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Hard mode stealth game

Title: Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
Producer: Ubi Soft
For: X Box
MSWord: Courier New
Created: 4/12/07
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]


If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I 
don't have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or 
being copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site 
though, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please 
send me your sites URL.

As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, I'll give you credit 
for it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without 
the use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the X Box version of 
the game.


2. BRIEFING (crap)
4. CONTRACTIONS (often used words or phrases) 
5. WALKTHROUGH (areas 1 through 9)


A summery will be given here; I hope I don't add many.
All changes to the guide will be dated and noted at the beginning of each 
level where they occur in the game. 



One of the main features I like about the Splinter Cell series is the new 
junk Sam gets to play with, and or do. The swat move is too cool, and too bad 
it doesn't stay with the game engine. 
However, as anyone who's taken advantage of my SC guides knows, I don't have 
much use for the majority of Sam's moves or his Inventory. I prefer the 
"KISS" line of attack.
In the current issue of SC, my desire to minimize KOs has led me to a 
somewhat different tack. I've sacrificed stealth for numbers, in both 
instances; the alert meter has been turned off, so for games sake, it 
follows. Were it not for the killing sanction the alarm most assuredly would 
have hit level 3 within a fraction of a second.

For the first time in SC, I had a use for a flashbang, again, forgoing 
stealth for a low KO count. A similar point in Jakarta, although, no non 
lethal items were used, I forfeited stealth in capturing Sadono to minimize 

Unless you get all squishy listening to all the cut scenes again and again, 
rapidly tap the action button when rolling through the conversations to get 
back to playing quickly as possible. 



There are a few word strings and or phrases that will appear countless times 
in the guide, to minimize the tedium of repetition, I've created and logged 
contractions below for the most used, incase there's a problem with 
deciphering them.

Bad Guy= "BG",
Computer/s= "Comp/s",
Fast Creep= "FC",
Infrared= "IR",
Left Trigger= "LT", 
Night Vision= "NV", 
Optical Cable= "Cable",  
Roving Bad Guy= "RBG",
Roving Guard= "RG",
Slow Creep= "SC",
Stationary Bad Guy= "SBG",  
Quick and Quiet= "Q&Q", 
Quick and Quiet Creep= "Q&QC",



1. DILI, TIMOR	1/0



US Embassy

The training level of the game, Make your way to and through the shack ASAP, 
no BGs in the area, no worries. Lambert will introduce Brunton, switch to NV 
and continue to the narrow squeezway between the fence and the building. Stop 
at the end and locate the poor slob sitting on the crate, swat turn to the 
other side and drop into the crouch. Kill the lantern and make your way past 
Manfred. Climb the porch and drop off at the other end. Switch to IR and see 
the pretty flashing lights on the ground. PRETTY LIGHTS BAD!!! Climb the box 
near the lantern, shimmy to the end and drop off onto the steps. Head right 
down the narrow alley, look up to the left to see a break in the railing, 
double jump up to the 2nd floor. Creep through the house, locate the pole and 
slide back down to the ground.

Frogs frogs everywhere and not a leg to eat!

Look across the pond/stream whatever it is and find the RBG on the other side 
of it. He has great hearing, being slow and deliberate may not be enough to 
stay hidden, there's birds waiting to be sprung in the grass. There's a 
barrier to Sam's left, SC into the pond grass and slowly make your way to the 
end of the barrier to climb out. Move to the wall and locate the RBG, as long 
as everything is Kosher, continue along the bank past the bridge to the final 
barrier, a deck or something that stops at the edge of the stream, yeah a 
stream, there's a water wheel. SC along the bank till Sam cain't go no mo, 
and then locate the camp fire. There's an RBG sitting by it, so, now there's 
2 BGs to worry about, find the clear spot, (without grass) to creep across, 
fewer things to fly off and alert the BGs. SC over to the large hut where the 
bamboo walls go from horizontal to vertical and "WHISTLE". This alerts Nat, 
pulls him away from da ganja and pisses him off to no good. Q&QC around him 
to the narrow alley near the barrel fire, once in the dark double jump up and 
over the wall.


Daddy, I want a Shetland pony for my birthday!

Climb the staging move around the corner, remain in the crouch, stick to the 
wall and slide to the end. Once at the next corner, ignore Lambert, move out 
over to the balcony railing, stick to it and slide across the veranda back 
into total darkness. FC to the end of the balcony, climb the pole over to the 
ledge near the window and climb into the Embassy. SC to the interrogator, 
grab him and drag his sadistic ass out onto the terrace for a not so healthy 
smack on the head. Talk to Shetland and exit the room through the door near 
the small terrace. Q&QC past the BG in the terrace to the right and locate 
the stairwell to the lower floor. Stay along the right side as you step down 
to the lower floor; note a large square column and an "L" shaped desk to its 
right. There's a line of shadow leading to it, move over to and around the 
desk. There are 3 BGs, two crouched near a fire and the 3rd patrolling the 
room. Follow the RBG to the other end of this large room. SC through the 
smoke back into the darkness, there's a bottle on a table grab it. The RBG 
will turn left, have a short walk and turn back into the room again. Move 
just past the column and throw the bottle to the left and past the 2 
crouching BGs. Q&QC out of the room to a lavish looking corridor leading to 
the exit door.

Ingrid Bergman's a good actress!
A nice courtyard in front of Sam, Use the glasses to locate the Sniper and 
Ingrid on the 2nd floor of the building across the courtyard. The sniper has 
NV goggles and isn't smart enough to switch it off for comparison. Good for 
Sam bad for him. The walk across the courtyard is easy, everything is easy 
going to and from Ingrid; it gets a tad tricky shutting down the searchlights 
for Cohen, there isn't much room available for hiding. Exit the building, 
stay close to the hedges on the left. Continue along the hedge till you can 
see the tower and the RBG. Wait for the RBG to walk between the buildings to 
move into the center of the area, stand and shoot out the lantern on the 
tower. Creep over to the left of the tower and wait for the RBG to go between 
the buildings again to climb up and kill the searchlight. Climb down when 
safe and position Sam over at the left side corner of the building on the 
right for a Q&QC between the buildings when the RBG yet again passes by Sam 
on his way back to the tower. There is a 2nd tower and RBG in the next area, 
when you pass by RBG#1 be prepared to elude RBG#2, he may be close when 
you're on the way out from between the buildings. Position Sam near the front 
of the 2nd tower, you must climb up and pop the lantern before RBG#2 can 
reach the end of his route and turn around. Once accomplished, wait again to 
pull the switch for the searchlight. Lastly, wait for a clear shot to the 
porch on the exit ramp to the osprey.

