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Allo everyone! This is LocoPoco’s first ever guide so it may be a bit rusty. This 
is for everything and anything about the game.

Although the game is not all about farming it is still mostly a farming RPG. This 
section covers the basics and the niddy griddy details.
When you first start out the game you have every tool you need to farm. Later when 
you get a bit richer u should buy better tools so you can work faster and easier. 
Go to Vesta’s farm (the farm on the other side of the stream) and buy some seeds. 
Be careful though, only certain seeds grow in certain seasons. Here are the cost 
and seasons for crops.

Crop			Season				Cost of seed
Tomato                        Spring to Fall                           30g
Turnip                         Summer to Winter		 20g
Watermelon		Spring to Summer		 60g
Strawberry		Fall to Spring			 30g
Sweet Potato		Fall				 40g
Potato			Winter to Spring		 40g
Melon                          Summer to Fall                        50g
Carrot			Fall to Winter                           30g

Then there are fruits. You can plant and grow them at any time but they only give 
fruit in certain seasons. Before I show that to u I just wanna tell that when u get 
fruit DON’T sell it. Get the seed maker (order from Takakura for 6000g or get from 
Daryl, more on that later) and put your fruit in it. You will make much more money 
selling that way.

Tree			When fruits grow		Cost of seed
Banana			Summer			1500g
Apple			Fall				820g
Peach			Summer			1120g
Orange			Summer			820g
Grape			Fall				900g

You can also buy fertilizer for your crops for 120g. If you fertilize your crops 4 
times (30 for trees) your crop quality will be better (A). Do it twice as much to 
make S quality. In the second year go to Takakura when he is at home and you will 
meet Tartan. Befriend this two-headed plant and he will let you mix seeds to make 
hybrids. You can even mix hybrids to make rare crops in which case you get to name 

All animals that live in the barn eat fodder. Make fodder by using your sickle to 
cut grass outside in the pasture. When the animals are outside they do not need to 
be fed. If in animal is sick get it some medicine by ordering it. Turnips and 
carrots can be used as snacks.

Probably your most important animal is your cow. Keeping a cow is not easy. You 
start out with a normal cow. Your happy and you milk for about 40 days without a 
problem. Then your cow stops giving milk. This is completely normal. To get your 
cow to milk again you need it to have a baby. You need to buy a miracle potion in 
the ordering ledger.
When you first buy a cow it is only about 10 days old. Wait 30 days, make it have a 
baby and THEN you can milk it. P.S the first couple milkings after a cow has a baby 
will result in mothers milk. You can still make cheese and butter with it but you 
can’t sell it. Well actually you can sell it to Van. The types of cows are Brown, 
Star, Normal, and Marble. All make unique milk. To improve

Next come sheep. I got lucky and mine gave golden wool all the time. Golden wool is 
very valuable, 600g. All you need to do to get brush and brush it every day and 
wash it every other day. To wash an animal go outside, push it up to the little 
bath in the left corner of the pasture and take the brush and press X. The three 
types of wool are white, gold and just wool.  

Chickens are pretty basic. Get one boy and one girl. Put all fertilized eggs in the 
incubator in the chicken coop. Once your chicken coop is full sell all the boys 
except one.
And then fill the space in with girls. The chickens eat chicken feed, which you can 
order and put in the big rectangle in the middle of the chicken coop.

A horse is any easy animal. When the first summer comes along do not order anything 
and work hard on your farm to get a horse. Feed it and make sure it gets plenty of 

Ducks are just like chickens. Treat them the same way. Get a pond and make sure 
your chicken coop has less than 6 chickens. Many people think that ducks do not lay 
eggs. They actually do. Ducks don’t sit on their eggs like chickens do. The only 
way to tell if a duck egg is a duck egg is to hatch it.

The final kind of animal is a goat. Treat them, as it was a cow. The only 
difference is you cannot buy a by so after its 40 days of milking are up they are 

You can also get some pets. You start with a dog. Later on Romana (the old lady) 
asks you if you want a kitty. Then during winter befriend the big white ape and he 
will give you a lizard.

There are three available brides in town. It’s the classic blonde, brunette and 
redhead situation. Each girl has a different personality, like of presents and 
certain qualities that they are attracted to. P.S You will get married no matter 
what and there will be events to guide you so you will have a bit of help but we 
would not want to marry who is chosen by whoever likes YOU the most. To check how 
much a girl likes you check their diaries.

Find her at Vesta’s Farm. Perfect wife for a farmer. She is attractive. Very 
intelligent farming wise. She likes flowers crops and diary products. However you 
need the deep love of 5 hearts to get her to marry you. Her son will grow up to be 
nice, down to to earth, child. He likes animals and to be told how everything 
works. He idolizes you and if you be nice to him he will stay that way.

Find her at the bar. She is a girl who thinks she could have a better life then 
being a bargirl. She already likes you a bit so you only need 4 hearts to marry 
her. She likes most of the things that Celia does but maybe you can bring her 
something shiny once in a while like an ore. Her son grows up to be a giggly little 
troublemaker. Sometimes he sneaks out at bedtime.

Find her at the Inn. Plays hard to get. She is. She likes fall flowers and fossils 
and statues from the dig. To raise your chances of marring her when you get the 
blue feather go to the other brides, shoe it to them but say you don’t mean it. Her 
child grows up to be a shy little guy who will go to sleep even if his mom is 

Jobs for kids
Do not carry your kid too much or it will spoil him. To make him an athlete 
befriend the running family and buy him a ball. To make him a scientist befriend 
Daryl, Carter and Flora. And buy him a car. To make him an artist befriend Cody and 
inspire him with the pictures he makes in his sketchbook.

That’s all for now, but ill update soon.

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