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Hi!  My name is METSROCK, and I am here to help you along and give you hints on 
Super Smash Brothers (SSB) for the Nintendo 64 (N64) System.  First of all, THIS 
MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM WITHOUT MY WRITTEN CONSENT.  Thank of this junk...lets talk about the game.

Ok, well.....lets see......oh sorry.......didn't mean for that.  Ok, this game is a 
fighting game that includes 12 of your most favorite characters (well.... for most 
of us anyway).  The whole game is this broken down: Fighting......lots of it, the 
thing to do is to knock your opponent off the ledge, or field, and not get knocked 
off ourselves.  There are different diffculties that you can face, going from Very 
Easy, to Very Hard.  Lets describe the characters a bit.

NOTE:  These are not in order that they appear in, because right now my GameCube is 
hoked to the T.V. and I don't feel like switching the Systems to look.

Mario-  Mario is one of the original characters that you can start off with.  He is 
well-balanced and probably the best to start off with as a character.  I would 
say.....use him as often as you like, and'll never be bored playing 
with this all-time hero.

Link-  Link is the best in my view, other then Pikachu (explained later on in this 
section), because he has a variety of strong attacks.  He can attack from far away 
and still KO people, or you can try to smash some off with his sword.  Use him when 
in tough situations.

Samus Aran-  Samus, like Link, is very good both far away, and close-up.  The best 
though is use her Cyber Ball (B) attack.  Not only for those statistics, but she 
also is good defensively, because if you need to, you can jump away, or shield 
yourself in the best possible way.  Use her also when you are stuck, or just on 
practice games.

Donkey Kong (DK)-  DK is a heavy-weight......literally.  He is heavy enough to 
smash others flying when you jump on them using an attack.  Use him as often as you 
like, but be careful, because when trying to get back onto the stage with DK, he 
can get annoying.  This is because his Spinning Kong (Up+B) doesn't always go high 
enough for you to try to get back on the stage.

Pikachu-  My absolute favorite.  I mostly like him because I have all of the 
Pokemon games, but for real, PIkachu is even better then in the games!  His 
greatest attack, which is Thunder (Down+B), can give out up to 45% damage if you 
are in the right position!  Usually he will only give 20% damage, but that still is 
very good.  Use him as often as you can, I tell you from experience, HE IS THE 

Fox McCloud-  Fox is ok.  He could be better, but if you wanna buy Super Smash 
Bros. Melee (SSBM) because he is your favorite character, don't buy that game.  It 
isn't worth it.  You will be disappointed to hear that in that game, Fox is the 
worst.  Trust me on it, I have 20 friends who agree with me on that.  At least here 
though, he is ok.  Use him whenever you want, but he could be a little faster, and 
he could have better attacks....

Kirby-  A puffball....hmmm....makes me hungry....just joking.  He is a puffball 
though and is easily thrown about.  He has strong attacks, but if he isn't careful 
when doing one, he will die.  Only use him in practice if you want, and if you want 
an easy target in practice, use Kirby as your opponent. 

Yoshi-  I almost forgot this fun guy.  I like Yoshi alot.  HE is great offensively 
and defensively, since he is holding the best attacks and defense postures.  Use 
him whenver, there is no flaw in him.  Yoshi and Pikachu out of everybody, are the 
best characters.  If you practice with these guys, you'll be undefeatable. 

Note: I have never restarted the game since I had gotten it 2 years ago, so I won't 
remember how to get all of these guys.  Also, I might get confused with how to 
unlock them in SSBM, so if I am wrong, e-mail me at [email protected] and I will 
give you credit as well as publish the right way of gettin these guys.

Jigglypuff (Purin)-  Beat the game on any level to face Jigglypuff.  When you 
battle her, knock her off to win her.  Another puffball, basically the same as 
Kirby (see above). 

Captain Falcon-  Beat the game in under 20 minutes or so to battle Captain Falcon.  
Also, you must be on the Normal Difficulty, start with only 3 lives, and not lose a 
life during the rounds of fighting.  When you face him, knock him off the win him.  
Captain is another great character with almost no flaws.  He is very strong and is 
the fastest.  

Ness-  Play on Normal Mode with 3 lives, and don't lose a life during these rounds 
of battle.  When you battle him, knock him off to win him.  Ness is ok, but try not 
to use him, and be careful, he is surely hard to control sometimes.

Luigi-  Beat both the target practice and the jump extras mini games with all the 
original characters to fight him...He is great in all ways, just like 
Mario, but he jumps higher and has some better attacks.  Also, as always said, when 
you battle him, knock him of to win him.  

The only secret stage I know of is this one:

Mushroom Kingdom- not sure of how to get it, but it is a fun level, best played 
with 3-4 players.  You can go down the green pipes too, but be careful, because 
once or twice you may end up in the middle tube which is bad.  If you don't jump up 
right away after coming through that middle tube, you will die.

OK.  I hope this has helped some people become a better SSB player.  Again, if 
anything is wrong, e-mail me at [email protected], and I will gladly add it to the 
FAQ thingy, and give you credit.  Please though, when e-mailing me, make the 
Subject on the e-mail be: Super Smash Bros. Info.  Thank you.  Also, check out my 
other FAQ's and guides: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Age of Empires: The Conquerors 
Expansion, and soon to come: The World is Not Enough, and James Bond 007: 
Thank you again for reading this!!!!!  


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