enemies as you cross the bridge, taking 
out many Grunts, Jackals, and some Elites. At the end of the bridge, there will be a 
door on the opposite side of the structure that you are on. A golden Elite will come 
out, and he will have a Plasma Sword. Below the bridge is a valley covered in snow, 
and that is where you are going to be in a few minutes. Do not try to jump down 
there, because the fall is deadly and it is a waste of time. Once you kill all of 
enemies around the bridge, go through the door that the gold Elite came out of. 
Follow the hall into another circular room. There is a solid wall on the right, 
which is the easiest and quickest way to the next area. Since that path is blocked, 
go to the path on the left and follow it. Almost halfway through the hall, there is 
a dead Marine who dropped a Health Pack, some Fragmentation Grenades, and some 
Assault Rifle ammo. There are Covenant in this room, so take them out with whatever 
gun you've got. The Covenant are scattered from the center of the room to a higher 
elevation, so be careful. Find the exit once the Covenant have enough lead in their 
craniums and go through. Follow that path and it will lead to a lift. Press the 
action button when facing the stand. Once you get to the lower floor, exit the area 
and go through the next door. You will be in a room that has little structures on 
either side, and thee are sleeping Grunts around them and in between them. This area 
is different, but is closly related to the other circular rooms. In this one, there 
is a wall with windows that are very small. It is a circle room, but is strange in 
ways. The first enemy you will meet in this new room is an Elite guarding the hall. 
He has no one near him, so take him out with ease. Move on and soon, you should 
notice that there is an opening containing several Jackals and Grunts. Not many 
Elites will be around, so the fight takes shorter. Once every enemy in this room is 
killed. Go through the next door. It will lead you to the same valley that you 
probebly saw fom the bridge.

This is a fun area, but challenging. The first enemy you will see is a Grunt using a 
Shade gun. He will not notice you, so start shooting at him. On the left, you should 
notice a raging battle between some Covenant troops and some Marines. You finally 
found the Marines, so help them take out the Covenant. Near the far canyon wall, 
there are two Ghosts unused. That will soon change, as an Elite will soon board it. 
Take the Elite out without harming the vehicle, or blast it so he dies and no more 
Covenant can board it. Once you kill him, you should also notice to the right there 
is a Wraith tank, which is unavailable to play and shoots giant Plasma energy balls 
which can take out your shield and some of your health. Before you attempt to take 
it out, get the Rocket Launcher and maybe the Sniper Rifle. Go close to the Wraith 
and shoot two Rockets at it. The Wraith will blow up and will not shoot at you 
again. Take out the remaining enemies and give up your Rocket Launcher and Sniper 
Rifle for their guns. If you have the Ghost, travel is way faster than on foot, so 
it is wise to use the Ghost. Once you reach the end of the wall, go left and you 
should see another opening. Go through and take out the Covenant in this area. There 
is a small drop, so go down it and you will soon here the sound of another battle. 
There are Marines fighting Covenant, a Dropship that crashed, and a Scorpion tank. 
Yeah it is! Get in it and wait for four Marines to get in. Mostly, they will have 
Assault Rifles and some will have a Sniper Rifle. The tank, like all tanks usually 
are, is extremely slow but extremely powerful. You get to use two guns, which are a 
Machine Gun(left trigger) and a Cannon(right trigger). Get in it and take out the 
Ghosts and Covenant around the area. Once you are through with that, go through the 

(NOTE: The rest of the guide is going to be covering use of the Scorpion tank. Use 
it until you can't anymore because it makes everything so easy. Even though you can 
beat the level without it, it is the best available for now.)

Once you are out of the tunnel, you will be in another valley, but it isn't similar 
to the other valley. Go to the left and there is another Wraith on ice. Around him, 
there are several Ghosts, take the Wraith out first with the cannon and then take 
out the Ghost after that. Past the Ghosts, there are Jackals, Elites, and some 
Grunts. The Grunts will mostly be using the Shade guns. Once you get far enough, a 
Banshee(flying Covenant vehicle) will come out. Take it down with your Cannon and 
proceed. There is a Wraith on top of the structure that you are supposed to go in. 
If it bothers you, take it out with the cannon. It won't reach you if you go into 
the cave, so go in. There will be two Hunters in the cave, but the cannon wll make 
easy work of them. Once they are done with a well placed cannon, go to the end of 
the cave and there will be a plauque that opens the door. Get back in the Scorpion 
tank and go through the opening door. Soon, you will be in a neat area, but there 
are alot of Covenant. On the left is a bridge that you will need to cross. Among the 
Jackals, Grunts, and Elites, there are Hunters on the other side of the bridge. The 
Grunts are using the Shade guns assembled throughout the room. Take the enemies on 
this side out and eventually cross the bridge. Take out the enemies on the bridge 
and go on to the other side. As I said before, there will be Hunters on this side. 
Take them both out by either running them over or shooting the cannon at them. Once 
all enemies are done with, go to the door and step out of the Scorpion. Go to the 
stand and open the door. Jump back into the Scorpion and drive through the door. 
Then, go on through the tunnel.


                                -=[Rolling Thunder]=-

Soon, you will reach an area that has some unused Ghosts and some Covenant around 
them. Kill the Elites before they get to a Ghost with some bullets. Turn to the 
left, where there is a slope that goes up.

