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Author: Pure Evil
Game: Crazy Taxi
Platform: Sega Dreamcast

Expert Mode
For expert mode hold L + R + Start at the character select screen. Now you will see 
no stop or arrow indicators while playing.
For An Extra Fare
Hit up, down, up, up, x, y, start to be able to get on top of KFC were there is a 
person waitng for a ride and when you deliver they give you an extra board.

Disable destination indicator
Hold L + Start as the character selection screen appears. The message "No 
Destination Mark" will appear in the lower left corner to confirm correct code entry.

Alternate display
Begin game play in arcade or original mode. Press Start on controller C during game 
play. Press B on controller C to switch the display to a first person perspective. 
Press Y on controller C to change to a replay angle. Press X(5) on controller C to 
view a speedometer. Press A on controller C to reset the display. Note: Once the 
speedometer is active, press X on controller C to toggle it on and off.

When driving down a straight road, build speed, then press R (Gas) + L (Brake). Your 
car will jump up as if it has hydraulics.

Awesome license
Start a game in arcade mode and get more then $10,000 with a rank 1. If done 
correctly, at the end of the game your license will be "Awesome" (in place of S, A, 
B, C, D, E, No License). The announcer will also something different. Note: This 
also increases the difficulty level of the game.

Extra time	
Select arcade mode and ten minutes for the time limit. Pick up a customer, then go 
under the water and remain there for two minutes. You will get ten extra minutes.

Glitch: Lots of combos
While driving fast, do a Crazy Drift Stop into any wall. The car will shake rapidly 
and you can even get up to 80 combos. This glitch works well with B.D.Joe.

Hint License system
The licenses on Crazy Taxi are awarded using the following system: 
No License: $0.00
Class E License: $0.01 to $99,999.99
Class D License: $1000.00 to $1999.99
Class C License: $2000.00 to $2999.99
Class B License: $3000.00 to $3999.99
Class A License: $4000.00 to $4999.99
Class S License: $5000.00 to $9,999.99
Awesome! License: $10,000.00 to $10,999.99
Crazy! License: $20,000.00 and over 

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