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Hello, I am marjo5858, and I once again bring you a guide. 
                        Version 1.5
0. Updates
October 16, 2005: I added Thanksgiving and Summer Campers to this guide. I also 
added a Shops section and a Secret/Weird Characters section.
October 19th, 2005: I added more to the Play with Your Furniture! section. The 
Hauntings of Leaving Town for More than a Week section has also been added. It is 
to haunt you and to inform you. I also added a Whaddya Think About This Song? 
October 24th, 2005: I have added a section called secrets/glitches.
February 1st, 2006: I have added Igloos and Raffle Day sections to Holidays.
February 7th, 2006: I forgot a part of the Igloos section. Ooops! I also added a 
thing at the top.
April 30, 2006: I added more to the Glitches section. I have also asked for YOUR 
advice in Whaddya Think About This Song section. (See section for details.)
0. Updates, Version History
1. Intro
1a. Why you should get this game
1b. How to use this guide
2. Holidays
2a. New Year
2b. Spring Sports Fair
2c. Cherry Blossom Festival
2d. Summer Fishing Tourney
2e. Fourth of July
2f. Meteor Shower
2g. Mushrooming
2h. Explorer's Day
2i. Halloween
2j. Fall Sports Fair
2k. Fall Fishing Tourney
2l. Snow Day
2m. Toy Day
2n. Thanksgiving
2o. Summer Campers
2p. Igloos
2q. Raffle Day
3. Shops
3a. Nooks Cranny
3b. Nook 'n' Go
3c. Nookway
3d. Nookington's Department Store
4. Secret/Weird Characters 
5. Grass Colors
6. Play with your furniture!
7. The Hautings of Leaving Your Town For More Than A Week
8. Whaddya Think About This Song? 
9. Secrets/Glitches
10a. References
10b. Bye!
10c. Credits/My E-mail/AIM
1. Intro
This is an excellent game. You get to be someone that you aren't, while keeping 
your personality in check. The boys wear a viking helmet with horns, a shirt and 
their own facial expression. The girl or boy facial expression depends on how you 
answer Rover's questions. Girls come with an elf-type hat, their own hair color, a 
wire-hem dress and, again their own facial expressions. But NO ONE should miss the 
1a. Why you should get this game
All of the above about sums it up. But the holidays and events are the greatest 
things about this game. It is easy to play, there is no violence or cursing, and no 
inappropriate references or pictures. It is for all ages. Anyone who is bored would 
be very pleased to hold the gamecube controller and just stare at the amazing 
graphics. It is not very life-like, which is the fun part. You can name your 
character, your town and even design your house. You can even make your own 
clothes, umbrellas, wallpaper and rugs! And just like in real life, seasons change, 
it rains, it snows. Join the fun! Pay $23.00 for a lifetime of fun!
1b. How to use this guide
Is this confusing you? Not to worry, this section is for the confused one who wants 
to cheat! All you do is go to the top of the page. Read the chapter names to find 
something that you are interested in. Example: 2g. Mushrooming. All you do is look 
for 2. Holidays in the guide and scroll down until you find 2g. Mushrooming. Then 
you can read about mushrooming. I think you're ready, so let's go!
2. Holidays
There are about 50 holidays and events in Animal Crossing altogether. But I don't 
have time to tell you about all of them, so I'll tell you the major ones.
2a. New Year's
Happy New Year! You have reached January 1st (whatever year it is) and it is 
midnight. You must hurry over to the Wishing Well to party! In the mail you will 
find and New Year's card from your Mom, addressed 'home'. Tortimer will give you a 
noisemaker if you talk to him. It is useless, but it makes a cool piece of 
furniture for your house!
2b. Spring Sports Fair
It is March 22nd (whatever year it is) and it is 9:00 A.M. Some girl at the train 
station just announced that the sports fair has just begun! Here is the Sports Fair 
agenda (just a tip, an agenda is a schedule; a plan).
9:00 A.M.- 11:00 A.M.: Aerobics, which is where the cool police dog Copper turns on 
his aerobics radio at the wishing well. Anyone who chooses to stay healthy will go 
there. To do aerobics (only works at the Wishing Well) turn the C stick at 
different angles.
11:00 A.M.- 1:00 P.M.: Footrace. It is the funnest event in the Sports Fair. There 
will be four runners, and another on shoots a pop-gun at the beginning of each 
race. Tortimer watches. You may also run. Two contestants race each other in the 
first race, then the next race the next two race. There are no prizes for winning 
or losing. (Hint: If you lap a character, which means to be ahead of them by one or 
more laps, you will trip them.) The race just goes around the Wishing Well a 
million times.
