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Hi. I can't tell you about me, but I can tell you how to make a better park in 


I. Your Overall Park
A. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of the most importaint things about your park, which is probably 
1/4 of the reason why people come to your park. But you shouldn't hire 1000 handymen 
to keep your park clean, because then your $$ goes DOWN! So everywhere you put a 
food or drink stall, put a bench in that area so people can just chill, and a trash
so when their done chillin, they can throw out their food or drink. And when people 
get sick, be sure to put a bathroom next to the ride or que line so people can puke
in there. 

B. Rides

Rides are the main reason people come, and your park can become sucessful with 
these, but don't put gentil rides everywhere, then everyone will say, "I want to go 
on something more thrilling than Slide 1.", or whatever the ride is. Build some 
gentil rides and transportation rides., but also roller coasters, thrill rides, and 
water rides. 

II. Problems to Solve
A. Vandalism

When vandalism occurs, this can make guests unhappy. So when this happens, or you 
grt a warning about it, hire a few security guards (about 10 - 12), and assign about 
5 security guards to patrol the scene of the crime. When it's over, that doesn't 
mean bag em'. Keep a few, just in case vandalism srikes back.

B. Broken Rides

It's bad when rides break or crash, and it's worse when people are on the ride when 
it crashes! But there's nothing you can do about that. (i mean when the ride breaks, 
it breaks!) So before you open a ride, have it to be inspected every 10 minutes, and 
hire a new mechanic for each ride in your park, for the sake of your guests.

C. Trash and Vomit

III. Staff

A park is nothing without a good staff, otherwise your park would fail Keep that in 

A. Handymen

Handymen are useful guys. Hire a lot of these guys, but not everytime you see puke
or trash. For more on this, see TRASH AND VOMIT. Otherwise, here's what is good to 
do. Everywhere you put a food/drink stall, patrol a handyman there just in case a 
guest decides not to throw away their item. Or just in case a guest decides to skip 
the bathroom, have a handyman patrol the area just in case he pukes somewhere else.

B. Mechanics

C. Security guards.

D. Entertainers

Now entertainers aren't really a big help, they're just creepy. Most of the time 
they wave to no one or dance in front of no one. (creepy) But they can make people 
feel better when they're mad. A good tip is to assign them to patrol really long que 
lines, so people that can't stand waiting have something to enjoy.

V. Guests
A. Happiness

In order to keep people happy, you need a staff. Handymen to keep the park clean, 
machanics to fix rides, security guards to keep the park safe, and entertainers to 
make angry people happy. Also, build good rides and have many food/drinks stalls. 
Also put bathrooms scattered around the park. And everywhere you put a food/drink 
stall, put a garbage can, and a bench so people can chill. (i know i already said 
that.) And also near high or medium nausea rate rides, put a bench so people can 
relax, and a bathroom so they can puke. Also another tip: When you build custom 
roller coasters, don't make them so terrifiying so people fear it and don't ride it. 
Make it kind of gentil, but still fun.


GET $1,000,000
Close your park down for a full year. Then a man in a blue suit will come after that 
year and give you a little helpful cash ($cha-ching$)

Click on the LAND/DIG button and click on the area where you want to be cut. (Note: 
Don't click any of the other styles, then it'll cost ya.)

Rename a guest RICHARD TAN.

Rename Guest 1 E=MC2 and Guest 2 E=MC3. Then the two will brainstorm and you should 
recieve rides faster.

Thats all I know for right now. I may return, but no one knows, not even me. Bye.

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