KO 1


Saulnier Cryogenics, I wonder if they have any good ice cream.
Sam spends a lot of time in sewers eh! Climb down, drop to the floor, creep 
out to the end of the tunnel and wait for the train to pass. Move out of the 
passage as soon as the RBG turns away. SC along the left side of the subway 
track till the RBG passes you. Then quickly climb onto the platform and FC to 
the end of the train. Enter the last subway car from the next to last door 
opening. Slow down to a SC and drop off the end of the car. Stay close to the 
car and the raised platform. The 2 RBGs will move off, one will enter the car 
and walk off, climb up and book through the passageway to the fire. Shoot the 
valve near the ceiling to extinguish the fire. Flip the light switch as you 
leave. Hop over or creep around the first row of shelves, climb into the 2nd 
row and wait for the RBG to leave the aisle creep out and climb up and 
through the 3rd row. Exit the room. There are 2 BGs in this room along with 2 
rows of computers. There're two light switches one at each end of the room 
near the doors. Enter the room, flick the switch, Q&QC between the two rows 
of comps and exit the room. Pick the lock on the next door and enter. 
Big room, mostly dark and 3 RBGs will enter from the opposite and. Sprint to 
the other end and to the left of the opening and stick. Allow all 3 RBGs to 
enter the room before a Q&QC out of the room. 
Hallway with glass wall on the left, 2 BGs in the room with important comp 
and Sam must stop them before they smoke it. FC to the door to the comp room, 
SC in and turn left upon entering the room to flip the light switch. FC over 
to BG#1, who's the closest and smack him, turn to and do the same to GB#2. 
Grab the important data from the comp that BG#2 was near and exit the room.
Move to the corner on the right, and stick to it. Wait for the 2 BGs to exit 
the area before heading for the room with the bomb. Once clear, cross to the 
left side of the corridor, slide along the wall to the door. Pick the door 
and defuse the bomb. 
(I average 30 seconds left.

Exit the room, locate the exit door and pass through. Move to the right side 
of the stairs, SC up and around the corner to avoid the motion detector and 
open the door at the top of the stairs. Kill the ceiling light in the short 
hallway. One RBG will remain in the area, sneak over to the corner and wait 
for him to begin walking away. As he does, Q&QC to the double doors, pick the 
lock and enter the hallway before he turns back. Stand to the side of the 
door on the left and move close enough to get the open door option, do so but 
stay out of the opening. Once the camera turns away, book to the comp and get 
the data and pass code for the other door in the hallway. Exit the room when 
safe, gain access to the room across the hallway with the pass code and 
enter. Flip the switch on the light illuminating the exit door and FC to the 
right side of the exit door. Allow the RBG to pass by as he enters the room, 
SC out past the red eye to the next door and enter. Climb the stairs from the 
left side and when the camera is turned away, move under the camera when 
safe, slide past the mine and stop in the shadow at the corner. Climb the 
next set of stairs when the camera is turned away. If you exit through the 
door with a Q&QC, and bear left to the shadow, you can avoid a messy greeting 
from Mr. Cluster bomb shooting into nowhere, otherwise cable the door and 
wait for him to play with the comp to enter the room. After a bit, the other 
RBG will stop playing with a corpse and walk down an adjacent hallway and the 
comp BG will go over to it and play with it. This is your chance to play with 
the comp, once done, Q&QC over to the left side of the hallway, use the dark 
spots as cover to the end. The RBG in the hallway has his back turned to Sam 
when at the end and faces the pass code door when on the right, so a Q&QC to 
the end is easy. Access the pass code door and enter as he leaves.

EEWWW and GASP!!! It's "The Night of the Crawling Brains"

Once Sam has completed his Ninja version of the Mexican hat dance around the 
crawling brains, enter the fffreezing brain room locate the turret gun 
software and disable it, then pick the door lock and exit. Drop off the 
elevated walkway and shimmy around to the next break in the railing. There 
are several coolant leaks to deal with; all can be passed without damage if 
you take your time. 2RBGs near the exit, eventually they'll both walk away 
along the elevated walkway, when they do, Q&Q up and into the next room. 
Locate the door, enter the room and climb up to the vent access. Talk to Dead 
Meat and leave. Drop down into the previous room and wait for the big badda 
boom. Exit the level.

KO 2


How the hell do you stick to the top of a bullet train?

Drop down through the 1st trapdoor, no reason to waste time on the 2nd one. 
FC through this car to the next car, here a cargo guard hangs behind a chain 
ling barrier moving from left to right. There is a row of shelving in the 
center of the car; in front of it is Sam's trapdoor exit out of the car. At 
the far end of the shelving is an empty floor level shelf just right for Papa 
bear. Wait for the guard to be either on the left or right side of the caged 
area and move to the opposite side of the shelving to access the empty shelf. 
I say the guard spends more time on the right side and more time facing away 
just as he stops on the right. This is when I make my move out the left side 
of the shelving to the trap door end exit. Skooch as you will to the next 
trapdoor and climb up. Shoot the light in the room and open the door to the 
corridor. Turn left to the light switch, flip it off and begin your creep to 
the other end of the car. One of the passengers will gripe and get up, but 
there are many dark places to hide in allowing him to pass. When you pass the 
BGs further along the aisle, ensure that Sam is in the dark when he does. 
Enter the next car; wait for the conductor to finish blabbing with the sissy 
and leave before opening the door. Stick to the wall on the right, swat turn 
past the sissy's door and enter the 3rd door to deal with Soth. Access the 
comp and leave. Follow Soth to the dining car, move into the kitchen area and 
mike the convo. Allow all that leave to do so and begin your SC out of the 
car. Stay to the right at all times till you exit the room. Once out of the 
room, the alert will sound, begin running to the escape ladder to the top of 
the train. 

Run Forest Run!
Locate the choppers spotlight shining down on top of the train, once in the 
lighted area jump for the rope and complete the level.

KO 0 



Looking for Saul in all the wrong places

Climb the stairs to the top cut hard right across the light, drop into the 
creep move over to the wall on the left and proceed to the intersection. 
Allow the Policeman to walk away, move to the opposite side of the new street 
and creep past the lighted area. Move out into the street zigzag back and 
forth along it to stay in the dark. There is a set of boxes on the right side 
just before the stairs, stop to the right side of them and wait as needed to 
keep the approaching policeman unaware. Once down the steps Q&QC left over to 
the lighted passageway. A policeman will walk out of it and then leave, 
follow him into a courtyard. Two people will be talking, move to the wall on 
the left and slide to the end. Turn and continue to the end of the shadows, 
stop just before the first break in the shadows created by the trees. Wait 
for the 2 men to look away and sit down, creep to the highlighted pipe in the 
alley and use the cable to zip to the 2nd floor window. Skooch left along the 
ledge to the next courtyard and do a double drop down to the ground. Stay in 
the shadows behind the crates. Complete a series of swat turns to the opening 
to Saul's place. Once at the 3rd and last crate, ensure that the RPM isn't 
walking toward Sam. Enter gated area and creep through the curtain.
Two thugs will be harassing Saul, Q&QC to the 1st BG, smack him from behind 
and as quickly move to and do the same to BG#2. Pick up your weps, select 
pistol and move out. 

