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January 19, 2005
Harvest Moon Chapters 1-2
Table of Contents
1.	Legal blahs
2.	Some characters
3.	Important stuff
4.	Animals
5.	Buildings
6.	Marriage
7.	Child
8.	Crops
9.	Van

1. Legal blahs
	Copyrighted by Eaglf2 at [email protected] if you have any questions 
about my FAQ then e-mail me.

2. Some Characters.
	1. Nina- Be nice to her in the 1st chapter because she dies in the second
	2. Romana- Be nice to her because she gives you a watering can that makes 
trees grow faster and a cat.
	3. Vesta- Be nice to her and she gives you a hoe.
	4. Ruby- Befriend Ruby fast because she’s your ticket to Ruby Spice for 
	5. Daryl- Go to his house in chapter 1 between 12:00 + 14:00 and there will 
be a cut scene where he says that the city stole his invention blah… and he’ll give 
you a seed maker for free.
	6. Van- He only comes to Forget Valley every so often but always comes on 
the third and eighth day of a season. You can sell stuff to him.

3. Important stuff
	1. Plant as many turnips as you can during Summer-Winter
	2. Plant a banana tree in the very fertile field and buy 60 fertilizers to 
get S ranked bananas to turn into seeds and sell to Van for a ton of money or chop 
the tree down to plant a S ranked crop to save fertilizer money.
	3. Only plant trees in the fertile or very fertile field if you’re going to 
fertilize them.
	4. Trees don’t grow next to each other and fruits don’t grow 2 spaces near 
	5. Buy 2 chickens: 1 rooster, 1 hen for fertilized eggs to get more 
	6. Don’t reset the game if you don’t get a hen from a hatched egg; instead 
sell the adult rooster for cash.
	7. Buy a star bull so you can mate it with your cow when the bull is an 
adult so it costs nothing for the M.P.
	8. Get a pond in first year.
	9. Get the seed maker from Daryl in first year.
	10. Buy a sheep with the wool shears.
	11. Plant the way Vesta and Marlin do to make the crops more manageable.
	12. If you’re going to make it stop raining think about it, do you really 
want to have to water your crops.
	13. Make lots of light pickles: 1 turnip, salad. So you can get the other 
recipes fast.
	14. Get the milk processing room as soon as you can and a star cow for good 
cheese and butter all the time.
	15. Ducks secretly lay eggs but you find chickens sitting on them.
	16. Befriend people with jobs so your son might choose that job.
	17. To sell stuff go to that vacant space between the Inner Inn and the 
Blue Bar and press A when you're near that trees shadow.

4. Animals
	Cow- Male: Male cows don’t give milk but make it so you can do the M.P. for 
free.               Female: Females give milk for one year after giving birth; 
during the winter females produce S milk most of the time.
	Sheep: Sheep give wool every season brush the wool before trimming to get 
golden wool.
	Horse: You get 1 horse in the game and make getting around town easier.
	Goat: Like the horse you only get 1 goat and it gives milk for 40 days 
after buying it.
	Chicken- Male: Roosters allow you to get fertilized eggs with a hen.
		    Female: Hens lay 1 egg a day; eventually they will start laying 
golden eggs.
	Ducks- Male: Males let the females lay fertilized eggs.
		 Female: Females lay 1 egg a day but you won’t know if they laid 
one or not because they lay on their eggs.

5. Buildings.
	1. House: You live hear.
	2. Fields: You have 3 fields where you plant crops.
	3. Unknown: That one shed you can’t open.
	4: Chicken coop: Chickens and ducks live here.
	5. Barn: Cattle, Goats, Sheep, and Horses live here.
	6. Food storage: Place dairy items in the shipping box to sell them; this 
is where you order stuff.
	7. Tukakura’s house: Tukakura lives here.
	8. Tool shed: Where you keep you tools.
	9. Pasture: Animals come out here.
	10. *Seed Maker: You buy this. Makes seeds out of crops here.
	11. *Food processing room: You buy this. Take milk and turn it into cheese 
or butter.
	12. *Milking room: You buy this. Cows can milk their selves here.

6. Marriage
	You can get married to three girls: Celia, Muffy, and Nami.
	Celia: Is the best for farming. Diary: Check her bed. Give her flowers.
	Muffy: Muffy knows nothing about farming but cooks you meals. Diary: At 
that colorful lamp in the Blue bar. Give her flowers.
	Nami: Is the hardest to get but knows the most. Diary: By the window in her 
room. Give her fall flowers and artifacts.

7. Child
	Celia will give you the cutest of them all. Her son is not only cute but 
likes plants. He’s afraid of animals but I found that if you’re holding him and 
talk to him while facing an animal 7/10 times he won’t get scared.
	Muffy will give you a very active boy. He will go all over the place and 
asked to be picked up a lot. He looks nothing like you.
	Nami will give you a perfect boy.

8. Crops
	1. Tomato
	Grows: Spring to fall.
	2. Watermelon
	Grows: Spring to ???
	3. Melon
	Grows: Summer to ???
	4. Strawberry
	Grows: Fall to spring
	5. Potato
	Grows: Winter to spring
	6. Sweet Potato
	Grows: Fall
	7. Carrot
	Grows: Fall to winter
	8. Turnip
	Grows: Summer to winter
	9. Apple
	Harvest: Fall
10. Orange
	Harvest: Summer
	11. Banana
	Harvest: Summer
	12. Grape
	Harvest: Fall
	13. Peach
	Harvest: Summer

9. Van
	Van sells many things but buys just about everything. When selling him 
golden stuff say no to his price of buying and he’ll say either “Oh, too bad.” or a 
higher price.

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