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Hello everyone, and welcome to my strategy guide for The Two Towers.  Enough chit 
chat, let's get down to business.


1. Characters
2. Valuable Moves
3. My Approach
4. Missions
5. Cheat Codes


Aragorn- Aragorn is fast and powerful.  As Isildur's heir, his moves are categoried 
into, Isildur's judgement or Isildur's swift terror.  Aragorn is not my favorite 
character to play but is very good anyhow.  He combines quickness with strength and 
is the most important character to the books and probably to this game.

Legolas- Legolas is fast and fights in a finesse style.  He is most likely the best 
fighter on the game only because he is fast and carries a lot of arrows at one 
time.  Legolas is confident and is my pick as the best fighter on the game.  
However, Legolas dies easier than anyone else.  His health bar is lower, resulting 
in quick exits.

Gimli- Gimli is the worst fighter on this game, not to say he's bad.  Aragorn and 
Legolas are superb and are fast and fight gracefully.  Gimli is powerful and fights 
with his brute strength. He is very confident in his ability.  He throws axes, and 
he isn't quick and gets up very slowly after being knocked to the ground.  

Secret character- Well, it's called secret for a reason, right?


First off, before I tell you about moves, you have to know to ALWAYS PARRY BEFORE 
YOU ATTACK.  If you fail to do so, an orc will slash you in the middle of your combo 
and you waste time just attacking air.  So always make sure the orc has attacked 
before you start a combo.  You'll have to do this for my first topic, the banes.

Orc, Goblin, and Saruman Bane- These are by far the most important upgrades on the 
list.  Not only do these moves instanly kill an enemy, they stop all action around 
you and all arrows do no damage on you if fired.  However, these moves do take a 
while to get down pat, and you should practice these all the time.  I buy these 
upgrades first every time I play the game.

Isildur's, Elrond's, and Balin's Upgrades- Any of these upgrades are important, 
especially the judgements.  This move destroys all orcs around you if you are in the 
middle of a battle, such as Hornburg Courtyard.  The War Rushes and Swift Terrors 
are also very valuable just to kill orcs on the spot.  

Strength Upgrades- These are valuable, as they cost 10,000 points a pop.  However, 
they are not as important as upgrades listed above because if you parry and make a 
good move, you don't need extra strength.


When I start a game, I always go with one character to the very end.  I do it with 
Aragorn because before you start with the three characters, Aragorn has already 
completed a mission.  His experience level has already risen, and getting to level 
10 should not be a problem.  So, complete all levels with Aragorn, beat the secret 
level with Aragorn and the secret character.  Then you have all the codes you need.  
Use these codes to fight with Legolas and Gimli.  Now you can't lose.


You don't need to know about the first two because they are extremely easy.

3. Gates of Moria

Just go around and kill all the orcs and make sure to get all arrows that you can.  
Once you get to the cutscene where Gimli says that you should pass through the 
mines, SHOOT THE ARCHERS FIRST.  They will kill you if you ignore them.  Go ahead 
and kill all the orcs on the path.  This level is very straight forward.  When you 
get to the pond and the four archers, you have to stay patient.  They will hit you a 
few times, but you just have to move around and hit them with a couple arrows.  Once 
they are killed, kill the rest of the orcs, which brings us to the watcher.  This 
guy is very easy.  All you have to do is parry his tentacles and cut them off.  His 
head will pop up and you should shoot him with your arrow.  Repeat this and this 
level is no problem.

4. Balin's Tomb

Kill as many orcs as you can.  When the troll comes, here's the secret.  Strike him 
with a fierce attack and jump back.  After many times of doing this, he will start 
throwing a chain at you.  All you need to do is KEEP MOVING.  In between the time he 
hits you, hit him with a few arrows.  This takes forever with a regular bow, but he 
will eventually fall.

