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3.Getting Money.....
4.Picking Girls.....
5.Learning The City.....
8.About Me......

You'll start off by naming everything(DUH!!!!You can't go around"Hello.....")
Then this little mini short film thing will go on and you'll just have to watch it 
sadly.....but you'll get over it.When you really start the game, start off by
fixing the land(Like say use the sickle, which you'll find with the other tools
in the treasure chest in the house, you will press B in front of the weeds and you
will cut the weeds, and they will go away.You will use the axe on the branches, and 
when you upgrade your axe, you will cut stumps.Also you will use the hammer to break
stones.When you upgrade your hammer, you can break large stones.Every day you press 
the A button in front of the TV there will be a show on, these shows change every 
day.On Saturday, When you turn the TV on and press left the shopping channel will
come on(The shopping channel is a channel where you buy furniture.To buy the 
furniture you go to Doug's Inn, and go to the phone.Press it and make a call for
10g, which is so little it's funny...Ha!I'm laughing it's so small of an amount.)

The animals are like the heart of the game because animals are the heart of a farm
right???So ya.
Chickens-Chickens are the easiest and the cheapest in all ways.All you need 
is to have 1,500g. you'll go back to your farm and find your chicken in the chicken
coop, but before you leave the chicken place you should buy some food, which like
phone should make you laugh because the price is 10g, but the bad part is it's
10g each.You should pick up your chicken everyday for it to love you.Also everyday 
you should put food in the food bin.

Cow-Cows only cost 5,000g.You should buy a brush at the blacksmith(You use it as
a tool)and brush your cow(tammy for example)tammy.Also you should buy a milker
at the blacksmith(Which is also used as a tool)and milk tammy everyday.You can sell 
the milk, and everytime Tammy has 4 hearts for you she(a cow is always a girl)
will give you better milk.If you go to the yodel farm and get the cow impregnate
potion, and give it to your cow as long as your cows not milked and it has to be
 and adult cow your cow will have a calf in 21 days.A calf takes 1 or 2 weeks
to become a teen then it takes another 1 or 2 weeks to become an adult.Bushels cost

Sheep-Sheep only cost 4,000g.Again you should use a brush on your sheep(Baylee
for example)Baylee.You should also buy shears at the blacksmith(Again used as a 
tool).You shear your sheep when it has wool on it.Wool grows back every 7 days.
Like the cow, every 4 hearts the wool gets better and you can sell it for money
also.If you go to the yodel farm and buy a sheep impregnate potion and use it on a
adult and not sheared sheep you should have a baby sheep in 21 days.Babies take 1 
or 2 weeks to become an adult.Like the cow bushels cost 20g each because cows and 
sheep share the same kind of food.Donated by my lovely freind kidmarxx, if you keep 
a sheep's wool on through the winter, it will not get sick.That was from my LOVELY 
friend kidmarxx remember LOVELY friend KIDMARXX.

3.Getting Money.....
Money is sometimes hard and easy to get......here are places you can find money each

Spring-You can grow crops, here are examples:
Turnip-You buy them at the supermarket.They sell for 60g
Potato-You buy them at the supermarket.They sell for 80g
Cucumber-You buy them at the supermarket.They sell for 60g
Strawberry-I'm not sure where you buy them, sorry.They sell for 30g, but there 
great for cooking.
Cabbage-You buy it at Won's place(Zach's house).You sell it for 250g
You can go to mother's hill and find blue grass.If you go by the lake you can find 
bamboo shoots, they sell for 50g.At the farm, you can press A and get honey, which 
sells for 50g too.If you go to the beach and go down, you can find more grasses.
If you go to Zach's house with a empty item slot you will get a fishing rod, you 
can fish and sell the fish for 50g and you can upgrade your fishing rod to get a 
better fish which can be used for money or cooking.You can also mine.

Summer-You can also grow crops, here are some examples:
Corn-You find corn at that supermarket, and if you put a herd of corn in the mill
next to the chicken coop you will get 30 bushels of chicken feed.Sell it for 100g
Tomato-You buy it at the supermarket.You sell it for 60g.
Onion-You buy it at the supermarket.They sell for 80g
Pineapple-You buy them at Won's place.They sell for 500g
You can aslo go to mother's hill for grasses.Also in summer there are wild grapes, 
which sell for 50g.They can also be used for cooking.You can also go to the beach 
for grasses.Or you could go to the church(not inside)and you'll find a grass.Usually
you should get 1,000g a day from all the grasses.And you can mine.

