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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

What to do on the first days:
First, let's get that farm all cleaned up.  From where you start, go up to the TV. 
Press A on it. You can see the next day's weather report by pressing up, see 
upcoming events by pressing right, see some more tutorials by pressing down, or, 
for a while at least, play the Harvest Goddess game by pressing left. Go to the 
chest thing in the bottom right corner.  Press A while facing it.  Pull out the Ax, 
the Hammer, and the Sickle.  Be prepared to spend a couple of days doing this.  Go 
outside, and just below you is your farming space.  It's where you plant crops.  
Thomas and Zack come and show you the basics again. You may see your little dog 
roaming around. At the beginning of every day, you should whistle to your dog 
(UP+L) and pick him up with A. He'll get to loving you soon enough. Now, make some 
cash.  Go to the tree south of your house, it has a beehive. Press A while facing 
it, and you'll have honey.  Go to the bin, and throw it in with A. See that big 
brown area with a lot of weeds, branches, tree stumps, and rocks?  Start clearing 
it out.  Today. First, get rid of the little sticks.  To do this, equip your ax 
through the Rucksack screen (go to the screen, select the Ax, and move it to the 
square on top if it isn't already there).  Start chopping all the little branches 
away.  Don't try chopping the stumps up. You need a higher level ax.  Then, equip 
your Hammer in the same way you equipped your ax, and get rid of all the little 
gray rocks.  Don't try to get the big rocks.  Your hammer is still  too weak.  If 
you go to the Farm Map, you can see each and every little thing in the field.  That 
helps if you want to see everything on the farm that you may want to see or clear 
out.  If you go blue in the face and fall down, don't press B again.  Either go 
back into your house (press A on the door) and sleep (press A facing the side of 
your bed, or go south and search the area for a blue plant.  Find it, and pick it 
up with A. Then, eat it, by pressing L+B.   Once you've eaten a few of the blue 
plants. Go back to clearing the place out.  After you've gotten all the small 
rocks, you can start clearing out the weeds.  There's two ways to do this.  The 
fastest is by using your Sickle.  That gets you tired, though. The other way is to 
press A to pick it up, and press A to throw it.  This takes a while, but it doesn't 
get you tired. You don't like those big rocks and ugly tree stumps? You need to get 
some money to upgrade those Tools.  There's quite a few ways to do this at this 
point in the game, although it's tough.  The fastest way is to go mining. Go south 
out of your farm.  Then, along the left wall, there should be a little diagonal 
path.  Take it and there will be  the spa, two stumps, and a hole in the wall. be 
sure to bring your hammer.  Go in the hole. You May find  an ore!  Great!  Here's 
the trick.  If it is a little gray thing with three parts, throw it.  If it's 
Copper or Silver, put it in your Rucksack.  After two, the sack is full, but you 
can still carry some.  Take them all to your shipping bin. After a couple of days, 
you should have some money, but, what are you going to do with it?

Getting to know the Town and TownsPeople: 
 it's time to meet the townsfolk. Go to town (north).  Talk to everyone you see.  
Also, pick out the girl that seems cutest to you, and find out where she is at what 
time. You’ll start giving that girl gifts as soon as you. If it is not Sunday or 
Tuesday, you can go to the Supermarket (it's the building with the bags sitting on 
a table in the middle of the store. Okay, go the table with the bags, and talk to 
it.  You heard me.  Select any kind of bag of seeds you want, also, buy a bag of 
grass.  If you have a lot of money, like, 3k left, buy yourself a bigger rucksack.  
It's on the right side of the store.  It will help a lot, especially during your 
long days of mining. if you have enough, buy the harvest basket. With the harvest 
basket, you can put your crops and minerals in the basket instead of the rucksack.  
It can hold thirty items. Go back to your farm grab the Hoe, and the seed bags.  If 
you bought a bigger rucksack, then you can also grab the watering can. When tilling 
soil, don't till in three by three groups.  You'll end up with a little plant in 
the middle that doesn't get watered, and it takes longer to water them and pick the 
crops. You’ll want to make a patter something like this:
X  X                     XXX
XXX Or like this:   X  X
XXX                     XXX
Those are the best ways with the non-upgraded water can.  Okay, stand in the center 
of your lines and chose your seeds.  You throw them up in the air and they fall 
down in the right place.  Now, for the bag of grass, make a 3X3 patch of tilled 
soil, like this:
Then stand in the center and throw your seeds into the air.  You don't have to 
water grass.  Now, go grab your Watering Can, and water all of your seeds. Now, 
it's just a waiting game.  Let them grow, and sell the profits.

