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-When chosing heads or tails choose tails.

-Always defend the goal where the wind is blowing.

-Don't try passing to the same person every time.

-Best Quarterbacks Brett Farve and S.Young.

-Best Running backs Terral Davis and Barry Sanders.

-Run the ball in the endzone around 1 to 5 yards.

-Only use goal line when you are at the goal line if not, your opponet 
might just throw it over your team and the reciver will get it.

-Run the ball more then passing, running is easier.

-Only pass to people that are open.

-Do what the plays show you when you are going to run.

-When your opponets are trying to tackle you sometimes dodge or spin 
around to get around them.

-Don't tackle your opponet after the whistle blows, you will get a penalty.

-If you think you can tackle the punter, you can but if you do you will 
get a penalty.

-Use a team with good defense and running back.

-Don't even dare try to make a field goal at 60 yards try at least 40.

-When you are at 4th down you and think you can make the field goal do it.

-When at 4th down, won't make it for a field goal punt it it's worth it.

-Do a onside kick when you are losing in the 4th quarter.

-If you see your opponet's players, all go to one side, and the 
kicker just on one side it is a onside kick call an audible.

-Who to throw when doing a fake field goal, make sure that the 
person that holds the ball is your QB, then the only one that is open 
is your kicker throw it to him. If you can't see what to press it is R1.

-Practice in the practice mode it helps.

-Use the Denver Broncos because terral davis and they have good defensse 
and San Fransico 49 ers good QB S.Young, good Wide recivers also good 

-When covering your man in defense, when the QB throws to him Jump up 
in the air use Triangle, you could get a interception.

-Use power tackle becuase it can prevent fumbles especially when you 
sack the quarterback.

-Want to create a perfect and cheap quarterback? Create a kicker with 100 
everything then goto depth chart and subitste the QB for the kicker. 

-Almost going to be sacked press Triangle to toss the ball over the sidelines.

-Don't have 3 quarterbacks with 2million+ payrolls it's to much on the 
salary also you really only need 1 good QB.

-If you are losing in the 4th quarter and on 4th down, don't punt or do a 
field goal, try to get a touchdown.

-Try to do a 2-point conversion when losing.

-When doing a field goal don't, but you are on left or right side of the 
field and not the middle aim the kick, if you just kick it you will probley 

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