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					  /Halo Multiplayer Guide/
                                               NEW & IMPROVED!
						 Version 0.4
					      Updated: 6/03/02
					   Author - Sniper_Legend
				   Email: Sniper_Legend@mail2world.com
Table of Contents
Pre. Version History
I. Intro
II. Information
III. Weapons & Vehicles
	a. Human weapons
	b. Covenant weapons
	c. Human vehicles
	d. Covenant vehicles
IV. Game Modes
	a. Accumulate
	b. Crazy King
	c. Capture The Flag
	d. CTF Pro
	e. Elimination
	f. Endurance
	g. Invasion
	h. Iron CTF
	i. Juggernaut
	j. King
	k. King Pro
	l. Oddball
	m. Phantoms
	n. Race
	o. Rally
	p. Reverse Tag
	q. Rockets
	r. Slayer
	s. Slayer Pro
	t. Snipers
	u. Stalker
	v. Team Ball
	w. Team King
	x. Team Race
	y. Team Rally
	z. Team Slayer
V. Multiplayer Levels
	a. Battle Creek
	b. Blood Gulch
	c. Boarding Action
	d. Chill Out
	e. Chiron TL34
	f. Damnation
	g. Derelict
	h. Hang 'Em High
	i. Longest
	j. Prisoner
	k. Rat Race
	l. Sidewinder
	m. Wizard	
VI. Various Tips/Email
VII. Custom Multiplayer
	a. Slayer 50
VIII. Contact
IX. Credits

Pre. Version History
12/29/01 v0.1 - Basic layout, some information, etc.
1/02/02 v0.2 - Uploaded on 1/2/02
2/16/02 v0.3 - Huge update, info/faqs/custom included
6/3/02  v0.4 - Major revisions, more detailed info, and clearing up of some things.

I. Introduction
Well this is a very long work in progress. The game is over a half year old, so this will be ONE of my final updates.
However, I would appreciate feedback and contributions - I'm not as picky about lots of email like some other FAQ
writers. So if you have any info that would be of any use to me, please send it to me!

II. Information
Feel free to use this guide in any manner as long as the original text remains unchanged, and credit
to the author is given where due. Do not sell or rewrite this document. Doing so would be stupid, but since people
do stupid things... 

This document was created on Saturday, December 29th, 2001 by Sniper_Legend. You can contact me (comments,
suggestions) at Sniper_Legend@mail2world.com. You can also send in any tips you have that I have not included
or any sniper positions of your own that have been effective. Now on with the show...

III. Weapons & Vehicles

*NOTE* All weapons, human or otherwise, can be used as a melee attack. 

	Part A: Human Weapons

- Assault Rifle - Rapid firing gun, very effective at close to medium range. Not equipped with scope. Amount
of ammo is displayed on weapon.

|Rate of Fire - Fast |
|Accuracy - Low      |
|Power - Medium      |

- Pistol - Standard deal that will be the default weapon most of the time. Equipped with 2x Magnification scope.
Great at almost any range!

|Rate of Fire - Medium |
|Accuracy - High       |
|Power - Medium        |

- Sniper Rifle - For the anti social type, and those who despise run 'n' gun gameplay. Always equip a close
range weapon with it. Equipped with 10x Magnification scope, bullet leaves trail leading back to sniperee, so
be accurate and make the kill!

|Rate of Fire - Medium |
|Accuracy - High       |
|Power - High          |

- Shotgun - The best close range weapon in the game, no contest. Virtually useless at long ranges, however.
Aim for enemy mid-section to make a direct hit.

|Rate of Fire - Medium |
|Accuracy - Low        |
|Power - High          |

- Rocket Launcher - Anti- vehicle weapon that is as big as it is powerful. Equipped with 2x Magnification scope,
but be sure to LEAD your enemies.

|Rate of Fire - Slow |
|Accuracy - Medium   |
|Power - High        |

- Fragmentation Grenades - You can only carry four (4) at a time. Great for destroying vehicle madmen and rooting
out snipers in hard to reach areas. Not the ideal weapon for the person who can't get the hell out of an area he
just armed with explosive goodness.