>>Reach the transition to the third chasm

Once you reach the top of the slope, you will see a Covenant Dropship letting down 
troops. There are some Jackals up ahead, so take them out with the Machine Gun. Once 
you get to the top, take out the Ghosts coming at you with a well placed cannon 
shot. There are alot of Grunts at the top of the slope, so the machine Gun comes in 
handy here. Once all enemies are done in this area, move on and you should notice a 
stone structure up ahead. This area has two ways to go, but it is extremely tough on 
either side. On the left, there is a door that enemies will pour out of. On the 
right, there is nothing different happening. On the left, there is a Ghost and a 
Shade gun on a plateau in the middle. On the right, there is only a Shade gun. Once 
they are done, you can enter the door and go in. There is an Invisible Elite with a 
Plasma Sword. Inside, you can find an Active Invisibility pick-up. There is also a 
ramp that leads to a higher level in the tower. There are some Elites up there, so 
take them out and go up there. This ledge is great for sniping, so use that as an 
advantage. Take out the enemies below with any gun and then go back down and to your 
Scorpion tank. There is a Wraith hovering on ice just past the structure, so take 
him out with a cannon blast. Afterwards, let the cannon recharge and go to a path 
that is just past where the Wraith was. There are two Hunters and two Elites. Take 
them all out if you can with a very well-placed cannon shot. Then, a banshee will 
come from behind you and start it's assault on the tank. Take the Banshee out with 
the cannon(if charged). Move on and you should be in a new area. There are Covenant 
behind the rocks and trees on your right. Take them out with the Machine Gun one by 
one or justr give them a cannon shot to kill them all. Once they are done, a Shade 
will be shooting at you from the cliff on the far right. Take him out and advance. 
Take the Covenant on the left behind the rocks out and you should notice Cortana say 
tht she thought the Covenant had eliminated all of the Marines in the area. She was 
wrong on that one. Go down the winding path at the end and you will see a group of 
Marines running from some Hunters. Take the Hunters out for the sake of your men and 
you will hear the Marines shooting towards the cliff you were just on. Once the 
Covenant Dropship lets the troops leave, they will come down the spiraling ramp and 
start attacking. They are just Grunts, Jackals, and Elites, but they can be tough 
from a lower elevation. When they are done, advance to where the Hunters were(are if 
if haven't taken them out yet). Then move on to see three pillars in the middle of 
nowhere. The purpose of the structures was to prevent you from using Scorpion for 
the rest of the level. Get out and now you have to travel on foot for the rest of 
the level. On the left of the pillars is an Active Invisibility, so pick it up and 
proceed in between the pillars to a short cave. You will meet one enemy along the 
way, and he is an Invisible Elite wielding a Plasma Sword. Since you can see the 
sword and he can't see you, take him out with two melee attacks and your Marines 
won't get hurt. Exit the cave and you should be in an area with Grunts, Jackals, and 
some Elites. Take them out using the melee attack and you should be fine. Once they 
are done with, go to the small cliff and go up the small path on the right. Once you 
are up there, you will be in a valley with several Covenant. Your invisibility 
probebly wore off by now, so take out the enemies without stealth. On the right is a 
door with two Shades around it. Also, take out the Banshee flying in the sky and 
also the Ghost. There is another Shade to the left side, so take out the gunner and 
proceed. Once all enemies are done around you, go towards the door on the right. 
Watch out because two Elites will emerge from the door before you can get there. 
Take them out with any gun and move in. 

(NOTE: I suggest giving up the Sniper Rifle and Rocket launcher before you enter. 
This way, you will not be desperate for ammo later on.)

The next room you will enter will be a similar room to what you saw in the beginning 
of the level. It is one of those circular room with the right side blocked off, so 
you will have to travel the opposite way. There are a few Elites in this room, but 
mostly you will see Grunts around here. Using whatever gun you've got, share the 
gift of death with the Covenant around here. Once you reach the door and have made 
sure you killed all of the Covenant in this room, move on and you will eventually go 
to yet another lift. Go up this time and once you get to the top, a Jackal will 
greet you. Remember your manners and greet him back with some bullets. Once he is 
done, go through to another familiar area, but this time with Jackals. Take them out 
and get a Health Pack and some ammo on the block in the middle of the room. Go up 
the slope and go into the next room. There are a couple Jackals and Grunts this 
time, so this should be easy with, say, a nice grenade. Then, move on and go to the 
right side. The left path is blocked off, so the only way of access is the right. 
The center area holds several enemies ranging from Grunts and Jackals to Elites. 
Soon, you will be in a big battle. Take out these Covenant and go to the door marked 
by an arrow. Follow this hall and you will be on a bridge like the one at the 
beginning of the level. This time, there is a bridge on the right side of you 
holding several enemies. Once you enter, there are sleeping Grunts on the right side 
and the left. Using the melee attack, take them out and proceed to the center of the 
bridge. Soon, there will be Elites ahead, so ttake them out while using the 
structures in the middle of the bridge as cover. Taking out the enemies as you go, 
proceed towards the end and there will be Grunts. What you will eventually notice is 
that there is an Invisible Elite there, too. Kill him if you can find him, then 
proceed through the next door once everyone is eliminated. In this room, there will 
be a small amount of enemies, which is probebly because they came on the bridge to 
fight you. There are pretty much only a few Elites, so take them out with ease. Also 
beware that if you don't take ALL of the Elites in the room, they will follow you 
and there is a risk that you will die. Around the right, there is a hall with 
pillars on the left. If you go in between the pillars, you will be on a slightly 
lower level, but that is onlt to find enemies. This time, there are Jackals and 
Grunts. Taking them out should be very easy. Once they are done with, go through 
that room and to the right. Go through the next door and follow the hall. You have 
now reached the second bridge in the area. The music will dramatically change, and 
over on the right is a bridge with two Hunters on it! This is a bad thing, but if 
you keep on the constant move, the shots will not hit you and will sometimes hit the 
Grunts or Elites, causing them to die. Kill the enemies on the bridge as fast as you 
can and rush through the door on the opposite side of the bridge. Be careful when 
you get to the end of the Invisible Elite. Follow the hall into yet another circular 
room. In this room, the path on the left is blocked, but the center room is 
extremely big so it doesn't really matter that much. On the right side, there are 
sleeping grunts, so take them out first with a melee attack. Then, go back and kill 
the Jackals patrolling on the left of where you entered. Since there are no Elites 
in this room, it should be fairly easy to defeat the enemies in this room. Exit 
through the hall and you will soon be in another room with pillars on the left. This 
time, it appears that there are no enemies around. Actually, there are two Invisible 
Elites carrying Plasma Rifles. Using an Assault Rifle to get them out of there 
hiding places is the best way to do this. Take both out once you find them and go to 
the other side of the room. Go through the hall into another circular room and there 
will be two Hunters in the middle room. Try to have a pPistol or something strong 
enough to kill a Hunter. Once you get the Hunters attention, kill them both and 
proceed to the door. Before you enter the door, Jackals and Grunts will emerge out 
of it. Take them out and proceed. Once you enter the door, the hall has some Grunts 
usually, so watch yourself out there. Cortana says that the amount of Covenant is 
increasing, we must be getting really close.

