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Hero and Dark Side Upgrades 
By LinkLover#1
My Website: www.freewebs.com/cutechao677/ 

Sonic’s Upgrades:
A-Light Dash : Metal Harbor: there will be a pulley next to a line of rings. 
B-Ancient Light : Green Jungle: there will be a part where there is a robot with 
bombs (a beetle to be exzact) jump up the wall next to where it drops them.
C-Bounce Attack : Pyramid Cave : it will be in the middle of 2 robots trust me you 
don’t have to look for you will see it!
D-Flame Ring Crazy : Gadget: it’s between 3 metal crates you have to jump in the 
middle of them. PS it’s where there’s a rail on the roof with a line of rings on it.
E-Mystical Melody : Final Rush I think you have to grind an orange rail it will be 
there  some where.  

Tail’s Upgrades:
A-Booster : Mission Street: There will be a big wall of iron bar boxes on the other 
side there will be this upgrade.  
B-Mystical Melody : Hidden Base: At the first place where a circle of monkeys are 
shoot  Em’ then  you will see 4 metal crates on top of each other shoot them.
 C-Bazooka : Internal Engine: you will see them in the opened.
 D-Laser Canon : Prison Lane : go to the gold ring but don’t hit it go find a robot 
beetle in one of the top corners hit it then go where the door opened. 

Knuckle’s Upgrades:
A-	Mystical Melody : Wild Canyon: go to the lonely statue and climb up the 
wall above it dig in the picture.
B-	Drill Claw : Death Chamber: Don’t need to tell you it’s where you will see 
it. Wander around a bit.
C-	Air necklace: Aquatic mines: go down the tunnel that’s at level 1 where you 
start (it says beware of ghosts) keep swimming down and find a tunnel with a line 
of rings in it.) you will get it from there. 

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