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---------------Harvest Moon--------------------
1. Wives
2. Your kid (yay!)
3. Crops
4. Livestock

*1.* OK wives! 
     First theres Celia (she's got brown hair and sells seeds with Vesta and her 
brother Marlin) 
    Second there's Muffy (she has blonde hair and works at the Blue Bar with...that 
one guy -sorry can't remember his name!)
    Third there's Nami she is by far the hardest to get to marry you (She's got red 
hair and is living at the Inn run by Tim and Ruby - their son Rock also lives there)
    OK Celia is the easiest to get you could probably just sleep the whole first 
year and get her to propose to you! I've read that if you propose to her and 
say "oh just kidding!" then she'll stop liking you. Well it never worked for me. It 
just made it worse! Because Vesta comes on up and goes "Celia omg why did you not 
accept his proposal?!" so if u dont want her to marry you DONT PROPOSE TO HER!! 
(she likes ore from the digsite and flowers and crops) (her diary is in her room by 
her bed)

    Muffy...hmm she's a little harder to get she likes flowers and crops and huchep 
from the river that pretty much all i know about her (be nice to her otherwise you 
get a negative reaction!)(her diary is in the blue bar in the plant in the top left 
hand corner)

    Namie THE HARDEST TO GET she is a wanderer. She likes fall flowers (trick blue 
etc.) she likes artifacts from the digsite and crops you grow yourself (although 
she normally gives them to ruby which i don't think is very nice) do what she says 
if she is looking at your 
field when you come out of your house and she says go do your work...DO IT you'll 
get a red heart! (her diary is in her room by the window)
*2.* Your Kids
    If you marry Celia: You get this kid that looks like her but...more guyish. He 
is really down to earth and likes plants alot and is quiet. VERY AFRAID OF ANIMALS..
(and your sickel hehehe)
    If you marry Muffy: You get a kid that looks like her but again more guyish. He 
is athletic and all that....i don't know much about Muffy's kid either... >.<
    If you marry Nami: you get a kid that looks like her but AGAIN more guyish. He 
loves animals and art and the outdoors just like his mama.

*3.* Crops
   There are three types of crops you can grow.
      Turnips( i think tahts what they are)
   Above Ground:
(i know im missing some but thats okay) Talk to Vesta to know the seasons they grow 
in or just buy some seeds and look at the package.

*4.* Livestock
    You can have a few animals including:
  Cows (there are normal, brown, marble, and star)
  Ducks (they mysteriously appear when you buy a pond)
  Chickens (don't forget to buy bird feed)
  Goats (can give milk.. buy from Van in the second year)
  Horse (transportation you don't have to buy him Takakura buys him for you during 
the first year)
  Sheep (get wool from them)

*5.* Quick Cash Secrets
    Get a seed maker and a couple banana seeds harvest the bananas put them in the 
seed maker and sell the seeds to van (with 24 bananas you get at least 20k im sure 
you can do it with other crops but bananas are the most expensive...and the 
yummiest ^_^)
    Get a bunch of cows and sell them
    Get a bunch of sheep brush their coats everytime before you harvest their wool 
and you get golden wool which sells for 600g each (it doesn't do it the first time)


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