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the secrets within...
By: Darkness
Start date: 5.15.03
End date: 5.16.03
Version: 1.0

.......1.00 (Infinite Ammo)
.......1.01 (Early Banshee)
.......1.02 (Top of 343 GS)
.......1.03 (Lone Marine)
.......1.04 (343 GS level cut)
.......1.05 (Above Halo)
.......1.06 (Below Halo)
.......1.07 (Hidden Grunt)
.......1.08 (Covenant Tree)
.......1.09 (Blood sheilds)
.......1.10 (Helpless Tank)
.......2.00 (The ring in AOTC)
.......2.01 (Deep freeze flood)
...............................Multiplayer mode
.......3.00 (Topwinder)
.......3.01 (Watch out for rats on the ledges)
.......3.02 (The Pillar of Master Chief)
.......3.03 (The hole you came from...)
.......3.04 (Bloodsketball)
...............................Leagal stuff
.......4.00 (Legal Stuff)


1.00 - Infinite Ammo
This trick is extremly easy to do, no timing or placement required.
There are many places you can do this. Unfortunetly, I did not 
discover this trick so you have to go to halo.bungie.org to get the
1.01 - Early Banshee
First you need to get to "If I had a super weapon..." 
You can do this 2 ways

1.) Take a Rocket Launcher and hit the Banshee making it fall of the edge. 
Go back to the door but dont go into it, turn right and WALK off the edge,
but hug the wall, if you had full health you should have about 4-3 bars of
health left

2.) Rush to the Banshee running through everything except for the red Elite 
running towards it, kill him. Get it the Banshee and fly away.

1.02 - Top of 343 GS
When the cutscene appears for 343 GS keep pulling the grenade trigger until the 
Pelican lifts off again. Wait till it touches down again to get out (press 'X')
You can wonder around all you want.
1.03 - Lone Marine
Do the Top of 343 GS trick and keep wondering around until you find a marine just
standing there. He dosent do anything so I guess he is pointless
1.04 - 343 GS level cut
Do the Top of 343 GS trick and continue to wonder to the left until you reach a big 
hole in the mountian. There are Covenant that run out of it chased by floating ARs. (marines)
Go into the hole quickly because a huge explosion will bring you down to 1 health bar
with no shields if you wait around too long. It kills all the marines in the area.
1.05 - Above Halo
In the level Halo, go to the first crash site and clear it. Wait till the Warthog comes. Get 
in it and go behind the base. There is a big wall there go to the far left of it, where the grass
part meets the grat rock part. Take the Warthog and drive it up and along the line. When you get
up there, dont go to far up or right or you will feeze. I have learned that you freeze because of
the blue plasma beam from the building on the horizon. If you time it right, you can jump from 
cliff to cliff and eventually get over the waterfall.
1.06 - Below Halo
You need to be on the level Halo. Go through the level normally until you get to the part where
ou need to cross the light bridge. Clear it but dont activate the bridge. Go to where there were 
about 3-4 grunts. There should be a ramp leading to a platform with a glass bottom. Align yourself
with the ramp/platform, back up a little, then ramp off it at full speed doing a 360 on the way down.
If you timed it right and did the right rotation, you should drive down the blue hill-type thing 
with out dying or getting hurt. Note this trick IS pointless and the only way back up is to kill 
yourself and go back to the last checkpoint
1.07 - Hidden Grunt
In "The Maw", at the last tunnel you go through right before you meet Foe Hammer, there is a 
passage to a bunch of dead bodies and a Grunt. The grunt wont do anything as you approch it, 
but it will say something funny. You can kill or whatever it wont attack.
1.08 - Covenant Tree
In AOTCR right after you get the Tank, there is a spot where there are 2 Covenant Tanks, a bunch of 
infeltry units (Elites, Jackals, ect...), a couple of SGs, a Banshee and 2 hunters at the bottom of
a hill. Clear this area of all hostiles. Then go to the top of the hill where the Hunters are and turn
right. There is some ammo, camo, and a big rock. Go to the big rock and look in the corner. There is a
place the looks like you can get up. You need to use the jump/duck technique in order to get up. Once
youre up, there is a tank (blown up or alive), an SG, and a tree. The thing is the tree is about 3 feet 
off the ground!
1.09 - Bloody Shields
Hit any stationary shield with a PLASMA weapon and watch it BLEED! THEY'RE ALIVE! Funny, but pointless.
1.10 - Helpless Tank
On any level with a Covenant tank and a Warthog you can use this trick. There is a certin spot on the Tank 
where you can hit it with the Warthog and it will tip over, but the Elite wont fall out! I can hear you now...
"Your screwed now..." I havent quite figured out the exact spot yet, Ill update you when I find it out.


