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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
By: Taylor B
[email protected]
Last Updated: 5/30/07

Hello, this FAQ is written entirely by me. my old account, GameCubeTomboy, I 
don't remember the e-mail I used.
So I decided to start a new one.
I've actually misplaced my Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life CD, so I'm gonna 
update certain things in the FAQ for now until I find it.

Table Of Contents:

1. Getting Muffy
2. Figure Out When To Ask
3. What Happend To Me
4. Before Getting Married
5. Being Married
6. Muffy's Kid

1. Getting Muffy

So you've noticed the flirty blonde? Yes, most people think she is gorgeous. 
The way 
to get her is, giving her flowers of all different seasons.  Aroumos, Trick 
Toy Flowers, Mist Moons, Godness Drops, and alot of others. Muffy also likes 
Ores, Old Coins, basically anything her eye can catch. 

Likes: Flowers, Old Coins, Ores, Certain Fish
Dislikes: Fossils, Weird Stuff, Colombo

2. Figure Out When To Ask

Nak, Nic, and Flak will give you a blue feather in summer of Chapter 1. You 
can 'try' to give it to Muffy anytime. But, I wouldn't advise it. 
Muffy and 'ANY' of the three girls will only accept the Blue Feather when they 
have 4 hearts in their 
Muffy's diary is located in the blue bar hidden behind the plant. You should 
ask her to marry you the day after she has 4 hearts! Also, you cannot give 
Muffy the blue feather when she is working! You can only give her stuff before 
she is working and when she's off of work. (The Blue Bar opens at: 10:00am!)

3. What Happend To Me

Well, I kept giving Muffy everything. 
Then she had 4 hearts. I asked her to marry me on the 10th day of Summer.  
You'll have to wait after the 1st Chapter, cause she won't be living with 
you 'til then. (of course, after you've asked her hand in marriage)

4. Before Getting Married

What, I should advise is, get a Bull, a sheep, and a pond before Chapter 2. 
right at the beginning of Chapter 2. The pond is for the ducks. The bull is to 
keep  your cow (the female) company. Or to breed, if you want to breed you 
don't have to buy a bull. 
Because you can buy Mircale Potion for 2,500G. (which makes your female 
A bull costs 3,000G and you have to wait awhile before breeding because 
your bull will be to young! In the begging of Chapter 2, in Spring buy as many 
Banana tree seeds from Vesta. Well, it costs alot! Also, you must have a seed 
Once you have 15 bananas, put them in the seed maker and you will get 15 
seeds. You can sell them to Van for 750G each. Which will be around 30,000G!

5. Being Married

Well, in Spring of Chapter 2 you will be married. Muffy, is my wife. But its a 

6. Muffy's Kid

Muffy's kid looks just like Muffy. Blonde hair and green eyes. He wears blue 
overalls with a red shirt. He has a blue hat. Muffy wakes him up at 8:00am. 
basically they get up at the same time. 
(C) was by me. Do not copyright my information from my FAQ. If you have any 
questions please email me at [email protected] Also, posted at the top of 
the page!

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