1:00 P.M.- 3:00 P.M.: The classic Ball Toss. Like basketball, you must throw the 
little balls into the baskets. There are two different teams: white and red. 
Whatever team they are is the color the basket and balls will be. There will be two 
players on each team and one character will cheer. For about three minutes, the 
character will watch red, then they rotate and watch white. So you could possibly 
cheer for white while he or she cheers for red. 
3:00 P.M.- 5:00 P.M.: The last event, Tug-'o'-war. There will be two teams with 
three animals on each team. You can cheer for them, but you cannot participate.
Talk to Tortimer at any one time during any of these events and he will give you a 
Fall Medal. It is a tiny plaque with a 1 on it. It is useless, so it can be 
precious inside your house.
2c. Cherry Blossom Festival
You have made it to April 5th-7th (whatever year) and you notice that the trees are 
pink! And by now, beautiful pink cherry blossoms fall from the trees like rain. So, 
now what? If it's about 6-8 P.M., you head to the Wishing Well! There will be 
Tortimer, and he will give you a pink tree model. It will look lovely in your 
house. There is a refreshments table (which you cannot eat from) and some of your 
townie pals! It is a great time for conversation, and everyone is laughing and 
2d. Summer Fishing Tourney
Yoo-hoo! It is FINALLY summer, but you are bored already. Never fear! If it is any 
Sunday in June from 6:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M., then you are welcome to the main section 
of the lake. There stands a big cart with a fat beaver named Chuck. All he asks you 
to do is find one of three specific fish: small bass, bass or large bass. And sea 
bass does NOT count! Bring the bass to him and he will measure it. Then he will eat 
it. All your hard work in a gigantic stomach! But, if by 6:00 P.M., you had the 
longest and widest fish, he will mail you a present. He will post the winner on the 
bulletin board.
2e. Fourth of July
If it is July fourth at 7:00 P.M. to about midnight, head to the main section of 
the lake. There will be the glorifying reflection of the fireworks in the water. 
And (super) Crazy Redd  will be wearing a blue visor and have a blue cart. He will 
be selling either pinwheels, balloons or fans. There will be five villagers dancing 
around, singing, fanning themselves with fans, jumping and watching the fireworks. 
If you want something from the cart, bring about 600-800 Bells with you. And of 
course, Tortimer will be happy to give you a bottle rocket. This is one of my 
favorite events.
2f. Meteor Shower
This event is quite delightful as well as the other events. Wait 'till August 12th 
and make sure it is about 7 or 8 P.M. Then head to the main section of the lake and 
gaze into the lake to see what looks like shooting stars zoom across the lake. 
About five villagers will be enjoying themselves watching this event. Tortimer will 
give you a telescope, which does not work. It would make a great decoration in your 
2g. Mushrooming
Okay, here's where the action and competition REALLY heats up! Any morning from 
October 10th-about October 25th there will be a mushroom hunt at about 7 or 8 A.M. 
I am positive it ends at 9:00 A.M. What you do is run around town looking for a 
mushroom. There are five mushrooms hidden in a different spot each day. But there 
are others looking for the mushrooms! Just pick it up once you find it. And when 
the store opens you may do one of five things. 1. Eat it. 2. Sell it for lots of 
Bells. 3. Put in your house for saving. 4. Throw in the dump. 5. Give it to a 
friend or mail it. 
2h. Explorer's Day
It is October 10th and you are bored. All you must do to find a little curiosity is 
talk to Tortimer. He will give you a rare bottled ship which may be used to make 
lots of cash in the store. But the fun way is to place it in your house. You may 
find a great theme to make it blend in to your room, so why not change your room 
2i. Halloween
BOO! But how exactly does Animal Crossing produce a Halloween that you will 
remember forever? Well, first off, from October 16th- October 30th you can purchase 
all five candies in the store for 100 Bells each (this is one day's worth). And 
when October 31st rolls around, make sure you are not carrying any items except 
candy. Now you are ready to max the challenge of finding Jack, the King of 
Halloween. All of the villagers will wear a pumpkin over their head, hiding their 
identitiy. They will also wear long, black coats. They will all chase you and if 
they catch you they will quote "Trick or Treat!" and ask for candy. If you say yes, 
give them a piece of candy. If you say no, they will turn your stylish (maybe) 
outfit into the raggy, dull, gray, patched shirt. There will be purple smoke around 
you for a second and you will look sad. They will also give you either a jack-o-
lantern or a jack-in-the-box. Jack is the only one who will NOT chase you. He will 
have a deep voice like the moody male characters. He IS a moody character. He will 
say "Trick or Treat!" and if you give him a piece of candy, he will give you a part 
of the rare spooky series, only available from either him or codes. But if you say 
no, he will get, well, moody and turn your outfit into the raggy, dull, gray, 
patched shirt.
