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Harvest Moon
A Wonderful Life

SEEDS:             Seasons:          BUY      SELL

Tomatoes:          Spring- Fall      30g      35g
Watermelon:        Spring- Summer    60g      75g
Melons:            Summer- Fall      50g      70g
Strawberries:      Fall  - Spring    30g      35g
Turnips:           Summer- Winter    20g      25g
Potatoes:          Winter- Spring    40g      60g 
Carrots:           Fall  - Winter    30g      45g 
Sweet potatoes:    Fall only         40g      60g


Peaches:           Summer Harvest    1,120g   40g
Oranges:           Summer Harvest    820g     30g
Grapes:            Fall Harvest      900g     35g
Bananas:           Summer Harvest    1,500g   35g 
Apples:            Fall Harvest      820g     25g 

Horse Races!
	Save the game, then go to the horse race. Do not bet yet. Make a note of 
the winners, then reset the game. Load the saved game, then bet 99 on the winners. 
You can get a lot of medals. Also, if you are competing, bet on yourself if you 
take extremely good care of your horse. If you win, you will get a lot of medals. 
. Crop Combos

	Plant name 		How to make them 			Season 	
Bashber 		Potato+Watermelon 			Spring-summer 	
Bashota 		Potato+Sweet potato 			Winter-summer 	
Berryber 		Watermelon+Strawberry 		Spring-summer 		
Berryto 		Strawberry+Melon 			Fall-spring 	
Berry to 		Sweet potato+Strawberry 		Fall-spring 	
Berrytoma 		Strawberry+Tomato 			Spring-fall 	
Cabber 		Carrot+Watermelon 			Spring-summer 	
Caberry 		Carrot+Strawberry 			Fall-spring 	
Cady 			Carrot+Turnip 			Winter-summer 	
Camelo 		Melon+Carrot 				Summer-fall 		
Dhibe 			Strawberry+Turnip 			Fall-spring 	
Dhilon 		Turnip+Melon 			Summer-fall 		
Gretoma 		Tomato+Watermelon 			Spring-fall 	
Kandy 			Sweet potato+Turnip 			Winter-summer 	
Kanro 			Sweet potato+Carrot 			Summer-fall 	
Kashry 		Sweet potato+Watermelon 		Spring-summer 		
Melober		Watermelon+Melon 			Spring-summer 	
Melotoma 		Melon+Tomato 			Spring-fall 	
Poberry to 		Strawberry+Potato 			Fall-spring 	
Potamelo 		Melon+Potato 				Summer-fall 	
Radita 			Potato+Turnip 			Winter-summer 	
Raury 			Watermelon+Turnip 			Spring-summer	 
Sholo 			Melon+Sweet potato 			Summer-fall 	
Tataro 			Carrot+Potato 				Winter-summer 	
Tobatama 		Tomato+Potato 			Spring-fall 		
Tomacaro 		Tomato+Carrot 			Spring-fall 		
Trady 			Tomato+Watermelon 			Spring-fall 	
Yamato 		Sweet potato+Tomato 		Spring-fall 		
Trees will priced at rank B. 

	Name			Ingredients 				Sell price 
Dhibe salad		 Dhibe+Tomato+Berrytoma 		35G 		
Egg salad 		Egg+Tomato+Berrytoma 		25G 			
Fruit salad 		Apple+Orange+Tomato 		40G 			
Light pickles 		Turnip 					25G 		
Marinade 		Fish+Tomato+Mugwort 		35G 			
Melon salad 		Melon+Apple+Orange		25G 			
Pickles 		Trady+Raury 				25G 		
Potamelo salad 	Potamelo+Apple+Orange 		35G 			
Red salad 		Trady+Dhibe+Tomato 		35G 		
Tomacaro salad 	Tomato+Carrot 			35G			 	
Tomamelo 		Tomato+Melon 			35G 		     	
Fried Mushrooms 	Potato+Mushroom+Butter 		80G 			
Fried Veggie 		Tomato+Carrot+Butter 		70G 			
Grape pie 		Grape+Butter+Egg 			50G 		
Melon pie 		Melon+Butter+Egg 			50G 		
Sashimi 		Fish 					150G 		
Sashimi(S) 		Fish+Different species fish 		200G 		
Smoothe Veggies 	Potato+Turnip+Carrot 		175G 			
Entrees Curry 		Potato+Carrot+Ruby Spice 		150G 		
Gratin 			Cheese+Butter+Milk 			200G 		
Meuniere Set 		Fish+Butter 				250G		
Mushroom Curry 	Potato+Mushroom+Ruby Spice 	200G 		
Mushroom Gratin 	Cheese+Butter+Mushroom 		150G 			
Omelet 		Egg+Butter 				200G 		   