The Tools:
Here's a breakdown of the amount of money needed to upgrade to each level:
Copper:  1,000 G
Silver:  2,000 G
Gold:    3,000 G
Mystril: 5,000 G
Mythic:  50,000 G
Also, you can find a cursed tool, and bless it.  More on that in the next section.
Cursed, Blessed, and Mythic Tools
You can obtain the Cursed Tools in the LAKE MINE. Just keep digging until you find 
them.  They might be under rocks, or they're buried, or they're just out in the 
open.  It's very random.  Here's their locations:
 Cursed Fishing Rod: Floor 29
Cursed Hoe: Floor 39
Cursed Ax: Floor 49
Cursed Hammer: Floor 59
Cursed Watering Can: Floor 69
Cursed Sickle: Floor 79
--To bless a tool, each one has a different requirement:  
Fishing Rod:  Use the Cursed Rod 255 times. but gets the job done is to use it 
inside the Bar, and keep ordering water until you're strong enough to use it 
again.  Do note, that water only restores about .01 of your Stamina.  
Hoe:  Have Carter 'Bless' the Cursed Hoe 10 times. You can have him bless things 
during confessional.
Ax:  Use the Cursed Ax 255 times.  And do the same thing that you did with the Rod.
Hammer:  Equip the Cursed Hammer for ten days straight. Have the Sprites look after 
your livestock, and do this during Winter.
Watering Can:  Have Carter 'Bless' the Cursed Watering Can 10 times.
Sickle:  Equip the Cursed Sickle for 10 days straight.  Do the same as with the Ax 
and Rod.
--To have Carter bless something, it must be during confessional and it costs 1,000 
G each blessing.  Only 1 thing per day.
--Cursed and Blessed tools have the same effects, except for the fact that Cursed 
Tools sap your Stamina faster than a Downer.  Here are the effects:
Fishing Rod:  You can now catch the 'King' fish, as well as Treasure and Fish 
Hoe:  Till a 12x3 area of land.                                        
Ax:  Chops ALL stumps and branches.
Hammer:  Smash a Boulder, Large Boulder, and the Boulder on the Mountain in one hit.
Watering Can:  Water a 6x13 area.  
Sickle:  Cuts a 9x9 Square. 
--The Mythic Tools need an ore called Mythic Stone for Saibarra to upgrade them. 
The Mythic Stones only appear after you've had all tools blessed. They then appear 
in the Spring Mine, on floor 60.After you take them to Saibarra, he'll use them to 
make your Tool an MythicTool, for the minimal charge of 50,000 G.  He'll take about 
a week to do it.  Also, the Mythic Stones (which look like burnt wood) sell for 
20,000 G each. Here's a list of the Mythic Tools:
Fishing Pole:  Increases chances of catching Fossil or Pirate Treasure.
Hoe:  Till an 18x5 area.
Ax:  Same as Blessed/Cursed, but uses 50% less energy than Blessed.
Hammer:  Smashes ALL stones and boulders on the current screen.
Watering Can:  Waters a 12x21 square of land.  
Sickle:  Cuts a 15x15 square.