2j. Fall Sports Fair
Same events and time as Spring Sports fair, except on September 22nd. See 2b. 
Spring Sports fair for times and events.
2k. Fall Fishing Tourney
Same event and time as Summer Fishing Tourney, except on every Sunday in November. 
See 2d. Summer Fishing Tourney.
2l. Snow Day
It is December 1st (whatever year) and you wanted snow. You step outside and are 
delighted. Snow! There is plenty to do so don't dilly-dally! For one thing, you can 
build a snowman (duh) by following a few simple steps.
1. Look around town for a tiny sphere of snow, known as a snowball on the ground.
2. Walk up to it and push it around like you would with those balls lying around.
3. Be careful of bridges, lakes and trees! If the snowball falls into the lake, 
it's gone! And it can get lost behind a tree!
4. When you find the next snowball, be sure that your snowball is not too big yet 
not too small.
5. Push the new snowball around to make it just a bit smaller than the big one.
6. Push the big one underneath the smaller one.
7. If made correctly, it will become a snowman and come alive!
8. The snowman will give you a piece of the rare snowman series.
You may also run around in the snow, too!
2m. Toy Day
On circa December 25th (whatever year), there is one event that is very fun. First, 
go to Tortimer at the wishing well to claim a toy. If you are a boy it will be a 
blue car. If you are a girl it will be a red doll. Both are useless but make great 
decorations. Next, wait until 8:00 P.M. Now start to look for a reindeer named 
Jingle. He is hard to find, so look everywhere. Talk to him and he will give you a 
piece of the rare Jingle series. He might even give you the Jingle shirt.
2n. Thanksgiving
After your Thanksgiving dinner in REAL life, you want Animal Crossing to have 
Thanksgiving. You tell yourself that it's possible, so you run to your room and 
turn on Animal Crossing. And, it is Thanksgiving in the game, too! So, you dash to 
the Wishing Well to find Tortimer. He gives you a gift. Then you ask yourself, 
where is the turkey? He is somewhere in town, hiding. He tells you that if you 
steal the fork and the knife from the dinner table at the Wishing Well and give it 
to him he will give you something. You give him the fork and the knife, and he 
gives you a piece of the rare harvest series.
2o. Summer Campers
Any time between June and August, you could find a yellow tent. Don't worry, it's 
not a burglar. It's just a tent with a camper from another town. Enter. Don't be 
shy, just do what I say! See? It's not that bad. You see (character from another 
town) inside along with a sleeping bag, lantern, cans of soup, a compass, a map and 
much more. But you are more interested in the camper. So, you talk to him/her, and 
he/she introduces themself. They will tell you a camping story, play a game with 
you, try to trade you something, ask you how to work something, or ask you a favor 
if you keep talking to them. You may find yourself sitting in your bed for hours 
and hours interacting with your new buddy. And unless he/she is on one of your 
memory cards, they will not move to your town. Well, maybe SOMEDAY, but not today.
2p. Igloos
In winter, look all around your town every day (after December). If you see one 
walk into it. They will talk to you and if you have money and items they'll play 
games with you. Here are the games for each personality of animal. 
Snobby Girls: (ex. Baabara)
They will have two items. One will be for free, the other you will have to pay. You 
have to choose right or left. If you choose the CORRECT one, you will get the one 
for free. If you choose the wrong one, you will have to pay for a totally different 
Mean Boys: (ex. Chief)
They will have an item. If you guess right for 3 times in a row you don't have to 
pay for it.
Sweet Girls: (ex. Goldie)
This is my favorite game. They will go through 5 items. Each will have a price. 
Just choose stop when you like the item and the price. Wait til the fifth item, and 
you will buy it no matter what it is or what the price is! I think it's fun, 
because you can get rare items like the DUMMY* item or the igloo model.
*DUMMY is a floating triangle that has red japanese writing on it. It is not in 
your catalog, and Nook will not buy it for a price.
Nice Boys: (ex. Bob)
They will look at your items and find one he likes. He will give you a price for 
it. You can make the price higher to the point where, he says forget it. 