Earth Soup 		Potato+Carrot 				100G 		
Fish Stew 		Potato+Carrot+Fish 			250G 		
Good Soup 		Potato+Tataro+Fish 			250G 		
Stew 			Potato+Carrot+Milk 			200G 		
Tomatoma Soup 	Tomato+Carrot 			90G 			
Yam Soup 		Sweet potato 				110G 	           
Carrot Cake 		Carrot+Milk+Egg 			150G 		
Cocktail 		Berrtoma+Phuju 			190G 			
Dhibe Cake 		Dhibe+Milk+Egg 			1675G 			
Fruit Juice 		Peach+Grape+Milk 			50G 		
Good Juice 		Carrot+Berrytoma+Grapes 		100G 		
Grilled Yam 		Sweet potato				 75G 		
Ice Cream 		Brown Milk+Star Milk 		110G 			
Kashry Ice Cream 	Kashry+Brown Milk+Star Milk 	150G 			
Love Cocktail 		Watermelon+Grapes 			200G 		
Magenge Jam 		Magenge 				45G 		
Orahge Jam 		Orahge 				40G 			
Peach Tart 		Peach+Butter+Egg 			125G 		
Phurum Jam 		Phurum 				40G 			
Pound Cake 		Butter+Milk+Egg 			175G 		
Rich Juice 		Banana+Peach+Star Milk 		75G 		
Strawberry Cake 	Strawberry+Milk+Egg 		190G 			
Sweet Cocktail 	Oraphu+Gehju 			200G 			
Sweet Potato 		Sweet Potato+Butter+Egg 		150G 		
Veggie Cake 		Tomato+Milk+Egg 			150G 		
Veggie Juice 		Carrot+Berrytoma 			50G 

Get more animals..
Get a cat
Befriend Romona, in chapter 2 she will come with a cat
Get another dog
Be friend Carter, obtain every stone tablet(one tablet per season)he will give you 
it during Chapter 6 
Get a lizard
Give the white monster fish and flowers
Get Raccoon
Befriend Vesta and Marlin, after you get the veggie juice and weird hoe and you 
will receive it from Vesta
Get Owl
Befriend everyone in town and help sprites clean out the goddess spring
Get Turtle
Befriend Cody and he will give you a painting. Afterward when the turtle and Cody 
are by the swamp use your fishing rod. Can only can be done in first year 

Wanna Make a Million?
rating: 5.00/5.00 
You need to have Tartan for this

Combine an orange and a peach. Then, a banana and another peach.
Then, you have a Mangerum and a Lanmunge. Now, hybrid them and plant it. A fruit 
costs 66,666G and if you make 15 fruits, you get 1,000,000G!!!!!!!! 

Seed maker
rating: --- 
To get the seed maker from Daryl i gave him fish and milk.Then visited him at 
4.59pm it took a few game play days of showing up at that time, but i got it in the 

rating: --- 
First plant 23 turnips and turn them into light pickles. Then you will have entree 
or hors d'oeurves menu. Take any fish and press enter. You can also add fish+fish 
to make a better sashimi.

How to get Tartan
rating: --- 
Visit Takakura in his house between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM at winter time starting 
from Chapter 2, and you'll get a cutscene where Takakura introduces you to Tartan. 
You may need to give Takakura some cooked recipes before to make sure he is your 
friend (to get the Hybrids, that is).

Get a Free record!
rating: --- 
Befriends with Griffin (he loves fish) and go to the bar around 2-3 pm and he will 
give you a record called "Marine Jazz".

Get a free item!
rating: --- 
Befriends with Gustafa, and catch him going to his house around 9:00pm and he will 
give you a item called a "Tum Tum" and you can sell it to Van for 1000G but if you 
say no twice he can pay you up to 1400G but if he says "thats to bad" then try 
again another time.

Get a 3rd Field!
rating: --- 
After playing for a while, Takakura will eventually offer to clear the field for 
you for 20,000g. Do so and the small forest of trees will be gone, and a very 
fertile field will remain.

rating: 5.00/5.00 
To get ducks, in the first chapter you have to buy a pond. Then, if you have a 
pond, in the second chapter summer wake up later than your wife and she wife and 
she will tell you there are ducks in the pond. You can keep them or choose not to 
keep them.

Chicken Fence
rating: 3.00/5.00 
Get you chicken hut 3/4 of the way full(6 chickens) and talk to Takakura. He will 
offer to build you a chicken fence for 10,000g.

A FISH for 1000 g
rating: 4.00/5.00 
If you like fishing, here is a tip to get 1000g just for fishing.
Well, fish at the swamp where you see the turtle. Just keep fishing there and 
you'll catch a fish call Yaname. This fish may take quite long to get. But it is 
worth a lot. Sell it to Van

[email protected]
rating: 4.50/5.00 
In the first year, befriend with Mukumuku (the white Yeti) and give him 3 flowers 
and 3 fishes a day. At the fourth day he'll start giving you a record. He will give 
you more records each day you visit him. Then sell those at Van shop.