5. Amon Hen

This level is pretty easy to comprehend.  All you need to do is follow where the 
orcs are running to along the path.  Kill all orcs possible and advance down the 
path quickly because Frodo's health is fading by the minute.  Just kill all the 
orcs.  When you run over the bridge and a "0" is up by the orc picture, Frodo will 
be free and you just run to the log.  When the cutscene ends, you have to battle the 
leader.  He shoots arrows FASTER THAN A MOTHER!  So, don't hesitate one second.  
Shoot him with your arrows at first.  Shoot, run, shoot, run.  When he picks up the 
sword all you have to do is run around the pillars and make his sword stick in one.  
Then just pound him with all you've got.  After a few pillars destroyed he should be 

6. Fangorn Forest

First go over and break the log.  Kill all the orcs that come down.  Then go to the 
left through the tunnel and from behind another orc will attack.  Parry and attack.  
Then go down the path and you'll eventually come to the first troll.  Beat him just 
like the one in Balin's Tomb.  Then, walk through the water, killing all orcs in 
sight.  Then you walk through the waterfall and kill another troll.  There is a 
health bar if you're low.  Then kill all the orcs after the wimpy fence.  Now just 
follow the path and kill all orcs that you see.  After the goblins stop falling from 
the trees, break the log and after the cutscene go to the right and through the 
small tunnel.  Take each troll one at a time.  Just like usual.  Attack, jump back.  

7. Plains of Rohan

Kill all the orcs in the opening.  When Gandalf busts the door, run in and destroy 
the water barrel, so the villagers are free.  After the cutscene, kill the lone orc 
right next to you and go upstairs and kill all the orcs.  Then kill the orc and the 
two archers and fierce attack the water barrel to free the man.  Then run over the 
roof and on the bridge you shoot the water barrel.  Then, destroy the sticks and 
kill the orcs.  Avoid the burning man and run down the stairs of the house, killing 
one uruk-hai on the way.  Kill all the orcs, including the one pestering the 
villagers at the top of the stairs.  Then bust the wagon blocking the bridge and go 
into battle.  Kill all the uruk-hai and then bust the sticks blocking the entrance 
to the house.

8. The Westfold

This would be the easiest mission if it weren't for the next one.  All you do is 
destroy the explosives and kill the orcs.  You can follow Eomer, because he 
basically leads if you don't know where you are going.  There isn't much else 
besides the fact that you use a lot of arrows, but archer orcs leave them behind, 

9. Gap of Rohan

Kill the wargs by shooting them with arrows.  If they're close, use fierce attack 
and they'll go down easily.  After this, find the farthest NW burning house and 
fierce attack the sticks.  Don't worry about you're friends.  Trust me, you don't 
need them... Anyway, just kill them all with arrows.  The boss you cannot kill with 
arrows but is just as easy to kill.  It will take a little longer, but still easy.  
All you do is fake him out when he charges.  After 2 charges he will go up on his 
hind legs.  Go up and attack.  If he doesn't go down the first time, repeat the same 
thing until he's dead.

10. The Deeping Wall

This mission is hard, yet easy...What you have to do is knock over all the ladders 
and kill some orcs on the way.  It's easy because you just go around knocking over 
ladders and if you do that quickly you don't have to deal with many orcs.  Quickness 
is the problem.  Your allies are constantly in the way, and they don't help knocking 
over ladders.  So you just have to keep your cool and eventually reinforcements will 

11. The Breached Wall

This is hard because this takes a while.  Do as much as you can to keep any orcs 
away from the door.  You need tons of arrows or axes.  This is fun because you can 
wail on everyone and get tons of experience points.  Good luck on this one, you're 
gonna need it.

12. Hornburg Courtyard

This is the best level of the game.  It's chaotic, the camera's smudged with rain, 
you can't see yourself.  Orcs swarm all over you.  Just use the analog mode and kill 
every orc that you see.  You can basically close your eyes and hit every button on 
the controller until you need to go save your buddy.  Save him by going up the 
stairs, ignoring all the enemies, and kill the uruk-hai that are bothering him.  Go 
back down and kill everything until someone calls out, "The archers on the wall!" 
Now go back up and kill all the archers on the wall.  Come back down and 
kill...kill...kill...kill.  Eventually two trolls will come down.  Kill one and 
wound another.  The wounded one will fall over onto the barricade and the game is 

13. Secret Mission
Well, it's a secret...


I'm not a cheater.  I use cheats that the game itself offers to me.  In that case, 
you will have to find out for yourself what the cheats are.  If you are good enough 
at the game, you are worthy of using cheat codes.

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