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In Silent Hill 4: The Room, there is a haunting system in which certain events will 
happen at a certain event is complete. You will take damage from hauntings, but you 
can purify them with items like Holy Candles or Saint Meddalions. If you can finish 
the game with your apartment 80% pure of hauntings, your ending wont be a haunted 
one. Here is a list of the hauntings for you to be aware of.

Location: Bedroom/Closet
A boy's shadow will appear in the bedroom
closet. This makes it hard for you to get
out of bed safely.

Location: Bedroom/Telephone
Walter constantly calls the apartment,
making it hard to return to your apartment.

Location: Bedroom/Wall
The pictures Henry has on in his bedroom change to
portraits of walter.

Location: Living Room/Wall Clock
The hands on the living room wall clock 
don't stop spinning and a loud scratchy noise
streams through the apartment.

Location: Living Room/TV
The Tv blasts nothing but static, and wont turn
off. Classic.

Location: Living Room/Item Chest
If you put the Shabby Doll in your item chest, (Sucker)
screaming babies will appear over it and this hauntig
won't stop until the Shabby Doll is removed from the chest.

*Tip* Don't even bother taking the Shabby Doll in
 Apartment World in the first place.

Location: Bedroom or Living Room/Walls
Cracks will emerge from the walls and fill the room 
with an annoying "Kreeeck" sound.

Location: Living Room, Bedroom, or Bathroom/Walls
Just like in the beginning of the game, a ghost
will appear from the wall.

Location: Front Door/Peep Hole
Blood will drip from your peep hole and 
someone will be banging on the door. Take 
a look at this. 

Location: Living Room/Windows
The windows will rattle and make more 
annoying noises.

Location: Living Room/Chair
The chair just gives you damage
when you're near it.

Location: Kitchen/Sink
Blood poors from the sink faucet.

Location: Kitchen/Fridge
A dead cat in the fridge?!

Location: Kitchen/Floor
The slippers from your front door will
have walked into the kitchen leaving
bloody footprints.


         If you need further info, my AIM s/n is Out2Kill521. 
Thanks 4 Reading my Guide! :-D

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