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☼ This is a list of some things each person likes:

  grapes, tomatoes, and broaches
  wine, chocolate, and necklaces
  flour, apples, grasses, and eggs
  sweet potatoes, honey, and tomatoes
  grape juice
  tomatoes, flour, and grasses
  eggs, honey, and chocolate
  tomatoes, apples, flour, mushrooms, and flowers
  grapes, wine, and chocolate
  wine, grasses, bamboo shoots, carrots, and eggs
  wine, flour, and wild grape juice
  wine, grape juice, eggs, and apples
  flowers, sweet potatoes, corn, grape juice, eggs, and facial masks
  dupling powder, grape juice, perfume, and suntan lotion
  chocolate, flour, and apples
  wine, ores(not junk ore, though), chocolate, and eggs
  chocolate and eggs
•Harvest Goddess-
  flowers and eggs
  tomatoes, apples, flour, and grasses
  flour, grapes, and bodigizer
  corn, pineapples, onions, and flour
  flowers, wine, apples, and lotion
  flowers, sweet potatoes, grape juice, eggs, apples, perfume, lotion,and  
  chocolate and perfume
  flowers and apples
  tomatoes, apples, flour, and grasses
  flour, apples, dresses
  chocolate and eggs
  sweet potatoes, apples, and bamboo shoots
  wine and chocolate
  tomatoes, apples, flour, and grasses
  chocolate and grape juice
  tomatoes, apples, grasses, and flour
  eggs, dumpling powder, curry powder, rice balls, bread, flour, and chocolate
  It seems like everything. He says, "Many thanks," for anything you give him.
  tomatoes, wild grape juice, and chocolate

I know that there are more items in this list, but this is what I've found for 
now. ^.^' It's helpful in the sense that the townspeople will like you faster 
and you'll be able to fully explore their houses. 

Okay, I don't know if you know this, but has Zack ever said he likes someone? I 
think he said that she's married...but have you? *semi-spoilers*

It's Lillia...he has a picture of her in his cottage...it's on the wall across 
the door.

*semi-spoilers end here* XD

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