Is Dahlia Tal?

Swat turn through the crates, cross the intersection, zigzag through the 
alley to stay in the shadows. An RPM will begin talking to someone, stay in 
the dark in front of the barrel just before the narrow alley. When the RPM 
enters the alley, continue along the street to the end, turn left and run 
down the steps to the end. Drop to a crouch and stick to the wall on the left 
in the dark. Allow the woman to pass, once done, continue out to a new set of 
steps and 2 RPMs talking at the base of the steps. Stay in the dark and creep 
down the steps as close as possible. Follow them as they walk away. Always 
stay behind them and in the dark, pick doorways and objects protruding into 
the street to stay out of their way. Eventually Sam will be at the end of the 
row of shops. Wait for both RPMs to be walking away to creep along the alley 
to the left and then to cross over to the pipe and climb it.
Proceed along the parapet to the zip line leading to the staging across the 
street. Climb down and talk to Dahlia. 

Enter the Marketplace, FC over to the tables on the right, position Sam 
between the two tables and wait for the RPM to reach the steps on the left. 
"WHISTLE", and then move over to the steps. The RPM and the two men will 
investigate the noise. Once all three have walked past Sam, beat feet after 
Dahlia. Enter the skinny alley and ditch around the back of the crates on the 
right. Pistol the light above the tunnel. Most times Dahlia will converse 
with the RPM on the other side of the tunnel. Sometimes not, if not, fire the 
pistol at the wall just past the RPM, this will get him to turn allowing Sam 
to move out of the tunnel. Catch up with Dahlia and continue to follow her. 
When you get to the pillars where the 2 people are praying, swat turn off the 
pillars. Continue on ahead of Dahlia, when you get to the corner with the 
stone steps, wait for the RPM to begin walking away before dropping off the 
upper level to the lower one and hide beside the steps. As Dahlia approaches, 
the RPM will follow her along the next street. Another RPM will be at the 
other end, stay in the shadow and continue to the end of the street when 
safe. Once you catch up with Dahlia, she ought to be having a convo with yet 
another RPM; I don't think the Israeli police are issued cups, they should. 
Once at the corner, speed through the convo and move over to the steps.
Stay in the dark and move to the edge of the tunnel, wait for the RPM to exit 
at the other end before FC-ing to the end and hiding in the gated overhead 
doorway niche on the right. Allow the RPM to pass before locating the 
climbing pipe and entering the 2nd floor room. Creep through the two rooms, 
exit through the window and FC along the catwalk to the next climbing pipe. 
Locate the rappel point and slide to the ground. Once on the ground, continue 
along the alley to the end, hide in the dark on the left and wait for Dahlia. 
Dahlia will occupy the next RPMs attention, SC to the fence and climb over 
it. Move into the shadow and enter the building using the opening on the 
right. Locate the non lethal projectiles and ammo sitting on the crate and 
window openings on the different floors. Once all found, return to the ground 
floor, exit the building and locate Dahlia. Speak to her, enter the elevator 
and listen to Lambert biatch when you don't smoke her.


(This next bit will not be easy by any means. I have tried all the things I 
can think of to minimize contact in the catacombs to keep the KO/kill count 
down. I regret the kill at the expense of the extra KO. 
The event itself is short and simple, BANG! BANG! Creep forward and BANG!

As it stands, it took many many tries to get the rhythm and the setup 
locations in rote memory so that I was reacting instead of thinking what to 
do next. Pressing the wrong buttons really makes it worse, so have patience; 
the maneuver will come to you, it's still not easy, but very do-able.) 

I average 1 in 4 tries, its tres difficult and will take many tries to get a 
proper feel. My words and your eyes, hands and controller may not agree at 
Arm Sam with the rifle and load shockers into the launcher. Move to the rear 
of the elevator and turn Sam to face the front. Drop to a crouch; align Sam 
and the rifle's sight icon along the seam in the middle of the floor that 
runs from the front to rear. Raise the sight icon above the front edge of the 
floor so a space equal to the diameter of the icon is present. This aligns 
vertically with BG#1s nubbin hade and with the light. BG#1 is invisible until 
his head appears above the floor. There will be no time for realignment. As 
soon as BG#1s head enters the sight tap the trigger, (he will drop silently 
to the floor), quickly raise the sights "STRAIGHT" up above the light and tap 
the trigger as the light passes through the sight icon. 
(Any deviation from absolute vertical will throw the light shot off.) 
Remain in the crouch; begin moving to the front left side of the elevator 
passageway. BG#2 will now be moving toward the elevator passageway, meet him 
with a sticky shocker as he passes by the edge of the passageway. Pick him 
up, drop him in the darkened passageway and stick to the wall. In the 
majority of attempts, where I made the kill and light I was able to stun BG#2 
before alarming BG#3 for a run to the elevator. In all successful attempts, 
BG#3 "WALKS" to within 10 or so feet of the elevator mumbles and returns to 
the niche where he resides.