Nice Girls: (ex. Marcy)
They will think of a symbol. If you choose that symbol, then you will get a free 
Athletic Boys: (ex. Tybalt)
They will ask you which wrestling move they used to take you down. You guess right 
and you'll get a prize.
2q. Raffle day
Get five tickets, on the last day of every month you can go to Nook's Shop to try 
to win prizes. (Ex. Hamster cage, Robo Stereo, Mario Trophy.) 

3. Shops
3a. Nooks Cranny
The default, or first, store that you get.
3b. Nook 'n' Go
The next store that you get. It has those moving doors, like in grocery stores.
3c. Nookway
MUCH bigger than the other two, so it is better.
3d. Nookingtons Department Store
The biggest store. It has two floors, with Tom Nook on the first floor, and his 
sons, Timmy and Tommy, on the second floor. On the first floor is tools, paint, 
plants, umbrella, diary, and staionary. The lottery is also held here. On the 
second floor is everything else: rugs, walls, clothing, and furniture.
4. Secret/Weird Characters
He is a robot wearing a pulse shirt. A frog, of course. And PLEASE post if you know 
how to get Ribbot!
5. Grass Colors
I am going to tell you what the grass looks like in different seasons.
Fall: Goes from a tan-green color to red at the middle and a bit snowy at the end. 
Winter: The ground will be covered in snow, and in December the trees will have 
bright, colorful lights wrapped around the branches.
Spring: The ground will be a bit snowy in the beginning, but will become a juicy 
green gradually, and in March-April the trees will be pink.
Summer: The ground will go from a juicy green to a dull green. You can get a tan on 
the island.
6. Play with your Furniture!
There are some things that are fun to do with furniture!
Lovely chair: Sounds like a fart when you sit on it.
Mouth of Truth: Press A while standing in front of it and makes your character jump 
in shock!
Jack-in-the-Box: Press A while standing in front of it and makes a pumpkin pop out 
of it.
Toilet/Super Toilet: Sit on it and then get off. You will hear it flush!
Crab Stew: Press A in front of it to cook a crab stew. Press A again to turn it 
off. (Hint: you cannot eat a crab stew.)
Candy: Is candy furniture? Well, in real life, if you buy 2,000,000,000,000,000 
pieces of candy, make a mountain out of them, you can trek to the top and sit on 
candy. Anyway, leave your candy outside for one day and the next day flies will 
swarm around certain pieces of candy. Once you put the candy in your pocket and 
drop it on the ground the flies will be gone.
These are only a few pieces.
7. The Hauntings of Leaving Your Town For More Than A Week
Have you ever desired to go on a vacation (in real life) for about two months? Go 
ahead, fine. It's your game. I cannot tell you what to do. But I can advise you on 
some smart tips. First of all, if you leave for a week or so, then you talk to your 
friend and he/she will say "Where were you?! I haven't seen you for (any time 
between one week and forever)!" Another thing that I HATE is those dang weeds. Man! 
In just, like, two or three days a few weeds appear. But one time I changed the 
time from April to January. Almost a year. Just changing TO January filled every 
corner with weeds. But changing BACK to April took a big toll. Everyone was all mad 
and worried about me, and even worse, just about EVERY empty spot was patched up 
with groups of about 8-20 weeds. And those cockroaches! In just two weeks without 
playing, your house gets filled with annoying, pesky, dirty, tiny, fast 
cockroaches! It's smart to take all your furniture out and look for roaches. That 
way, when you come back, there will be no furniture blocking you from the roaches 
that you (of course) are scrambling around to squish. Maybe if you are staying a 
hotel, condo, cottage or anything with a TV with gamecube hookups, you could bring 
the 'cube and check every day. Or maybe some brother or friend is taking care of 
the house. They could possibly check a few times. And those are the hauntings that 
I fear will happen before I go on my next vacation.
9. Ending
This is the end, but first read some legal info.
9a. Legal Notes
You may highlight this and then click Edit, then Copy, then go to Microsoft Word. 
Then click Edit, then Paste. My whole guide will sit in front of you, and it is OK 
to print and will not give your computer a virus. Do NOT publish this on a 
different website and say you made it. Trust me, I know lots of code websites, so 
if you plagiarized, you're in trouble. I have decided to add some other sections 
after the legal notes. So this is not the end.
8. Whaddya Think About This Song?
K.K. has exactly 55 songs in his album or something. But there are just a few songs 
that need to be honored, and a few that send chills down my spine.