Let’s Go Mining!:
let's get into the basics of Mining. Oh, take the Hammer.  Use the Hammer to smash 
the rocks you see.  If you get three little gray rocks joined together, throw it.  
If you get a silver or copper chunk, put it in your rucksack. ship it or use it to 
upgrade. with that out of the way, you can get into more complicated mining. First, 
I'd like to point out that there are two mines.  There's the normal one, and the 
one in the middle of the lake.  To get to that one, wait until winter. In either 
mine, there is more than one level.  To reach these lower levels, you need the 
Hoe.  Take that in, and start using it like a shovel to dig.  You'll find one of 
three things:
1. Black Herb 
2. 10 G (instant profit)
3. Stairs
Here’s a list with all the Minerals:
--Spring Mine:
Copper (All Floors): 10 G
Silver (All Floors): 20 G
Gold   (Floor 3 and Below): 25 G
Mystrile (Floor 5 & Below): 40 G
Orichalc (Floor 10 & Below): 50 G
Adamantine (Floor 10 & Below): 50 G
Mythic Stones (Floor 60): 20,000 G
Teleport Stone (Floor 255, only third year and past.)
Fried Potato Recipe (floor 255)
Goddess Jewel:  See Goddess Jewel Section.
Power Berry (Floor 100)
--The Teleport Stone lets you warp to any location on the map.  Note that you must 
have an empty tool slot when you see it the first time, or it's gone for good. The 
Winter Mine is the same as the Spring Mine, except for these things:
--Winter Mine:
Agate (All Floors, except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 62 G
Alexandrite (Floors 50, 100, 150, 200, 251 and below): 10,000 G
Amethyst (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 60 G
Diamond (Floors that end in 0 (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.), 200+): 100 G
Emerald (Floors that end in 5 (5, 15, 25, 35, etc.), 200+): 80 G
Flourite (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 65 G
Kappa Jewels:  See Kappa Jewel Section.
Moon Stone (Floors that end in 8 (8, 18, 28, 38, etc.)): 55 G
Peridot (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 68 G
Pink Diamond (Floors 30, 70, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190, 255): 10,000 G
Ruby (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 75 G
Desert Rose (Floors that end in 9 (9, 19, 29, 39, etc.)): 60 G
Topaz (All floors except 50, 100, 150, and 200): 70 G
Also note that Junk Ores, which sell for 1 G, can be found anywhere. Also, on the 
ninth floor is a pond where you can catch Coelacanth, a King Fish.

Planting Crops:
There's a good number of crops in this game, from flowers to fruits and veggies. 
First the basics, for those of you who like to skip around in guides. To plant 
things, you need a bag of seeds for that plant. Then, you need to till the soil.  
Sowing patterns:
X  X                     XXX
XXX Or like this:   X  X
XXX                     XXX
After it's tilled, Pick a bag of seeds, stand in the center and Press B. After 
that, with the exception of grass, water each seed with the Watering Can(don't 
forget to fill it up!)  Eventually, the seeds will sprout into littleplants, which 
will then grow bigger, then get flowers, and, finally, produce some profit. Pick 
the produce with A, and put it in the shipping bin. At Five, you'll have more 
cash .Planting Seeds off season will kill them.
Harvest Sprites can water for you, getting at the seed in the middle. Normally, the 
middle seed would be neglected. Walking on seeds will not hurt them. Selling 100 of 
the three basic seeds in one season gets you a special seed. Lists of Seeds:
*Turnip: Takes 4 days to grow, but it can only be harvested once.  
*Potato: Takes 7 days to grow, and can only be harvested once.
*Cucumber: Takes 9 days to grow, but it can be harvested more than once. it takes 6 
days to get another Cucumber.
Cabbage:  Takes 15 days  to grow, and can only be harvested once. The Cabbage 
packets are bought from Won.
Strawberries: Takes 7 days to grow, and can harvested multiple times. It regrows in 
2 days.
*Corn: Takes 13 days to grow, but can be harvested more than once. Great money 
maker, but also a good way to get chicken feed.  Just pull an ear of Corn, and put 
it in the water mill with A, and you get 30 Chicken feed.
*Tomato: Takes 7 days to grow, and can be harvested more than once. It takes 3 days 
to regrow Tomatoes.
*Onion: Takes 8 Days to grow, and can only be harvested once.  Each packet will 
cost you 150 G, but each Onion sells for 80 G.  
Pineapple: Takes 21 DAYS to grow, but can be harvested twice. It takes 5 days to 
regrow Pineapple.  Bought from Won.
*Sweet Potato:  Takes 6 days to grow, AND can be harvested multiple times. It takes 
only three days to regrow Sweet Potatoes.
*Eggplant:  Takes 8 days to grow, and can be harvested multiple times. It takes 3 
to regrow Eggplant.
*Carrot: Takes 8 days to grow, and can only be harvested once. 
Green Pepper:  Takes 8 days to grow, but can be harvested multiple times. It takes 
only two days to regrow the Pepper.  

