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1-Defeat Gohma inside of the Deku Tree

2-Defeat King Dodongo in Dodongo's Cavern

3-Defeat Barinade in Jabu-Jabu's Belly

4-Defeat Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple

5-Defeat Volvagia in the Fire Temple

6-Defeat Morpha in the Water Temple

7-Defeat Bongo Bongo in teh Shadow Temple

8-Defeat Twinrova in the Spirit Temple


1-In the Hyrule Market at night, find the fat lady's dog and bring it to the 
back alley

2-Move the boxes in the tower in Lon Lon Ranch to find it

3-In the Lost Woods, take a right at the entrance, down the ladder and play up 
to eight notes on the Ocarina with the two scrubs

4-Take a left at the entrance of the Lost Woods, stand on the stump and play 
Saria's song in front of the guy

5-In the Graveyard at night, talk to Dampe on the patches of dirt and he'll dig 
a hole for ten rupees, you'll eventually find it.

6-In the graveyard, pull one of the tombstones with plants in front of them to 
drop down a hole and kill the zombie to get this

7-In Goron City, throw a bomb into the large spinning pot and if is the happy 
face, you'll get this

8-Climb down the wall in Death Mountain Crater and this is in a little alcove

9-Talk to the owl at the top of Death Mountain and he will drop you on a house, 
look carefully over the ledge over the chicken coop, drop down and go through 
the wall

10-Play at the Bombchu Bowling Alley in the Market to win this

11-In Zora's River, grab the Cucco and glide down to a small platform right 
before the bridge to the waterfall and throw it into the water, climb the 
ladder, grab the Cucco and walk the thin paltform then glide to the heart piece

12-Grab the Cucco in Zora's River and carry it to the waterfall, go to the 
highest point you can and glide to the piece

13-Light all of the torches with a Deku Stick in Zora's Domain, including the 
two under the waterfall to spawn a chest

14-Catch a ten pound fish in Lake Hylia's Fishing Pond to get this

15-Go to Gerudo Valley, grab the Cucco and glide to the ledge with the box

16-Go back to Gerudo Valley and jump off, swim behind the waterfall, climb the 
ladder and get this

17-Bomb the middle of the fenced square by Lake Hylia and buy it from the Deku 

18-Use your Boomerang in the windmill in Kakariko Village to get this while 
standing on one of those raised platforms

19-As an adult, go to the graveyard and ride the Magic Bean Plant and break the 

20-Race Dampe in the graveyard and get a better time than one minute

21-Hook onto the Potion Shop roof in Kakariko Village, then the purple roof and 
talk to the guy

22-Collect 50 Gold Skulltulas and talk to the guy in the House of Skulltula

23-Ride the Bean Plant by Dodongo's Cave and jump on top of the cave to get this

24-Ride the Bean Plant in Death Mountain Crater to this in some black smoke, 
also get Piece of Heart #8 if you forgot it

25-In Zora's Fountain, hop across the ice platforms to get this

26-In the Ice Cavern, get some Blue fire and find this down a path in red ice

27-Once you have the Iron Boots, drop down to the middle of the lake in Zora's 

28-There is a lone tree northwest of Lon Lon Ranch by a stream, set a bomb down 
by it and drop down the hole, then in the little pool

29-Ride the Bean Plant by the house in Lake Hylia and climb up to the top of 
the chimney

30-Get the Golden Scale from the fishing pond as an adult and swim to the 
bottom of the pool in the Lake Hylia lab

31-Play the Song of Storms for the frogs in Zora's River

32-Play the game with the frogs in Zora's River

33-Use teh lens of truth in the building in the Market as young link

34-In Gerudo's Fortress, get captured and make your way to the large chest on 
the top of the fortress

35-Play the shooting game at Gerudo's Fortress during the day and get 1000 
points for this prize

36-Ride the Magic Bean Plant by the Spirit Temple and jump off to get this


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