Fall-Again you can grow crops, here they are.......DUN DUH DUN DUH!!!.....DUNNNNNNNN
Pumpkin-I'm not sure where you get them, again sorry.They sell for 250g.
Eggplant-You buy them at the supermarket.They sell for 80g.
Carrot-You buy them at the supermarket.They sell for 60g.
Sweet Potato-You buy them at the supermarket.They sell for 120g.
Pepper-I think you buy them at the supermarket:].They sell for 40g.
Theres not many grasses in fall, but the church grass is still there.The beach 
grasses are still there.If you have extra items you kept for money or you dont need 
them sell them!>:]MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH!Your still here.....oops...um...you 
saw nothing......Hee Hee.

Winter-You can't grow crops in winter, but you can mine in the lake mine(the mine 
in the middle of water, but the waters frozen in winter so you can go to it).You 
can also fish.Or you could get white grass(If you go down from your farm and 
immedietly go right you'll find it, but it's white so it may be hard to find).If 
you can find anything else, my goof sorry.

4.Picking Girls.....
If you want to get married, thats your choice.these are the girls you can marry:
Harvest Goddess
These are things they like:

She loves:Veggie Juice, Veggie Latte, Relaxation Tea.
She likes:Mushrooms,Red Grass,Blue Grass,White Grass,Chocolate,Black Grass(found in 
mines),Diamonds,Pink Diamonds,Perfume,Bodigizer,Turbojolt.
B-day:Winter 20 Or if your birthday is Winter 20 hers is Winter 25.
To make her like you more you:Go to the second floor of the library
Black:Between 10am and 4pm go to the library.
Purple:Between 10am and 4pm on Thurs Sat or Sun go to the library.
Blue:Go to the summit of Mother's hill on Mon between noon and 5pm.
Yellow:On Mon between 10am and 1pm go to Mary's house.

She loves:Omlette Rice,Omlette,Scrambled Eggs.
She likes:All Eggs,Chocolate,Cakes,Sandwhiches,All Accessories,Ice Cream,Diamonds.
B-day:Summer 3 or summer 10
To make her like you more:Own 8 chickens.
Black:Walk to Popuri's House on Wed or Fri between 10am and 6pm.
Purple:Popuri will visit your farm so don't worry.
Blue:On Sun Between 10am and 1pm go to the church with an empty item slot.
Yellow:Go to Popuri's house between 10am and 1pm.

Karen(Hardest of all!!!!!!!!!!!!)
She loves:Pizza,French Fries,Popcorn.
She Likes:Wine,Flowers,Cheese,Truffles,Tempera,Bamboo Shoots,Sashimi,Pink Diamonds,
To make her like you more:Buy things from the supermarket.
Black:On Wed or Fri go to the store between 10am and 1pm with an open tool slot.
Purple:Go to the store between 10am and 1pm.
Blue:Go to the store between 10am and 1pm with an open item slot.
Green:Go to the Bar on Sun between 7pm and 10pm.
yellow:Go to the store on Mon, Thurs, or Sat between 10am and 1pm.
-Note, you need to do ALL the heart events to marry Karen, so i reccomend you copy 
this page.

She Loves:Truffle Rice,Cake,Pancakes.
She Likes:Cooked Eggs,Stew,Curry Rice,Strawberry Milk,Sandwhiches,Sweets,Rice 
Cakes,All Diamonds,Perfume.
B-day:Summer 17 or Summer 22
To make her like you more:Buy anything except water at the Inn.
Black:Between 10:40am and 1pm go to the Inn with no item.
Purple:On Wed,Thurs,Fri,or Sat go to the second floor of the Inn between 10am and 
Blue:Go to the Inn Mon, or Fri between noon and 7pm with no item.
Yellow:Go to the Inn Wed,Thurs,Sat, or Sun between 10am and 7pm.

She Loves:Hot Milk,Red Magic Grass, Moon Dumplings.
She Likes:Milk,Strawberries,Elli Leaves,Accessories,Pink Cat Flower,Toy Flower,Blue 
Magic Grass,All Diamonds,Noodles,Strawberry Milk.
To make her like you more:Get examined by the doctor.
Black:Go to the Clinic Mon or Wed after 9am.
Purple:Go to the Clinic Thurs, Sat, or Sun Between 9am and 7pm.
Blue:Go to Ellen's house on Mon between 9am and 1pm with an empty item slot.
Yellow:Go to the beach on Wed between 9am and 6pm.