There's plenty to watch on TV. Pressing up gets you the ever useful weather report. 
Pressing right gets you a limited event calender. Pressing down gets you another 
tutorial. Pressing left gets you different things on different days: Harvest 
Goddess game:  Only available the beginning of Spring.  Guess if the number is 
higher or lower, and get a prize if you get a lot right in a row. Dueling Chefs:  
Tuesday Sort of like the Japanese show "Iron Chef," two chefs battle it out with 
food, whoever's dish is better wins.  You can get some neat recipes from here. 
Fishing Hour: Tutorial on how to fish. TV SHOPPING:  Saturday The best one on the 
left channel.  They say what they're selling, and if you want it, and have the 
money, go to the Bar/Inn (where Ann is) and use their phone.  It comes the next 
day.  Here's a list of all the stuff:
Mirror 1010 G Tells you useless stuff
Clock 2010 G Tells the time 
Refrigerator 2510 G Store Crops and Foods here.  Useful.
Cupboard 2510 G Store more stuff
Kitchen 4010 G  Lets you use cooking materials
Carpet 5010 G Decoration.  Waste of money in my opinion
Big Bed 10010 G A big bed.  Wife won’t have to sleep on the floor anymore 
Oven 2510 G An oven.  It's actually a Microwave oven.
Knife 1510 G Use it to cook
Fry Pan 1510 G Use it to cook
Pot 1010 G Use it to cook
Mixer 1210 G Use it to cook
Seasoning Kit 2510 G more expensive than the pot? 
Rolling Pin 760 G Use it to cook
Whisk 510 G Use it to cook
Power Berry 10010 G Decrease rate of energy loss

Other Stuff:
--Farm Upgrades
You can get farm upgrades by talking to the guy that lives south of the farm. 
You’ll need a LOT of money, as well as a LOT of wood.  Get chopping!
 Home Upgrade:
3,000 G
200 Wood
Home Upgrade 2:
10,000 G
700 Wood
Chicken Coop:
5,000 G
420 Wood, 
6,800 G
500 Wood
Vacation House:
100,000,000 G
999 Wood
30,000 G
580 Wood
Remodeled Window:
25,000 G
300 Wood
Remodel Doghouse:
20,000 G
500 Wood
Remodel Mailbox:
10,000 G
200 Wood

