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Pokemon Ruby
Helpful Tips


Ch. 1  ------------------------------------------------------ I Want A Shedinja
Ch. 2 ------------------------------------------------------- My Dream Pokedex
Tip Along the Way -------------------------------------- Premier Ball
Ch. 3 ------------------------------------------------------- Use Advantage to Beat 
the Elites
Ch. 4 ------------------------------------------------------- Catching the Regi
Ch. 5 ------------------------------------------------------- TM’s and HM’s
Tip Along the Way -------------------------------------- Powerful Starter Moves
Ch. 6 ------------------------------------------------------- Leveling Up
Ch. 7 ------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon You Can’t Catch
Ch. 8 (part I) Wanna Have… ------------------------  Want An Azurill?
Ch. 8 (part II) Wanna Have… ------------------------Win the Pokemon Lottery!
Ch. 9 (part I) The Latios/Latias Hunt ---------------Solve the Sealed Chamber
Ch. 9 (part II) The Latios/Latias Hunt---------------Save Your Master Ball!!!!!
Ch. 9 (part III) The Latios/Latias Hunt--------------Latios/Latias
Tip Along the Way---------------------------------------Find A Chimecho
Just So You Know…------------------------------------High Tides in Shoal Cave

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Ch. 1

This Pokemon is very easy to catch, though it is good. It is the only Bug and Ghost 
type. Its special power Wonder Guard makes it almost invincible. Wonder Guard 
protects against all attacks except for the ones that are super effective. For 
example, Bug types are weak against Flying types. If a pokemon uses a Flying type 
move on Shedinja, it is going to get hit. To get Shedinja, you will need a Nincada. 
You can catch one on Route 116. Make sure you have a free space for a new Pokemon 
(Shedinja). That means you can have only four Pokemon and a Nincada. Make sure you 
have at least one of the type 
of Pokeball you used to catch Nincada with. For example, if you caught Nincada with 
a Great Ball, make sure you have at least one Great Ball. Get it to evolve at level 
20 into a Ninjask and that it learns three new moves. Once you are back out to the 
normal screen, go to your Pokemon. You will see that you just got another Pokemon, 

