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			Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
                            Updated version 2.0 
                              Updated 1/03/05
                  This FAQ is copyrighted by Cheatcodes.com



1.0 Controls
2.0 Time Management
3.0 Animals
    3.1 Getting your dog
    3.2 Getting your cat
    3.3 Getting your horse
4.0 Farming
    4.1 Seeds
    4.2 Farming equipment
5.0 Barnyard Animals
    5.1 Cows
    5.2 Sheep
    5.3 Goats
6.0 Caring for your animals
    6.1 Feeding
    6.2 Nuzzling
    6.3 Washing
    6.4 Grooming
    6.5 Milking
    6.6 Health/Feelings/Mood
7.0 Poultry
    7.1 Chickens
    7.2 Ducks
    7.3 Chicks
8.0 Caring for your Poultry
    8.1 Feeding
    8.2 Hatching eggs
9.0 Ordering things
    9.1 Animals
    9.2 Tools
    9.3 Buildings
    9.4 Selling
10.0 Recipes
    10.1 Salads
    10.2 Soup
    10.3 Desserts
    10.4 Hors D'Oeuvres
    10.5 Entree
11.0 How to get Celia
    11.1 Give her flowers
    11.2 When to propose
12.0 Hints and Tips
    12.1 Get rich easily
13.0 Hybrid Stuff
    13.1 Crop Hybrids
    13.2 Tree Hybrids

                                1.0 Controls
     A button: To open doors, look at things, water plants, pick up, put, confrim 
options, and use items.
     Control Stick: Move character, choose options.

     B button: Almost not used in game, use it to go back to the previous screen.

     Y button: Just press it to eat something.

     X button: To veiw and select something or one of your items.

     Z button: First person veiw, use it to look at something.(When in first person 
veiw you cannot move, you can't use it indoors.

     Start/Pause: To pause the game.

     C stick: To change the camera veiw.

     L button: Center camera behind you, change pages to the left.

     R button: Whistle to call your dog, or people while selling things.  Press 
twice to call your horse.  You can also change pages to 
the right.

                             2.0 Time Management

    In Harvest Moon, time passes quickley. One minute in the game being one second 
in real life.  One hour in the game being one
one minute in real life. 24 minutes being one game day without sleeping.  Its a 
good game because it doesn't take forever to play.


                             3.0 Getting animals

     3.1 Getting the dog

     You get the dog at the beginning of the game when Takakura(Mr. T) shows you 
your farm.  Two dogs will run up to your
character.  The bad thing is you only get to pick one of the two dogs.  The short 
eared dog or the pointy eared dog.  You can pick 
any dog they both function the same.

     3.2 Getting the cat
     You get the cat after you befriend Romana. In the second year you get the 
cat.  The cat functions the same as the dog.

     3.3 Getting the horse

     You get the horse at some day in summer of year 1.  Mr. T notices you need to 
get to places faster so he orders a horse for you.
Don't worry, the horse is free.  Think of a good name.  It it a male horse.


                                  4.0 Farming

     4.1  Seeds

         Seeds are one of the most helpful things in the game.  Seeds can wither 
away easily so plant them in the right season.  You can 
plant trees in any season.  I'll make a chart for you! You can buy the seeds from 
Vesta or Marlin.

                 Seeds     Season         Buy       Sell
	        Tomatoes  Spring-Fall     30G        35G
              Watermelons Spring-Summer   60G        75G
                Melons   Summer-Fall      50G        70G
              Strawberrys Fall-Spring     30G        35G
                Turnips  Summer-Winter    20G        25G
               Potatoes  Winter-Spring    40G        60G
                Carrots   Fall-Winter     30G        45G
            Sweet Potatoes Fall Only      40G        60G
                Peaches  Summer Harvest  1,120G      40G
                Oranges  Summer Harvest   820G       30G
                Grapes    Fall Harvest    900G       35G
               Banannas  Summer Harvest  1,500G      35G
                Apples    Fall Harvest    820G       25G

Just to let you know,  Peaches, Oranges, Grapes, Bannanas, and Apples are trees.  
When trees are fully grown they don't have to be 
watered. To Plant: use a hoe to plow the soil where you going to plant, then select 
your seed.  Press A to plant it.  Then water it 
with your watering can.  If you want you can fertilize it.  Water it every day when 
it looks dry, untill you can harvest it.