-Birthday:  Summer 17, or, if your Birthday is Summer 17, Summer 22.
-Most Favorite Items:  Truffle Rice, Cake, Cheese Fondue, Pancakes
-Favorite Items:  Cooked Eggs, Stew, Curry Rice, Strawberry Milk, Sandwich, Sweets, 
Rice Cakes, Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Perfume.
-Extra Heart Points: Buy any food except water from the Inn.
-Black Heart Event:  Go to Doug's Inn between 10:40 AM and 1 PM, with no item in 
your hands.
-Purple Heart Event:  Go up to the second floor of the Inn between 10am and 1pm on 
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
-Blue Heart Event:  Go to the Inn on Monday or Friday between noon and 7pm. Make 
sure you have an open item slot.
-Yellow Heart Event:  Go to the Inn on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday
between 10am and 7pm.
-Birthday:  Fall 15, or, if your Birthday is Fall 15, Fall 23.
-Most Favorite Items:  Pizza, French Fries, Popcorn
-Favorite Items:  Cheese, Wine, Truffles, Tempura, Sashimi, Bamboo Shoots, Pink 
Diamonds, Diamonds, Perfume.
-Extra Heart Points:  Buy items from the Supermarket.
-Black Heart Event:  Head to Jeff's Store on Wednesday or Friday between 10am and 
1pm with an open Tool Slot.
-Purple Heart Event:  Head to the store between 10am and 1pm.
-Blue Heart Event:  Go to the Grocery Store between 10am and 1pm.  Make sure that 
you have an open Item slot.
-Yellow Heart Event:  Go to the Grocery Store on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday 
between 10am and 1pm.
-Birthday:  Spring 16, or Spring 20
-Most Favorite Items:  Moon Dumplings, Red Magic Grass, Hot Milk
-Favorite Items:  Milk, Strawberries, Elli Leaves, Accessories, Pink Cat Flower, 
Toy Flower, Blue Magic Grass, Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Strawberry Milk, Noodles
-Extra Heart Points:  Get Examined by Doctor
-Black Heart Event:  Go to Mineral Clinic on a Monday or Wednesday after 9am.
-Purple Heart Event:  Go to the Hospital on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday between 
9am and 7pm.
-Blue Heart Event:  On Wednesday between 9am and 1pm, go to Ellen's house, with an 
empty Item Slot.
-Yellow Heart Event:  Go visit Mineral Beach on Wednesday between 9am and 6pm.
-Birthday:  Winter 20, or Winter 25 
-Most Favorite Items:  Veggie Juice, Veggie Latte, Relaxation Tea
-Favorite Items:  Wild Grapes, Mushrooms, Chocolate, Blue Grass, Red Grass, Black 
Grass, White Grass, Grape Juice, Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Perfume, Bodigizer, 
-Extra Heart Points:  Walk up to the 2nd floor of the Library.
-Black Heart Event:  Go to the Library between 10am and 4pm.
-Purple Heart Event:  Visit the Library on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday between 
10am and 4pm.
-Blue Heart Event:  Walk up to the summit of Mother's Hill on Monday between noon 
and 5pm, with an empty Item Slot.
-Yellow Heart Event:  Go to Basil's house on Monday between 10am and 1pm.
-Birthday:  Summer 3, or Summer 10
-Most Favorite Items:  Omlette Rice, Omlette, Scrambled Eggs
-Favorite Items:  Strawberry recipes, all Eggs, Chocolate, Apple recipes, Cakes, 
Sandwiches, all accessories, Ice Cream, Diamonds
-Extra Heart Points:  Own 8 Chickens.
-Black Heart Event:  Walk from your farm towards the village between 10am and 6pm 
on a Wednesday or Friday.
-Purple Heart Event:  When Popuri has a purple heart she will come by and visit 
your farm one morning.
-Blue Heart Event:  Between 10am and 1pm go to the Church.  Be sure to have an open 
Item Slot.
-Yellow Heart Event:  Visit the poultry farm between 10am and 1pm.

To marry a girl, there are a few requirements:
1.  Have the second house upgrade, and the big bed.
2.  Have the FLOWER VASE
3.  It's easier if you have the whole cooking set.
4.  Buy the blue feather.
5.  Have a girl at the red heart level.
6.  See all of the girl's heart events.
7.  Propose to the girl AFTER giving her favorite item.

--Marriage to the Harvest Goddess
» Catch all the different species of fish, including the 6 Kings
» Ship at least 1 of every shippable item
» Collect all 9 of the Goddess Jewels and receive the Gem of Goddess
» Own the Big Bed for your home
» Dig up every type of item from the Lake Mine
» Dig up every type of item from the Spring Mine
» Be in your 5th year (or later) on the farm
» Ask Carter for permission to "Marry the HG" during his Confessional times