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Ch. 2
My Dream Pokedex

001- TREECKO:in the beginning.
002- GROVYLE:evolves from TREECKO.
003- SCEPTILE:evolves from GROVYLE.
004- TORCHIC:in the beginning.
005- COMBUSKEN:evolves from TORCHIC.
006- BLAZIKEN:evolves from COMBUSKEN.
007- MUDKIP:in the beginning.
008- MARSHTOMP:evolves from MUDKIP.
009- SWAMPERT:evolves from MARSHTOMP.
010- POOCHYENA:wild(route(s)101-103).
011- MIGHTYENA:evolves from POOCHYENA.
012- ZIGZAGOON:wild(route(s)101-104,petalburg woods,110,116-121).
013- LINOONE:wild(route(s)118-121,123)and evolves from ZIGZAGOON.
014- WURMPLE:wild(route(s)petalburg woods).
015- SILCOON:wild(route(s)petalburg woods)and evolves from WURMPLE.
016- BEAUTIFLY:evolves from SILCOON.
017- CASCOON:wild(route(s)petalburg woods)and evolves from WURMPLE.
018- DUSTOX:evolves from CASCOON.
019- LOTAD:wild(route(s)101,114).---SAPPHIRE
020- LOMBRE:wild(route(s)114)and evolves from LOTAD.---SAPPHIRE
021- LUDICOLO:use a water stone on LOMBRE).---SAPPHIRE
022- SEEDOT:wild(route(s)101,114).
023- NUZLEAF:wild(route(s)114)and evolves from SEEDOT.
024- SHIFTRY:use a leaf stone).
025- TAILLOW:wild(route(s)104,petalburg woods,115,116).
026- SWELLOW:wil(route(s)115)and evolves from TAILLOW.
027- WINGULL:wild and by surfing in the water(route(s)103-110,115,118-
122, mt.pyre,123,lilycobe city,124,125,mossdeep city,126,127,sootopolis 
city, 128,ever grande city,129-131,pacifidlog town,132-143).
028- PELIPPER:wild,water(route(s)103-110,115,118-122,mt.pyre,123,lilycobe 
city, 124,125,mossdeep city,126,127,sootopolis city,128,ever grande city,129-
131, pacifidlog town,132-143)and evolves from WINGULL.
029- RALTS:wild(route(s)102).
030- KIRLIA:evolves from RALTS.
031- GARDEVOIR:evolves from KIRLIA.
032- SURSKIT:wild and by surfing in the water(route(s)102,111,114,117,120).
033- MASQUERAIN:evolves from SURSKIT.
034- SHROOMISH:wild(route(s)petalburg woods).
035- BRELOOM:evolves from SHROOMISH.
036- SLAKOTH:wild(route(s)petalburg woods).
037- VIGOROTH:evolves from SLAKOTH.All The TMs And HMs Are
038- SLAKING:evolves from VIGOROTH.
039- ABRA:wild(route(s)granite cave).
040- KADABRA:evolves from ABRA.
041- ALAKAZAM:evolves from KADABRA.
042- NINCADA:wild(route(s)116).
043- NINJASK:evolves from NINCADA.
044- SHEDINJA:have 5 pokemon in your party and when NINCADA is going to level 20,let 
it evolve and in your 6th block of pokemon, it will be there.
045- WHISMER:wild(route(s)116,rusturf tunnel,ever grande city).
046- LOUDRED:wild(route(s)ever grande city)and evolves from WHISMER.
047- EXPLOUD:evolves from LOUDRED.
048- MAKUHITA:wild(route(s)granite cave,ever grande city).
049- HARIYAMA:wild(route(s)ever grande city)and evolves from MAKUHITA.
050- GOLDEEN:by fishing(route(s)102,petalburg city,111,114,meteor 
falls,117,120,safari zone,ever grande city).
051- SEAKING:by fishing(route(s)safari zone)and evolves from GOLDEEN.
052- MAGIKARP:by fishing102-106,dewford island,107,108,abandoned ship,109,slateport 
city,110,111,114,meteor falls,115,117-119,fortree city,120,121,safari 
zone,122,mt.pyre,123,lilycove city,124,125,shoal cave,mossdeep 
city,126,127,sootopolis city,128,seafloor cavern,ever grande city,129-
131,pacifidlog town,132-134).
053- GYARADOS:by fishing(route(s)sootopolis city)and evolves from MAGIKARP.
054- AZURILL:put a boy and a girl MARILL in the pokemon daycare center and give one 
of them the sea incense and crack the egg when you get it.
055- MARILL:water,fishing(route(s)102,petalburg city,111,114,117,120)and evolves 
056- AZUMARILL:evolves from MARILL.
057- GEODUDE:wild and by using rocksmash on a rock"sometimes"(route(s)granite 
cave,111,114,safari zone,ever grande city).