Harvest Goddess(Hard)!
-Catch all species of fish, and the 6 kings.
-Ship every shippable thing.
-Collect all 9 Goddess Jewels and get a Goddess Gem.
-Own a big bed.
-Dig up every item in the Lake and Spring mine.
-Be in the 5th year or later on the farm
-Ask carter to "Marry the HG"in confessional times.

           To Marry A Girl
-  Have the second house upgrade, and the big bed.
-  It's easier if you have the whole cooking set.
-  Buy the blue feather.
-  Have a girl at the red heart level.
-  See all of the girl's heart events.
-  Propose to the girl AFTER giving her favorite item.

If you like a girl then you have all you need, but you pick the girl YOU like
(Here's a trick,by the spring mine there is a small lake,if for 10 days you put a 
flower in there after 10 days you will get a power berry.If you put a flower in for 
11 more days the harvest goddess will say "do you like someone?" and you say yes 
and she will say who and you will pick, then that girl will like you more even if 
her heart does not change.
Later In The Game.......................
After your married in 30-60 days your wife will feel sick so you will take her to 
the doctor and you'll find out your parents(it's always a boy).For the next 60 days 
your wife will be pregnant.After those 60 days of pregnancy she will have your baby
(Bob for example)Bob.For the next 30 or 60 days your wife will carry Bob around, 
and he will be in the bed while your wife's at work(you can't hold Bob though even 
though he's your son, wierd isn't it?).After those 30 or 60 days Bob will fall out 
of bed, you will go to the docter and it will be only a bruise.You will go home and 
the next morning Bob will be crawling and you can now give him stuff(he likes cake).
after 30 more days I think your wife will say "look(your nickname), Bob's walking!"
and Bob will start walking.

5.Learning The City.....
If you want to know Mineral Town, you need to know the people, and the city.If you 
want to see a picture of your farm, press  L and SELECT. If you want to see Mineral 
Town press L and START.Here are the people of Mineral Town:

Anna: (Mary's mom)
-Birthday:  Fall 23
-Favorite Item:  Sweet Potato, Honey, Strawberries
Barley:(Old guy who runs the yodel farm)
-Birthday:  Spring 17
-Favorite Items:  Scrambled Eggs, Rice, Miso Soup
Basil:(Mary's dad)
-Birthday:  Summer 11
-Favorite Items:  Wild Grapes, Grasses, Mushrooms
-Birthday:  Fall 20
-Favorite Items:  Eggs, Curry Powder, Fish, Turnips
Special:  If you are good friends with Carter, sometime late in fall, at around
4 PM, you'll find the church empty.  You can open the backdoor to get a
cut scene with the Priest.  After that, you can always go back there to find
rare items.
Doug: (Ann's Dad)
-Birthday:  Winter 11
-Favorite Items: Small Fish, Honey, Apples, Eggs, Herbs from the Beach
Duke:(Owner of the winery) 
-Birthday:  Winter 15
-Favorite Items:  Eggplant, Wine, Sashimi
Ellen:(Elli's Grandmother)
-Birthday:  Winter 13
-Favorite Items: Milk, Carrots, Rice Cakes, Spa-Boiled Eggs
Special:  If you are good friends with Ellen, and you give her Yarn (any size)
during Winter, she'll knit you the sock for the Sock Festival.
Gourmet:(Food tester)
-Favorite Items:  Any Food
Gotz: (Woodcutter)
-Birthday:  Winter 2
-Favorite Items: Honey, Eggs, Apples
Harris: (constible)
-Birthday:  Summer 4
-Favorite Items:  Small Fish, Spa-Boiled Eggs, Energy Drink
Jeff:(Karen's dad)
-Birthday:  Winter 29
-Favorite Items:  Corn Flakes, Fruit Juice, Honey
Lila:(Popuri's Mom)
-Birthday:  Spring 19
-Favorite Items:  Milk, Tomato, Accessories
Manna:(Duke's wife)
-Birthday:  Fall 11
-Favorite Items:  Milk, Mushrooms, Honey
May:(Barley's Granddaughter)
-Birthday:  Winter 26
-Favorite Items:  Apples, Honey, Fruit Juice, Boots
-Birthday:  Spring 11
-Favorite Items:  Turnips, Adamantite, Miso Soup
Stu:(Elli's Brother)
-Birthday:  Winter 5
-Favorite Items:  Honey, Yarn, Chocolate
Sprites:(Farm helpers)
 Aqua-Spring 16
 Bold-Spring 4
 Chef-Fall 14
 Hoggy-Fall 10
 Nappy-Winter 22
 Staid-Spring 15
 Timid-Summer 16
-Favorite Items:  Colored Grass,Honey, Apples, Bread
Sasha:(Karen's mom)
-Birthday:  Spring 30
-Favorite Items:  Chocolate, Accessories, Flowers
-Birthday:  Summer 25
-Favorite Items:  Wine, Accessories, Soba Noodles
Won:(Dumb Buisnessperson)
-Birthday:  Winter 19
-Favorite Items:  Orihalcon, Accessories, Apples, Golden Eggs
Zack:(very odd haircutted guy)
-Birthday:  Summer 29
-Favorite Items:  Tomato, Cucumber, Cheese
-Bachelor's Favorite Items
Doctor: Milk
Gray: Baked Corn
Kai: All Summer Crops
Rick: Honey
Cliff: Scrambled Eggs