Follow BG#3 to the stairs; allow him to return to his niche before creeping 
down the stairs. Turn right at the foot of the stairs, creep over to the edge 
of the walkway and drop down. Creep into the dark and slide along the wall to 
the foot of the stairs and wait. 2 BGs will walk into the "L" shaped 
passageway, one will stand in the corner and the other will pace the length 
of the "L" shaped passageway. 
The trick for the next move is to time it so that as Sam climbs up onto the 
walkway the RBG in the next large room isn't walking at him. The best I can 
suggest is to let the pacer in the "L" shaped hallway complete his cycle a 
few times. As the pacer walks toward the stairs and passes Sam, "WHISTLE". 
While remaining in the dark, begin moving Sam around the perimeter of the "L" 
shaped passageway. Both BGs will be alerted and investigate. As Sam passes 
the corner, stop and turn to ensure that both BGs are moving away. Continue 
to the end of the walkway, turn, stand, and ensure that the RBG in the next 
room is not walking toward Sam. Climb up, creep diagonally across the walkway 
and drop down into the water. Slide along the wall and stick to it near the 
tunnel leading to the caged in area in the next room. Wait for a safe move, 
climb up and pass through the little tunnel into the room with the caged 
area. Turn right, stick to the wall, slide along for about 15 feet and wait 
for the Lab RBG that paces from the Mini Viral Lab to the caged in area. 
Allow him to turn into the passageway to the viral lab before creeping into 
the passageway. Allow him to enter the tunnel to the viral lab to begin 
popping the ceiling light and the light above the tunnel to the viral lab. 
Move further down the passageway and stick to the wall. Wait for the Lab RBG 
to return on his route. As he exits the tunnel, turn into it, turn left as 
you enter the viral lab area and drop down to the lower level. Shoulder the 
rifle and begin popping lights in the lab area. You'll know when the area is 
safe when the light below the lab has dimmed considerably. Wait for the lab 
RBG to leave again before creeping under the lab to the Lab entrance ramp and 
stop. What you need to do is time the rhythm of the RBGs that pass through 
the large room. There is a window of nearly 30 seconds where Sam can enter 
the lab, locate the object and return to safety below the lab. When safe to 
move, return to the wall to the tunnel entrance that brought Sam to the lab. 
Climb up move into the passageway where you popped the lights. Stick to the 
wall on the right halfway between the passageway and the lighted corner. Wait 
for the Lab RBG to enter or exit the lab area, pull out the pistol and pop 
the light at the corner once the Lab RBG is out of sight. A BG will come to 
inspect the light. Cross the passageway, stick to the wall and slide to the 
corner. The BG will pass Sam and walk toward the room with the caged in area. 
Stay close to the wall and continue on toward the exit elevator. Slow creep 
around the bump out and position Sam halfway between it and the next one. 
"WHISTLE", stick to the wall and slide to the next bump out as the elevator 
guard passes Sam on his right. Creep around the bump out and into the 
elevator. Once at the top pop all the ceiling lights. Exit the elevator and 
pop all the lights in the market place. Exit the tunnel, turn right, stay in 
the dark and creep between the staging and the dumpster. Stop at the end of 
the staging and against the wall. From here, run at the box, jump over it, 
turn right and return to the darkness. Proceed under the staging, turn left 
and creep across the area to the extraction point.

KO 3



Daddy, he doesn't look like a pony!

No! No! No! No! I don't spleef no mo, tired a gettin up off the flo!

Come on everybody, tiptoe through the ganja with me! Q&QC into the dark spot 
beside the tent and around to the far front corner. As soon as both RBGs 
begin to walk away, Q&QC over to the right side far end of the truck. You can 
SC along the right till the RBG leaves and then book across the road to the 
grass, 2 RBGs will approach and talk, wait for them to split up to move 
forward. You'll find one tripwire to disarm and hear one the BGs loose his 
reproductive organs to one of the mines. Once clear, cross over to the right 
side of the grassy area, stay against the perimeter and disable mines as you 
find them. I constantly flip from normal to IR to locate RBGs and mines. Once 
you get to the drying shed, you've passed the last of the mines and you can 
move freely to the edge of the barn. SC into the barn; use the shadow to 
creep directly over to and onto the cabinet. Drop off the other end, FC 
around the perimeter to the large dark spot leading to the plane and plant 
the demo. Turn; wait for the BG to enter the barn and SC outside.

I have an allergy to Machetes too!

Q&QC through the gate, stay to the right side along the crates and stop once 
in the bushes to the right and uncomfortably close to the BGs. Once they 
separate, SC into the shack. Once the BG turns to face the rear of the shack 
flip the light switch, move to the security gate release and raise the gate. 
Q&QC out of the shack, the shack BG will be on your 6 as you exit, make 2 
hard rights around to the rear of the shack for the save option.
Beat feet to the corrugated sheet metal leaning against the telephone pole 
down the dirt road. Hide under it near the pole and load foils into the 
launcher while waiting. The approaching RBG and dog are oblivious to Sam, 
poor dogs noses must be damaged from smelling all the chemicals used to make 
the cocaine. As soon as the dog passes the pole, SC out and pick up to a FC 
as you pull away. Pass to the right of the big tree with the lantern hanging 
from it to the fence. Slide along the fence to the end stopping at the 
boulder. Switch out of NV, and locate the 3 BGs in this area. There are 2 
ground RBGs and one in the tower. Once their convo stops, allow RBG#1 to pass 
by Sam on his way to the fire and then into his tent. Switch back to NV and 
target RBG#2 with the rifle, he'll make a stop at the far end of the tent; 
hit him with a foil as soon as he comes to a stop. Shoulder the wep and FC 
into the tent he's wobbling next to. Once inside, position Sam near the boxes 
so that he can see to the left of the big tree with the lantern. RBG#2 will 
appear from the left and stop to the left side of the tree; he'll look back 
toward his previous position and then continue down the dirt road toward the 

(This allows Sam 17 seconds to complete the tower and to zip out clean 
without an alert. The tower BG moves from left to right in the tower, he 
spends more time on the right because he changes his stance. Stop 2 rungs 
from the top of the ladder, Sam remains invisible and still close enough to 
make it quickly into the tower. 
Lastly, the BG must be on the far left side of the tower, if he's anywhere 
else there won't be enough room for Sam pass by him to zip out.)

As soon as RBG#2 starts walking away from the tree toward the security gate 
FC to the tower ladder and climb. Stop 2 rungs from the top, if the BG is to 
the left side of the tower, wait for him to move back over to the right side 
to climb up. Once on the platform crouch and move to the right. As soon as 
the BG begins walking to the left side of the tower, stand arm with the rifle 
and foil him, shoulder the wep and jump to the zip free and clear. 

Camp part 2

I wonder if Smoky the Bear has seen this place.