058- GRAVELER:wild(route(s)ever grande city)and evolves from GEODUDE.
059- GOLEM:evolves from GRAVELER when traded by another real trainer.
060- NOSEPASS:by using rocksmash on a rock"sometimes"granite cave).
061- SKITTY:wild(route(s)116).
062- DELCATTY:evolves from SKITTY.
063- ZUBAT:wild(route(s)granite cave,meteor falls,shoal cave,sootopolis 
city,seafloor cavern,ever grande city).
064- GOLBAT:wild(route(s)metoer falls,shoal cave,sootopolis city)and evolves from 
065- CROBAT:evolves from GOLBAT.
066- TENTACOOL:by surfing in the water103-106,dewford island,107,108,abandoned 
ship,109,slateport city,110,115,118,119,121,122,mt.pyre,123,lilycove 
city,124,125,shoal cave,mossdeep city,126,127,sootopolis city,128,seafloor 
cavern,ever grande city,129-131,pacifidlog town,132-134).
067- TENTACRUEL:by surfing in the water(route(s)abandoned ship)and evolves from 
068- SABLEYE:wild(route(s)granite cave,sootopolis city,ever grande city,sky pillar).-
069- MAWILE:wild(route(s)granite cave,sootopolis city,ever grande city,sky pillar).
070- ARON:wild(route(s)granite cave,ever grande city).
071- LAIRON:wild(route(s)ever grande city)and evolves from ARON.
072- AGGRON:evolves from LAIRON.
073- MACHOP:wild(route(s)112,jagged pass).
074- MACHOKE:evolves from MACHOP.
075- MACHAMP:evolves from MACHOKE when traded by another real trainer.
076- MEDITITE:wild(route(s)mt.pyre,ever grande city).
077- MEDICHAM:wild(route(s)ever grande city)and evolves from MEDITITE.
078- ELECTRIKE:wild(route(s)110,118).
079- MANECTRIC:wild(route(s)118)and evolves from ELECTRIKE.
080- PLUSLE:wild(route(s)110).
081- MINUN:wild(route(s)110).
082- MAGNEMITE:wild(route(s)new mauville).
083- MAGNETON:wild(route(s)new mauville)and evolves from MAGNEMITE.
084- VOLTORB:wild(route(s)new mauville).
086- VOLBEAT:wild(route(s)117).
087- ILLUMISE:wild(route(s)117).
088- ODDISH:wild(route(s)110,117,119-121,safari zone,123).
089- GLOOM:wild(route(s)121,safari zone,123).
090- VILEPLUME:use a leaf stone on GLOOM.
091- BELLOSSOM:use a sun stone on GLOOM.
092- DODUO:wild(route(s)safari zone).
093- DODRIO:wild(route(s)safari zone)and evolves from DODUO.
094- ROSELIA:wild(route(s)117).
095- GULPIN:wild(route(s)110).
096- SWALOT:evolves from GULPIN.
097- CARVANHA:by fishing(route(s)118,119).
098- SHARPEDO:by fishing(route(s)103,118,122,124,125,mossdeep city,126,127,129-
131,pacifidlog town,132-134)and evolves from CARVANHA.
099- WAILMER:by fishing(route(s)103-106,dewford island,107-109,slateport 
city,110,115,121-123,lilycove city,124,125,shoal cave,mossdeep city,126-
128,seafloor cavern,ever grande city,129-131,pacifidlog town,132-134).
100- WAILORD:by fishing(route(s)129)and evolves from WAILMER.
101- NUMEL:wild(route(s)112,jagged pass).
102- CAMERUPT:evolves from NUMEL.
103- SLUGMA:wild(route(s)fiery pass).
104- MAGCARGO:evolves from SLUGMA.
105- TORKOAL:wild(route(s)fiery pass).
106- GRIMER:wild(route(s)fiery pass).
107- MUK:evolves from GRIMER.
108- KOFFING:wild(route(s)fiery pass).
109- WEEZING:evolves from KOFFING.
110- SPOINK:wild(route(s)jagged pass).
111- GRUMPIG:evolves from SPOINK.
112- SANDSHREW:wild(route(s)111,113).
113- SANDSLASH:evolves from SANDSHREW.
114- SPINDA:wild(route(s)113).
115- SKARMORY:wild(route(s)113).
116- TRAPINCH:wild(route(s)111).
117- VIBRAVA:evolves from TRAPINCH.
118- FLYGON:evolves from VIBRAVA.
119- CACNEA:wild(route(s)111).
120- CACTURNE:evolves from CACNEA.
121- SWABLU:wild(route(s)114,115).
122- ALTARIA:wild(route(s)sky pillar.
123- ZANGOOSE:wild(route(s)114).
124- SEVIPER:wild(route(s)114).---SAPPHIRE
125- LUNATONE:wild(route(s)meteor falls).---SAPPHIRE
126- SOLROCK:wild(route(s)meteor falls).
127- BARBOACH:by fishing(route(s)111,114,meteor falls,120,ever grande city).