That should be good.So now you know Mineral Town.

The Extra is just extra stuff in Harvest Moon that you might like to know.

Shopping channel prices:

Mirror 1010 G Tells you useless stuff
Clock 2010 G Tells the time 
Refrigerator 2510 G Store Crops and Foods here.  Useful.
Cupboard 2510 G Store more stuff
Kitchen 4010 G  Lets you use cooking materials
Carpet 5010 G Decoration.  Waste of money in my opinion
Big Bed 10010 G A big bed.  Wife won’t have to sleep on the floor anymore 
Oven 2510 G An oven.  It's actually a Microwave oven.
Knife 1510 G Use it to cook
Fry Pan 1510 G Use it to cook
Pot 1010 G Use it to cook
Mixer 1210 G Use it to cook
Seasoning Kit 2510 G more expensive than the pot? 
Rolling Pin 760 G Use it to cook
Whisk 510 G Use it to cook
Power Berry 10010 G Decrease rate of energy loss

Things you can mine:

--Spring Mine:
Copper (All Floors): 10 G
Silver (All Floors): 20 G
Gold   (Floor 3 and Below): 25 G
Mystrile (Floor 5 & Below): 40 G
Orichalc (Floor 10 & Below): 50 G
Adamantine (Floor 10 & Below): 50 G
Mythic Stones (Floor 60): 20,000 G
Teleport Stone (Floor 255, only third year and past.)
Fried Potato Recipe (floor 255).
Power Berry (Floor 100)
--The Teleport Stone lets you warp to any location on the map.  Note that you must 
have an empty tool slot when you see it the first time, or it's gone for good.


--Winter Mine:
Agate (All Floors, except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 62 G
Alexandrite (Floors 50, 100, 150, 200, 251 and below): 10,000 G
Amethyst (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 60 G
Diamond (Floors that end in 0 (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.), 200+): 100 G(girl's like)
Emerald (Floors that end in 5 (5, 15, 25, 35, etc.), 200+): 80 G
Flourite (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 65 G
Moon Stone (Floors that end in 8 (8, 18, 28, 38, etc.)): 55 G
Peridot (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 68 G
Pink Diamond (Floors 30, 70, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190, 255): 10,000 G(very pretty)
Ruby (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 75 G
Desert Rose (Floors that end in 9 (9, 19, 29, 39, etc.)): 60 G
Topaz (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 70 G
Also note that Junk Ores, which sell for 1 G, can be found anywhere. Also, on the 
ninth floor is a pond where you can catch Coelacanth, a King Fish.

Jewels of Truths.........
 On the top of the Dog House.
 The water tank in the Stable.
 1000 Horse Race Medals.
 You can but one from Won for 50,000g.
 A lamp post between the church and the Town Square.
 In Mary's Library, 2nd floor, middle set of shelves, furthest to the right.
 Play the New Years game show on the TV inside of the Town Cottage.
 Drops from the calendar in the Mountain Cottage
 In Thomas's refrigerator when you have the other eight.
Goddess jewels......
Goddess Jewels
The Goddess Jewels, which are found on floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 
202, and 222 in the Spring mine, are only useful in the full set.  after you have 
them all, they combine to form the Goddess Gem.  The Goddess Gem recovers stamina. 

Kappa Jewels
The Kappa Jewels, which are found on floors 20, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180,and 
255 in the Winter Mine, are only useful in the full set.  When you get allof them, 
they combine to form the Kappa Gem.  The Kappa Gem recovers Fatigue, when used as a 

That's it for extra!


