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Name:  Brad Alonzo
Email:  [email protected]
Date:  11/8/03
Edit Date:  11/9/03
Kingdom Hearts

Ok, the first thing you need to do to even get to Phantom, is beat the whole level 
of Hollow Bastion.  Afterwards, train to at least level seventy.  Then, you are 
ready, go to the item shop, and equip Goofy with Ethers and Hi-Potions.  Then go to 
Neverland, and put Peter in your party. Go to the Ship Cabin, (this is the place 
where Peter took Wendy from the ship), and talk to Tinkerbell.  She will tell Peter 
that there is something at the Clock Tower.  Upon arrival of the Clock Tower, a dark 
figure appears to be flyng next to Sora, ( Duh!) this is your Secret Boss, (Duh!).  
Phantom will start out by changing the color of his heart inside his cloak.  If his 
heart glows RED attack with FIRE, if it turns BLUE attack with ICE, if it turns 
YELLOW attack with THUNDER, and when it turns WHITE use BASIC ATTACKS.  Repeat this 
process until a number 12 appears over you or one of your characters, you need to 
watch closly because this number tweleve means you or whoever Phantom casts it on 
will die in tweleve seconds.  When you see this first happen, cast the spell STOP or 
STOPERA, if you have it, on the clock tower, Big Ben.  Repeat this long process 
until you have won, the reward or beating this secret boss is the spell upgrade to 

~I will update for kingdom Hearts 2 secret bosses, if they have any that I can beat.

If you have any trouble, email me at [email protected] Please do not copy this Guide 
unless you email me asking my permission.

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