                        -=[If I Had a Super Weapon...]=-

Cortana informs you the location of the Control Room. It is at the top of the 
pyramid structure. (Look to the left if you want to see it). There are two ways to 
do this that I've tried, and both are simple and not near impossible to do. These 
are the most common ways to do it(and the only one's that I've tried to do). Option 
(A) is my favorite and is extremely fun. If you want to be on level six in a couple 
of minutes, this options for you. Option (B) is the long way to do this, but if you 
want to do it, then do it.

(A)If you want to use this shortcut, then you must act really quickly. Once you exit 
through the door, start running towards the first Banshee you see. Don't waste your 
time firing at the Jackals or Grunts you pass, just run. You will see an Elite near 
the Banshee try to get in it. Kill him and get in. If you failed to get the Banshee, 
hit "REVERT TO SAVED" or just skip over to option (B). Once you get in, fly to the 
left and go to the top of the structure. Or if you're not ready you can just fly the 
Banshee around and get the feel of the ride. Since you will be using Banshees in 
upcoming levels, this will help out alot. Fly down towards the cayon if you feel 
like killing the Covenant. Use the Fuel Rod gun on the Wraith and kill the 
surrounding Covenant. Once you're ready, go up to the top of the pyramid structure. 

(B)Choose this option only if you feel like taking out alot of Hunters and a Wraith. 
Lets get started. Go along the bridge, taking out the Covenant fools around you. 
Once they are all eliminated, take out the Banshee. if you don't want to waste 
precious ammo, RUN! Get to the door on the opposite side of the snow covered-bridge 
and get inside. But before you can, Grunts will run out and attack you. Kill them 
and move along. Follow the hall to a circular room. Thsi room has the right side 
blocked off, so use the path on the left to get somewhere. Take out the Grunts and 
Jackals around you and go to the door on the opposite side. This will lead you to a 
lift, so enter those doors and go down to a lower level. Once you exit the lift, go 
to another room and take out the Invisible Elite in the room. There are also some 
Jackals and Grunts in the center room. On a ramp in the center of the room is ammo. 
The exit is on the left side of the room, so travel along and go through the door. 
Go through the hall and then you will be in a snow-covered valley. This is the exact 
same valley you could've seen from the bridge. On the right side, there is a slope 
that will take you up a little bit. That is the pyramid structure and you need to 
get to the top of it. Before you can get there, you can except a massive amount of 
Covenant. There will be Hunters, Wraiths, Jackals, Elites, and Grunts throughout 
this part. Take all of the Covenant on the ground out and then the Wraith. Once they 
are done with, proceed up the first slope. No matter which side you try to get up 
on, you will see a Hunter and some Grunts. While you can use any weapon on the 
Grunts, use the Rocket Launcher on the Hunters and go on. If you go through the 
tunnel, expect the same thing as before. Take them out and go towards the ramp on 
the far left of the pyramid. Go up that ramp to be on another level, closer to the 
control room. Take out the Shade gun, the Elite, and the Grunts. Go through another 
tunnel to be on the right side of the pyramid. Go up another ramp and take out the 
Grunts. At the top of the level, there is another Shade gun manned by a Grunt. Take 
him out before he can start shooting at you. The Shade gunner is not the only one 
here, as there are a couple Grunts on the right side. Make your way over to the left 
side of the pyramid, where you will meet more Grunts and some Jackals. Follow the 
next ramp and you will be on the top of the pyramid! Although you could've flown the 
Banshee over here and have finished this level 15 minutes ago, you did it and you 
should be proud.

No matter what way you did it, you are now at the top of the pyramid. Make your way 
up the ramp on the left and prepare for battle. There will be several Grunts and two 
Hunters here, so take them out with a rocket. (NOTE: If you chose option (A), you 
will not have to face these enemies and will not have to worry about them.) Either 
way, once all enemies are done around here, open up the door and prepare for 
madness. Among the several Grunts, Jackals, and Elites here, there is a Golden Elite 
with a Plasma Sword who will charge at you. Take him out first if you want to live 
another day and then start going crazy on the other Covenant. This battle is 
extremely tough, so take out the Covenant around you and go to the end of the hall. 
Take a right and open the next door. Cortana informs you that all of the Covenant 
forces have been eliminated. Hallelujah! Go through all the way to another door, 
which you will open. Once it is open, prepare for a cutscene. You are now in the 
control center, where you will let Cortana out. She starts acting freaky and tells 
you to go find the captain. If you think this is freaky, just wait!  