Wild Grape Juice - Wild Grape + Wine + Purple Grass + Pot
Pickles - Cucumber + Salt
Salad - Cucumber + Knife, Carrot + Knife ,Cabbage + Knife, Tomato + Knife
Curry Rice - Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot
Stew - Flour + Milk (S) + Pot + Salt
Miso Soup - Miso + Pot + Salt + at least 1 item:(veggies, any size egg, bamboo 
shoot, mushroom, truffle, small fish)
Stir Fry - Cabbage + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan + Soy Sauce
Fried Rice - Rice balls + Oil + (any size) Egg + Frying Pan
Savory Pancake - Cabbage + Oil + Flour + (any size) Egg + Frying Pan + Knife
Sandwich - Tomato + Bread + Knife, Cucumber + Bread + Knife, Cooked Egg + Bread + 
Knife (Fried, Scrambled, Boiled) 
Fruit Juice - Apple + Mixer, Apple + Grape Juice + Honey + Pineapple + Milk (L) + 
Mixer + Sugar ,Strawberry + Mixer
Fruit Latte - Fruit Juice + (any size) Milk + Mixer
Veggie Juice - Cucumber + Mixer, Cabbage + Mixer, Carrot + Mixer
Veggie Latte - Veggie Juice + (any size) Milk + Mixer
Mixed Juice - Fruit + Veggie + Mixer, Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer
Mixed Latte - (any size) Milk + Fruit + Veggie + Mixer, (any size) Milk + Mix Juice 
+ Mixer, (any size) Milk + Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer
Pickled Turnips - Turnip + Knife + Vinegar
French Fries - Potato + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan
Strawberry Jam - Strawberry + Pot + Sugar
Strawberry Milk - Strawberry + (any size) Milk + Mixer
Tomato Juice - Tomato + Mixer + Salt
Ketchup - Tomato + Onion + Mixer + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar
Popcorn - Corn + Frying Pan
Corn Flakes - Corn + Rolling Pin + Oven, Corn + Rolling Pin + Frying Pan
Baked Corn - Corn + Oven
Pineapple Juice - Pineapple + Mixer
Pumpkin Pudding - (any size) Egg + (any) Milk + Pumpkin + Pot + Oven + Sugar
Happy Eggplant - Eggplant + Frying Pan + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Miso
Sweet Potatoes - Butter + (any size) Egg + Sweet Potato + Sugar + Pot + Oven
Baked Sweet Potato - Sweet Potato + Oven, Sweet Potato + Butter + Stone + Oven + 
Sugar + Salt, Greens - Spinach + Pot + Soy Sauce
Scrambled Eggs - (any size) Egg + Oil + Frying Pan
Omelet - (any size) Egg + Oil + (any size) Milk + Frying Pan
Omelet Rice - (any size) Egg + (any size) Milk + Oil + Rice Balls + Frying Pan
Boiled Egg - (any size) Egg + Pot
Pudding - (any size) Egg + (any size) Milk + Oven + Pot + Sugar
Hot Milk - (any size) Milk + Pot + Sugar
Butter - (any size) Milk + Mixer
Cheese Cake - Cheese + (any) Egg + (any) Milk + Pot + Whisk + Oven + Sugar
Cheese Fondue - (any size) Cheese + Bread + Pot
Apple Pie - Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar 
Apple Jam - Apple + Pot + Sugar
Apple Soufflé - Apple + Frying pan, SUGDW Apple + Frying Pan, HMSGB Apple + Frying 
Pan, AEPFE Apple + Frying Pan
Bamboo Rice- Bamboo Shoot + rice balls
Grape Jam + Wild Grape + Pot + Sugar
Grape Juice - Wild Grapes + Honey + Mixer (sugar, salt), Wild Grapes + Mixer 
(sugar, salt)
Mushroom Rice - Mushroom + Rice Balls
Truffle Rice - Truffle + Rice Balls
Sushi - Sashimi + Rice Balls + Vinegar
Jam Bun - Apple Jam + Bread, Strawberry Jam + Bread
Dinner Roll - Bread + Butter
Raisin Bread - Bread + Wild Grapes
Curry Bread - Bread + Oil + Curry Powder + Frying Pan
Toast - Bread + Oven
French Toast - Bread + (any size) Egg + Oil + Frying Pan + Sugar
Sashimi - Large or Medium Fish + Knife
Grilled Fish - Medium Fish + Oil + Frying Pan + Salt + Soy Sauce
Chirashi Sushi - Scrambled Eggs + Sashimi + Rice Balls + Knife + Vinegar
