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Hitman: Contracts Guide

Part 1: Characters

Mr. 47 - A genetically engineered assassin created from the combined DNA of five of 
the world's most dangerous criminal masterminds. A tall, bald, no-nonsense 
individual, who prefers a well-tailored suit and tie and who has a barcode stamped 
to the back of his head. Tailored from conception to be a ruthless killing machine, 
47's strength, speed, and stamina are significantly above the human norm, and he 
possesses a single-minded, cunning intellect. Raised in the sterile environment of 
the laboratory and trained in the fine arts of infiltration and execution, 47 
gravitated towards the profession of Hitman upon his release into the real world, 
joining and eventually becoming the top assassin in the International Contract 
Agency. Yet, in spite of his creator's best efforts, 47 still possesses a fierce 
individuality and the spark of a conscience, a fact which greatly vexes his 
creator. Although he's usually cold and to the point in his dealings with others, 
47 can at times be quite introspective, especially when he's contemplating his own 
existence. He has no qualms and will kill anyone for money (from corrupt crime 
lords, to unfortunate opera singers, to the Senator of Oklahoma), but takes a 
certain professional pride in not creating any collateral damage, and has 
demonstrated a degree of mercy towards those not on his kill list (for example, 47 
knocks out a butcher with the blunt end of a meat hook, rather than cutting his 
throat with the sharp tip).

Diana - 47’s controller at the Agency. Diana gives 47 his assignments, briefs him 
on his missions, and occasionally serves as his guide over the radio. 47 has never 
actually seen Diana face-to-face, and is familiar only with her voice. She appears 
to have a serious, business-like demeanor, as well as a British accent.

Dr. Ort-Meyer - 47's creator and the ultimate villain of Hitman: Codename 47. A 
brilliant and dangerous individual. Expelled from the scientific community for his 
radical theories on genetic manipulation, Ort-Meyer has spent almost half a century 
combining and manipulating DNA in an effort to create an army of perfect super-
soldiers. He was responsible for raising and indoctrinating 47 at his Asylum, where 
47 was kept as a virtual prisoner for most of his life. Ort-Meyer eventually 
engineered 47's "escape" from the Asylum in order to test his performance in the 
real world. The consummate megalomaniac, Ort-Meyer used his powerful hold over the 
Agency to manipulate 47 into killing the other 4 masterminds behind the Hitman 
Project, so that Ort-Meyer could have the fruits of his labor all to himself. Ort-
Meyer then attempted to have 47 himself eliminated, having perfected Mr. 48, an 
improved, mindlessly loyal series of clones. Ort-Meyer underestimated 47's 
abilities, and 47 eliminated the Mr. 48s and Ort-Meyer himself.
Agent Smith - A fairly inept American secret agent with ties to the CIA and the 
Agency. He has a tendency to be captured and tortured by the very people he's 
assigned to spy on. As a result, the Agency has sent 47 to rescue him on a number 
of occasions. His torture experiences have caused him to take up drinking on the 
job, making him even more ineffective. To be fair, we can assume he's at least 
partially responsible for all the useful intelligence 47 receives from the Agency 
about his targets. Like 47, Agent Smith dons a variety of disguises, but most often 
he's seen beaten and stripped down to his American Flag underwear. He seems to 
regard 47 as a friend, no doubt because 47 has rescued him so many times. For 47, 
the feeling is not mutual.
Mei-Ling: A young woman from the Chinese mainland abducted and recruited into the 
brothel of Hong Kong crime lord Lee Hong. 47 rescues her in exchange for 
information about her employer in preparation for assassinating him. After escaping 
from Lee Hong, Mei-Ling ends up hooking up with Hayamoto, yet another Asian crime 
lord, and 47 ends up rescuing her again (much to his consternation). Mei-Ling is 
apparently the only woman 47 has ever kissed, an experience 47 did not seem to 
enjoy (47's conditioning apparently includes a strong disinterest in women in 

Sergei Zavorotko - The central villain of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. An influential 
Russian crime lord and arms dealer specializing in the transport of chemical, 
biological, and even nuclear weapons. Sergei is the employer and older brother of 
Boris, one of 47's five "fathers", although he is much more powerful than Boris 
ever was. Sergei brought 47 out of retirement by arranging for the kidnapping of 
47's friend Father Vittorio, and then anonymously arranged through the Agency for 
47 to perform a series of hits on his business partners. The hits were merely a 
diversion, however, and in reality Sergei was using 47 to assemble the parts of a 
Nuclear Missile System capable of penetrating the American Missile Shield, a system 
Sergei planned to sell to a wealthy Sikh doomsday cult for a considerable sum of 
money. Like 47, Sergei has incredible strength and durability, capable of smashing 
through wood walls and surviving a few dozen bullets to the chest. He's no 
superhuman, though, and dies after a single headshot or 3-4 shotgun blasts. He's 
very temperamental and often peppers his speech with Russian profanities. He also 
always carries around a large SPAS-12 shotgun.
Mystery Man - A mysterious man in a black suit. Seen in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin 
as an advisor to Sergei, he is the one who brings Mr. 47 to the attention of 
Sergei. Ultimately, he convinces Sergei to put out a hit on 47, leading to 47 
learning about and killing Sergei. A couple of cutscenes towards the end of the 
game suggest he is really manipulating Sergei for a higher power. May be related to 
the 'Rival Agency' in Hitman: Blood Money. Nicknamed 'G-Man', after the character 
from Half-Life.

Part 2: Weapons

Close Combat
Fiber Wire
Stun Gun
Bolt Gun
Meat Hook
Kitchen Knife
Meat Cleaver
Chinese Sword
Fire Poker
Pool Cue

GK17 Handgun
Dual GK17 Handguns
SG220 Silenced Handgun
Dual SG220 Silenced Handguns
CZ2000 Handgun
Dual CZ2000 Handguns
Dual Silverballer Handguns
Silverballer Silenced Handgun
Dual Silverballer Silenced Handguns
Gold Desert Eagle Handgun
Dual Gold Desert Eagle Handguns
Magnum 500 Revolver
Dual Magnum 500 Revolvers

Sub Machine Guns
AUG Submachine Gun
MP5 Submachine Gun
MP5 Silenced Submachine Gun
MP9 Submachine Gun
Micro Uzi Submachine Gun
Dual Micro Uzi Submachine Guns
Micro Uzi Silenced Submachine Gun
Dual Micro Uzi Silenced Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles 
M4 Carbine Assault Rifle
M4 Carbine Silenced Assault Rifle
AK-74 Assault Rifle
AK-74 Silenced Assault Rifle

SPAS-12 Shotgun
Double-Barreled Shotgun
Sawn Off Shotgun
Dual Sawn Off Shotguns

Sniper Rifles
PGM Sniper Rifle
PGM Silenced Sniper Rifle
W2000 Sniper Rifle
R93 Sniper Rifle
Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Enforcer Sniper Rifle

Heavy Weapons
M60 Light Machine Gun
Mini Gun


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