     4.2  Farming tools

      The main farming tools are Watering can(any size), a Hoe(any weight), a Sickle
(any weight), a milker, wool shears(if you have a 
sheep), a fishing pole, and a brush.  You can order more tools from Mr. T.

Note: Heavier tools makes the job harder, lighter tools make the job easier.


                                5.0 Farm Animals

     5.1  Cows

   Cows are probably the best animal in the game.  There are 4 different kinds of 
cows, so that means 4 different kinds of milk,
which mean different prices.  You start out with one female normal cow.  Different 
kind of cows are Normal Cows, Brown Cows,
Marble Cows, and Star Cows.  I'll make a chart!

 Normal Cow Prices    Brown Cow Prices     Marble Cow prices        Star Cows
An average dairy cow   Gives good milk  The same as Brown cows    The best cow
    Male: 3,000G         Male: 4,000G         Male: 4,000G        Male: 6,000G
   Female: 4,000G       Female: 5,000G       Female: 5,000G      Female: 7,000G
  Seeding: 2,500G       Seeding: 3,500G     Seeding: 3,500G     Seeding: 5,500G

Normal Cow Mik Price Brown Cow Milk Price Marble Cow Milk Price Star Cow Milk Prices
    Quality B: 75G     Quality B: 115G       Quality B: 115G       Quality B: 270G
   Quality A: 115G     Quality A: 175G       Quality A: 175G       Quality A: 405G
   Quality S: 150G     Quality S: 225G       Quality S: 225G       Quality S: 540G

Pregnancy for your Cows is something to think about because after a cow gives birth 
it will not give milk AFTER a 35-40 day cycle.
To make a cow pregnant you will have to order a bull.  To do this follow this 
guide.  1.  Go to the food storage room. 2. Press A 
by the ledger(the small desk looking thing). 3. Press order animals.  4. click 
Miricle Potion.  5. Click other bull then click who you
want to be pregnant.  Then the harvest sprites will guide you through after Mr. T 
gives your cow the M.P.

If you order a new cow and try to milk it, a ? will appear over her head.  To milk 
it, it needs to be pregnant first.  But It needs to be 
old enough to take the M.P.

     5.2  Sheep

   The sheep produces wool which sells for 75G.  You can also get golden wool which 
sells for 600G.  The sheep costs 1,500G
I forgot how much it sells for.  Before you do anything buy wool shears and a 
brush.  Wash your sheep outside then brush him on 
both sides.  Use the shears and you should have golden wool.  Buy a lot of animal 
medicine because the sheep will get sick often.
But the golden wool makes a pretty good profit.

      5.3  Goat

    You can buy the goat any time during spring of the second year from Van the 
traveling salesman.  Goats do make milk.  Goat 
milk sells for 120G and good goat milk sells for 300G.  But If you buy a goat you 
will be stuck with it untill it dies, you can't sell it.
Plus goats stop making milk after a while.  Turn the goat milk into butter for a 
higher profit.  But when it stops making milk it is 


			6.0  Caring for barn animals

     6.1  Feeding

    To feed your animals, go over to the gap in the wall in the barn and tap A. 
Then walk over to the empty trough and press A to set
the fodder. Continue this until every trough is full. When your fodder gets low, 
use the sickle to trim the pasture.

     6.2  Nuzzling

    Nuzzling makes you animals feel more fond of you.  Cows milk ratings go up with 
this.  Possibly to an S rank milk.  "Good milk 
comes from happy cows, Happy cows come from Forget- Me- Not Valley."

     6.3  Washing

    To wash your animals, bring them outside.  Then push them over to the bath 
outside.  pull out the brush and the Y button should
be WASH.  Press it to wash your animals.

     6.4  Grooming

    Grooming your animals helps build relationships between the two of you.  Brush 
them on the side to make a music note above
their heads.  