Pizza - (any size) Cheese + Flour + Ketchup + Rolling Pin + Oven
Noodles - Flour + Pot + Rolling Pin + Knife
Curry Noodles - Noodles + Curry Powder + Pot
Tempura Noodles - Tempura + Noodles + Pot, Flour + Tempura + Rolling Pin + Pot + 
Fried Noodles - Noodles + Oil + (any size) Egg + Frying Pan
Buckwheat Noodles - Buckwheat Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin(onion, eggs, bamboo 
shoots, fish)
Noodles with Tempura - Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles + Pot, Buckwheat Flour + Tempura 
+ Rolling Pin + Pot + Knife
Fried Noodles -Buckwheat Noodles + Egg + Oil + Frying Pan + Salt + Vinegar + Soy 
Buckwheat Chips - Buckwheat Noodles + Rolling Pin + Pot
Tempura - Flour + Egg + Oil + Frying Pan (veggies, mushrooms, soy sauce)
Mountain Stew -Carrot + Mushroom + Bamboo Shoots + Knife + Pot + Sugar + Soy Sauce
Moon Dumpling - Muffin Mix + Sugar
Roasted Rice - Cake Rice Cake + Oven + Soy Sauce
Toasted Rice Balls - Rice Balls + Oven + Soy Sauce
Rice Gruel - Rice Balls + Pot + Salt
Tempura Rice - Rice Balls + Tempura + Salt
Egg Over Rice - Egg + Rice Balls + Pot + Salt + Soy Sauce
Candied Potato - Sweet Potato + Honey + Sugar + Pot
Potato Pancakes -Potato + Onion + (any size) Egg + Oil + Flour + Knife + Frying Pan 
+ Salt
Fish Sticks - Medium Fish + Mixer + Salt
Cookies - Flour + (any size) Egg + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar (honey)
Chocolate Cookies -Flour + Egg + Chocolates + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar 
Ice Cream - Milk + Egg + Whisk + Pot + Sugar (apple, honey, pineapple, wild grapes, 
Cake - Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, pineapple, wild grapes, 
strawberry, honey, knife)
Chocolate Cake - Chocolates + Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, 
pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry, honey, knife)
Pancakes -Flour + Oil + Butter + Egg + Milk + Honey + Sugar + Whisk + Frying Pan
Relaxation Tea - Relax Tea Leaves + Pot
SUGDW Apple - Apple + HMSGB Apple + AEPFE Apple
HMSGB Apple - Apple + SUGDW Apple + AEPFE Apple
AEPFE Apple - Apple + HMSGB Apple + SUGDW Apple
Bodigizer - Honey + Orange Grass + Black Grass + Red Magic Grass + Pot, 
Bodigizer XL - Bodigizer + Blue Grass + Mixer
Turbojolt - Honey + Orange Grass + White Grass + Red Magicred Flower + Pot
Turbojolt XL - Turbojolt + Green Grass + Mixer
Relax Tea Leaves -Red Grass + Orange Grass + Yellow Grass + Green Grass + Purple 
Grass + Blue Grass + Indigo Grass + Weed + Knife + Frying Pan
Elli Leaves -6 types of burnt food + Bodigizer XL + Turbojolt XL + Knife + Frying 
Pan +
Oven + Pot + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce + Miso
Spring Sun - Blue Magic Grass + Red Magic Grass + Moondrop Flower + Pinkcat Flower 
+Toy Flower
Summer Sun - Small Fish + Medium Fish + Large Fish + Fossil of Ancient Fish +Pirate 
Autumn Sun - Cheese (X) + Mayonaise (X) + X Egg + Milk (X) + Wool (X) +Yarn (X) 
Winter Sun - Alexandrite + Diamond + Emerald +Moonstone  Pink Diamond +Mythic Stone 
+ Sand Rose 

8.About Me.....
Name:Melissa(not saying last name)
1 mom 1dad 1 brother

Plays havest moon a lot, enjoys talking to people on the computer.
If you want to talk or have any questions i would be overjoyed to answer them.You 
could just be bored and want to talk and I'll read your E-mail you juat have to 
tell me who you are and how you got my e-mail address
my e-mail address is [email protected] remember [email protected]

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