Q&QC to the front of the huts and watch all the BGs collect and then move 
off. One will Stand on the porch of the hut across the street for a bit and 
walk into the hut. One RBG will pace the length of the street. Use IR to 
ensure the porch RBG isn't on the porch across the street; wait for the 
street RBG to pass to Sam's right to FC out to and under the porch across the 
street. Once under the porch Q&QC to the far end of the walkway, locate 
Sadono and his buddy and follow them through the next hut. Once outside, Line 
up with the narrow alley and FC into it as Sadono's guard begins to pass 
through the exit door. Double jump up to the 2nd floor window and enter the 
building.  Find the stairs and move down to the 1st floor. Turn right and 
continue to the last room. Exit the room through the door on the left. Turn 
right upon exiting the building to see a door closing at the far end of this 
enclosed area. FC over and locate the very narrow alley to the right of the 
door, slide to the other end and drop into a crouch. Remain in the shadow of 
the building, Q&QC along the building stopping within its shadow and then 
wait for Sadono to leave. 1 BG remains in this area pacing back and forth; 
wait for the pacer to turn away from Sam then FC into the corner behind the 
crates and climb the pole to the 2nd floor porch. Once on the deck, remain 
concealed, Q&QC to the first opening on the right and load a sticky camera 
into the launcher. SC to the edge of the deck, aim high and shoot a sticky 
over the head of the BG standing against the barn on the left. Locate Sadono 
with the camera, X out of the camera once Sadono walks away. One of the 2 
remaining RBGs will pace back and forth out to the center of the enclosure 
and back to the barn. Wait for him to be approach the barn before dropping 
down to ground level and FCing counterclockwise around the enclosures 
perimeter to the entrance to the barn. Once clear, enter the barn, locate the 
manhole and drop down.
An RBG will appear from Sam's left, follow him out. Remain on the right side 
against the railing stop just before the end of the shadow and wait for the 
RBG to turn around and walk back to the other end of the balcony. Q&QC down 
the stairs to the exit door and do so. Enter the coca lab; Move below the 
wall light after the door closes shoot out the light at the base of the 
stairs. SC up to the top and flip the light switch. FC along the wall toward 
the BG and exit door, stick to the wall just before the BG gets to you and 
slide past him. Un-stick from the wall, continue to the door and exit the 
lab. Once in the next room, turn left, flip the switch to whatever it is, 
return to the wall behind the generators and slide behind and between them. 
Pull the pistol and ready Sam for some light shooting, pop the light above 
and between the generators. Switch to the rifle, and pop the light on the 
wall near the doorway on the right side of the room. Be mindful of the BGs in 
the other room. Slide behind the 2nd Gen and pop the light near the exit door 
(with the keypad) on the right in the next room. Creep over to the opening on 
the right, stay inside the generator room and pop the light to the right of 
the exit door. As soon as the BGs have calmed down, SC over to and talk to 
the pilot for the pass code. Access the door, enter and leave the bunker 
area. Follow Sadono outside, stop at the corner and wait for the sissy 
musician and the guy who may kill him later to leave. Locate the climbing 
pole on the building on the left and climb up. FC around to the trapdoor, 
open it and drop down into the firing range. Move away from the wall, turn 
around and legs up. Skooch forward a few feet and shoot out the florescent 
light then skooch to the far wall in the gym and drop to the floor. Once 
down, exit the room when safe.
Wait for the shadows to cover the doorway, SC out into the night and head for 
the tree. There's a building to Sam's left with light shining through the 
window, wait for the RBG to head back to the doorway you just left to enter 
the building door near the turret gun. Move to the exit door, cable it, wait 
for the RBG to walk away and then exit the room.  You want to get to the 
right side of the steps and platform leading to the porch deck. Follow the 
search light as it travels over the ground to the right side of the Porch. 
When the RBG patrolling the porch walks to the far end of the porch, climb up 
and stick to the wall to the left of the doorway. Once he walks away again, 
access the keypad, enter the inner corridor and stick to the wall. Wait for 
Sadono to leave to shoot out the ceiling light and the one on the desk. 
Sadono will return, once he leaves the second time access the junk on the 
desk and return to your previous position. Swat turn along the corridor, move 
around the corner and flip the switch. Locate the exit door and freeze when 
you open it. Once the shooting begins, crouch, stay out of the light of the 
flashlights and FC out into the darkness, you'll see the osprey and end the 

KO 0



Welcome to camp "Dark, Dismal & Unhappy".

Reconnoiter the field; locate the RBG, truck and the laser at the top of the 
tower. Q&QC for the truck, ignore the birds and the RBG. Enter the fenced 
area and disable the mine. Continue out to the open area, locate the RBG and 
follow him back to the other side of the enclosed area. As you reach the 
other side, locate the shallow and narrow dark alley near the gate and enter. 
Double jump up and enter the hut. Creep out to the sleeping area, note the 
BGs sitting at the table, there's also one sleeping in the hut and another 
watching the tube in yet another hut.
Stay in the dark along the right side of the enclosed area, creep counter 
clockwise around to a big puddle. There's another shallow narrow alley for 
you to double jump. Enter the hut and soft drop to the floor behind the 
bales. Creep outside and stop at the end of the crate. Swat turn into the 
Generator room, creep around the rear side of it to the exit door and wait 
for the shooter. Once the BG sits down creep out and climb the pole, monkey 
over to the end hut and drop down inside. Switch to IR and slick the security 
lasers and climb down the ladder to the elevator room.

"Submarine, submarine who's got the submarine?"

Push the button, enter the elevator, push for sub floor 2 and ride it down. 
Exit the elevator and move left to the light switch on the wall. Flip the 
switch and FC over to the left side Control room door. The hall BG will be 
rounding his desk as you approach the floor lit area in front of his desk. 
"WHISTLE" as you pass to the left of the lighted spot along the wall and stop 
and stick to the wall before the Control room RBG exits the Control room. As 
soon as he passes Sam's position, Q&QC into the Control room. Locate the 
techie and grab his couch potato butt. Use and abuse him and let him drop to 
the floor. As you exit the Control room, you should notice Manny standing by 
his lonesome, this is a good thing, and you'll also note that the ceiling 
light is still out near the desk. Exit the Control room via the right side 
door, stick to the wall and slide to the corner. FC to the next door; open it 
and receive a loading screen.
FC up to the exit door at the top of the stairs, flip the light switch and 
jump up onto the crates beside the door. As the RBG enters the room SC out 
onto the elevated walkway and then book to the Gondola at the other end. Hit 
the switch to activate the gondola, as it moves away, drop down to the cable, 
legs up and ride it to the connector. Drop down to the next cable, legs up 
and ride it to the end. Drop off the cable, drop into the creep and cross 
over to the edge of the platform. Drop off and shimmy left to the end, wait 
for the RBG to pass by and climb up. Enter the sub.

SWEET DREAMS! I got your sweet dreams right here pal!

Continue to the ladder and climb down. After listening to Bruce and Todd 
lovingly banter back and forth over beddie-by-time, I may have to kill me to 
stop the nightmares. As soon as you hit the floor FC along the corridor to 
the dark niche on the right and enter. Hmmm ... I'da thunk Bruce would a been 
the butchier of the two. Anyway, wait for Bruce to pass Sam's position to 
Q&QC out along the corridor to the Berthing Area and enter. Awww isn't Todd 
such a cunnin thing all snugly and dreaming sweet ... GGYKKAHH!!! Stop ... 
stop ... Slap Slap Slap ... OK OK! I'm better now. 
SC through the berthing area to the exit ladder and climb down. Stick to the 
wall to the left of the doorway and swat turn to the other side. Flip the 
light switch, creep into the room and hide under the counter till the BG 
passes Sam's position. Q&QC out of this room continue through the sliding 
door and wait. The Colonel will be along any segundo. Grab him once he stops 
at the gauges, drag him to the retinal scanner and when done further along 
the corridor for a KO. Creep onto the Bridge, access the comp and exit the 


(This next part will be difficult but not as bad as the catacomb/elevator 

Pass the Colonel to the ladder and climb up. Once out on top of the sub, the 
ramp will lower, giving Sam access to the tower. Ensure that foils are loaded 
into the launcher. FC toward the tower entrance, halfway there slow down to 
avoid alerting the tower RBG. Climb up onto the box in the corner, stand and 
stick to the wall that faces the pier BGs. Allow the tower RBG to pass 
unmolested out onto the ramp. Un-stick from the wall arm with the rifle and 
foil the tower RBG just before he turns around. 
Drop off of the box and drop off the ledge. Keep to the right side of the 
stairwell, run all the way down the stairs to the right side of the opening 
at the base of the tower. Run diagonally out of the tower opening into the 
darkness to the left side of the tower opening. 