2.00 - The Ring in AOTCR
Select co-op and go to the Assault On the Control Room level.  Right when 
the level starts, during the cut scene, keep on hitting 'X'.  If done 
correctly you should stay in the pelican and it will start to descend.  One 
of you jumps out and kills himself.  When the pelican scratches against a 
spinning ring it will cause the dead player to spawn on the spinning ring.  
Then you can keep on running around it and jumping over the gaps and Master 
Chief will look just like a hamster running around in his wheel.
2.01 - Deep freeze flood
Select the level Two Betrayals and you must be on co-op to do this trick.  
Continue through the level normally until you come to the second generator.  
Have one partner stand in the hallway prior to the room right in front of 
the load/spawn point.  The other partner goes and sets off the generator.  
As soon as the generator goes off, the player in the hallway steps over the 
spawn/load point.  Over 5 flood will appear in the hallway and they will all 
be frozen.  Enjoy.

Multiplayer Mode

3.00 - Topwinder
You need to have 400% health, shields, rocket launchers, and to be on the level 
Sidewinder. Go to the RED base and climb up to the sniper tower. Go into the middle
and look down. Throw a plasma grenade straight down to make sure you're hitting
the edge and not throwing it straight off. If you are, just move back a little to
make sure you are. Once you have it so your are throwing it on the edge, take out
your frags and throw one down. Right after throwing it, jump and fire a rocket 
STRAIGHT AT THE GROUND. While you're in the air, pull the left thumbstick back, 
if you did it right you should have landed ON TOP OF THE LEVEL! You can now walk 
backwards as far as you want. 
NOTE: You cannot fire direct fire weapons into the 
arena from here. BUT you can LOB grenades into it. THere is an invisable wall that
blocks all direct fire weapons. So you can lob grenades over the wall. 
ALSO NOTE: You CAN get hit from people in the arena.
3.01 - Watch out for rats!
You need to have 400% health, shields, rockets, and need to be on the level Rat Race.
Go to the room with four pillars. There is a ledge inbetween 2 of them. You need to do 
the grenade/rocket jump to get up there. This is a great sniping spot, just hide behind 
the pillars until someone comes by, then BAM! Dead.

3.02 - The pillar of Master Chief
First you have to do the Topwinder trick, but when you get up there, look right. There 
is a light pillar. Go behind it (you should be facing the arena but the pillar is in 
your way) Look down, jump, anf fire a rocket. Move a little forward and you should be 
ON TOP of the pillar. This is a great snipe spot and its very hard to tell weather 
you're... you, or part of the pillar to the untrained eye....

3.03 - The hole you came from...
This is an easy trick that shouldnt even be here, but it can be useful. Ok, you dont need
to have anything special on (400% health, rockets, ect...). In Blood Gultch, go behind the 
BLUE base and to the right a little. There is a hill that leads to some cave. Go to the 
bottom of the hill and look left. Search that wall until you find a hole. If you crouch, 
you cant been seen. Another snipe spot. Beware of ambushes with RLs (rocket launchers). 
You dont want to be caught with your Sniper Rifle out against RLs!  

3.04 - Bloodsketball
The famous Bloodsket ball... You need to have Rockets and infinite grenades on for this one. 
You also need to be in Blood Gultch. The object of the game is to see who can get the most 
Ghosts/Warthogs into the holes in the RED&BLUE bases. 

--------GHOSTS  = 2 PTS
--------WARTHOG = 6 PTS
--------TANKS   = 10 PTS

----------You could have it so you get extra PTS if you get a swoosh. (didnt hit the sides)
----------The tanks are kind of hard to get up on the base period. You can park it on top of
a WARTHOG then launch it

---------The Warthog and Tank are in there for good if they get in

-------Toss a grenade behind the vehicle and the a rocket. If you timed it right, the vehicle 
will fly through the air and [hopefully] into the hole.
-------If it dosent look like its going to go in, you can shoot a rocket at it to give it a "boost"

----- To see if they got a swoosh or not, have one person stand on the base and watch the hole.
Once the vehicle is in there, they can go and get it (Ghosts only).
----- If you are lucky, you can get the Warthog out the same way it came in, just have the other
player go a grenade/rocket launch the same time as you.

Legal stuff
-----This document is Copyright 2003 (C) Darkness Productions

-----Use for professional is prohibited unless granted be me.

-----Passing all or some of this document as your own is prohibited

-----All right reserved.

-----Any thing you want to know about or you saw this somewhere else email me at
[email protected]

-----Please email any additions to...
[email protected]

-----Broken glitches report to...
[email protected]

-----Until later... cheat on.

Darkness Productions 2003 (C)
All rights reserved.
Halo (C) Bungie Studios, 1999-2003 
All rights reserved.
Passin off as own is punishable by law

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