     6.5  Milking

    Milking your cows can make the best profit on your farm.  Milk them by going to 
their side and pressing the A button.  If you 
have a lot of cows to milk buy the milking room for 60,000G.  Push them in there 
often.  Soon they will go in there on their own.

     6.6  Health/Feelings/Moods

    Don't leave your animals outside in the rain or snow.  Wash your animals every 
now and then to increase your animals relationship
with you.  DO NOT wake up any cows while sleeping.  DO NOT overmilk your heard.

                                   7.0 Poultry

     7.1  Chickens
    A great way to jump-start your income is to purchase a chicken to produce 
eggs. There is also a slight chance to get the rare,
huge profit making golden egg. Make sure you purchase a male and a female to 
produce eggs. If they produce fertilized eggs, you 
have two choices to make, sell it for 50G or incubate it and make another chick. 
The golden egg can be sold to Van for 300G, but 
if you choose "No" then he'll raise his price to 360G. You also should make sure 
you purchase bird feed when you order your 

Egg Chart
Regular		40G
Fertilized	50G
Golden		300-360G

     7.2  Ducks

     To get the ducks you need to get married.  Then buy the pond(2,500G).  Let 
your wife wake up before you one day.  She will
tell you that ducks have visited your pond.  You can choose to keep them or let 
them free.  But these are the only ducks in the game
unless your ducks have a fertilized egg.  Treat them the same way as your chickens 
and chicks.  You must have 6 or less chickens in 
your coop.

                         8.0  Caring for your poultry

     8.1  Feeding

    To feed your birds, order bird feed.  Mr. T will put it in the self in the tool 
shed.  take the bird feed to the chicken coop.  At the
center of the coop press A to lay the food while it is in your hands.  

Note: the bird feed will be eaten faster if you have more chicks.

     8.2  Hatching eggs

    Hatching eggs is easy.  Just place a fertilized egg in the incubator.  Wait 5 
or more days and the egg should hatch.

                               9.0  Ordering things

     9.1 Animals

    To order animals go to the ledger.  Press A over the picture of the cow.  
Choose what you want to order.  Then wait for your 

     9.2  Tools

    To order tools go to the ledger.  Press A over the 2nd 3rd or 4th slots.  Then 
choose  which tool you want.

     9.3  Buildings

    Go to the ledger.  Select the 5th slot down.  Then choose which building you 

     9.4  Selling

    To sell your animals go to the ledger.  Select the last slot down.  Then choose 
who you want to sell.

