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If you own the North American release of this game then you would know that it 
is very glitchy. Some are helpful, others suck! I will explain as many as I can.

1.) Missing dog ball
You will sometimes lose your dog ball randomly, Thomas will return it.

2.) Milking Glitch
This helps unlock sprites and make money
1. Use milker until it is level 1 (you can check by clicking your portrait on 
the Summary screen)
2. keep using it until it is level 99
3. Milk cows, you will get 100 things of milk and not just one.

3.) Milk sheep and horse
1. Put brush in tools slot and milker right next to it.
2. Brush horse
3. before you are done brushing it, quickly replace your brush with the milker, 
you will milk your other animals. The milk is usually high quality.

4.) 1 billion G glitch
1. Be in winter
2. Hire fishing team at beach area.
If you are lucky you will get anywhere from 100,000G to 1,000,000,000G! your 
chances of getting it are pretty high.

5.) Leia disappears!
If you are married to leia, she might be blown away during a hurricane. To fix 
this, save the day before a hurricane, if she is gone, reload and try again.

6.) Too many Leia's
Sometimes if you turn on your game, the title screen will be overrun with Leia 

7.) Can't marry Witch
The game will not recognize the number of animals you kill, so you can't 
trigger the event. Therefore she wan't be wed.

8.) Can't marry Goddess
The game won't always give you Buckwheat flour, it is very, very, very rare. 
Even if you get it you can't ship a choker and a necklace, so you can't 
complete your shipped items list. So, she can't be wed.

9.) Freeze!
Your game will freeze randomly. 

10.) Shears 
Your shears can't level up. There is an EXP bar for it but it won't ever grow 

11.) Blackness
If you go to a festival and an animal is born the next day then your touch 
screen will go black. This sucks because you can't equip tools, or items, so 
you can't give girls gifts.

12.) Animals in mine disappear
If you save in the mine with animals around and you turn off the game and 
restart it all the dark animals (cows, chickens, insects) will disappear.

13.) ouch!
Every once in a while, if you open a fridge, or tool box, or shelves your 
character will get hurt, and he says ouch.

that is all I have.

Please don't copy my work, I worked really hard to find these glitches out, so 
please don't plagerize.

Contact info is on my Profile if you need it.

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