 --Other People's Favorite Items
-Birthday:  Fall 23
-Favorite Item:  Sweet Potato, Honey, Strawberries
-Birthday:  Spring 17
-Favorite Items:  Scrambled Eggs, Rice, Miso Soup
-Birthday:  Summer 11
-Favorite Items:  Wild Grapes, Grasses, Mushrooms
-Birthday:  Fall 20
-Favorite Items:  Eggs, Curry Powder, Fish, Turnips
Special:  If you are good friends with Carter, sometime late in fall, at around
4 PM, you'll find the church empty.  You can open the backdoor to get a
cut scene with the Priest.  After that, you can always go back there to find
rare items.
-Birthday:  Winter 11
-Favorite Items: Small Fish, Honey, Apples, Eggs, Herbs from the Beach
-Birthday:  Winter 15
-Favorite Items:  Eggplant, Wine, Sashimi
-Birthday:  Winter 13
-Favorite Items: Milk, Carrots, Rice Cakes, Spa-Boiled Eggs
Special:  If you are good friends with Ellen, and you give her Yarn (any size)
during Winter, she'll knit you the sock for the Sock Festival.
-Favorite Items:  Any Food
-Birthday:  Winter 2
-Favorite Items: Honey, Eggs, Apples
-Birthday:  Summer 4
-Favorite Items:  Small Fish, Spa-Boiled Eggs, Energy Drink
-Birthday:  Winter 29
-Favorite Items:  Corn Flakes, Fruit Juice, Honey
-Birthday:  Spring 19
-Favorite Items:  Milk, Tomato, Accessories
-Birthday:  Fall 11
-Favorite Items:  Milk, Mushrooms, Honey
-Birthday:  Winter 26
-Favorite Items:  Apples, Honey, Fruit Juice, Boots
-Birthday:  Spring 11
-Favorite Items:  Turnips, Adamantite, Miso Soup
-Birthday:  Winter 5
-Favorite Items:  Honey, Yarn, Chocolate
 Aqua-Spring 16
 Bold-Spring 4
 Chef-Fall 14
 Hoggy-Fall 10
 Nappy-Winter 22
 Staid-Spring 15
 Timid-Summer 16
-Favorite Items:  Colored Grass, Four, Honey, Apples, Bread
-Birthday:  Spring 30
-Favorite Items:  Chocolate, Accessories, Flowers
-Birthday:  Summer 25
-Favorite Items:  Wine, Accessories, Soba Noodles
-Birthday:  Winter 19
-Favorite Items:  Orihalcon, Accessories, Apples, Golden Eggs
-Birthday:  Summer 29
-Favorite Items:  Tomato, Cucumber, Cheese
-Bachelor's Favorite Items
Doctor: Milk
Gray: Baked Corn
Kai: All Summer Crops
Rick: Honey
Cliff: Scrambled Eggs

Jewels Of Truth
To obtain the Jewels of Truth, you NEED the Shelves.  After getting all nine,they 
turn into The Truth Gem.  Use this as a tool to see your Fatigue and your Stamina.
1. On the top of the Dog House.
2. The trough in the Stable.
3. 1000 Horse Race Medals.
4. 50,000 G in Won's shop.
5. A lamp post between the church and the Town Square.
6. In Mary's Library, 2nd floor, middle set of shelves, furthest to the right.
7. Play the New Years game show on the TV inside of the Town Cottage.
8. Drops from the calendar in the Mountain Cottage
9. In Thomas's refrigerator when you have the other eight.  

Goddess Jewels
The Goddess Jewels, which are found on floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 
202, and 222 in the Spring mine, are only useful in the full set.  When you get all 
of them, they combine to form the Goddess Gem.  The Goddess Gem recovers stamina 
when used as a tool.

Kappa Jewels
The Kappa Jewels, which are found on floors 20, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180,and 
255 in the Winter Mine, are only useful in the full set.  When you get allof them, 
they combine to form the Kappa Gem.  The Kappa Gem recovers Fatigue, when used as a 
Power Berries:
Power Berries raise your stamina.  Find one, and you automatically eat it.
1. Just dig around in your fields (with the Hoe).  It'll come up eventually.
2. Throw items into the Waterfall Lake (by the hotspring) on ten different
days.  The Harvest Goddess will award you with it.
3. 900 Horse Racing Medals.
4. Win the Horse Race.
5. Win the Frisbee Tournament.
6. Use a Mystril fishing pole on the beach during Winter.
7. Dig in the 100th Floor of the Spring Mine.
8. 10,000 G on the Shopping Channel.
9. Press A behind the Winter Mine entrance.
10. Dig around in the 19th floor of the Winter Mine .Also, if you throw Cucumbers 
into the lake on Mother Hill on ten different days, Kappa will give you a Blue 
Power Berry.