                              10.0  Recipies

     10.1  Salads

     Name		Ingred. 1	Ingred. 2	Ingred. 3

Dhibe Salad		Dhibe		Tomato		Tomato

Egg Salad		Egg		Tomato		Tomato

Fruit Salad		Apple		Bannana		Tomato

Light Pickles		Turnip		N/A		N/A

Potamelo Salad		Potamelo	Bannana		Apple

Red Salad		Tomato		Tomato		Tomato

Marinade		Fish		Mugwort		Tomato

Melon Salad		Melon		Apple		Apple

Tomacarro Salad		Tomato		Carrot		N/A

Tomamelo Salad		Tomato		Melon		N/A

     10.2  Soups

     Name		Ingred. 1	Ingred. 2	Ingred. 3

Earth Soup		Carrot		Potato		N/A

Stew			Potato		Carrot		Milk

Tomatoma Soup		Tomato		Carrot		N/A

Yam Soup		Sweet Potato	N/A		N/A

     10.3  Desserts

     Name               Ingred. 1        Ingred. 2      Ingred. 3

Carrot Cake             Carrot           Milk           Egg

Cocktail                Berrtoma         Phuju          N/A

Dhibe Cake              Dhibe            Milk           Egg

Fruit Juice             Peach            Grapes         Milk

Good Juice              Carrot           Berrytoma      Grapes

Grilled Yam             Sweet Potato     N/A            N/A

Ice Cream               Brown Milk       Star Milk      N/A

Kashry Ice Cream        Kashry           Brown Milk     Star Milk

Love Cocktail           Watermelon       Grapes         N/A

Magenge Jam             Magenge          N/A            N/A

Oraghe                  Oraghe           N/A            N/A

Peach Tart              Peach            Butter         Egg

Phurum Jam              Phurum           N/A            N/A

Pound Cake              Butter           Milk           Egg

Rich Juice              Bannana          Peach          Star Milk

Strawberry Cake         Strawberry       Milk           Egg

Sweet Cocktail          Oraphu           Gehju          N/A

Sweet Potato            Sweet Potato     Butter         Egg

Veggie Cake             Tomato           Milk           Egg

Veggie Juice            Carrot           Berrytoma      N/A

     10.4  Hors' D'Oeuvres

    Names               Ingred. 1        Ingred. 2      Ingred. 3

Fried Mushrooms         Potato           Mushroom       Butter

Fried Veggie            Tomato           Carrot         Butter

Grape Pie               Grape            Butter         Egg

Melon Pie               Melon            Butter         Egg

Sashimi                 Fish             N/A            N/A

Smoothe Veggies         Potato           Turnip         Carrot

     10.5  Entrees

    Names               Ingred. 1        Ingred. 2      Ingred. 3

Curry                   Potato           Carrot         Ruby Spice

Gratin                  Cheese           Butter         Milk

Meuniere Set            Fish             Butter         N/A

Mushroom Curry          Potato           Mushroom       Ruby Spice

Mushroom Gratin         Cheese           Butter         Mushroom

Omelet                  Egg              Butter         N/A  

Note: You should enter the ingredients in this exact order for it to turn out.

                              11.0 How to get Celia

     11.1  Give her flowers

    Just give her a lot of toy flowers.  Don't give her any artifacts.  Check her 
diary every day.  It is on the upper floor of Vesta's 
house.  Press A by her bed to check it.  No, She isn't talking about someone else.

     11.2  When to propose

    Give Celia the blue feather when she has 3or 4 red hearts in her diary.  She 
should say yes!  

                            12.0 Hints and Tips

     12.1 Get rich easily

    Buy a Bannana tree.(1,500G)  Then buy the seed maker.(6,000G)Plant the tree in 
a feild.  Take care of it well.  When it is fully 
grown, wait till Summer.  Then harvest the Bannanas.  Then put 12 Bannanas in the 
seed maker.  Wait two days they should be ready.
Sell the seeds to Van.  Then you will have a lot more Gs.  Each Seed sells for 750G.


                                13.0  Crop Hybrids
     13.1  Crops

  Name               Crop 1             Crop2

Bashber              Potato             Watermelon

Bashota              Potato             Sweet Potato

Berryber             Strawberry         Watermelon

Berryto1             Melon              Strawberry

Berryto2             Strawberry         Sweet Potato

Berrytoma            Strawberry         Tomato

Cabber               Carrot             Watermelon

Cady                 Carrot             Turnip

Camelo               Melon              Carrot

Dhibe                Strawberry         Turnips

Dhilon               Melon              Turnip

Gretoma              Tomato             Watermelon

Kandy                Sweet Potato       Turnip

Kanro                Carrot             Sweet Potato

Kashry               Sweet Potato       Watermelon

Melober              Melon              Watermelon

Melotoma             Melon              Tomato

Paberryta            Potato             Strawberry

Patamalo             Melon              Potato

Radita               Potato             Turnip

Raury                Watermelon         Turnip

Sholo                Melon              Sweet Potato

Tataro               Carrot             Potato

Tobatama             Tomato             Potato

Tomaca               Tomato             Carrot

Trandy               Tomato             Turnip

Yamato               Tomato             Sweet Potato

     13.2  Tree Hybrids

 Name              Fruit 1            Fruit 2

Appage             Apple              Banana

Gehju              Banana             Grape

Jurjum             Grape              Peach

Lanmuge            Orange             Peach

Magerum            Banana             Peach

Mangenge           Orange             Banana

Oraphu             Apple              Orange

Orahge             Orange             Grape

Phuju              Apple              Grape

Phurum             Apple              Peach


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