[1.6]--|343 Guilty Spark}

[Mission Overview]

Creep through a swamp to meet the only enemy the Covenant fear.


Once you got to the control room, Cortana was acting freaky and vaguely talks about 
Keyes, the Captain of your Marines. You have to stop the Captain from something, so 
you are dropped off in a swampy area. Captain Keyes last transmission was from this 
spot nearly 12 hours ago. Cortana was left in the control room, so you have no 
support of her.


                         -=[Well Enough Alone]=-

>>Locate Captain Keyes

Once you get out of the dropship, you will be in a swamp area. This area is easy to 
get lost in if you explore, but other than that it isn't hard at all. In fact, I'd 
rather get lost and find the Shotgun over going on without it. You will later on 
find out why getting the Shotgun is so important, so read on. Soon you will locate 
the dropship of Captain Keyes, which is crashed down. Once you find the right path, 
go onto the dry land and you will hear a recorded message that sounds like this:

"This is dropship Victor 9... Pillar of Autumn... if anyone... needs assistance... 
we are under heavy fire by some new type of Covenant... isn't Covenant... Captain 
Keyes has been captured by hostiles... we're dug in at a large structure in a swamp 
near... long we can hold out... please... I will send this message to at repeat... 
intervals... dropship Victor 9 clear."

New type of enemies? While this is exciting and sometimes scary, those Marines sound 
worried, so you better hurry and do this. On the path, there are a few dead 
Covenant, but continue towards the left. Make your way downhill and fight off the 
Grunts and Jackals. There is a Covenant dropship that crashed, so no need to worry. 
Take the next left and head up that hill up ahead. There is a Jackals standing on a 
rocky area with a fallen tree next to him, so take him out with some type of gun. Go 
onto the fallen tree and make your way up it. Jump up to another ledge and you will 
be next to a Shade with no Grunt. No Grunt? This level is freaky, since Shades are 
almost always manned by Grunts. Continue on and you should notice a fight up ahead 
between Covenant and Marines. Make your way down, taking out the Covenant around 
there. To the right is the same structure that the Marines are in. Unfortunately, it 
is not easy to find them because they are on the opposite side of the structure, so 
get going. There will be a new type of lift in the middle of the floor. This one 
will not be in place when you see it, but the actual lift will come up. Go down to 
another room and take out the Covenant guarding the door on the wall. Go through 
that door and you will appear on the second level of two. There are Covenant on the 
floor you're on and the floor below, so take the ones at eye level out then jump 
down and do what Arnold Swartzeneggar(<- I did my best on spelling it) would do and 
terminate the Covenant. There are Covenant here, so take them out and move through 
the door. Once again, you will be on the second level of a floor in a large room. 
Take out the Covenant on this ledge and go on down. There are some Grunts, so taking 
them out should be a piece of cake. If you're low on health, there is a Health pack 
on the left side  behind a pillar. On the other side there is a door in which you 
are supposed to enter. Go through it and go through a hall that has two ways instead 
of one to go. You will be finding these halls throughout the rest of the level, and 
some of them have surprises, so watch out. This will l;ead you to a large square 
room with Covenant in it. On the left is a door you're supposed to get through, but 
three Jackals will be guarding it. Take them out and go through into another two 
hallway corridor. The first thing other than that you should notice is Covenant 
blood, everywhere! There are four doors, including the one you entered, so choose 
the one on the opposite side of where you entered. You will be in a large room, but 
this time not on the top floor. You will need to be on the top floor to advance 
though. Like the last time, this door that you will find has four doors, so use the 
one on the opposite side. Do not enter the room yet, because there will be a fellow 
Marine sitting against the wall. He has a Pistol in his hand and is traumatized. He 
then says:

"Stay back! Stay back, you're not turning me into one of those things! I'll blow 
your brains out... get away from me! Ghaaa.ahhhhhh! Don't touch me you freaks... I 
won't be like you I'll die first! First your own hiding place the monsters are 
everywhere! Play dead! That's what I did, play dead. They took the live ones. Oh God 
I can still hear them... monsters... ahhhhhh... aaaaaha...aaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaa... 
Just leave me alone. Sarge, Mandoza, Jenkins... Oh God, the things took them. 
They're gone... get it? Gone! They won't get me! Oh God... Oh God, I don't want to 
be like them please... please no, please no..." 

It has already been very freaky, but this sums it all up. He warned you to stay away 
from him. Unfortunately, he will shoot at you with his Pistol until you are out of 
sight, so go fast. Plus, no need to kill him. He's innocent and just doesn't want to 
turn into whatever he was talking about. He was just protecting himself and trying 
to remain a human. Go past him and you will forever be safe from him. Somehow, 
Covenant troops have already been in a battle, so there will be no enemies in this 
room. There are no doors in this room, so the only way to proceed is througha door 
on the walkway above. In the far left corner of the room, there is a barrier that is 
different to the ones you've seen before. Jump onto it, and if you have trouble 
doing that, it's ok. I've had trouble getting onto them before,  all you have to do 
is try, try, and try again. Once you get onto it, go to where you entered, except 
you will be one floor above that. Enter that door and go through this small room. On 
the other side is a door with red symbols on the wall near the door. Using the right 
or left path, get through the door and you will be in a new room. Get the Assault 
Rifle or ammo in front of the door, then enter. On the left side of the room there 
are two Health packs. In the middle of the room, there is a structure that has an 
entrance on the right and left side. Go down the ramp and go to the door. Be 
prepared for a nasty surprise. A cutscene will start, and Master Chief will go up to 
the door. You will not be able to control what he does for a couple of seconds, so 
just rest for a little bit. Soon, he will eventually open the door and Private 
Wallace A. Jenkins will fall into Master Chief's hands. Then, you will get to see a 
bone-chilling cutscene detailing recent events in his eyes.