Action Replay Codes

These codes only work for Action Replay

Infinite Gold 

L1+L2 All Tools 

How to Befriend Villagers

Carter	-milk
Celia-flowers and vegetables
Daryl-fish or milk
Dr. Hardy-fish or milk
Flora-flowers dig finds
Galen-fish or wild food plants
Lumina-flowers, ores, or relics
Marlin-milk or fish
Nami-FALL flowers or dig finds
Rock-dig finds
Sebastian-fish or milk
Tim-fish, dishes, milk
Van-not sure
Wally-milk or fish

Brush- buy from Van
Wool Shears - can be ordered using the Order Form in the Food Storage. 
Clippers - can be ordered using the Order Form in the Food Storage. . 
Wool Clippers - clippers given by Wally. (I've got this item in Year 1) 
Fishing Rod - fishing pole bought from Van. 
Fishing Pole - fishing rod given by Galen. (2nd Chapter onwards) 
Heavy Hoe - Takakura's hoe. It's heavy and tiring to use. B
Hoe - It's fairly light and easy to use. 
Light Hoe - It's very light and easy to use. 
Strange Hoe - A hoe given by Tim. It's very heavy, but when you used it... 
Weird Hoe - A hoe given by Vesta. It's quite heavy, but when you used it... 
Cow Milker - Takakura's milker. 
Goat Milker - Comes together with the goat once you bought it from Van. 
Heavy Sickle - Takakura's sickle. It's heavy and tiring to use. 
Sickle - It's lighter than the Heavy Sickle and less tiring to use. 
Light Sickle - It's very light and easy to use. 
Strange Sickle - A sickle given by Cody. It's quite heavy, but when you use it... 
Weird Sickle - A sickle given by Dr Hardy. It's quite heavy, but when you use it... 
Watering Can S - Takakura's small watering can. Holds 35 squares worth of water. 
Watering Can - It's bigger than Watering Can S. Holds 70 squares worth of water.  
Watering Can L - It holds 140 squares of water. 
Watering Can W - A wooden watering given by Ramona. Holds 10 squares worth of 

Muffy’s Heart Events

1)The very first cut scene with Muffy is on the first day. To get it you go into 
your house after 6:00pm, then come back out side and Takakura comes to you to tell 
you something but he is cut short by your dog attacking Muffy then you will go over 
to her and she will tell you that she likes animals and farms. 2) After you get a 
heart with Muffy (this happened for me on the 6th day, but it could happen on any 
other day, I guess.)you go into the blue bar but before you get the door open Muffy 
will come out and say that she broke another dish and something has been on her 
mind.3&4 coming soon. 5) Is when you propose to her.

Muffy likes flowers, milk, moon ores, and big hucheps( she will accept one of each 
every day.)

Celia and Nami’s Heart Events coming soon!!   
For now, I've only collected 10 records. There might be others, I guess.... 
1. 64 Memories ----------------- It's given by Kassey or Patrick once you beat them 
at Territory Capture. In my case, this record was given by Kassey after having 10 
wins at the game. The liner notes read: "The cherry blossoms were falling then..."
 2. Breeze -------------- It's given at the beginning of the game. The liner notes 
read: "The finest work song." 
3. Joy of Fall -------------------- Joy of Fall is given by Mukumuku. The liner 
notes read: "Dedicated to Harvest Sprites N, N & F." 
4. Marine Jazz ------------------ I've got this record from Griffin when his alone 
in his room around 2-3pm. The liner notes read: "The biggest hit in Davy Jones' 
5. Quiet Winter -------------------- It's given at the beginning of the game. You 
can find it from the shelf in the Tool Storage. The liner notes read: "Endless 
6. Spring Song -------------------- I bought it from Van. The liner notes 
read: "The farm started from here." 
7. Summer Memories ----------------------- This record is given by Carter when he 
was strolling near the beach. The liner notes read: "So much happened in the last 
8. The Bride ------------------- It's given by Chris. The liner notes read: "I'll 
call you 'darling'." 
9. Town Spirit ------------------- It's given by Sebastian the butler. The liner 
notes read: "Remember those long nights..." 
10. Winter HM ------------------- Given by Kate. The liner notes read: "The kappa 
at the spring's under the ice." ----------------- E. 

1. Alarm Clock - Given by Grant (Chapter 2 - A Birth). 
2. Fireworks - Given by Patrick. (Chapter 3 onwards) 
3. Gold Medal - Given by Wally. (Chapter 3 onwards) 
4. Necklace - Given by Flora. (Chapter 3 onwards) 
5. Sheet Music - Given by Ramona. (Chapter 3 onwards) 
6. Tumtum - It's a drum given by Gustafa. (Chapter 3 onwards) 

Your Son
Influencing his career path 
________________________________________________________________________ This is 
when u can influence your kid to do anything you want him to
Farmer: Show him crops, befriend Vesta [she likes milk](buy your son a toy car). 
Athelete: Show him to Wally, Hugh, and Chris (they like milk).(Buy your son  a ball 
Artist: Show him to Cody (give him only scratch pad). 
Poet: Show him to Gustafa (He likes flowers). (Buy him blocks.)
Planter: Show him plants and flowers ( Can’t remember which toy this is….I guess 
it’s the only tool left.)

Note: Marrying Muffy he has best chance of being an athlete, Celia a planter or 
farmer, and Nami is poet.

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