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Hi! This is my Top Ride FAQ! Why does everyone hate it? This only says some stuff 
on it, and it will be updated!

I. Vehicles
II. Courses
III. Kirby's
IV. Easy tasks
V. Hard tasks
VI. E-mail
0. Contents^_^
VII. Ending
VIII. My thanks
VIIII. The end!

I. Vehicles

     Free Star: A red star! This one's pretty fast, but to control it, you need to 
press the direction you need to go in. I recommend using this for computers.

     Steer Star: Much easier, but a little slower. It's blue, and to control it, 
you do the same thing you do in Air Ride and City Trial, besides the Swerve Star. 
This one is the one you should choose for yourself.

II. Courses

     Grass: A curvy place. Takes about 3-9 seconds. Nothing special.
     Sand: A place with a GIANT ANTHOLE!
     Sky: A medium place. Watch out for towers!
     Fire: It's hot! Shorcuts and dangers everywhere!
     Light: Rails! Easy place to be.
     Water: Waterfalls and streams! Average level.
     Metal: Walls, bars, pipes, switches, so much harer than any other!!!!!!!! llo

III. Kirby's

     You begin with Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Red, but unlock Green, Purple, White, 
and Brown on the way.

Updating soon!

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