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Name:  Brad Alonzo
Email:  [email protected]
Date:  11/8/03
Edit Date:  11/9/03
Kingdom Hearts

Ok, the first thing you have to do before you can even face the desert bandit, Kurt 
Zisa, you have to beat the whole level of Hollow Bastion.  Then train to level 
seventy, and go to the item shop eqipping Sora and Goofy with ALL Hi-Potions.  Then 
go to Agrabah, and put Alladin in your party.  Afterwards, go to Alladin's house and 
talk to the Carpet.  The carpet will take yu on a carpet ride in the desert that 
goes extremely wrong.  After Kurt Zisa knocks you off your carpet, he will do a 
spell disabling all your magic powers, this is where the potions come in handy.  
Take out bnoth his hands and he will fall down and his head will pop out, just start 
attacking it like crazy.  Then he will pull up a shield and start floating around,  
now you get your magic back, summon Mushu and start your rapid fire, this will take 
his shield down like no other spell.  Now he will fall down and pop out his head 
again, DO NOT keep shooting his head, dismiss Mushu by selecting magic, then Dismiss 
from the menu.  Now you will get your party back, start hitting his head like crazy 
again.  When he gets back up, he will start over and take away your magic powers.  
He does have one more move though, he will fly at you with a spinning attack, whn he 
spins vertical, dodge roll out of the way, when he spins horizontal, jump over the 
attack.  Kepp doing this until you have won, the reward for beating him, is sheer 

~ I will update for Kindom Hearts 2 secret bosses, if they have any that i can beat.

If you have any trouble, email me at [email protected] Please do not copy this Guide 
unless you email me asking my permission, thank you.

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