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 1. Characters
 2. Animals
 3. Crops
 4. Tools/Buildings
 5. Carter's Dig
 6. Fishing
 7. Marriage
 9. Shops
10. Events
11. Recipes
12. Hybrids
13. Money Making
14. Miscellaneous items
15. Frequently Asked Questions
16. Credits
17. Contact Info
18. Copyright


Make friends with the characters in Forget-Me-Not Valley. It will lead to
certain events, items, or career paths for your son. To make friends, give
them gifts they like and eventually when you walk past them while they are
walking their head will look at you. This is when you know you're friends.

a. Takakura- Takakura lives on the farm with you. He used to run it with your 
father. He is the man to go to if you have questions about your farm. He ships
your dairy products and buys and sells livestock, tools, buildings, or animal
food and medicine for you.

Gift Ideas- Give him cooked food.

b. Tim- Tim is the co-owner of the Inner Inn. He traveled to many places, but
finally settled in Forget-Me-Not Valley.

Gift Ideas- Eggs, Milk, Butter, Fruit Punch, Cheese, Sashimi

When Tim is your friend he will give you the strange hoe. To get this enter his
room around 8 in the morning to trigger an event.

c. Ruby- Ruby is the co-owner of the Inner Inn, Tim's wife and an amazing chef.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Milk, Butter, Curry, Tomatoes

When Ruby is your friend she wil give you the Ruby Spice. To get this, enter
the inn's kitchen around 8 or 9 in the morning to trigger an event. The Ruby
Spice doesn't run out if you cook with it, but don't sell it.

d. Rock- Rock is the village party boy. He lives at the Inner Inn with his
parents, Tim and Ruby.

Gift Ideas- Toy Flowers, Mist Moon Flowers, Earth Soup, Upseeds, Marinade

e. Nami- Nami is a quiet, smart traveler who stays at the Inner Inn. She is one
of the girls you can marry. If you do not marry her, she leaves town for a

Gift Ideas- Statues, Skull Fossils, Trick Blue Flowers, Watermelons,
Light Pickles

f. Galen- Galen is an old man who lives with his wife, Nina.

Gift Ideas- Fish, Apples, Mugworts, Royal Ferns, Bracken

In chapter 2 or later you can get the fishing pole G if you are friends with
Galen. Enter his house around 5 or 6 in the morning.

g. Nina- Nina is a nice, little, old lady who lives with her husband Galen.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Milk, Crops, Mugworts, Royal Ferns, Hackberries

h. Wally- Wally is an athlete who spends his mornings running.

Gift Ideas- Eggs, Milk, Sashimi, Cheese, Fruit

Become friends with Wally and he will give you the Wool Clippers. Enter his
house when he is home to trigger an event. In chapter 3 or later He will give
you the Gold Medal.

i. Chris- Chris is Wally's wife. She works in the city.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Milk, Fruit

j. Hugh- Hugh is Chris and Wally's son. He is training to become an athlete
like his dad.

Gift Ideas- Coins, Curry, Fishing Poles, Milk

k. Griffin- Griffin is the owner of the Blue Bar, playing guitar in his spare

Gift Ideas- Fish, Coins, Sashimi, Fruit Punch, Ores

l. Muffy- Muffy works at the Blue Bar and is another girl you can marry.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Coins, Big Huchep, Milk

m. Romana- Romana is an old woman who's been in town longer than anyone.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Milk

Romana gives you the Watering Can W if you are her friend. Enter her room
while she is in there to trigger ths event. She also gives you a cat in the
fall of chapter 2 if you are her friend. Wake up around 9 and she should be
waiting outside for you.

n. Sebastian- Sebastian is Romana's butler.

Gift Ideas- Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Butter, Pound Cake

o. Lumina- Lumina is Romana's granddaughter and a talented pianist.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Cake

In chapter 3, if you are friends with Lumina you will get the Sheet Music.
Enter her room when she is there to trigger an event.

p. Vesta- Vesta runs a farm where you can buy seeds and fertilizer.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Milk, Curry

If you are friends with Vesta  enter her storage room when only she is in there,
around 5 to 7 PM, to recieve the weird hoe.

q. Marlin- Marlin is Vesta's brother who helps her on the farm. He won't like
it if you marry Celia.

Gift Ideas- S Rank Vegetables, Stamina Potions

r. Celia- Celia is a nice farm girl whom you can marry.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Vegetables

s. Kassey- Kassey is one of the pyrotechnicians. He has the happy face on his

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Ores

t. Patrick- Patrick is Kassey's twin brother and the other pyrotechnician. He
has the flower on his clothes.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Ores

u. Daryl- Daryl is a scientist, who lives in his lab behind the Blue Bar.