                             -=[The Flood]=-

After you watch what was shown from Jenkins' helmet, there will soon be banging at 
the far door in the middle of the wall. Little things in close resemblance to snails 
burst out of the door. They are called Flood Infection forms, and are very easy to 
kill. The Assault Rifle is best against them because of its rapid fire. If you still 
have the Shotgun, that should definately be your back-up gun for later use. For 
right now, have your Assault Rifle out so you can defeat the Flood easily. After 
that batch is done with, some Flood Infection form will come out of the door on 
theright side of the room. After they are done with, on the left will be another 
door they burst out of. Take them out and get ready for more, but this time way 
worse. Prepare with your Shotgun you found at the beginning of the level. The door 
you came through was originally locked once you came into the room. After you killed 
all of the Flood in this room so far, more will come through the door in which you 
entered, providing an exit from this room. This group of Flood is tough because 
there are bigger Flood that look like decayed humnas. They are called the Flood 
Combat form, but they won't be carrying guns for a while. Hopefully you still have 
the Assault Rifle and Shotgun, so take them out with the Shotgun and the Infection 
forms with the Assault Rifle. Be careful of the Combat Flood because they lunge at 
you and try to melee you with a tri-whip on there left hands. Once you kill them and 
all of the Flood in the room, here are your new orders:


From here on your goal is to escape from the structure, which sounds easy. Actually, 
it is very hard and takes the same amount of time as... saying George Washington 100 
times, lol. Ok, you won't have to kill all of the Flood in the level from now on. I 
always kill the Flood because they are faster and they can always surprise attack 
you. You can do whatever you want, but it's safer to kill the Flood because they can 
sometimes make you regret it. if you choose not to, then you should kill them if 
there is an item worth picking up in a certain room. Either way you choose to do it, 
I'm going to go back to writing the Walkthrough. Ok, exit the door you entered from 
and go up one of the ramps. Beware that some Flood are on the ramp, so the motion 
tracker will help you out alot. Go up the ramp and exit the door in the front of the 
room. Once you enter this room, there will be Flood fighting the Covenant on the 
ground floor. Don't bother watching unless you want the fight to be Master Chief, 
Covenant, and Flood. You have choices on where you go, so choose between these two. 
Also remember that the entrance to the structure will not also be your exit, so 
there will be a new plan for escaping. On the floor you're on right now(if you 
haven't fallen), there is a door to the right side. The other door is on the floor 
containing the Flood vs. Covenant saga. You will have to jump down and the door will 
be directly under the door on the right. Both will get you to the same place, and 
the top door is the easiest. However, if you wish to use the bottom door or you fall 
by accident, the lower door is always an option. Do as you please.

(A)Taking the top door: Go through the door and follow the path through the small 
room. Soon you will come out in a much larger room with glass in the middle and 
walkways around the side. Find the door on the right side of the room, which leads 
into a small, square room. Go through the small, square room and enter the larger 
room. There is no need to jump down to the floor below. On the right, you can see 
Covenants blocking a door. There are two green symbols on the wall above. Take out 
the Covenants and go through the door.

(B)Taking the lower door: Assuming you are on the lower floor in the room where you 
found the Covenant fighting the Flood, go through the door on the right side of the 
room. Through the door is the familiar square room with Covenant blood everywhere. 
Make your way through that room and into the next. Above you can see some glass 
walkways, and there is an exit to the right side of the room. Try to move fast 
because there are quite a few large Flood in this room. The large ones are much more 
powerful. The exit on the right leads you through a small square room with one 
unlocked door on the other side, and onto the lower level of a large room. As you 
enter the large room, there will be tons of Flood. The exit you need to take is on 
the upper right floor, but the only way up is to jump on some purple blocks on the 
other side of the room. These are located near the right corner. After jumping up 
the  blocks, take out the Covenant to the right and enter the door they were 
blocking. There are two green symbols on the wall above the door.

After going through the door, you will have to take a left and will see two Health 
Packs and a Shotgun near a dead Marine. If you still have your Shotgun(found in 
beginning of level) this means more ammo for you. The Shotgun, if you haven't 
noticed, is the BEST weapon against the Flood. If you say the Rocket Launcher is, 
you're wrong because it barely has ammo. That's off-task, so let's get back on-task. 
Remember if you didn't get the Shotgun originally, do not trade the Assault Rifle to 
get the Shotgun because they are a killer combo for the Flood and can mow down the 
Covenant if it is needed to. Make your way down the hall and to the left, and then 
through the door. Go through this room and there is a door on the left you will go 
through. This room has a lift in it, the exact same thing in the firt room you were 
in. There are several Flood here, and if you decided to ignore them, this is a good 
area to decide to kill them ALL. Either way, just kill them and go on the lift which 
takes you down another floor. If you look at the walls around you, there is alot of 
Covenant blood scattered everywhere. The music will dramatically change and there 
will be a nice batch of Flood Combat Forms down here. I bet you're thinking ths is 
going to be easy, but it's different this time. You should notice while you're 
spraying down the Flood that they're trying to spray you down too. Yes, they carry 
weapons now and are alot tougher. If you see purple barriers, there is an Overshield 
on them. If you really want it or need it, take it, but if you think you'll survive 
without it(like most people do), then proceed. The exit is near where you found the 
Overshield, but a little to the left of that.