128- WHISCASH:by fishing(route(s)meteor falls,ever grande city)and evolves from 
129- CORPHISH:by fishing(route(s)102,petalburg city,117).
130- CRAWDAUNT:evolves from CORPHISH.
131- BALTOY:wild(route(s)111).
132- CLAYDOL:wild and evolves from BALTOY.
133- LILEEP:fossil rejuvination.
134- CRADILY:evolves from LILEEP.
135- ANORITH:fossil rejuvination.
136- ARMALDO:evolves from ANORITH.
137- IGGLYBUFF:put a boy and a girl JIGGLYPUFF and CASTFORM in the pokemon daycare 
center and crack the egg when you get it.
138- JIGGLYPUFF:wild and evolves from IGGLYBUFF.
139- WIGGLYTUFF:evolves from JIGGLYPUFF.
140- FEEBAS:by fishing(route(s)119).
141- MILOTIC:evolves from FEEBAS when you give it a lot of blue poke blocks made up 
of cornn berrys
142- CASTFORM:person gives it to you.
143- STARYU:by fishing(route(s)lilycove city).
144- STARMIE:use a water stone on STARYU.
146- SHUPPET:wild(route(s)mt.pyre).
147- BANNETE:evolves from SHUPPET.
148- DUSKULL:wild(route(s)121,mt.pyre,123).
149- DUSCLOPS:wild(route(s)sky pillar)and evolves from DUSKULL.
150- TROPIUS:wild(route(s)119).
151- CHIMECHO:wild(route(s)mt.pyre).
152- ABSOL:wild(route(s)120).
153- VULPIX:wild(route(s)mt.pyre).
154- NINETALES:use a fire stone on VULPIX.
155- PICHU:put a boy and girl PIKACHU and CASTFORM in the pokemon daycare center and 
crack the egg when you get it.
156- PIKACHU:wild(route(s)safari zone)and evolves from PICHU.
157- RAICHU:evolves from PIKACHU.
158- PSYDUCK:by surfing in the water(route(s)safari zone).
159- GOLDUCK:water and evolves from PSYDUCK.
160- WYNAUT:get it from a person in an egg form"NOTE THAT ALSO THIS IS THE ONLY 
161- WOBBUFFET:wild(route(s)safari zone)and evolves from WYNAUT.
162- NATU:wild(route(s)safari zone).
163- XATU:wild(route(s)safari zone)and evolves from NATU.
164- GIRAFFARIG:wild(route(s)safari zone).
165- PHANPY:wild(route(s)safari zone).
166- DONPHAN:evolves from PHANPY.
167- PINSIR:wild(route(s)safari zone).
168- HERACROSS:wild(route(s)safari zone).
169- RHYHORN:wild(route(s)safari zone).
170- RHYDON:evolves from RHYHORN.
171- SNORUNT:wild(route(s)shoal cave).
172- GLALIE:evolves from SNORUNT.
173- SPHEAL:wild(route(s)shoal cave).
174- SEALEO:evolves from SPHEAL.
175- WALREIN:evolves from SEALEO.
176- CLAMPERL:find it under water(route(s)124,126,127).
177- HUNTAIL:CLAMPERL holding a deepseatooth and traded to another real trainer.
178- GOREBYSS:CLAMPERL holding a deepseascale and traded to another real trainer.
179- RELICANTH:find it under water(route(s)124,126,127).
180- CORSOLA:by fishing(route(s)128,ever grande city).
181- CHINCHOU:find it under water(route(s)124,126,127).
182- LANTURN:evolves from CHINCHOU.
183- LUVDISC:by fishing(route(s)128,ever grande city).
184- HORSEA:by fishing(route(s)132-134).
185- SEADRA:evolves from HORSEA
186- KINGDRA:evolves from SEADRA when a dragonscale is on it and traded to another 
real trainer.
187- BAGON:wild(route(s)meteor falls).
188- SHELGON:evolves from BAGON.
189- SALAMENCE:evolves from SHELGON.
190- BELDUM:a person gives it to you.
191- METANG:evolves from BELDUM.
192- METAGROSS:evolves from METANG.
193- REGIROCK:find it in a certain cave(route(s)desert ruins).
194- REGICE:find it in a certain cave(route(s)island cave).
195- REGISTEEL:find it in a certain cave(route(s)ancient tomb).
196- LATIAS:watch your television after beating the elite four.---SAPPHIRE
197- LATIOS:watch your television after beating the elite four.
198- KYOGRE:in the seafloor cavern by using the blue orb.---SAPPHIRE
199- GROUDON:in the seafloor cavern by having the red orb.
200- RAYQUAZA:on the top floor in the sky pillar
201- JIRACHI:look on websites to find them.
202- DEOXYS:look on websites to find them.
203- DARK SIZOR:somewhere on mirage island.