Mayonnaise (S) - Regular Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
Mayonnaise (M) - Good Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
Mayonnaise (L) - High Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
Mayonnaise (G) - Golden Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
Mayonnaise (P) - P Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar
Mayonnaise (X) - X Egg + Oil + Vinegar
Mayonnaise (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P)
X Egg - Regular Quality Egg + Good + High + Golden + P
Milk (X) - (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P) Milk
Cheese (X) - (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P) Cheese
Wild Grape Juice - Wild Grape + Wine + Purple Grass + Pot
Pickles - Cucumber + Salt
Salad - Cucumber + Knife, Carrot + Knife ,Cabbage + Knife, Tomato + Knife
Curry Rice - Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot
Stew - Flour + Milk (S) + Pot + Salt
Miso Soup - Miso + Pot + Salt + at least 1 item:(veggies, any size egg, bamboo 
shoot, mushroom, truffle, small fish)
Stir Fry - Cabbage + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan + Soy Sauce
Fried Rice - Rice balls + Oil + (any size) Egg + Frying Pan
Savory Pancake - Cabbage + Oil + Flour + (any size) Egg + Frying Pan + Knife
Sandwich - Tomato + Bread + Knife, Cucumber + Bread + Knife, Cooked Egg + Bread + 
Knife (Fried, Scrambled, Boiled) 
Fruit Juice - Apple + Mixer, Apple + Grape Juice + Honey + Pineapple + Milk (L) + 
Mixer + Sugar ,Strawberry + Mixer
Fruit Latte - Fruit Juice + (any size) Milk + Mixer
Veggie Juice - Cucumber + Mixer, Cabbage + Mixer, Carrot + Mixer
Veggie Latte - Veggie Juice + (any size) Milk + Mixer
Mixed Juice - Fruit + Veggie + Mixer, Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer
Mixed Latte - (any size) Milk + Fruit + Veggie + Mixer, (any size) Milk + Mix Juice 
+ Mixer, (any size) Milk + Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer
Pickled Turnips - Turnip + Knife + Vinegar
French Fries - Potato + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan
Strawberry Jam - Strawberry + Pot + Sugar
Strawberry Milk - Strawberry + (any size) Milk + Mixer
Tomato Juice - Tomato + Mixer + Salt
Ketchup - Tomato + Onion + Mixer + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar
Popcorn - Corn + Frying Pan
Corn Flakes - Corn + Rolling Pin + Oven, Corn + Rolling Pin + Frying Pan
Baked Corn - Corn + Oven
Pineapple Juice - Pineapple + Mixer
Pumpkin Pudding - (any size) Egg + (any) Milk + Pumpkin + Pot + Oven + Sugar
Happy Eggplant - Eggplant + Frying Pan + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Miso
Sweet Potatoes - Butter + (any size) Egg + Sweet Potato + Sugar + Pot + Oven
Baked Sweet Potato - Sweet Potato + Oven, Sweet Potato + Butter + Stone + Oven + 
Sugar + Salt, Greens - Spinach + Pot + Soy Sauce
Scrambled Eggs - (any size) Egg + Oil + Frying Pan
Omelet - (any size) Egg + Oil + (any size) Milk + Frying Pan
Omelet Rice - (any size) Egg + (any size) Milk + Oil + Rice Balls + Frying Pan
Boiled Egg - (any size) Egg + Pot
Pudding - (any size) Egg + (any size) Milk + Oven + Pot + Sugar
Hot Milk - (any size) Milk + Pot + Sugar
Butter - (any size) Milk + Mixer
Cheese Cake - Cheese + (any) Egg + (any) Milk + Pot + Whisk + Oven + Sugar
Cheese Fondue - (any size) Cheese + Bread + Pot
Apple Pie - Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar 
Apple Jam - Apple + Pot + Sugar
Apple Soufflé - Apple + Frying pan, SUGDW Apple + Frying Pan, HMSGB Apple + Frying 
Pan, AEPFE Apple + Frying Pan
Bamboo Rice- Bamboo Shoot + rice balls
Grape Jam + Wild Grape + Pot + Sugar
Grape Juice - Wild Grapes + Honey + Mixer (sugar, salt), Wild Grapes + Mixer 