Once you enter the new room, there is a fight going on between the Flood and 
Marines. It is possible to save them if you get right into the battle and use the 
Assault Rifle. Even though it is possible to save them, it's really useless because 
later on the Infection Forms attack them and kill them. If you notice that the floor 
you were originally on has a bridge with the light bridge that keeps reappearing and 
dissapearing, you should note that it is impossible to cross unless you know how to 
time it right or Master Chief can fly for you, lol. If it really matters to you, 
there are Active Invisibilities to the right of where you came in, but I'd try to 
save the Marines over that. Once you've finished here, go through the door on the 
left of the floor containing the Marines. If they died, they have Shotguns and 
Assault Rifles, so you can stock up on ammo. This area has 3 doors, two of which are 
locked and obviously the other on is opened. There are Flood in this room that you 
entered, so take them out if you wish to or just sprint past them and don't turn 
back. Above this room are some walkways that you need to get onto. In the far left 
corner is a barrier(human type, I guess you could call it) that you jump onto. On 
top of the barrier is a Health Pack and some ammo. Get onto the walkway and go along 
the path. Remember the door you came in from? The door you go through is actually 
directly above that, so that should help you if for some reason you get lost.(I 
don't know how you can, it's very easy to find your way here) Pass through yet 
another square room with 2 paths which lead to the same place. Pick your path on go 
along it. To the right is a bridge that keeps reappearing(similar to the Marines 
area, right?). Go to the door that is on the opposite side of where you entered. if 
you fall down, you can only go through the door on the bottom floor.

Go onto the door and through the square room. You will exit this room into an upper 
level of a large room. Jump to the bottom floor and go through the door on the left 
side of the room. The door will take you through yet another small, square room. You 
will eventually emerge into a large room crawling with Flood. Do what you wish with 
the Flood and move on. On the other side of this room is the door, right across from 
where you entered. Go through the door and into, gasp!, it's another small, square 
room. In the next room you enter, there are some Flood to exterminate. To the right 
of the door in which you entered, there are a few barriers. Jump on them to find a 
Health Pack amd alot of ammo. These barriers actually lead you to your destination, 
because if you look towards the middle of the room, there is a walkway above and you 
can jump to it from these barriers. On the left side of the room(considering that 
you're on the walkway above), the door is located there. Go through the door into 
another small, square room and exit on the other side. You will be in a large room 
with a gap in between. You can activate a bridge, and it will stay on forever, so 
don't worry about falling. (Do not fall down because it'll take a while to get back 
here. Once you get about halfway across the bridge, Flood will pour out of the door 
on the opposite side. This is the type of situation where no matter what you want to 
kill the Flood, so do it with the trusty Shotgun. Once no more Flood come through 
the door, go through, but notice the symbols above the door. Go through and into the 
large room, containing Flood and a lift. Take out all of the Flood so they don't get 
on the lift with you. This lift takes you up!

Somewhere along the ride, you will be contacted by the dropship pilot. Beware that 
the moving figures in the room at the top are Marines. Once before, I started 
shooting them and killed them all, which left me with no clue where to go. Either 
way, go up the ramp and into the swamp again. Make your way forward and over the 
hill. Travel between trees, because that's where the Marines are going. You will 
encounter several Flood along the way. This area obviously means that you've 
finished the level almost, so be happy, but don't get cocky, because the Flood can 
tear you apart here. Don't take them out if you wish to finish this level quicker, 
but do if you wish to see your Marines longer during this game. Beware that Flood 
will jump out of nowhere and ambush you and the Marines, so don't be scared if 
several Marines die along the way. Go down the hill into the swamp again. When you 
reach the water, you should see red lights looming through the fog. That is your 
destination, so have you said George washington 100 times yet? If so, either it was 
a lucky guess on my part or I have spidey senses, lol. The lights are on the 
structure ahead, which is not similar to any structure you've seen yet. As you get 
close, Flood will come around from practically everywhere around you. Fortunately, 
there will be flying robots with lasers shooting at the Flood. You will know these 
creatures as Sentenals, and they will help you out and hurt you later.


                          -=[343 Guilty Spark]=-

Once you get to the other side of the structure, there will be a blue floating 
robot, not shooting anything. This is 343 Guilty Spark, and his job is to stop the 
Flood since they were recently released somehow. He asks if you will assist him  
with doing that. You will have to leave behind your Marines for the rest of the game 
and follow the Moniter for the next level. Prepare to try to get the index in the 



[1.7]--|The Library}

[Mission Overview]

Fight your way through an ancient security facility in search of the index.


Relieved to get out of the swamp? Guess what, I don't think that you should use that 
relief right now. This level is extremely tough, repetitive, and linear. You will 
not get lost too often if ever, because the Monitor is easy to spot in the air. This 
level is only made up of Flood, so the Shotgun and Assault Rifle are the two main 
weapons in this level. You will continually fight swarms of Flood Combat, Carrier, 
and Infection Flood throughout the level, which will always slow down progress. One 
thing to remember is this: Everything is easier said than done in this level. While 
I know everything there is about what kills the Flood, you find your own way of 
killing them. I'll tell you that the MOST important thing is to not follow the 
Monitor directly. Instead, fight off the hordes of Flood throughout the level and 
then find the Monitor. He sticks out like a soar thumb because of the bright blue 
that flows throughout whatever room he's in. The Monitor will spread some 
information about what you will have to do in this level. He will say that the index 
must be found and then taken to the control room, and he asks that you follow him to 
do it.


                              -=[The Library]=-

Notice that you will have to kill all Flood in this level, unlike the last level. Th 
Monitor moves very fast, but he emits a bright blue light that is easy to spot from 
a distance, so you will not get lost.