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Tip Along the Way
Premier Ball 

Buy at least ten Pokeballs and you will get a free Premier Ball. 

Ch. 3
Use Advantage to Beat the Elites

*************** STEP 1 **************
You’ll need one of each group of pokemon over lv 50(* means best choice)
*Groundon (absolutely must have, he is necessary and you'll see why)

If you have one pokemon from each group, you’ll have a strong different types and a 
beginning pokemon, which will most likely be your strongest. These will whip the 
Elites so bad. 

*************** STEP 2 **************

Make absolutely sure that Groundon knows the 4 moves:

Fire Blast/Flamethrower*
*solarbeam/giga drain
These moves will make Groundon as strong as he can get in the game. These moves are 
rare though. First, Thunderbolt is found after 
completing the New Mauville side quest, but Thunder is found in Lilycove for 5500. 
Solarbeam may take 2 turns to hit, but Groundon's special effect allows it to attack 
in just one turn, making it better than Gigadrain. Fire Blast is what Groundon will 
know when you catch him, but Flamethrower can only be learned through level ups.

*************** STEP 3 **************

Run or fly back to your mom and get the Amulet Coin from her. Give it to your 
Psychic pokemon, then fly back to Rustboro and travel back to the two girls you 
fought long ago. The one in the green is Lady Cindy, and if you fight her with the 
Amulet Coin 
equipped pokemon, you'll get around 13000. After this, go back into the Petalburg 
Woods, hop down the steps, and battle the first kid you see after gettin outta the 
forest. This kid gives you 10000 or so if you win with the Amulet Coinned pokemon. 
Repeat this for a few times, and you'll be rich as the Governator’s garden! (just 
kidding, Governator) Use this money to go buy 12 hyper potions, and about 20 or so 
lemonades. You know why? Lemonades restore 80 HP and only cost 350 at the top floor 
of Lilycove Department Store.

Now you'll need to become a berry grower and plant berries in almost every place you 
them growing. After you plant berries, water them each 3 times every 5 hrs. if 
possible. This way, everyday you will reeceive 3 times what you planted. Focus on 
planting Leppas,as they work like Ethers, only less, way less expensive.

*************** UR DONE **************

	^_^x Smile always!

Ch. 4
Catching the Regi

To catch any of these pokemon you need to start off at PACFIDLOG TOWN and head west 
from there and try to stay at the bottom of the screen when you get to ROUTE 134 you 
should be in shallow water. So get to the edge of the water on the right and then 
save your progress then try surf in different areas in the shallow water sooner or 
later you will drift into a small circle of water. Use dive in the darker spot of 
the circle. Head north from there untill you reach a dead end. You'll see a message 
chiseled into the rock. The message says to use dive so stand in front of the text 
and use dive. Then you'll emerge in a new cavern. In the cavern you'll find 10 rock 
tablets peppered with visual braille (the 26 letter english alphabet) after you know 
how to translate them read the message on the northern wall. You'll learn how to 
break through the wall to reach the 2nd cavern. If you dont know how to translate 
the message it says to use dig so use dig in front of the text then you'll be in the 
innermost cavern. In the innermost cavern you'll be surrounded by seven mounds each 
inscribed with more of the mysterious messages even when translated the message 
remains cryptic. Once you understand their meaning you'll know what to do to trigger 
a seismic event to complete the task you may need to go on a pokemon hunt its all 
worth the trouble youll unlock three new areas in HOENN the message tells you to put 
a Relicanth in yours team's lead position and a Wailord in the final position after 
you complete the task re-enter the innermost cavern and approach the northern mound 
the ground will shake and three ruins across HOENN will break open. Each contains 
new mysteries and a new pokemon that you can't find anywhere else. The first place 
you should go is PETALBURG CITY. Go west. You should be in ROUTE 104 so use surf and 
head north until you see land. Go to the land and then head south till you come to a 
cavern. Go in it and head north to the northern wall. There is a message on it.The 
message says, "Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice." In other words just wait 
until a passage opens go through the passage there you will find the rare pokemon 
Regice. Next go to FORTREE CITY. Head east from there then you should be at ROUTE 
120 after you have passed the second bridge. Head north until you see a set of 
stairs go up them and head north until you see a cavern. Go in there go to the 
northern wall and there is a message. The message says, "With new time, hope, and 
love, aim to the sky in the middle." In other words go to the middle of the room and 
use fly a passage will open. Go through the passage and then you will see then 
pokemon Registeel. Next go to MAUVILLE CITY and head north when you get to the 
DESERT RUINS head south until you see a cavern. Go in the cavern and go to the 
northern wall. There will be another message. The message says, "Right, right, down, 
down, then use strength." So stay at the 
northern wall and press right, right, down, down, and then use strength. The last 
passage will open and you will see the last pokemon Regirock.