(You may take a hit passing through the opening)

Load smokes into the launcher, locate the 1st, (closest) pair of BGs, aim at 
the head of the right side BG (if he's crouching, chest if standing) and 
fire. Quickly hit inventory, grab the flashbang and run forward along the 
dark strip on the left to and beside the niche between the two sections of 
staging. Tap the BLUE "X" on your controller, (the throw icon pops up) pull 
the left trigger tight and hold it, (the throw icon stretches up and out to 
the long throw position). 
Quickly count up 5 circles from the smallest circle, once located, turn left 
or right so that the #5 circle is now sitting on top of the upper right hand 
corner of the left concrete support column and throw the flashbang. 

Start moving forward toward the concrete support column and the 1st pair of 
BGs. As soon as the flashbang ignites begin running to the end of the pier.
The 1st pair of BGs will still be coughing up a storm as Sam runs by them, 
but not for much longer, the right side BG drops from the gas, but the left 
side BG remains awake.  

As Sam approaches the 2nd pair of BGs, the left side BG will begin to come to 
his senses. Continue running, pass between both BGs and drift over to the 
right side of the pier. Run until you are down at the bottom of the set of 
steps to the extraction boat. The remaining BG from the 1st pair may follow 
Sam down the pier to the 2nd pair of BGs while shooting at him. You may also 
take another hit or two on your way to the exit steps.

(It's very important to be very fast about all of this, in particular, 
gassing the 1st pair of BGs and the aligning and throwing of the flashbang. 
The tower RBG gets really pissed and will run down the stairs to the base of 
the tower to shoot Sam in the back. I think foiling him out on the ramp gives 
me and extra couple of seconds to complete the maneuver and to get far enough 
away to avoid his gun fire.)

KO 3      



Jungle Rot anyone?

Drop down off and rappel from the 3 flat roofs to the ground. Q&QC over to 
the brick wall and peek around to locate the walker. Wait for the RBG to move 
out of sight before doing a Q&QC across the street through the ferns to the 
pipe. Climb the pipe and Q&QC to the other end of the roof. Shoot the 
swinging light with the pistol, begin climbing down the pipe but stop about 
10 feet above the ground. Ensure that no one is close before dropping to the 
ground. Put Sam's left shoulder to the wall and slide out to the corner 
facing the plaza area. Pop the big light to the right, it lights up the 
staging ladder. Once the light is out, move quickly to the ladder and climb 
to the roof before the BGs peg you. Locate the zip line, drop off across the 
street and enter the building. Slide down the pole and exit the building. 
There will be 2 RBGs, and two vans, one of which will leave the area and one 
parked with a dish on it opposite the door Sam passes through. Move to the 
van and pop the light to the right on the fence. Turn left and locate the 2nd 
light right from the door Sam just passed through and pop it. Move along the 
drivers side of the van and locate the RBG furthest away. Note whether he's 
moving to or away from Sam, when walking away, move out into the open street 
and head for the last guard shack on the left. Once the RBG passes heading 
back toward the van exit the shack and continue on to the end of the street. 
There is a dark spot at the middle end of the street, to the left of a 
steaming vent. Once there, shoot the light out on the fence and climb over 
the fence to the next area. It kind of looks like a large Arbor with raised 
planters. Move along to the right to the edge of the planter, arm with the 
rifle and take out the Van's head light to the far right through the arbor 
and the two lights attached to the high square post at the end of the Iron 
fence directly in front of Sam. FC left around the arbor planters, move to 
the outer wall on the left and slide along the wall stopping at the end of 
the last planter with the tree in it. Locate the RBGs, there could be up to 3 
roaming around. Wait till a flash of lightning passes and that you have a 
clear shot at the manhole cover before proceeding to it. Once Sam is inside 
the enclosed area and close to the manhole cover ensure that he does not 
alert the guard that usually hovers close to it. 

Cisterns, I hope there are no leaches in the water!

Slide down into the cistern and drop into the water. Once in the cistern, 
quickly locate the connecting tunnel joining the parallel cisterns and pass 
through it. Drop into the creep before exiting the tunnel, turn left and 
slide along the wall to the big honkin pipe. Stick to it and wait for the RBG 
to head back on the return leg of his route. As he walks back, follow at a 
discreet distance, locate the next connector tunnel, slide back over to the 
wall and stop at the opening. Once the RBG leaves this cistern, pop the 
ceiling light and stick to the wall near the opening. Wait for the RBG to 
pass Sam, Now that the light is out, he'll make a turn in to the 1st 
connecting tunnel giving Sam more time to maneuver through this next area 
safely. Drop into a crouch, peak around the opening and locate the camera 
over the other opening. Wait for it to be nearly halfway through its turn 
away to the right before FCing into the connector tunnel and over to the left 
side against the opening wall below the camera. SC out into the opening and 
stay tight to the right side of it facing the direction of the next RBG. Let 
him notice something as he paces toward Sam, re-enter the tunnel and stick to 
the wall on the left side of the opening. The RBG will pass Sam on his way 
out to the other cistern allowing Sam to make his way to the exit ladder. Pop 
the light if the RBG returns before jumping up onto the ladder for the save 

Snipers and mines and satellite dishes oh my!

Exit the manhole, drop to a crouch and get ready to switch to IR and some 
FCing. There are mines scattered throughout the area and they are visible 
with IR. Wait for the search light pull away before switching to IR and 
moving out. Stop at the next dish, switch back to normal vision only long 
enough to see the search light pass back to the 1st dish and move out to the 
3rd and final dish. Again switch back only long enough to note the two search 
lights are moving away, proceed to and climb over the fence. Once on the 
ground run behind the transformers to the guard shack door and pick the lock. 
SC through the guard shack, turn left, run along the wall to and jump up onto 
the wall with the blue light. Hide along the wall near the fence and wait for 
a clear run to the other end of the raised area with the narrow shallow 
niche. Once within the niche, move to the end and do a double jump up to the 
roof. Locate the rappelling point and shoot out the glass. Rappel down inside 
the building and SC around the back of the arced desk where the BG is 
standing. He will move off, stay behind him and hide in the dark till he 
moves back to the desk. Locate the elevator and ride it to the next floor.

Where the hell is Ingrid? 