You start off with a Shotgun and Handgun, so don't worry about the Infection Flood 
right now as they will be harder to hit with a Pistol. The Combat Forms will be the 
big threats here, so that's your biggest worry. Follow the monitor until you enter a 
large room with red dots on your motion tracker all around you. Yes, the Flood are 
all around you, but it's not too bad as of now. Just wait until the end of the 
level;). This group holds yet another new enemy, called the Flood Carrier Form. They 
explode with the force of a grenade and become 4-6 Infection Flood. Reach the 
Monitor and once again you will be greeted by the Flood. Some lead from the Shotgun 
should be a good return greeting, so give them that and see who has the most 
forceful greeting. They will come again from opposite sides, so moving back and 
around while firing should help alot. In a pipe on the left, Flood will pour out(I 
don't want to say the Flood will flood out, lol) of it and they have weapons. Like 
that's going to scare you! You already met Covenant with weapons and Flood with 
weapons, so this is nothing new. The Monitor will eventually say "We are near the 
index chamber, follow me". While keeping the Flood in front of you, proceed 
following the Monitor from afar. Once you finally get an Assault Rifle off a dead 
Flood corpse, you will be set for the level as long as you get ammo.

As you go into the room, the Monitor will mention the index several stories above. 
Unforunately, you cannot get the index for a long time, so keep that in mind. Flood 
will soon enter from all different sides, so stay sharp and take them out with 
whatever you please. I always recommend the Shotgun and Assault Rifle for Flood, but 
the Plasma Rifle is a very good weapon if the Shotgun loses it's ammo. A good tactic 
is to run backwards while friring at the Flood, making it harder for them to get to 
you and it gives you more firing time. On the left side of the room after all Flood 
are nothing more than corpses on the ground, you will find the Monitor waiting for 
you. Go over to him(he doesn't bite) and pass through a corridor below him. And 
guess who meets you in the middle of the corridor? If you guessed the Flood, you 
have a brain, so good job. Past the corridor near the index chamber, there will be a 
large pipe coming out of the wall. Not just an ordinary pipe, though(if it was, why 
would I mention it here?). It is a pipe full of hordes of Flood that come out wha 
seems like forever and ever. The corridor is a safe place to shoot them from, as it 
is smaller and skinnier. Take out all the Flood that came from the pipe and go to 
the path on the right. As if the Flood expected you as a guest to a party, they are 
there to greet you almost instantly after you start going again. They carry heavily 
weapons like the Shotgun and Needler, so take them out quickly and grab the Shotgun 
if you need it, or else get some ammo. Once they are gone with the wind, take a left 
and you should see the Monitor above a humongous door. As you come near, he will 
say "The security doorshave sealed automatically. I will go access the override to 
open them." He leaves for a few short seconds, and yes, I know you wish it could be 
like this the whole level, peace and quiet. But he returns to your luck and opens 
the door. He says "Please follow closely. this portal is the first of ten." Well, 
finally SOME good news on this level. Go through the large doors and you will notice 
that the Monitor wants you to go with him to the right side. Although that is where 
he wants you to go, go to the left to save you trouble later on in the level.

Coming Soon... More added on the Library



[A]July 9th, 2004- I finished the walkthrough of the Pillar of Autumn and Halo. It 
was a very busy,boring day for me.

[B]July 10th, 2004- I did the walkthrough of the level the Truth and Reconciliation. 
I also started on the Silent Cartographer and got halfway through it.

[C]July 11th, 2004- I finished the Silent Cartographer level walkthrough and barely 
started on the Assault on the Control Room walkthrough. I do too much of this in one 

[D]July 12th, 2004- I added Contact information and about Submitting Hints. I also 
was bored on this rainy day and went to see Anchorman because I was so bored. But 
hey, it was a funny movie. I also did more work on the Assault on the Control Room 

[E]July 13th, 2004- My alarm clock wasn't working, so I slept until 1:30 p.m. 
Anyway, I added a little bit more for the Assault on the Control Room walkthrough.

[F]July 14th, 2004- I added alot more on the Assaut on the Control Room level and I 
finally finished it. Then, I started packing for a Florida trip on this Saturday. I 
can't wait! By the way, I'll still be writing while in Florida.

[G]July 15th, 2004- I did start on the 343 Guilty Spark level, so it's at least a 
start. I am at The Flood part and will be finished soon. I also recently went to EB 
Games and am going to be the proud owner of limited edition Halo 2 on November 9th, 

[H]July 16th, 2004- I barely did any work because I'm going to Florida tomorrow and 
haven't packed much. I won't be writing too much tomorrow because we leave early and 
get to Florida late. I'll try, though.

[I]July 18th, 2004- Someone E-mailed me some hints, so I basically only added that. 
I've been out all day and got to pet a real manatee in Florida, which was one of the 
best expierence of my life!

[J]July 24th, 2004- I added two hints that I wrote and nothing else. Florida has 
been too busy and I've been getting stuff about my Halo 2 guide pretty much every 
day. Check out my Halo 2 guide and tell me if you like it or if there's anything I 
could add! 

[K]July 28th, 2004- Sorry about the pause in writing the guide.:'(     Someone 
Emailed me recently with some hate mail that told me I should stick to Halo 2 
guides. As if that really scares me! Well, someone added some hints for me so I 
posted them and I did more work on the 343 Guilty Spark walkthrough. Now that I'm 
back in Philly, I'll do some work because Florida was just a bunch of visiting 

[L]July 29th, 2004- Let's see, I did more work on the 343 Guilty Spark walkthrough 
and actually did alot for 1 day.(I know, it's taking forever to do, but that's 
Florida for ya.) 

