How to beat Evrae - Guide for Final Fantasy X

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How to beat Evrae:

Before the battle, buy as many Hi-Potions as you can from Rin.

Start off with Auron, Lulu and Tidus. 
Get Tidus to use Haste on Lulu and Auron, as Auron does the most damage.
Use Auron to attack Evrae once, before the ship moves away.
If you have got Auron up lots of levels, then he'll do about 1,800 damage each  time 
he attacks.  
Get Tidus to move the ship away, and try to stay away to avoid being hit with poison 
Get Lulu to cast Fira, Blizzara or Thundara as they do the most damage. 
Switch Auron for Wakka, and Tidus for Rikku. 
Get Wakka to use Dark Attack, as this sometimes blinds Evrae. 
Evrae is immune to poison, threaten, sleep and other effects, so you can only affect 
him with darkness.
After all three salvos of missiles are finished, keep attacking with Lulu and Wakka. 
Rikku can use Al Bhed Potions after each Photon Breath. 
After a while, swith Rikku for Auron as Evrae can use Swooping Scythe to appear 
right next to you. 
Get Auron to keep attacking untill the ship moves away.
Switch Wakka for Tidus.
Get Tidus to use slow on Evrae again and again as Evrae will use Haste on itself. 
Keep moving the ship away and attacking. 
After a while, Evrae wil be defeated. 

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