Stay in elevator, arm with the pistol, pop the neon sign to the right, (for 
hiding purposes) switch to rifle, pop the florescent light on the far wall 
past neon light (opposite end of turret hallway). Move to right and pop the 3 
lights over the glass security door. This makes the foyer dark enough for 
when you return with Ingrid. Exit the elevator creep over to the corner on 
the left, note the 2 RBGs, one on the other side of the door and the shadow 
of the 2nd in the adjoining hallway. Both will move off; slide along the left 
wall to the next corner to locate the shadow RBG. If at the end or walking 
away, pass through the door. Locate the 2 tall boxlike thingies and double 
jump up between them to enter the vent. Exit out the other end to the 
3 RBGs, one passes under Sam making a clockwise circle route of the room. The 
2nd RBG paces left to right along the front of the stage area and the 3rd 
makes an arcing route to both sides of the rear of the stage, with a short 
walk-by along the front. You need to have had RBG#1 pass under Sam, RBG#2 
moving to the left of the stage and RBG #3 passing back to either rear 
section of the of the stage area. Switch to NV, FC off the ledge, (don't 
hang, too much noise) FC to the right front corner of the stage, flip the 
light switch and Q&QC behind the curtain and then stick to the wall. Wait for 
RBG#3 to walk away from the rear of the stage to SC to the door and cable it. 
Quickly remove the cable and Q&QC back into the darkness. As you creep back 
into the dark, you'll hear the RBG that harasses Ingrid rant on. Wait for 
RBG#3 to walk away from the other end of the stage to exit the auditorium, 
turn right and enter the room at the end of the hallway. Flip the light 
switch, grab the goodies and return to the door to cable it. If clear, open 
the door and commence to popping the 2 florescent lights and the sign over 
the door to Ingrid's room. Open her door, pop the florescent ceiling light, 
and then the light on the wall to the left of the door near the glass wall. 
Switch to the rifle and then pop the light on the far wall near the glass 
wall. Keep an eye on the RBG on the other side of the glass wall, he may take 
a walk into the room your in, be ready to exit the room. When safe, talk to 
Ingrid switch to pistol and exit the room.

Recording Studio

Annie Oakley was a guy?

Beat Ingrid to the double doors, open the left side door and pop the 2 
florescent lights on the right.  Ingrid will drop and cover for a sec. 
Holster the wep, FC along the center of the right side hallway till you pass 
the opening where the water cooler is on the left, then drift to the left 
side, running over the flashlight to the turret gun. Quickly disable the 
turret gun and run to the end of the hallway, turn left and hide in the dark 
spot around the corner. 
(This maneuver works over 90% of the time. If you're able to quickly pop the 
lights and or neither of the 2 RBGs are close to the corner/intersection when 
you open the left door.)

Ingrid may walk all the way to the retinal scanner and open the door, or she 
may return to the 2 RBGs and talk to one of them. In either case, she'll be 
around in a few. Scan the area to see if you have company over to the other 
corner of the foyer, Most times you do. If so, you need to distract him after 
Ingrid opens the security door and enters the glassed in area.

If so, he needs to be distracted, find the bottle and toss it passed his 
nubbin hade, (without smacking him with it and after Ingrid has used the 
retinal scanner and entered the security area.) He'll turn to see what 
happened, giving you the time you need to enter the glassed security area. 
Enter the left side of the glassed security area, (this closes the security 
door), quickly move onto the edge of the ramp and shoot out the florescent 
wall light on Ingrid's end of the other ramp. You should be able to see her 
go into the duck and cover when you shoot. 

(Shooting the light out from this position seems to be what calls out the 3rd 
BG for my "Pop & Drop" and I think if you go too far onto the ramp, you'll 
get Ingrid and Frito-lay running toward each other, which means a failure for 
this set up. Restart.)

Shoulder the wep, quickly move back past a babbling covered up Ingrid to the 
wall and rearm. Ensure shockers are loaded into the launcher.

Initially, there will be 2 BGs at the far end of the ramp and then a 3rd BG 
will appear and all will line up in a tidy row, (lucky you). Set sights on 
Frito-lay, between head and chest. Allow the conversations between Ingrid and 
Frito and then Frito and his phone buddy to end. This is when it gets fun, my 
daughter calls this "Pop and Drop", you don't have to move, just fire a 
shocker, let Frito fall, fire and fall fire and fall. 3 down and one to go, 
shoulder your wep and quickly move in front of Ingrid, stop half way along 
the ramp rearm and wait for RBG#4 to appear from around the corner. 

Move too close to the corner and you may not have the time to react to his 
moves thereby getting shot. Once all 4 BGs are out, pop all the lights along 
this side of the corridor and the other end of the security area where the 
retinal scanner is. Return to Ingrid and talk to her to get her over to the 
(Popping all the lights in the security area is a precaution for the 2nd half 
of this event. It is imperative that Sam not miss any of the lights in the 
foyer on the other side of the security area. If he misses one, it will alert 
the 5th RBG to investigate, if he does, he'll find the 4 stunned RBGs, wake 
them and call an alert. I don't know if he uses the NV gear to see the BGs or 

There is one more RBG standing in the dark blocking Sam's path to the wall 
vent. Once all "lights" are out in the foyer, SC counter clockwise around the 
room to the elevator "WHISTLE" to gain the attention of the RBG, (lucky he 
doesn't use his NV on Sam). FC clockwise around the perimeter of the room to 
the neon signs on the wall and stop. As the RBG walks out and along the front 
of the elevator doors Q&QC into the hallway. Shoot out the florescent light 
on the wall and be mindful of the camera and an RBG that may show up while 
you're creeping under the camera. Stick to the wall, wait for the RBG to stop 
and walk away before following him. Stop in the glassed in area, wait for him 
to pass on his return route and continue on through the room to the climbing 
pipe. Climb the pipe, shimmy around to the dark and wait for the RBG return 
and leave again. Shimmy the rest of the way to the vent and enter it.


To Capture Sadono

Move through and exit the vent. Fast creep down the steps, around the boxes 
and into the short hallway Sadono uses to exit the game. I like to crouch and 
stick to the wall on the right under the "No Smoking" sign. When Sadono has 
completed his speech, he'll ready everyone to leave the studio. Un-stick from 
the wall, Move Sam out just as Sadono passes him for a grab. His men will go 
batty and may even begin to fire at something or other, but not at Sam or 
Sadono. Drag his Hispanic butt back along the route you used to get into the 
hallway. Slam hims furry face into both retinal scanners and then out to 
Ingrid and the chopper for Evac.
How the hell she get out on the roof?

KO 4

8. LAX California

Everybody must get Stone!

