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Q.  If Jumping Flash 2 is a high-jumping game, just how high can you go?

A.  Well, I'd say that if you were to fall from the highest point to the lowest 
point, it'll take 13 seconds of nonstop falling.  This can only be achieved on 3 
levels, and requires either Super or Hyper mode.  The levels are 1-2, 3-1, and 5-1.  
The trick to getting this high is quite easy to understand, but takes plenty of 

First, complete the first level because there isn't anything to do it with.  First, 
find one of those missile launching red things.  Wait until it starts loading the 
missiles, and as soon as it does, start jumping.  Line Robbit's shadow to the area 
in which the missile is in the center, and count 5 jumps.  While starting the sixth 
jump, get the missile in the upper center part.  Wait for the jump meter to get all 
the way down, and while holding X, press triangle to dive onto it and spring off.  
Count 4 jumps, and fall enough so that the jump meter is about 20-25% full, and use 
the last jump.  At the top of your last jump, hold X, and press triangle to dive 
onto it and gain an additional 5 jumps.  Repeat the second part until you see the 
missile coming toward you (about 4 stages, or 2 more repeats), and you should reach 
the highest point.  Be careful when you're up this high, because the ground is very 
difficult to see.  You can only see the sides marked by darker grey specs.  When 
you're falling down, go toward the direction of the grey specs to make sure you're 
over land.  The ground will slowly unfog and make it easier to find the ground.  If 
you accidental destroy the missile, you still have 5 jumps, unless you fall through 
it.  For missiles on angles other than straight up, with the fourth jump, make sure 
you are at 50% full before you use your final jump.  Then slightly fall then dive 
onto it.  You'll destroy it, but you'll have 5 jumps, but if you fall through it, 
you'll be falling at an incredible speed.  There is a much higher chance of it 
occuring at random angles than with facing one exact direction.  There are two other 
levels you can try this with as well, try it with 3-1, and 5-1.

Q.  What is the key to the extra bonus?

A.  Coins are the primary method.  Make sure you collect every coin enemies spill 
out.  The maximum extra bonus possible is 9,999,999, and can take 40 to 50 minutes 
to get.  Another way is by getting the Muu-Muu's in order of e, x, i, and t to get 
an additional 30,000 points.  For boss levels, attack the boss without using bullets 
(fireworks are not considered bullets), and without getting damaged.  Since the 
shark gives 20,000 points for destroying it, and a maximum of 140,000 for the extra 
bonus, thus probably 7 times the scoring value of the boss itself.

Q.  Is there a similarity between picture frames and powerup types?

A.  Yes.  Red picture frames represent a firework.  The fireworks include:  power 
orbs, rockets, twisters, cherry bombs, and the Roman Candle.  Dark violet picture 
frames represent health items.  Single carrots replenish about 1/4 of your health, 
and multiple carrots replenish all of your health.  Yellow picture frames 
are "other" powerups including "time stop" in which stops all motion except your 
main character.  Useful to get around hard parts.  The other one is the powerpill, 
and allows complete invincibility (except for falling off the grid).

Q.  When I get a powerpill, why can't I pause the game?

A.  I'm not certain about why, but my theory is this:  have you ever noticed that 
when you pause the game, and then unpause it, the music continuously plays while it 
is paused, but in "silent" mode.  If you heard the tune come to the end, pause it, 
and wait about 4 minutes or so, you'll soon realize that the Playstation loads the 
track again, even though you paused it, and never messed with it.  Powerpills have a 
special track that is of the non loopable type, or a glitch, and if you could pause 
it, the music track may mess up, thus making it impossible to pause.

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