Top Ten:
10. K.K. Calypso:
A very smooth, relaxing and very harmonizing song.
9. K.K. Waltz:
A very quiet, soft pattern captures your heart if you are tired or sad.
8. K.K. Salsa:
A very quick mexican song. Goes good with the pine set, ivy wall, red tile, and a 
reel-to-reel stereo.
7. K.K. Ragtime:
Not exactly the best, but pretty cool. Goes good with the pine set and an ebony 
6. K.K. Fusion:
Woo! A bit of modern flair and a 1980's jazz theme, these two combine to make the 
perfect party tune.
5. K.K. Ska:
A very hyper song goes good with a very hyper room, right? Yes. Goes good with the 
lovely set, a mini squelchoid, kitschy tile, kitchen wall and a groovy shirt.
4. K.K. Cafe: ~ goes above the e in Cafe.
A very lovely song, indeed. Doesn't go with any set in particular.
3. K.K. Swing:
A sort of creepy song. Goes good with exotic set, classic set, plants, and ugly 
walls and floors.
2. K.K. Jazz:
Yes, as you guessed, jazz! It sounds like something they play on the Weather 
Channel while giving local area temperatures. Goes good with the pine set.
And, finally, the moment that you've been waiting for. The real reason why you read 
the top ten. It!
1. K.K. Samba:
A very wild song. It goes great with the summer items, blue tarp (to make the walls 
look like that of a tent) mossy carpet, crab stew, some backyard items, tall 
poltergoid, mega percoloid, tootoid, dekkiod, mini dinkoid, and mega dinkoid. Oh, 
yeah! And please use either a tape deck or a reel-to-reel!
Now, for the dumb ones....
Top Five Worst
5. K.K. Senor: ~ over e in Senor
Gosh! It is so dumb! Its hard to explain, so, lets move on!
4. K.K. Bossa:
zzz...zzz...ahhh! I started sleeping! That's how BORING K.K. Bossa is, because the 
notes repeat over and over...but good lullaby music.
3. K.K. Lullaby:
It'll make you fall asleep because it is calm and quiet.
2. K.K. Rock:
I'm sorry, I just don't like heavy metal. It is more like so heavy metal that it 
weighs 280 pounds. 
The worst, most boring song is.....................................................
1. K.K. Folk!
Yes, so boring I could talk all night...luckily I didn't.
So now you pretty much know my taste in music. That is all. So sorry that I talked 
so long.
****Which song do YOU like? Which one makes you feel weird? Did a song have a 
glitch while playing? Anything that has to do with K.K.'s songs or outdoor theme 
songs, you can e-mail me and tell me! I will consider posting it! If I do, I'll 
email you within four days and give you credit! (Credit is shown at the bottom of 
the page! E-mail address at the bottom of the page!)
9. Secrets/Glitches
Secrets Section:
You know when the villagers sort of skip and dance around? Well, you can do it, 
too! All you must do is tilt the control stick at full tilt at any angle. Then, 
will look like you are skipping! :)
Glitches Section:
OK, this was really weird. You know when you go to save, right? You talk to your 
Gyroid outside. Right? Well, something really freaky happened. It was on October 
24th, 2005, at about 5:45 P.M. I'm not sure if it was a bug left in the game or 
what it was. Well, anyway, here it is. You know how he tells you to enter the 
house, and you enter, close the door, and the screen goes black? Yes, but today my 
character just stood there in front of the door, then the screen went black. There 
was a pause, and then you heard a door close. I will try to do further research and 
get back to you on this one. :(
Sometimes, when fishing, a fish will swim on top of the bridge!
When at Able Sisters, randomly (especially if you use Action Replay), your cursor 
can start to move all around by itself! It only happened to me once. I do not use 
Action Replay, either.
10a. References is a safe website with a calendar of events for each month. is another safe website with PLENTY of codes so you can create a 
cool house, wardrobe and a cool town. There are also maps and charts there-and even 
spanish and portugese guides!
The Animal Crossing instruction manual is just a bit helpful.
10b. Bye!
Whew! Finally, I'm done! My hands really hurt from typing. Enjoy!
10c. Credits/My E-mail/AIM
There are currently no people to be accounted for in this Guide.
My e-mail: [email protected]
AIM: same, but I'm never on AIM!
E-mail me with questions, comments, or suggestions for posting.
Whaddya Think About This Song E-mails from you MUST be titled either K.K. Songs OR 
What I Think About A Song so I don't think it's spam. 
If it's something else, just title it: CheatCodes: AC.
So, don't like Xbox!

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