	^_^x Smile always!

Ch. 5
TMs And HMs 

These are all the tm's and hm's in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire: 
TM1: Focus Punch - Located on Route 115.
TM2: Dragon CLaw - Located in the Meteor Falls.
TM3: Water Pulse - Gift after beating Sootopolis Gym.
TM4: Calm Mind - Gift after beating Mossdeep Gym.
TM5: Roar - Located on Route 114.
TM6: Toxic - Located in Firey Path.
TM7: Hail - Located in Shoal Cave.
TM8: Bulk Up - Gift after beating Dewford Gym.
TM9: Bullet Seed - Located on Route 104.
TM10: Hidden Power - Buy it for 3,000$ in Slateport/Fortree.
TM11: Sunny Day - Located in Scorched Slab.
TM12: Taunt - Located in Trick House. 
TM13: Ice Beam - Located in Mauville/Abandoned Ship or buy for 4,000 coins.
TM14: Blizzard - LilyCove Store for 5,500$.
TM15: Hyper Beam - LilyCove Store for 7,500$.
TM16: Light Screen - LilyCove Store for 3,000$.
TM17: Protect - LilyCove Store for 3,000$.
TM18: Rain Dance - Located in Abandoned Ship.
TM19: Giga Drain - Located on Route 123.
TM20: Safeguard - LilyCove Store for 3,000$.
TM21: Frustration - Located in Pacifidlog Town.
TM22: Solarbeam - Located in Safari Zone. 
TM23: Iron Tail - Located in Meteor Falls.
TM24: Thunderbolt - Buy it in Mauville for 4,000 coins.
TM25: Thunder - LilyCove Store for 5,500$.
TM26: Earthquake - Located in Seafloor Cavern.
TM27: Return - Located in Fallarbor/Pacifidlog.
TM28: Dig - Located on Route 114.
TM29: Psychic - Mauville for 3,500 coins or on Victory Road.
TM30: Shadowball -  Located in Mt. Pyre.
TM31: Brick Break - Located in Sootopolis.
TM32: Double Team -  Mauville for 1,500 coins. 
TM33: Reflect - LilyCove Store for 3,000$.
TM34: Shock Wave - Gift after beating Mauville Gym.
TM35: Flamethrower - Mauville for 4,000 coins.
TM36: Sludge Bomb - Located in Dewford Town.
TM37: Sandstorm - Located on Route 111.
TM38: Fire Blast - LilyCove Store for 5,500$. 
TM39: Rock Tomb - Gift after beating Rustboro Gym.
TM40: Aerial Ace - Gift after beating Fortree Gym.
TM41: Torment - Located in Slateport City.
TM42: Facade - Gift after beating Petalburg Gym.
TM43: Secret Power - Located in Slateport for 3,000$ or on Route 111.
TM44: Rest - Located in LilyCove City.
TM45: Attract - Located in Verdanturf Town.
TM46: Thief - Located in Slateport City.
TM47: Steel Wing - Located in Granite Cave.
TM48: Skill Swap - Located in Mt. Pyre.
TM49: Snatch - Found on the S.S. Tidal.
TM50: Overheat - Gift after beating Lavaridge Gym. 
HM01: Cut - Found in Rustboro City.
HM02: Fly - Found on Route 119 after beating May/Brandon.
HM03: Surf - Found in Petalburg City.
HM04: Strength - Found in Rusturf Tunnel after smashing rocks.
HM05: Flash - Found in Granite Cave.
HM06: Rock Smash - Found in Mauville City.
HM07: Waterfall - Found in Cave of Origin.
HM08: Dive - Found in Mossdeep City.

