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Hi, this faq is for the game Harvest Moon: a wonderful life. My name is Forrest. 
This faq will help those who just got the game or just don't understand it at 
I will cover the basics of the first year.

--Farm life--
You start out as a person who takes on your dad's farm. A guy named Takakura will 
help you. You start out with a cow, 3000 dollars, and a farm that needs a lot of 
work. When you start the game you should feed your cow. Go in the barn, and in the 
upper left hand corner is a window thing. take food from it and put it in the cows 
bin. Do the same  with the other bin. now go outside and press the little red button 
on the barn next to door. your cow will be outside now. Milk your cow. And pick up 
all of the milk. now go in the tool shed and get the tools, on the shelf is a 
record, and 2 tomato seeds. Now go to the field next to the black shed. use the hoe 
to make 2 openings in the ground. plant the seeds and water them. then use then use 
the sickle to cut grass. the grass becomes fodder for animals. phew, farm work is 
done. now if there is time go find the girl of your dreams.
Your options are:
Muffy: She is a hot blonde. she works at the blue bar in town, she knows little 
about farming but is commited. she is easy to woo. give her flowers. and coins and 
ores (found at dig site).
Celia: Celia is a farmer like you. she is a good-looking bernette. she lives and 
works at Vesta's farm. she knows a lot about farming. she is fairly easy to woo. 
give her flowers.  
Nami: Shy and intellegnt is how you describe her. She stays at the hotel. she knows 
something about farming. to woo her give her statues and wierd things at the dig 
site, she likes autumn flowers.
The choice is up to you. to see how much they like you. look at their diary. Celia's 
is on her bed upstairs in her house. Muffy's is in a lamp in the Blue bar. Nami's is 
in her hotel room at the hotel on the desk. Note: you have to catch her when she is 
in her room. to propose give her a blue feather when she has 4 hearts in her diary. 
you recieve the blue feather in summer day 1. You will get married spring day 1 next 
year. for the rest of the year feed your animals every day, water plants every day, 
buy animals, brush, fishing pole or whatever. make money off milk, eggs, wool, and 
stuff from dig site. here is me at end of year 1:
1 cow
2 sheep
1 horse (get in summer)
1 new born calf
2-3000 dollars.

I got permission from cheat codes for thi faq, don't plagerize


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