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This will get updated the further I get in the game.

1. Getting Started
When you start you choose if you are a boy or girl. If you are a girl, the boy will 
be your helper with the farm. For choosing a boy it is just the opposite except she 
will help you with the animals. If you choose a girl you get a female cow to start 
with. You also get to choose your blood type. After you decide your names you 
choose an animal. You have a choice of a S dog, M dog, L dog, pig, white cat (looks 
pink), black 
cat, brown cat (looks spotted), bird (yellow). After that you name him.  Next there 
is a story of what 
happened. And then the game starts!

2. Your Tools
	You start out with a fodder set, a brush, and a milker when you are a girl. 
You also start out with a watering can, hoe, hammer, sickle, and an axe. If you are 
a boy you start with miracle gloves. You find a shovel in the hot spring. 

3.Taking care of animals 
	Feed your animals every day. If you are a girl you can use the fodder set. 
The fodder set contains 32 fodders. If you take care of your animals every day, you 
will get better eggs, wool, and milk. On rainy days do not let your animals out, 
because they might get sick. On sunny days (except in the winter) be sure to let 
your animals outside.

	Grass seeds are 600g. Turnip seeds are 120g. 

5. Items
	In the spring you can find wild berries in the grassland. In the summer you 
can find cherries.

6. Other things
	Every Monday and Thursday you can take the ferry to the mainland. In the 
mainland you can go to the farmer’s union, aquarium, theater, or the super market.

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