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Tip Along the Way
Powerful Moves 

Treeko, Torchic, and Mudkip can only learn Gigadrain (Treeko), Flamethrower 
(Torchic), and
Hydropump (Mudkip) in their original stage around level 40.

Ch. 6
Leveling Up 

Whatever the experience points needed for the Pokemon you left in the Daycare Center 
to reach the next level, is how many steps you need to take when walking around. For 
example, if your Pikachu was on level 3 when you left him at the Daycare Center and 
he needs 57 experience points to reach level 4, you must take 57 steps for him to 
reach that level. To make your Pokemon levels up faster, go to the Daycare Center 
drop off a Pokemon. Go outside and walk forwards then backwards (or vice versa). Put 
your Pokemon in the Daycare Center and leave it. Go down and to the left. There 
be a line of trees. Go directly up against the trees and get on your bike (Acro 
recommended, as it is the fastest). Ride all the way to the left as far as you can 
Keep going back and forth as far as possible and eventually your Pokemon will gain 
fairly quickly. This is also useful if you want eggs. Note: If you leave your 
Pokemon in
 the Daycare Center for too long, it will not evolve into its next form (if it has 

	^_^x Smile always

Ch. 7
Pokemon You Can’t Catch 

All the following Pokemon are ones you can’t catch in the game

001. Deoxys
002. Jirachi
003. Bulbasaur
004. Ivysaur
005. Venusaur
006. Charmander
007. Charmeleon
008. Charizard
009. Squirtle
010. Wartortle
011. Blastoise
012. Caterpie
013. Metapod
014. Butterfree
015. Weedle
016. Kakuna
017. Beedrill
018. Pidgey
019. Pidgeotto
020. Pidgeot
021. Rattata
022. Raticate
023. Spearow
024. Fearow
025. Ekans
026. Arbok
027. Nidoran (F)
028. Nidorina
029. Nidoqueen
030. Nidoran (M)
031. Nidorino
032. Nidoking
033. Clefairy
034. Clefable
035. Paras
036. Parasect
037. Venonat
038. Venomoth
039. Diglett
040. Dugtrio
041. Meowth
042. Persian
043. Mankey
044. Primeape
045. Growlithe
046. Arcanine
047. Poliwag
048. Poliwhirl
049. Poliwrath
050. Bellsprout
051. Weepinbell
052. Victreebel
053. Ponyta
054. Rapidash
055. Slowpoke
056. Slowbro
057. Farfetch'd
058. Seel
059. Dewgong
060. Shellder
061. Cloyster
062. Gastly
063. Haunter
064. Gengar
065. Onix
066. Drowzee
067. Hypno
068. Krabby
069. Kingler
070. Exeggcute
071. Exeggutor
072. Cubone
073. Marowak
074. Hitmonlee
075. Hitmonchan
076. Lickitung
077. Chansey
078. Tangela
079. Kangaskhan
080. Mr. Mime
081. Scyther
082. Jynx
083. Electabuzz
084. Magmar
085. Tauros
086. Lapras
087. Ditto
088. Eevee
089. Vaporeon
090. Jolteon
091. Flareon
092. Porygon
093. Omanyte
094. Omastar
095. Kabuto
096. Kabutops
097. Aerodactyl
098. Snorlax
099. Articuno
100. Zapdos
101. Moltres
102. Dratini
103. Dragonair
104. Dragonite
105. Mewtwo
106. Mew
107. Chikorita
108. Bayleef
109. Meganium
110. Cyndaquil
111. Quilava
112. Typhlosion
113. Totodile
114. Croconaw
115. Feraligatr
116. Sentret
117. Furret
118. Hoothoot
119. Noctowl
120. Ledyba
121. Ledian
122. Spinarak
123. Ariados
124. Cleffa
125. Togepi
126. Togetic
127. Mareep
128. Flaaffy
129. Ampharos
130. Sudowoodo
131. Politoed
132. Hoppip
133. Skiploom
134. Jumpluff
135. Aipom
136. Sunkern
137. Sunflora
138. Yams
139. Wooper
140. Quagsire
141. Espeon
142. Umbreon
143. Murkrow
144. Slowking
145. Misdreavus
146. Unown
147. Pineco
148. Forretress
149. Dunsparce
150. Gligar
151. Steelix
152. Snubbull
153. Granbull
154. Qwilfish
155. Scizor
156. Shuckle
157. Sneasel
158. Teddiursa
159. Ursaring
160. Swinub
161. Piloswne
162. Remoraid
163. Octillery
164. Delibird
165. Mantine
166. Houndour
167. Houndoom
168. Porygon2
169. Stantler
170. Smeargle
171. Tyrogue
172. Hitmontop
173. Smoochum
174. Elekid
175. Magby
176. Miltank
177. Blissey
178. Raikou
179. Entei
180. Suicune
181. Larvitar
182. Pupitar
183. Tyranitar
184. Lugia
185. Ho-oh
186. Celebi