(sugar, salt)
Mushroom Rice - Mushroom + Rice Balls
Truffle Rice - Truffle + Rice Balls
Sushi - Sashimi + Rice Balls + Vinegar
Jam Bun - Apple Jam + Bread, Strawberry Jam + Bread
Dinner Roll - Bread + Butter
Raisin Bread - Bread + Wild Grapes
Curry Bread - Bread + Oil + Curry Powder + Frying Pan
Toast - Bread + Oven
French Toast - Bread + (any size) Egg + Oil + Frying Pan + Sugar
Sashimi - Large or Medium Fish + Knife
Grilled Fish - Medium Fish + Oil + Frying Pan + Salt + Soy Sauce
Chirashi Sushi - Scrambled Eggs + Sashimi + Rice Balls + Knife + Vinegar
Pizza - (any size) Cheese + Flour + Ketchup + Rolling Pin + Oven
Noodles - Flour + Pot + Rolling Pin + Knife
Curry Noodles - Noodles + Curry Powder + Pot
Tempura Noodles - Tempura + Noodles + Pot, Flour + Tempura + Rolling Pin + Pot + 
Fried Noodles - Noodles + Oil + (any size) Egg + Frying Pan
Buckwheat Noodles - Buckwheat Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin(onion, eggs, bamboo 
shoots, fish)
Noodles w/ Tempura - Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles + Pot, Buckwheat Flour + Tempura + 
Rolling Pin + Pot + Knife
Fried Noodles -Buckwheat Noodles + Egg + Oil + Frying Pan + Salt + Vinegar + Soy 
Buckwheat Chips - Buckwheat Noodles + Rolling Pin + Pot
Tempura - Flour + Egg + Oil + Frying Pan (veggies, mushrooms, soy sauce)
Mountain Stew -Carrot + Mushroom + Bamboo Shoots + Knife + Pot + Sugar + Soy Sauce
Moon Dumpling - Muffin Mix + Sugar
Roasted Rice - Cake Rice Cake + Oven + Soy Sauce
Toasted Rice Balls - Rice Balls + Oven + Soy Sauce
Rice Gruel - Rice Balls + Pot + Salt
Tempura Rice - Rice Balls + Tempura + Salt
Egg Over Rice - Egg + Rice Balls + Pot + Salt + Soy Sauce
Candied Potato - Sweet Potato + Honey + Sugar + Pot
Potato Pancakes -Potato + Onion + (any size) Egg + Oil + Flour + Knife + Frying Pan 
+ Salt
Fish Sticks - Medium Fish + Mixer + Salt
Cookies - Flour + (any size) Egg + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar (honey)
Chocolate Cookies -Flour + Egg + Chocolates + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar 
Ice Cream - Milk + Egg + Whisk + Pot + Sugar (apple, honey, pineapple, wild grapes, 
Cake - Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, pineapple, wild grapes, 
strawberry, honey, knife)
Chocolate Cake - Chocolates + Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, 
pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry, honey, knife)
Pancakes -Flour + Oil + Butter + Egg + Milk + Honey + Sugar + Whisk + Frying Pan
Relaxation Tea - Relax Tea Leaves + Pot
SUGDW Apple - Apple + HMSGB Apple + AEPFE Apple
HMSGB Apple - Apple + SUGDW Apple + AEPFE Apple
AEPFE Apple - Apple + HMSGB Apple + SUGDW Apple
Bodigizer - Honey + Orange Grass + Black Grass + Red Magic Grass + Pot, 
Bodigizer XL - Bodigizer + Blue Grass + Mixer
Turbojolt - Honey + Orange Grass + White Grass + Red Magicred Flower + Pot
Turbojolt XL - Turbojolt + Green Grass + Mixer
Relax Tea Leaves -Red Grass + Orange Grass + Yellow Grass + Green Grass + Purple 
Grass + Blue Grass + Indigo Grass + Weed + Knife + Frying Pan
Elli Leaves -6 types of burnt food + Bodigizer XL + Turbojolt XL + Knife + Frying 
Pan +
Oven + Pot + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce + Miso
Spring Sun - Blue Magic Grass + Red Magic Grass + Moondrop Flower + Pinkcat Flower 
+Toy Flower
Summer Sun - Small Fish + Medium Fish + Large Fish + Fossil of Ancient Fish +Pirate 
Autumn Sun - Cheese (X) + Mayonaise (X) + X Egg + Milk (X) + Wool (X) +Yarn (X) 
Winter Sun - Alexandrite + Diamond + Emerald +Moonstone  Pink Diamond +Mythic Stone 
+ Sand Rose 

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