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   Hi,I'm Sue Bishop,and this is my first walkthrough ever!            
1.Sand Trap                                                                         
Sand traps can be found on almoust every hole,so if you hit it there,heres how you 
get out.If your not good at hitting it perfect impact,hit it harder than you 
usually would,but if you are,hit it slightly harder than usual.                     
Sometimes I think this can be Harder than Sand traps,so if your not good at perfect 
impact,hit it HARD!!!If you are,hit it twice as hard as usual.                      
I hate water hazzards,the only thing good thing about it is you can sometimes get a 
closer shot at the green.If water is right in front of the green,I would Play it 
safe[Hit It hard].                                                                  
4 O.B.                                                                              
This is my least favorite.I Usually hit it here on accident.All I can say about 
this is to try your best not to hit it there.                                       
If you liked my walkthrough,vote yes or E-Mail me at [email protected]  Bye!!!

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