	^_^x Smile always!

Ch. 8 Wanna Have…. (part I)
Want an Azurill? 

Should hatch from an egg you receive at the pokemon day care. Put a male and female 
Marill in the Day Care. One of them should hold Sea Incense.  

	^_^x Smile always!

Ch. 8  Wanna Win… (part II)
Win The Pokemon Lottery! 

Go to the Lilycove Department Store in Lilycove City. Talk to the lady on the first 
floor on the right. She will give you a Pokemon Lottery Ticket. If 2 numbers on the 
ticket match the same 2 numbers of the ID number of any of your Pokemon, you will 
get a?? If 3 numbers match, you will get an Exp. Share. If 4 numbers match, you will 
get Max Revive. If all 5 numbers match, you will get a Master Ball! (If only I could 
have gotten the 5...) 

	^_^x Smile always!

Ch. 9 (part I) The Latios/Latias Hunt
Solve The Sealed Chamber 

Go to Pacifidlog Town and surf west to the rapids, then keep going west at the south 
border until you're somewhere between route 133 and 132 and you should find a tiny 
spot of calm water with a diving spot in the middle. Dive in it and go all the way 
south, read the message, and it tells you to go to the surface here. Use dive right 
in front of the inscription (the one to go to the surface) and go north until you 
reach an odd wall of rocks. Once there, read this form of weird writing. It tells 
you to dig here, once done you need two certain pokemon, Wailord and Relicanth, 
these can both be seen in the wild, but they're rare. You can capture Wailord at 
route 129 by fishing or diving I think (I raised mine from a Wailmer) and you can 
catch Relicanth from route 124 to Sootopolis city. Once that is done, go back to the 
chamber, then go through the sealed door (I explained instructions earlier) and 
approach the northern mound. Then put Wailord and 
Relicanth in first and last position of your party, the ground will start to shake 
and you’ll hear three doors open from a distance (if the order you put Wailord and 
Relicanth in the first time doesn’t work, switch their positions and try again.) 
Now, on with the Latios/Latias Hunt!

	^_^x Smile always!

Ch. 9 (part II) The Latios/Latias Hunt
Save Your Master Ball!!!!! 

Ok. When you catch Kyogre/Groudon, USE AN ULTRA BALL!!! Don't waste your master ball 
and make the mistake I did. Same thing with Rayquaza. He is so easy! After a bunch 
of tries I caught him with an ultra ball at FULL HP!! 
NO LIE! So use your Master ball on Latios/Latias. DON'T WASTE IT BECAUSE THEY ARE 

	^_^x Smile always!

Ch. 9 (part III) The Latios/Latias Hunt

Whenever you find Latios/Latias follow it. When its in the same area as you are save 
your game then walk through the grass for a while. Eventually you’ll bump into it, 
and then get a pokemon with mean look to use it on them. Weaken it then 
keep throwing ultra balls at it. It will eventually fled find it again and its HP 
will be how it was when it fled from you before then do the directions I told you to 
do before. At one point of time you should catch it. It worked for me. 

Tip Along the Way
Find Chimecho 

Chimecho can be found in the grass on Mt. Pyre. 

	^_^x Smile always!

Just So You Know…
High Tides In Shoal Cave 

If it’s raining on route 119, then it’s high tide in Shoal Cave. 

^_^x Remember to smile always!

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