|Rate of Fire - Medium |
|Accuracy - Medium     |
|Power - High          |

	Part B: Covenant Weapons

- Plasma Pistol - Like it's human counterpart it is commonly the default weapon. However I prefer the human one
because this is not equipped with a scope. Apparently aliens don't need no scopes. Go figure.

|Rate of Fire - Medium  |
|Accuracy - Medium      |
|Power - Medium         |

- Plasma Rifle - Resembles no rifles I've ever seen. Great for run and gun tactics. Also great for scaring people
into hiding with it's fast firing rate.

|Rate of Fire - Fast    |
|Accuracy - Medium      |
|Power - Medium         |

- Needler - Small, cool looking weapon that shoots pink dart like projectiles. Once it hits a target it explodes
shortly thereafter. Only effective when large number of rounds are fired at one enemy.

|Rate of Fire - Fast    |
|Accuracy - Medium      |
|Power - Low            |

- Plasma Grenade - My favorite Covenant weapon. Blue orb that explodes 3 seconds after landing. The catch: It sticks
to enemies and vehicles... making it the ideal trick for the sneaky type.

|Rate of Fire - Medium  |
|Accuracy - Medium      |
|Power - High           |

	Part C: Human Vehicles

- Warthog - Jeep that can carry up to three people. Passenger can engage in normal fire, while driver is incapable of
anything but driving. Third person mans the rapid firing gun attached to back of vehicle. Ideal mode of transportation in CTF.

|Speed - Medium                |
|Capacity - Three (3)          |
|Weapon - M41 LAAG Machine Gun |

- Scorpion - Tank that has two weapons. One is a standard machine gun and the other are anti-vehicle shells that make big
noise and go boom. Slow, but powerful.

|Speed - Slow                  |
|Capacity - Five (5)           |
|Weapon - MG & Big Shell       |

	Part D: Covenant Vehicles

- Ghost - Purple speed machine that hovers a few feet from the ground. While great for normal transportation, it lacks
the firepower to be a great offensive weapon.

|Speed - Fast                  |
|Capacity - One (1)            |
|Weapon - Double Plasma Cannon |

IV. Game Modes

	Part A. Accumulate

[Kill someone to start the timer, and stay on the killing spree to keep it going. The timer stops once you die, but
runs faster as you 'accumulate' more kills. Very cool, very fun mode, that keeps the pace mode on FRANTIC.]

	Part B. Crazy King

[The object of this game is to stay in the digital crown for the duration of the game. The game ends once the time
objective has been reached. However, staying in the crown becomes difficult as it moves to a random location after
a short period of time (hence the "crazy" part!).]

	Part C. Capture The Flag

[If this isn't your first experience with a first person shooter, then you should be no stranger to this classic mode.
The object is to storm the enemies base and capture their flag. Upon aquiring the flag you then must return it to your
flag base.]

	Part D. CTF Pro

[This is almost identical to regular CTF. The only catch here is you have to secure your team's flag before you can
return the enemies flag.]

	Part E. Elimination

[Like a deathmatch, you try and kill your opponents. The difference is that you only have one life (just like, oddly,
in reality). Be the last man standing to win.]

	Part F. Endurance

[Very similar to Elimination. A simple premise: try and kill your opponents. The catch: you only have five lives.
If you're looking for a long, strategic game, for goodness sake don't play this mode -- it'll be over before you
know it.]

	Part G. Invasion

[The object of the game is to take your flag and plant it inside the enemies base. You alternate between offense and
defense so the "invasion" of one's base will no doubt be a bloody affair.]

	Part H. Iron CTF

[Another weird spin off of regular CTF. This time you have 200% health, and each team has a Scorpion tank.
World War III, anyone?!]

	Part I. Juggernaut

[The Juggernaut is the first person to make a kill. Once someone has made a kill, he inherits special powers. In this
case, that special power is Extra Damage. If you make a kill while your the Juggernaut you score a point. If you kill
the Juggernaut, you become what you so desperately tried to take down. Great fun.

	Part J. King

[Stay in the digital crown until the time objective has been reached. The crown stays in one spot the whole game,
so be wary of snipers and vehicular madmen trying to rid you of your spot.]