Listen to the info as you move Sam over the fence and along the wall to the 
delivery entrance to LAX. Wait for the truck to stop before moving toward it, 
(you might get squished). Climb into the trailer and wait for it to come to a 
stop inside the garage. Peek out with the glasses to locate the RG and dog, I 
wait for them to be walking off to Sam's right to drop off the trailer. Stay 
in the shadows as you move directly toward the guard shack. Once at the 
corner, stick to the wall on Sam's left all the way to the shack. As the 
guard moves away from the window, creep to the right of the window and climb 
up onto the shack. I move to the door side and wait with pistol to pop him 
when he makes one of his stops. Allow the RG and dog to move away from the 
shack to drop in, grab the guard and exit the shack for the door on the left 
Monty. Drop the guard in the room, move to and open the exit door. Note the 
maid getting ready to enter the bathroom, Q&QC over to the light switch for 
this room and flip it off. As the maid goes to inspect, enter the bathroom. 
Climb into and exit the vent. There are 3 openings along this duct, only the 
1st and 3rd are open to the warehouse. I exit the first opening, turn right, 
stand and arm with the pistol, kill the infected RBG as he walks toward Sam. 

(If you have probs lining up a shot, you can stick to the wall, drop into a 
creep and grab him from behind). I drag his filthy butt to the dark end where 
the 3rd duct opening is. I also pick up all the goodies, (air foils, 
shockers, etc) along my path.
When the other BG is walking or looking away FC to the opposite side of the 
warehouse where the conveyor belts are and climb through one of them to the 
next area. Turn right FC along the wall and pick up the shocker. The next 
infected RBG will position himself for a grab close to the elevated walkway, 
be there for the grab. Drag him back to the wall and kill him. Climb back up 
on top of the shelf, arm with the rifle and begin popping the lights over the 
elevated walkway where the exit door is and one of the infected. You can also 
pop the light above the bridge from here. Climb down and return to the 
conveyors. Climb over both, creep past the opening between the two big rooms; 
pick up the camera and Q&QC over to the infected who's sitting. Wait for 
everyone to be facing and or walking away from Sam's position to take the BG. 
Drag him back to where you got the camera and kill him. Position Sam to pop 
the light covering the stairs and climb up to the bridge. Turn left cross 
over the bridge and drop off if you have to. When clear, Q&QC inside the 
enclosure so as to have a clear shot at the hade of the 5th infected. Take 
him with you when you leave the area.

My luggage went where?

Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and drop him off in the dark. Turn 
around, pull your wep and pop the light above the closest conveyor. There's a 
pipe to climb, do so. Once you've made it to the other side and dropped off, 
follow the conveyor to where a 2nd conveyor joins up to it. Load air foils 
into the launcher, climb up and begin creeping toward the open window, I 
prefer staying to the right side closer to the window. Keep pace with the 
conveyor once you reach the window. You want to thump the employee as he 
turns to walk away, this will give Sam more time to FC to the other end 
before he can regain his wits and turn to see what happened. Once you get to 
the other side, pick up the goodies and exit the room. Climb the stairs.
Pass through the door, stay in the dark, allow the infected RBG to enter the 
kiosk at the other end of the room and snipe him. Move over to the conveyor, 
stay in the dark and allow the guy to move to his new position before 
continuing on to the infected RBG. Take his satchel for the pass code; bring 
him to the door with Sam. Once in the corridor, pop the lights proceed to the 
end and drop him off in the dark alcove thingy. Proceed to the next door.
Enter the room, there is a man talking on a phone and an infected RBG. Grab 
the infected near the door, KO him, take the satchel and take him out to the 
open balcony to kill him. There are a few lights along the far stairs that 
need to be cleared There is a series of long hanging lights above the stairs, 
the bottom 2 near the camera need to be popped. Return to the room. Switch 
off the lights and exit the room at the other end. Once in the next room, you 
hear someone suggest taking a break, locate the large hanging curtain to the 
right and slide behind it. Once at the other end of the curtain, locate the 
guards that are leaving the room, wait for them to be out of the room and 
that the 2nd guard has either followed the 1st or has gone down the stairs. 
If he walks down the stairs, wait for him to move over to the 1st guard 
before flipping the light switch near the standing man. Q&QC over to and exit 
through the door to the open balcony. FC down the stairs and then move over 
to the edge of the lower balcony. Switch to IR, and binoculars to locate 

Soth and his friends look like pretty hot guys to me.

Once done, turn to the elevator room. Pop 2 of the lights near the elevator 
on the left and then FC over to the dark corner. When safe, access the 
elevator shoot the access hatch out and climb to the next elevator. Creep out 
through the vent and soft drop to the floor. Note the guard with the white 
shirt that could be standing facing Sam or walking away, if he's facing Sam 
stay still till he turns to walk away. Move to the column, stick to it and 
swat turn to the other column. Slide along the railing till Sam's in the 
dark. Climb the ladder, stand, arm with the rifle, load a shocker into the 
barrel and walk about 10 feet along the walkway. Stun the 1st infected RBG as 
he walks and then stops for the 2nd time along the 3rd level walkway. 
Shoulder the rifle, creep to the end of the walkway, jump up to the pipe, 
skooch across to the other end and drop off. Climb down the ladder, creep 
over to the wall, turn left and Q&QC along the wall to the to the niche on 
the left with the big hole cut through it about 5 feet off the floor. Jump up 
into the hole, crouch and drop down to the walkway. Q&QC out, right, then 
left around the walkway till you come to the end. Climb the ladder into the 
darkness. There's a way long ladder to Sam's right, it goes to the 4th level. 
If you shoot the light out at the top of the ladder it'll probably gives you 
an extra 5 seconds of maneuvering before the (1 minute) timer starts running 
down. If you don't kill it, the timer begins about half way up the ladder.
Once at the top, fast creep over to the drop off, once on the 3rd level, drop 
into the creep and move over to the walkway leading to the bomb. Arm with the 
rifle; begin creeping toward the 2 remaining infected BGs. As soon as you 
have a clear shot at the 2nd RBG stun him with a shocker. Most times the 3rd 
RBG is directly behind #2. Once RBG#2 hits the floor, fire the 3rd shocker. 
By this time you should be nearly on top of RBG#1, if and when put a round in 
his head, shoulder the wep to make haste to RBG#2, rearm and vent him raise 
your sights and put one into the head of #3. Shoulder the wep. You should 
have Lambert on the line cussing with only 11 minutes left on the clock.

Kills 10



Totals KOs 13
Total kills 11

It bothers the crap out of me that the game requires Sam to kill the infected 
BGs, they have to be picked up regardless of their condition. If the dead and 
or the unconscious aren't found through a level, why then should the infected 
be killed? 
I wish there had been a way for me to get by the Jerusalem Cistern elevator 
BG without killing him, I (literally) tried for hours to improve timing and 
shot quality to stun him but it isn't possible for me, maybe someone else 
running on a PC version of the game. The fact is, the gate makes too much 
noise rising 

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