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Jesse Gill [Half-Bred-Evil]
[email protected]
V 1.1
Hitman: Contracts

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
[more to come!]


STAY SNEEKY: I know killing everyone is fun, but unless you want your butt kicked,
you should stick to the shadows.

OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND..?: This isn't always true. There are always guards
listening to everything.

MEN'S CLOTHING: Keep disquisy! Just make sure you don't change clothes infront of people!

SHUT THEM UP!: Sometimes civilians will try to sqweel on you. You can pevent this by
using the silencer or Fiber wire, and hiding them.

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE: From sneeking to Death-trap type kills, patience is the
ultamate weapon.

STAY SAFE: If your about to die, LOOK FOR COVER. Remember, there is almost NO way to
heal yourself.

~LEVEL1: Asylum Aftermath
Level 1 may be a little tricky for begining gamers, becuase I know it was tricky for
me as well. You start out in a Psychward-like asylum in a white room with a docter on
the floor, etc... Firstly, Pick up the key from the docters body and getting armed
may help as well. as you leave the odd room, press the L1 button to reveal our map.
No, that green streek isnt from your little brother's nose, its more of a guidline.
Follow the line untill you come to the a hall with little windows. one of the rooms
has a patient chopping a clone into little bits. Take a gun out [Prederably the
silenced one] and shoot him. A nice way to get past this level is to keep a low
profile, so take the patients clothes. Afterwich, go to the room across from yours,
and take the syringes on the table. [if you have trouble finding the syringes, press
L1 to pop open your map. The syringes will be marked with a !] then continue
following the line. By the time your done following the line, you will come to an
elevator. Step in, and on the side of it are some buttons. Go to the 1ST floor. you
may come in contact with some swats, but they will not kill you. Now heres the tricky
part. Go to the door on your left. now you should be in a room with a big fountain.
Continue to a room with 2 big stairways. there are swats covering the main door wich
is the one to the right that has a Green "exit" sign above it. The swats will tell
you to go to the room to the left. Do as they say, and you will end up in a room with
another patient. [~Save now~] There are two ways to do things at this part of the
level. 1, you be sneeky and go up the stairs with your fiber wire. Wait till the
guard is facing away, and press the R1 button. Then procede to the left side of the
room and out the window. Then take out your silencer and shoot the guard standing by
the car. now all you do is climb the stairs and your out. 2, Purposly make the guard
shoot at you. the patient below will fire an aug wildly, so now you can go out while
he distracts them.

~LEVEL2: The meat king's party
Ah, more violence. Isnt it beautifull? You will see what im talking about later...
You start off in the back of a meat truck, wich has a meatman, hogs, the works.
Firstly, drop any gun related weapons unless you want a fight. [Don't drop the
meathook, its important.] Then grab the man's clothes as a disquise. Go around the
corner untill you see a bunch of tottal freaks. One man will search you for any
weapons. [arent you glad you droped 'em?] make sure
you DO NOT move during this procedure, or else you may or may not get shot at. Once
the man clears you, step on inside. Go straigh ahead untill you see a door to your
right. Take it, turn right, and go through the door. Hopefully, if you listened, you
should be in a hall. There's a double door to your left, but thats for later.
Continue down the hall into the other section of it. NOW take the left door. If
you're not in a  Kitchen, Your in the wrong place. A man will tell you to take a
chiken to the meat king. [If he's not there yet, just wait. He comes.] The chicken
happens to be so big, you may stuff it. Go into a hidden place, preferably the
freezer neer the kitchen. Now here's the fun part! Stick that 'ol meathook into the
chicken with the action button. To the north of the kitchen, enter a room filled with
people most-likly lounging around. Ditch them by going into a hallway. [Don't enter
the red-cloth-door places just yet.] Whene in the hallway, enter the double doors
once again, leading you into a room filled with dancing people. To your right, there
should be a flight of stairs. Take them. A man will now "feel your flesh". You know
the prosedure, don't move. If you got cought, you obviusly did not put the meathook
into le' chiken. go to the right, entering the meat king's room. Wait for his ladies
to leave the room, and press the little button by his bed. It closes his windows so
you can have some "privacy." Take the heathook out of the chicken, serve the chicken,
and whack him while he enjoys his meal. Then just go ahead and walk out. 

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