	Part K. King Pro

[There isn't any significant differences between this and King. The only slight one I can think of is the time limit,
which is longer. So if more than the usual amount of people are playing -- play this.

	Part L. Oddball

[Grab the skull and run for dear life. The objective is to hold the skull for the time objective. You cannot fire 
weapons while holding the skull, but you can smack them with it!]

	Part M. Phantoms
[Self Explanatory, maybe?]

	Part N. Race

[Like the name says, you race. Be the first to cross the "finish line" or eliminate your opponents to win. The only
levels available for race are "Sidewinder" and "Blood Gulch".]

	Part O. Rally

[Much like 'Race', but instead takes a more indirect approach to wheeling around in the jeep. Here you'll have to hit each
of the checkpoints littered about the map. Meet the score objective before the other person(s) to win. The only levels
available for rally are "Sidewinder" and "Blood Gulch".]

	Part P. Reverse Tag

[Plays like the classic tag.]

	Part Q. Rockets

[The only weapon available is the Rocket Launcher. Great for large numbers of people. The rockets will fly and the
bodies will... uh... fly.]

	Part R. Slayer

[This is the classic deathmatch. Try and make the most kills to win. You can set the number of kills, but there will never
be a time limit. Be sure to look at the map size and consider the number of people actually playing before you start. Doing
so will determine if the game will be a blast or get boring.]

	Part S. Slayer Pro

[See 'Slayer'. Get 25 kills before your opponents do to win. Point taken away for suicide.]

	Part T. Snipers

[The only weapons available are those with sniper scopes (Pistol and Sniper Rifle). I haven't been able to find more than a
handful of people who've played this mode. Also I have found from my own experience that the Rocket Launcher is absent in
all levels despite the fact it has a 2x scope.] 

	Part U. Stalker

[Plays like the incredibly fun 'Juggernaut' mode. This time though, the special power is Invisibility. Kill someone while
invisible to gain a point, or kill the Invisible bandit to become Invisible.]

	Part V. Team Ball

[Grab the skull and make and hide behind your allies! I really, really love this mode because it gives you the chance to become
a bodyguard for your teammate. The team's total time is added up, and if it meets the time requirement... you win!]

	Part W. Team King

[Try and stay in the digital crown for the time objective to win. When I play, I make one teammate the "stay in the crown"
guy, and another teammate the "kill the other team's 'stay in the crown guy'-- while I make myself the "snipe the other team's sniper"

	Part X. Team Race

[See 'Race'.]

	Part Y. Team Rally

[See 'Rally'.]

	Part Z. Team Slayer

[Like "Slayer" try and kill the most enemies to win. The team-up aspect is both a blessing and a bother. You will get points
added to your score when a teammate scores but you will also get a point taken away if a teammate commits suicide... which 
sucks, but works.]

V. Multiplayer Levels
*NOTE* I am no longer updating this section with my own knowledge. It should be pretty thourough by now.
However I am still (as of June 2002!) allowing contributions of sniper spots and misc. information due to
some of the creative ideas I've come across in the past months. So if you know it, send it.

	Part A. Battle Creek

[This map is relatively small compared to the others, but offers some great fun. The map is a little area between two canyons.
On one side is the blue base, on the other side is the red base. In between you have a small stream where most of the blood
will spill. Also in the middle is a rock structure that arcs above the stream. Underneath the bases there is a series of 
hallways that lead either back to the battelfield or into the center of the base where the flags lie. Also on the side of
each base there is a way to jump to the base's roof. Other notable objects include the scattered rocks and trees, and the
caves in the canyon wall, reachable by ladder.]

Map Info:
|Size - Small         |
|Terrain - Desert     |
|Vehicle Support - No |
|My Level Rating - B+ |

Where to find the:
|Rocket Launcher - On top of the arch rock structure.      |
|Sniper Rifle - In either cave that is reachable by ladder.|
|                                                          |
|Invisibilty Powerup - In small crevace at the end of the  |
|stream. Crouch to get there.                              |
|                                                          |
|Enemies Flag - Smack dab in the middle of each base,      | 
|underneath the adjoining slopes.                          |
|                                                          |

