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Kaitlynn Brosamle
[email protected]
Version 1
Last Edited August 20th, 2004
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Copyright © 2004 

        Welcome to my walk-through of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

                                Table of Contents

1)	Controls and Buttons
2)      Chest
3)      The Game
4)	Leaky Cauldron
5)	Cellar
6)	Crookshanks and Scabbers
7)	Hogwarts Express
8)	Dementors
9)	Entrance Hall

                            1) Controls and Buttons

                       Control Panel = To Move Characters
                               Start = Menu
                            A Button = To Talk and To Open Up Chests
                            B Button = Cast Spells
                                   R = Change Spells and Characters
                                   L = Change Spells and Characters

There are a lot of chests in the game that
have important items in them you need 
to collect all of the items for later on in
the game to be able to beat some monsters

                                 3)The Game
In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Game For GameBoy Advance you battle 
monsters to gain experience points that make you earn levels. The balls of static 
are monsters. Your training is by battling these monsters to gain your levels and to 
become a great witch/wizard. I have beaten this game three times, and my shortest 
playing time for beating the whole game is 14 hours and 37 minutes. This is a really 
fun game and I enjoined every second playing it! So with further or due we 

                              4)Chapter 1
                             Leaky Cauldron

Walk straight up to Cornelius Fudge, he will start talking to you and you ask about 
S. Black
Follow him to and up the stairs and then go straight to the left when you reach the 
corner go straight up to Fudge and talk to him.
After you have received the collector cards go into your room and there you will 
half to battle the Book of Monsters 

                               Battle 1
                   In this battle I chose the two spells
                             Incendio Uno
                             Flipendo Uno

After you battle you will go to sleep
When you wake up go over to the chest and press A to open it
Head out of your room and back to the stairs you first took
Head straight upward and talk to the Ron and his parents
Go down from Ron to the chest press A
Walk straight to your left and up (press A) to talk to Tom the innkeeper

Head left again until you run into some tables then go up, through the door opening, 
and to the left once more
After that head downward and to the right to reach the cellar stairs

                                5) Cellar

Head straight to the right until you see a drop off in the floor, not to worry, 
press R to change the spell
Then press B to cast the spell Lumos
Walk across the green bridge press R again to change spells, and then B to cast
As soon as you break the barrels walk forward
When you come to the spot where you are able to go up, go up to the chest press A 
and head back down and proceed forward and down
Head left and down again until you come to a set of stairs, go down the stairs and 
down another small set of stairs
Keep going down until you come to a block
Go right and down
Press B to cast your spell (to move the block) go back up the small stairs and turn 
left go straight down and left 
Keep going straight up until you see another chest press A and go up another set of 
Press R to change spells and B to cast Lumos
Go straight until you come to a wall, go up and over to the right a little until you 
come to the dooor that opens itself
Go straight up
When u get the chance turn left where you will see the rat tonic

                                Battle 2
              In this battle I used these spells to beat the rat
                             Incendio Uno
                             Incendio Uno
                           Verdimillious Uno

After you beat the rat keep going left until you run into the wall
Go down press R and then press B, go into the path it was blocking
Go down and up tthe stairs
Head back over to Ron (he is where you first talked to him)

                      6) Crookshanks and Scabbers

Once Crookshanks chases Scabbers away you get to team up with Ron or Hermione
                              I chose Ron

Head back to the cellar stairs and go down them once again
To get across press R and then B to cast the spell Lumos
Head across and into the door you saw Crookshanks and Scabbers took
Press start and go down to save game if Yes and No appear on the screen go to yes 
and press A and then B

Once you enter head right and up so you can cross the stone path
Go straight and up to the door with the chains and key lock
Press R 2 times to get Rons face shown on the top left hand corner and press B so 
you can cast the Alohomora spell
Walk straight up and turn left and continue straight
On the second opening path take it to go up and get the chest press A to open and 
head back down and proceed left again
Press R 2 times so Harry is back up and press B so you get Lumos
Go straight and down, left, up, right, up press R 3 times and B twice 

Go left and upright up to the table where Scabbers is
Then walk over to the chest and press A go up the stairs press R 3 times and B once 
for the spell
Walk up to Hermione
Once you’re out of the cellar go over to the chest and press A
Walk over to Ron’s parents

                             7) Hogwarts Express

Once your on the train go down and walk to the left three doors down
On the 3rd door go up to it, press A to get inside walk in
After the train stopped Neville will ask you to find his toad
Walk past Neville and continue walking, go up and through the passage
Down and walk again up and through another passage 

                             8) Dementors

After Harry passes out Ron and Hermione half to protect him 

If you walk straight up you will see a blinking bar
Go up to it and press B to lock the door
Go right to another blinking bar and press B 

                  Then you get to choose Ron or Hermione 

                I chose Hermione to find the train conductor

Walk down and out the passage you came in
Walk down and over to the left again
Up and through the passage
Down and left to the train conductor
After you talk to him go back to Harry and Lupin, but before you can go through the 
last passage you have to battle a spider!

                                Battle 3
                        In this battle I used the spell
                              Incendio Uno

Walk up to Lupin and press A

                             9) Entrance Hall 

Once you are in the Entrance Hall, press start, save, and yes

I am working on the next part to put in here thanks for reading and if you have any 
questions feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] 


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