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2.my home guide

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2. as you all know,bigger is better and a lot is too much! if you have lots of 
furniture in your room, the room is gonna look ugly.
here is a floor plan:

| f       f      |
|                |
|f       f      f|
Thats what your room should look like. not furniture everywhere! also, don't 
don't forget to through in some rare items if you're trying to impress the HRA. 
my advice, don't sign up for the HRA unless you want house models. if you do 
sign up for the HRA, you can't be creative, you have to have a series set or 
you get a low score. i wish i didn't sign up because my neighbors have cool 
rooms like Egbert and Kabuki. They have cool rooms but they're not using a 
series set. Their rooms are so cool! So, like i said, don't sign up for HRA 
unless you don't want to be creative!

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