Sniper Positions:
|1. On top of either base, crouch behing taller part of the| 
|roof when not shooting.                                   |
| 2. Fall down from the canyon cave into the tree. If done | 
|right you should be sandwiched between canyon wall and    | 
|tree, while being hard to see from any distance.          |
| 3. There is a jagged edge near the rocket launcher on the| 
|arched rock. If you climb the ladder to the cave near that| 
|point, jump across and land on the edge. You'll be in clear 
|sight from one side of the map, but will be totally       | 
|obscured from the other.                                  |
| 4. While this isn't a real stealthy spot, most enemies   | 
|will overlook you. Jump on the rock on the right side of  | 
|red's base that is against the canyon wall and is reachable 
|by a regular jump.                                        |

	Part B. Blood Gulch

[If you're like me, then this will be your favorite level. Once again like Battle Creek, the level is between two canyon walls. On
one side of the map, the blue base, on the other the red base. It may sound straightforward, but in between the bases is a huge
meadow with rolling hills... a nice place to fight. These hills do not allow vision of one base from another, so no direct base2base
fire occurs. Behind the blue base you have dark shadows from the canyon wall to hide in, and behind the red base a slope leads up
to two rocks that can be used for a number of positions (i.e. keeping skull, sniping). What really seperates this level from Battle
Creek though is the fact that you can traverse the canyon walls themselves. Inside the walls is a series of tunnels and caverns that
lead up and around and every which way. This level is HUGE, but won't be at first glance.]

Map Info:
|Size - Large         |
|Terrain - Desert     |
|Vehicle Support - Yes|
|My Level Rating - A+ |

Where to find the:
|Rocket Launcher - You'll find this on one of the small    | 
|hills in the meadow area.                                 | 
|Sniper Rifle - On top of each base lies one of these      | 
|babies. Look to the left of the portal.                   |
|Shotgun - Inside each base near the flag stand.           |                                           
|Assault Rifle - Also in each base near the flag stand.    |                                  
|Fragmentation Grenades - The easiest place to find these  | 
|are on top of each base in front of the portal.           | 
|                                                          |
|Invisibilty Powerup - Locate somewhat near the R.L. on top| 
|of a small hill                                           | 
|                                                          |
|Enemies Flag - Smack dab in the middle of each base.      |                        
|                                                          |
|The Skull - It usually spawns near the center of the map on 
|one of the dirt trails that weaves through the grass area.|                                           

Sniper Positions:
|1. Behind the red base, up the slope, and behind one of the 
|rocks. Stay in the shadows.                               |
| 2. If you look hard enough you should see a camouflaged  | 
|slope that goes straight up a canyon wall (it looks like  | 
|part of the wall itself). Get as high or as low on the    | 
|slope as you prefer.                                      |   
| 3. I always seem to get my opponents on this one. Grab a | 
|jeep and drive behind a base (either one) and park it near| 
|a wall with the jeep's front end facing toward the opposite 
|side of the level. Now climb in the passenger's seat and  | 
|snipe away!                                               |
| 4. This one is very hard to get to. There is a tree in   | 
|front of the red base that has a limb sticking out        | 
|relatively low to the ground. You can jump on it and stay | 
|but you have to time your jump perfectly. If you aren't   | 
|good at jumping, grab a jeep or another vehicle and climb | 
|your way up to it.                                        |   

	Part C. Boarding Action

[This level takes place between a spaceship that has somehow been split in half.  Each side is a mirror image of the other
side so distinguishing which side you're on is tough. There are five levels to each side, accessible by two ways: the ladders, or
the portals. Whichever you choose be careful not to run into any Rocket Launcher fire, as they are located everywhere. Also be
on the lookout for snipers on the fifth floor. Finally, do not fall! See that yellow and black 'WARNING!' tape at the edge of each
level? It's there for a reason. Crossing that tape means a trip down galaxy lane.]

Map Info:
|Size - Large         |
|Terrain - Outer Space|
|Vehicle Support - No |
|My Level Rating - B  |

	Part D. Chill Out
[I'm not exactly sure what setting Bungie was trying to convey here, but it is a cool level (ha ha). It's some sort of Covenant structure
with a mainly purple and pink interior. The level is divided into four main parts: The red base, the blue base, the 2nd floor walkways, and
the "lobby" (the fog covered middle of level). During deathmatch the lobby will be where the majority of deathwishes will be granted. My advice:
Stay out of it! Also this level makes for some intense (albeit bloody) capture the flag matches. Guard the portals like you'd guard ice in a desert.]