[M]July 30th, 2004- I did more work on the 343 Guilty Spark walkthrough and actually 
finished it. I started 15 days ago? Holy moley I'm behind! I'll start on the Library 

[N]July 31st, 2004- Woke up at 3 PM, went to a Car Show, home at around 9 and did 
some work on The Library. I also added another hint.

[O]August 4th, 2004- I've had a bad day today because the game I was supposed to be 
getting today is delayed until tomorrow, which annoys me. Then, I injured myself 
everywhere I could possibly and my dog is crazy. Hopefully he has no rabi's because 
I'd be getting shots soon. Oh yeah, I did a little bit of work on the Library

[P]August 14th, 2004- Added hints the day after my birthday, so it's cake time!

[Q]November 1st, 2004- GASP! It's been 2 months and a half? Well, I finally updated 
my walkthrough. I added alot more to the Library.

[R]November 6th, 2004- Not even 3 more days until Halo 2, HOW CAN I WAIT?!?! Well, I 
can start by adding to my guide, I added more to the Library.


[5.2]Contact Information

Simple, if you wish to comment on the guide, submit a hint for Halo, or fill in 
missing information, I will except any mail except hate mail or destructive 
critisism! My E-mail address is [email protected], so feel free to E-mail me!


[5.3]Submitting Hints

This is very easy, too. E-mail me at the address written above with any name you 
perfer to be called. That includes nicknames, real names, or E-mail addresses. I 
didn't post many hints because I'd like to add additional names in my guide. If your 
nickname has been used by someone else or you added a hint that has been written, I 
will notify you. Plus, only write hints that will help people in Halo. Thank you and 
you can post various hints! 


[5.4]Introduction to hints

E-mail me some hints and I will post them ASAP!

Added by Deathbringer- Well, heres a random, fun thing to do: simply find something 
to hide behind, and fire a Needler while turning around (good if surrounded)

Added by Deathbringer- On Sidewinder CTF go to options, get ifinite plasma grenades, 
then when you are defending, climb those ladders near your base to where incoming 
opponents cant see you, then if your opponents come to get the flag, go down and 
throw plasma grenades like theres no tomorrow and watch the fireworks!

Added by Covenant Killa- In Assault on the Control Room, go through the level until 
you get to the part where it says 'If I Had A Super Weapon'. Go through the door and 
you'll end up on a snow-covered bridge. Rush across it until you get to a Banshee. 
An Elite will try to get in, so use a Plasma Rifle to take him out. Get in the 
Banshee and fly to the left and you'll eventually see the top of the pyramid 
structure. Then finish the level as usual.

Added by Covenant Killa- To kill a Hunter, get a Pistol and run up to them until you 
think they will start to charge. Once they do, strafe to the side and turn around so 
you see their backs. Then, look in the middle of their backs and you will see a 
orange section, which will represent flesh unprotected. Shoot directly there and it 
will kill them in usually 1-2 shots.

Added by DragonFang90- In order to kill a Jackal, either hit them with a charged 
Plasma Pistol shot or run up to them and melee them.

Added by DragonFang90- To kill the Flood easily, shoot off their amrs since they 
won't attack you that way or just hit them in the body with a Shotgun.

Added by Haloboy1991- On the Maw, go to the part where you get a Warthog and go 
towards where you were supposed to be picked up by Echo419. There is a path on the 
right around there and at the end it has a silver Grunt. He says "Good thing the 
food nipple is waiting for me at the star ship because man have I worked up a great 
grunty thirst."

Added by DarkFire- Take a warthog to the part where the hunter are. (This requires 
that you take it past that one tree) Right before the hunters there should be a big 
rock that splits the path in two. Park the warthog on the left side of that rock (If 
you are facing the hunter spot). Make sure that the gun is pointed so its going up 
the hill. Jump on the gun, if you look on the cliff edge to your front right there 
is a spot that is lower than the rest. If you jump right and have the warthog 
positioned right, you can jump on that ledge. And there you are on top of SC.

Added by DarkFire- You need 400% health. And at least one rocket launcher on the 
level. Inf. grenades and rockets only helps because this is harder than it seems.
First, you go to the fourth floor (does not matter what ship). Go to the overshield 
there and get it. Hurry up to the fifth floor. When you get up the ladder, turn left 
and keep going down the hall. Turn left when you get to the end and walk up to the 
edge. You should have about 50% left in the green part of the over shield. Now, look 
down and throw a plasma then real fast a frag grenade, back up a SMALL bit then run 
forward, jump, fire a rocket WHILE LOOKING AT THE GROUND. If you did it right, you 
should land on the bottom floor of the other ship with about 3-4 blocks of health 
left. If not, try again. 
Added by DarkFire- This requires 400% health, shields, and possibly infinite 
grenades, rockets and FOUR PLAYERS. (and LOTS of coordination)First, go to the 
middle of the map where the overshield is, DON’T GET IT. Have the other three 
players fan out behind you facing a wall. Have them throw a plasma then a frag then 
a rocket at you at the same time. As the frag hits the ground, you should run to the 
overshield (works if you are close to it) jump right before you hit it and hopefully 
you'll grab it in mid jump. When you grab it the rockets should hit and you should 
go flying. If you aimed right you will be on top of BG.

Added by DarkFire- This requires co-op, and an Elite or Jackal. First you kill the 
Elite or Jackal, then one of you melees the crap out of him so he sprays blood all 
over the place, keep doing this for a few mins, you will notice that the game starts 
to slow down. Eventually it will be so slow you can actually see the plasma rounds 
coming to you. A very useless trick that doesn't give you any advantage but giving 
you more time to think about what you are doing in a fight, but its fun anyway.

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