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Employment application

Name: Hornswoggle
Hud Name: Hornswoggle
Nickname: Default
Nickname Placement: None
Announcer Introduction: whatever (nothing really to choose)
Hometown: Any (Parts Unknown recomended[He's a Leprechaun!])
Gender: Male
Weight Class: Light Heavyweight(200lbs.)
Match Tactic: Clean
Show: Smackdown
Voice: 1
Match Specialty: None

Face Parts

Hair: 15/50 Custom color (x:73,y:0)(s:6)
Eyes: default
Eyebrows: 1/54 Custom color (x:86,y:0)(s:0)
Facial Hair: Goatee 7/13 Custom color (x:73,y0)(s:0,a:100)
Lips: Default
Skin Tones: Default
Eyelashes: Default
Teeth: default

Head Morphing

Head: -83,-8.0
Forehead: 0,0,0,0

Face Morphing

Eyebrows: 16,35,0,25
Eyes: Default
Nose: -15,13,-6,0,14,0,0,1
Cheeks: 0,8,8,2
Mouth: 0,0,11,0,0,0,4
Jaw: 0,15,18,6,13,0
Ears: 13,6,-3,6
Skin Aging: 20

Body Type (advanced)

Neck: -39,0,0
Chest: Default
Shoulder: Default
Abdomen: Default
Waist: Default
Arms: -100,-27,0
Hands: Default
Legs: -100,-59,0
Feet: Default

Body Skin: 5/9

Body Hair: none

Body Height: 5'3"


Men's Clothes: 1/31 default color
Jackets: 5/20 Preset Green
Men's Bottoms: 8/34 default color
Belts: 17/29 Custom Color  (x:80,y:35)(s:7,a:100)
Shoes: 22/29 preset green

A.I. Fighting Style

Style1: Brawler
Style2: Brawler
Advanced: Aggressive, often, less, often


"Finlay Forever"
"My name is Finlay... and i love to fight"
WWE logo
"Finlay Forever"


Preset: Finlay (Change second celtic cross finisher to frog splash)


Movie: Finlay
Music: Finlay
Motion: Finlay

Stable (extra)

Members: Hornswoggle, Finlay
Type: Tag Team
Name: Fighting Irish
Entrance: All Finlay (Generic Tag 1)

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