Map Info:
|Size - Relatively Small|
|Terrain - Covenant Crap|
|Vehicle Support - No   |
|My Level Rating -  B   |

	Part E. Chiron TL34

[When I first started playing this level I thought to myself "Why couldn't they have just used doors?!"
You will too, I'm sure. The entire level can only be traveled through portals. Lots of portals. Too
many portals. The first time through is rough, but once you get to rememberin' the layout, it ain't so bad.
Still though, I believe this is the worst of Halo's levels. *NOTEv0.3* After a four hour stalemate with a 
character I'll call "X", I take back that last line.]

Map Info:
|Size - Medium        |
|Terrain - Industrial |
|Vehicle Support - No |
|My Level Rating - D+ |

	Part F. Damnation

[Located inside a Covenant Hydro power plant, Damnation is the ideal map for players who aren't afraid of heights.
Above the walkway that passes by the mini waterfalls is a system of rafters which will seem like the idea sniping
spot at first, will become one of the more traveled paths during a game. Speaking of the mini waterfalls, do not fall
off the walkway by them. It won't be so easy though, as enemy fire will be coming at you from the rear and front.

Map Info:
|Size - Medium              |
|Terrain - Covenant Facility|
|Vehicle Support - No       |
|My Level Rating - B        |

Where to find the:
|Assualt Rifle - Look in the room with the pipes dripping.             |
|Sniper Rifle - Follow the rafter that contains the Invisibilty        |
|powerup.                                                              |
|Rocket Launcher - Look in the room with the narrow purple techno strip.
|Fragmentation Grenades - Walkway in front of the series of waterfalls.|
|                                                                      |
|Invisibilty - On center rafter.                                       |

	Part G. Derelict

[Did you play Halo's single player game all the way through? If the answer is 'yes', then this map should seem awfully
familiar. It's two stories of dimly lit areas, much to the resemblence of the inside areas in the "Assault on the Control Center"
single player mission. It isn't the most well designed map but it gets the job done. Try and stay on the second story because it's so
much easier to kill guys traveling around _below_ you, than it is to kill guys traveling around _above_ you.]

Map Info:
|Size - Small               |
|Terrain - Covenant Facility|
|Vehicle Support - No       |
|My Level Rating - C        |

Where to find the:
|Invisibilty - After coming from one of the portals|
|on the second floor, turn right and follow the    |
|walkway.                                          |

Sniper Positions:
|1. Because of the nature of this map, finding a good |
|one that is out of sight from enemies is tough. I    |
|recommend staying to the side of either portal on the|
|second floor. Most players will miss you.            |

	Part H. Hang 'Em High
[Another good level that showcases tactical cover (stone bases at bottom) with a frantic pace. Since you always spawn at the bottom level,
run behind something IMMEDIATELY! Failing to do so will end with injury or death. One of my friends is king of this level. His strategy:
grab a shotgun, the invisibility, and head for the top!]

Map Info:
|Size - Medium              |
|Terrain - Stone Structure  |
|Vehicle Support - No       |
|My Level Rating - B        |

Where to find the:
|Invisibilty - Bottom floor, to the back of the    |
|stone bases, and the the front of the ramp.       |

	Part I. Longest

[ Grenade heaven. Your hell.
While playing, you'll see three things: the red section, the blue section, and bodies flying through the air due to the mindless throwing
of grenades. It's fun, fast, and dirty.]

Map Info:
|Size - Small               |
|Terrain - Mirrored Hall    |
|Vehicle Support - No       |
|My Level Rating - B        |

Where to find the:
|Invisibility - After coming up|
|red base ramp, look to your   |
|right. You'll have to jump to |
|get it.                       |

	Part J. Prisoner

[A maze with countless corridors and staircases pretty much describes Prisoner. An every man for themselves deathmatch is good fun,
but teamplay is made awesome due to the unique sniper positions. Cover your buddy by guarding the staircase.]

