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1. Intro

Pikmin is...a game that requires strategy instead of just charging in without 
expecting anything.  This guide introduces that strategy and makes friends with it.
So read on!  Read on...

What?  Are you still here?  Stop reading this sentence!  The start is down there!


2. Captain Olimar meets the Pikmin

In the Impact site, Olimar comes across a strange object he calls an ONION.
It makes a seed that is a living thing called a PIKMIN.  (Are you getting this?)
The Pikmin help Olimar repair his ship by collecting objects he lost.
But...he needs your help.  Take control of Olimar as he wanderes the planet home to 

What are the Pikmin's special abilities?

The RED PIKMIN are immune to flames and fire.
The YELLOW PIKMIN are extremely light and can carry the bomb rocks.
The BLUE PIKMIN can survive in the water.

3. The Impact Site

When you land, Olimar finds his ship a wreck.  Move him over to the red-gray 
object.  It hops up and opens.  A single seed flies out of it.
After Olimar's `brief` introduction, pull up the leaf thats in the ground, and C.O. 
will find a PIKMIN.  Use the pikmin to grab pellets and feed them to the onion.  
When you have at least 10 pikmin, lead them to the cadboard box and order them to 
move it (throw them at it or use the C-Stick).  You'll come across the first machine 
part.  Gather any pikmin you need and use them to carry the engine back to the 
ship.  You are mobile again.

4. Finding the Yellow and Blue Onions

When you collect the engine, you can move to the Forest Of Hope.  When there, the 
yellow onion is further along the main path, past the big sleeping strawberry guys 
(you may need to take down a fence or two to get there).

The blue onion is in the Forest Navel, in a pool.  It is easily reached from your 


5. Survival Skills

Don't bother taking a small group of pikmin on a long trek.  Take them all.

Defeat enemies to help bring parts to the ship.  Some enemies hold parts.

Red Pikmin can withstand fire and are better fighters, Yellow Pikmin fly higher and 
carry bomb-rocks, and Blue Pikmin can swim.

Plan ahead and defeat all enemies in the way.

Aim pikmin at the pellet flower's head to get it down immediately.

In case you can't defeat an enemy, try a different tactic.  All enemies have 
weaknesses, but you may have to sacrifice a pikmin or ten to find it.

The strawberry guys (red with white spots and black with red spots)can sniff out a 
pikmin in their faces, but NOT from behind.  Chuck pikmin at their backs to kill 
them easily.

Although you only need 25 rocket parts to leave the planet, if you collect 29 you 
can have access to the final trial to collect the last piece (this is also a part 
you don't need).

Parts not needed:
NOVA BLASTER (found in the Forest Of Hope)
SPACE FLOAT (found in the Forest Navel)
MASSAGE MACHINE (found in the Distant Spring)
INTERSTELLAR RADIO (found in the Distant Spring)
SECRET BANK (found in the Final Trial)

You need 1 part to get to the Forest Of Hope, 5 parts to get to the Forest Navel, 12 
parts to get to the Distant Spring, and 29 parts to get to the Final Trial.

6. Pikmin Challenge Mode

When you find all types of Pikmin, Challenge Mode is available on the main menu.  In 
this mode, your goal is to make as many pikmin as possible in one day.  There is a 
glitch, however.  The days in challenge mode are slightly longer than the story.
Also, Olimar starts off with a certain number of pikmin to help in the morning.

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