Honda NSX Type Zero - Guide for Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

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Hello! This is my very first submission to Gran Turismo series. Please DO NOT 
expect much from me. Please rate if you like or don't like it. This is a guide 
to the supercar, Honda NSX Type Zero.

1. Description
2. Specs.
3. What To Do If You Have
4. Tuning: Do's and Don'ts
5. Advantages and Disadvantages
6. FAQ
7. Ending



  THE HONDA NSX TYPE ZERO IS a very good car. It comes in a variety of shades 
of colors, like gray, black, and red. There also is a goldish color. Anyway, 
the car is expensive, but you will be satisfied with what comes out of your 


Horsepower: 276
Drivetrain: MR
Top Speed: Somewhere around 190 and 210
Acceleration: Rated a 3/5
Turning: Good enogh
Price: Around 98,000 credits
Class: A
Length: To Be Announced
Width: To Be Announced
Weight: To Be Annouced
Tire Width: To Be Announced
CC: Around 1900-2100cc
Sorry! I don't have a free PS2(one thats not in use)

                           WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE

  Like many things to do if you purchase a new car, save. This helps because if 
your game freezes or if you win a new class S car, it helps to keep that and 
your NSX. Next, take a 400m, 1000m then Max Speed test. Then, save again then 
do an oil change. Oil changes will increase your horsepower by a small but good 
amount HP. Race in the MR series in the Beginner or Amatuer league. Save again, 
tune your car(what to and not to do is on another chapter in this guide to the 
car) then race in more series and win cars.

                         TUNING: DO'S AND DON'TS

 Unlike many of you professional racers, some of you get the urge to tune it to 
the max and drivetrain to the max and save. Not to the max! My CALSONIC SKYLINE 
JGTC(J) can go higher than 900 hp but has trouble turning and has an extreme 
amount of oversteer. I stick with Turbo Pack 2. So, stick with a low choice of 
NA PACK, Racing Muffler, Racing Chip, Full Slip and a flywheel. Then, get 
better with the NA and keep everything else the same. Anotherwards, unless you 
have an ESCUDO Pikes Peak Version on your hands, DO NOT TUNE IT TO THE MAX.


 Lets get down to buisness with this. The advantages are that this car is kind 
of light. It also is easier to control unlike some fast cars. This car also can 
go fast enough to stay in the lead. Some of you may think that as a joke. No. 
It isn't if your in 3rd and on the 5/5 lap and on a huge turn like the one on 
Toyko Route, slam into your opponent and get into 2nd. Do this same trick again 
on another turn, and BAM! Your now in 1st. Disadvantages? I'm happy to say the 
only one is that its tires can wear out quickly. Maybe it's the speed? :D


I only made up 2. :P So don't kill me for this!

Q: My NSX has an extreme amount of oversteer and braking problems.

A: Buy a brake controller and change the amount(for some of you who are small 
fries, ask your parents)for this. Then, lower your tuning until the car stops 
both of your issues.

Q: Can this car do the wheelie?

A: I'm sad to answer this: I don't know. The only cars I know are the Toyota GT-
ONE, GT40, and ESCUDO. Sorry, but I can't really answer.


 I thank you very much for reading this guide. Please don't critize me for 
little errors such as not knowing information or grammar or spelling! It's 
pretty pathetic what you people might critize me for. Please rate, and if you 
have any questions, please PM ME BY THIS WEBSITE and I'll try to answer your 

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