Map Info:
|Size - Medium              |
|Terrain - Stone Structure  |
|Vehicle Support - No       |
|My Level Rating - C+       |

Where to find the:
|Invisibility - It's in the very |
|center of the bottom part of the| 
|map, between the two pillars.   |

	Part K. Rat Race
[I can't find Cuba Gooding Jr. anywhere, but this is still a damn cool level. It's a combination of
stone hallways with an old human mining site as the "attic" (or the brown area). Portals are the ideal
mode of transportation as walking can become tiresome. The mining site allows for death-from-above tactics,
so be on the lookout. Also in the mine tunnels are the Shotgun, Invisibility, and Health. Halo heaven.]

Map Info:
|Size - Medium           |
|Terrain - RED FACTION!  |
|Vehicle Support - No    |
|My Level Rating - A     |

	Part L. Sidewinder

[It's a winter wonderland with tanks, rockets, and blood stained ice. This level is huge, and I can't really
recommend this for four or less players unless you're willing to invest some time. However as a 16-player level
, it rivals Blood Gulch as the best of Halo's offerings. The majority of the level is snow plains, but if you're
willing to pass on the snow white scenery, stay in the tunnels for unexpected kills.]

Map Info:
|Size - HUGE          |
|Terrain - Snow       |
|Vehicle Support - Yes|
|My Level Rating - A  |

	Part M. Wizard
[Hi, I'm the most generic level in Halo!. Nice to meet you. I can't imagine why no ounce of originality went into
this level. However, if you can look past the unimaginativety, you might find yourself having fun. The middle of the
level, unsurprisingly, you should avoid.]

Map Info:
|Size - Small         |
|Terrain - Stone      |
|Vehicle Support - No |
|My Level Rating - D+ |

VI. Various Tips

[1. When playing Oddball (Grab The Skull) split screen, be sure to look at the ground when you have possesion of the skull. This will
keep people from glancing over at your screen and finding out where you are.]

[2. There is a way you can "carry" three weapons at once. Doing so takes time to master, but it can be of some use. To do this you have
to have already two weapons in your possesion. Once you do, go to a weapon pickup and press 'X'. Doing so will cause your guy to throw
a weapon forward. Right when he does, chase after the weapon you threw and press 'X' as soon as you see the weapon pickup message.
Repeat this procedure until you get to your desired location.]

[3. Again, if you play split screen teamplay, never look directly at your friends location, as this will may give away their spot if an
enemy glances at your section of the screen.]

[4. Vehicles are cool. Yet still they are VERY dangerous. With the exception of the tank, stay away from them unless absolutely

VII. Custom Multiplayer
Send in your own ideas to me at Sniper_Legend@mail2world.com
Be sure to include all rules and any extra info I should include when I post the game!
If I use one of your ideas, I will include your email address next to the game for credit.


a. [Slayer 50]
- Gametype: Slayer
- Death Bonus: Yes
- Kill in Order: No
- Kill Penalty: Yes
- Kills to Win: 50
- Team: No
- Number of Lives: Infinite
- Health: 100%
- Shields: Off
- Respawn Time: 5 sec
- Respawn Time Growth: No
- Odd Man Out: No
- Invisible Players: No
- Suicide Penalty: No
- Infinite Grenades: No
- Vehicle Set: All
- Weapon Set: All
- Starting Equipment: Generic
- Objective Indicator: No
- Motion Tracker: No
- Friend Indicator: No

VIII. Contact
My email address is Sniper_Legend@mail2world.com. Please email me any suggestions or comments you have about this guide, any tips and
strategies (sniper spots, etc) you may have that I do not have listed, or any questions about posting this guide on your site. DO NOT
email me questions about Halo's one player game! For those you can look at other FAQs to find out. 

IX. Credits
Thanks to;

- Pathp23@msn.com
- Tusk186@aol.com
- bcnugg@altavista.com
- mark@nb.net
- Nguyenndung@cs.com
- erwin_basketbal@hotmail.com

- CheatCodes.com
- halo.bungie.org
- xbox.com

- Bungie (www.bungie.com)
- Microsoft (everywhere)
- Vanilla Coke (See the creators in hell)

This document (C) 2002 Sniper_Legend@mail2world.com

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