Gift Ideas- Fish, Eggs, Fossils, Coins

When Daryl is your friend enter his house to recieve the seed maker. You can
also buy this yourself for 6,000 G.

v. Carter- Carter is an archaeologist who lives in a tent by the waterfall near
his dig site. He'll let you help out by digging.

Gift Ideas- Milk, Fish, Cheese, Sashimi

If you befriend Carter and Flora and have also found all 6 tablets at the dig
site (one per chapter) Carter will give you a chihuahua.

w. Flora- Flora is Carter's assistant and lives in his tent with him.

Gift Ideas- Fish, Cheese, Butter, Milk, Curry, Meuniere Set

You have to befriend Flora for the chihuahua and in chapter 3 if you are
friends she will give you a necklace. Enter the tent when she is there.

x. Gustafa- Gustafa is a musician who lives in a yurt by the beach.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Curry, Milk

When you are his friend enter his house to get the strange sickle and in
chapter 3 he gives you drums.

y. Dr. Hardy- Dr. Hardy is a doctor. He doesn't get a house until Chapter 2.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Fish, Fossils, Happy Lamps

In chapter 2 if you are friends with Dr. Hardy he will give you a weird sickle
when you enter his house.

z. Van- Van is a traveling merchant. The 3 and 8 of every season he will open
his shop next to the inn. He also comes on random other days.

Gift Ideas- Eggs, Coins

aa. Cody- Cody is an artist who lives in the trailer next to the
pyrotechnician's tower.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Eggs, Ores, Fossils

If you are friends with Cody, in chapter 4 he will give you a piece of artwork
he has done for you when you enter his house.

bb. Murrey- Murrey is the town beggar. He lives in the woods and will sit by
the bar begging for money to return to his home of PoPo Valley.

Gift Ideas- Most Food

cc. Grant- Grant and his family move in in Chapter 2.

Gift Ideas- Eggs, Milk, Goat Milk

At around 5 AM if you are friends with Grant he will give you an alarm clock
when you enter his house.

dd. Samantha- Samantha is Grant's wife.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Milk

ee. Kate- Kate is Grant and Samantha's little girl.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Coins

ff. Nic, Nak, and Flak- They are the Harvest Sprites. They live in a tree in
the woods. You can't give them gifts.

gg. MukuMuku- MukuMuku is a white, hairy beast that lives in the woods. He is
only around in Winter.

Gift Ideas- Flowers, Eggs, Fish, Crops



They are your main source of income. They can be milked twice a day.
There are four types:
Normal cows 4000G
Brown cows- 5000G
Marble cows- 5000G
Star cows- 7000G

The milk is worth:
Nrm Milk B- 75G
Nrm Milk A- 115G
Nrm Milk S- 150G

   Brown & Marble Milk B- 115G
   Brown & Marble Milk A- 175G
   Brown & Marble Milk S- 225G
   Star Milk B- 270G
   Star Milk A- 405G
   Star Milk S- 540G
If you own the food processing room you can make butter & cheese.
   Regular Butter- 225G
   Good Butter- 300G
   Regular Cheese- 225G
   Good Cheese- 300G
 When breeding use miracle potion from another town.

You buy it from Van. The goat comes with its own milker. she will become useless 
after awhile, but be nice to her.

15.Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you get married?
A: Give them items they like.

Q: Is there a way 2 do it faster than normal?
A: No.

Q: What are the ducks for? They never produce eggs
A: The Ducks do lay eggs and put them under the ducks and if not decor.

Q: Do you have a list of all or a lot of the recipes?
Q: Do you know any good hybird combinations?
A(for both): http://www.nintendo.com/np/harvestmoon/  this should answer your 

Q:We just got the Harvest Moon game and can't figure out how to get out of our 
house once we are in. Also, how do you save. We try to get out and stand by the 
door and have pressed every button and can't get out to go anywhere. Please help. 
A:Unless your game is defective you leave your house by standing infront of the 
door and pressing "A". You Save by going to your nightstand and pressing the A 
button, then selecting the correct option.

Q:See I'm not sure how to buy the food for my animals what do i do cuz i ordered 
some food from the food storage and it came but when i go to feed my animals it 
says i have no stock of hay 
A:You have to go to the animal's outdoor area and cut down some of the stuff.

16. Credits
Myself and the video game Harvest Moon:AWL
Also thanks Cheatcodes.com for posting this.

17. Contact Info.
 E-mail me at [email protected] with any questions.

18. Copyright
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