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                             SOCOM:U. S. Navy Seals

This FAQ was written by me...Gary Ansell.
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Automatic is best!!!
Generally, most of the weapons are set to semi-auto, which lets you shoot short 
bursts.  However, it's better to set your gun to full-auto (L3) and spray your enemy 
with a full barrage of shots.  Also, always make sure your weapon is fully loaded 
when heading into a firefight.

2 or more heads is better than none
If you end up dying all the time, it's probably because you don't have any backup.  
Always go in teams and watch each other's back. You'll live longer, "and you'll keep 
your head!!!"

You're wearing camo idiot...come out from under that rock!!!
You're wearing camo.  Use trees, bushes, and buildings as cover whenever you can.  
Usually the enemy will just stroll right past you.

Use your headset a lot!!!
Use you're headset to find out where you're team mates are, what they're doing, and 
bark orders at them.

Commands you might not have tried yet...
"Bravo open/close door" (when close to a door -- point at it with the crosshairs) 
"Hands up, get down" (sneak up to guards and yell it) 
"Bravo diffuse bomb" (when pointing crosshairs at bomb) 
"Breech, Bang, Clear" (clear a room by pointing crosshairs into it) 
"Team low profile" (team sneaks around killing terrorists stealthy) 
"I got a gun! What do you got?"
If Spectre or Jester is carrying a sniper rifle, you can use the command "Bravo 

Complete the game with the...
''Lieutenant Junior Grade'' rank to unlock the "Level Select" option.	
"ensign" and unlock terrorists weapons in armory.

Successfully complete the game three times to unlock the MGL (Multiple Grenade 
Bash'im in the head!!!
Feel like breaking some ones face...use the butt of the riffle to attack when close 
to the enemy.   If the enemy turns around he will probably shoot you.  Run off to 
the side of them while they are shooting and they will miss you. Just keep strafing 
until you get close and then just smack them. You have to creep up behind them to 
use the knife.  You can't use the knife if the enemy turns around.

Snipers on large maps:
On large maps with a lot of places that could hide snipers (such as the Rescue POWs 
mission), give Boomer and Specter sniper rifles. The have a great chance of seeing 
something you do not, and killing it before you can find it.

I'm Injured!!!
If you or Boomer are injured, have Bravo lead the way, especially with a hostage. 
This allows you to make sure the hostage does not get shot and you do not lose 
Boomer or yourself.

Weapon List

226 Pistol
DE . 50 Pistol
F57 Pistol

Silenced Pistols
Mark 23 SD Silenced Pistol
9MM pistol
Automatic Pistol: Glock Model 18 

Carbines and Grenade Launchers
M14 Rifle
M16A2 Rifle
M16A2-M203 Rifle
AKS-74 (Long Stock) Rifle
AKS-74 (Folding Stock) Rifle
AK-47 Assault Rifle
M4A1 Assault Rifle
M4A1 SD Assault Rifle
M4A1-M203 Assault Rifle
552 Submachine Gun
HK5 Submachine Gun
HK5 SD Submachine Gun
F90 Machine Gun: M60E3 Machine Gun
M63A Grenade Launcher

Sniper Rifles
M40A1Sniper Rifle
M82A1ASniper Rifle
SR-25Sniper Rifle
SR-25 SD 

AN-M8 Grenade
HE Grenade
M67 Grenade
M79 Frag Round (6) Grenade
M79 HE Round (6) Grenade
M79 Smoke Round (3) Grenade
M203 Frag Round (6) Grenade
M203 HE Round (3) Grenade: Mark 141 Flash Bang
Mine: Claymore
Explosive:C4 Explosive
Satchel Charge
Equipment: Double Ammo 

Gameshark Codes	
(M) Must Be On
0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE88C72E BCBF9792

Idiot AI
DEB63496 BCA99B83

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