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 l    l   i i   r   1  V     V E      S        I     Kl     llo   oo   o n n  n
 looool  iiiii  rrrrr   V   V  EEEE    S       I     K l   l lo   oo   o n  n n
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                         |*~*~*~*A WONDERFUL LIFE~*~*~*~*|
     !!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS NOT FINISHED ITS INCOMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ways to make money

Story-You get a farm in the beginning of the game.It has a house ,takakuras house a 
chicken coop,a barn ,three places to grow crops,a tool shed,a storage and a useless 
small building at the right of the farm(if you are wondering why its always 
locked,its because it does absolutly nothing).the first year you are to get married 
and then live a life of your own,make friends,raise animals,grow crops ect.I hope 
this FAQ helps you in the game.

Animals-Your best money makers.
Cows-In the beginning you get a cow.You can milk the cow with the milker by pressing 
x.cows give milk for 40 days.the grade of the milk increases depening on how you 
take care of your cows.You can do this by,talking to it,petting it/hugging 
it,brushing it,or washing it.Its best to do these first before you milk it.Cows can 
give a maximum of 6 PRODUCE MILK PER DAY!!and that can get you alot of money but its 
very hard to get.The grade of the milk also increases if you feed your cows good 
fodder(you buy it from takakura).cows are the best way to make money.leaving your 
cows outside in the rain can get them sick and they will die if you dont give them 
animal medicine.also bring your cows out on sunny days.they will eat for themselves 
when they are outside.Cows give birth with the mirical potion.the cow is pregnant 
for about 10 days,the cow is isolated for 10 days.as well is the calf .it gives 
mothers milk wich you can either give it to the calf,sell it,drink it,or make cheese 
or butter with.you can cook with it too.calfs cannot give milk until they are adults.
Chickens-Chickens(female)give eggs everyday if they are fed(you buy bird feed from 
takakura)and only if there is a male chicken in the coop,you can as many female 
chickens and only one male and your chicken will all give you eggs.the fertilized 
eggs go in the incubator and a chick will hatch in 3 days .it will grow up to be an 
adult and be able to make eggs.its good to always feed your chickens and leave them 
outside on sunny days.NEVER leave your animals outside in the rain.
Horse-You get a horse in chapter two from takakura.your horse...will be your best 
friend.it will cut your day in half.so riding it everyday will become part of your 
routine because you can use it to get around way faster.Always brush,feed,wash and 
talk to your horse to keep it from getting sick or sad.you only get one horse in the 
Dog-You get a dog in the begining of the game.there are two dogs.one with pointy 
ears and one with long ears.you can only get one.takakura builds you a dog house for 
your dog.you have to feed your dog everyday so it doesnt get sick(i dont know if 
they acually get sick because its never happened and im not shoure if they die 
either).it doesnt really do much.
Ducks-In chapter two(or more it doesnt really matter) one day your wife will wake 
you up to tell you ,you have ducks in the duck pond(you buy one from takakura)you 
can either keep them or let them go.but keep in mind that they are the only ducks 
you will have in the game.it takes a long time for them to lay eggs(mine take so 
long im starting to wonder if they even lay eggs at all) the ducks will go in the 
chicken coop and they are taken care of just like the chickens and swim in the pond 
Sheep-You buy sheep from takakura.All the sheep can do for you is grow wool that you 
can shear and sell.sheeps give golden wool if you care for them very well.keep their 
coat clean and make shoure they dont get sick.
Goat-the goat..is the most useless animal in the game.It gives cheap milk for 40 
days and then it stops.it just takes up space and you end up killing it.you kill it 
by not feeding it and leaving it out on the rain.you can just use the bell and push 
the other animals back inside the door.its not a good thing to do but you have to do 
it sometime.you buy it from van.
This is what I know about crops and if you deside to be a bit like vesta and have 
alot of crops then thats a good idea for making alot of money

You buy seeds from vestas farm.All of vestas seeds are grade b crops.You can 
increase the grade by using fertilizer or using tartan.tartan is a plant monster 
that you meet in chapter three.if you talk to him alot he will ask you if u want to 
make hydrids,ok thats another story that i dont want to mention because i found them 
too complicated and not worth my time but the only thing i recommend it for is to 
mix a crop with a flower to make it s ranked.So you use your hoe on the fertilized 
land and then you plant the crop.then you water it.you should water it twice a 
day.in the morning and the after noon.it takes about 5 days for just about every 
crop to be harvest exept for trees.Trees are more expensive but its worth it.I make 
almost all my money during chapter 3 with trees.Read the ways to make money section 
for that.
The buildings in your farm(in all including the ones you buy)are,the barn,the food 
proccesing room,the seed maker(you can get a free seed maker if you befriend the 
scientist guy)the yard(where you grow crops)your house(you get a kitchen in chapter 
2 and your son gets his own room in chapter 3 or 4) the chicken coop,a storage 
room,a milking room,a tool shed and takakuras house.In the town there are

The bar-you can go there to talk to muffy and see her diary in her room and buy 
drinks there to restore your energy

The inn-not much ,nami lives there and her diary is in a room upstairs,you can find 
2 recipies inside the inn.

Vestas farm-you can buy seeds there and see celias diary in her room

The archeologist site-where you can help dig and find some neat stuff you can sell 
to van.

The mansion-you can play with the cats and find several recipies inside.

thats all for now ,will add more soon!

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